My “next up” page.

One of the reasons I enjoy teaching Library of Memories each year, is that my preparation and re-immersion into my own personal system creates an environment of continual ideation (a Todd Henry term.) This means simply, I get LOTS of great ideas for cool scrapbook pages.

On Saturday, I came across one of my little writers’ notebooks, where I jot down things my kids say as well as other random snippets and I began ripping out the pages to file away.

One quote in particular jumped out at me, as my sweet, but frustrating Taft and his very fickle food tastes have been on my mind as of late–maybe it’s the frequent crying fits he throws at the dinner table!

Taft likes most things with brown sugar and sprinkles.

Taft will occasionally eat plain, unadulterated foods like some lunch meats and cheese.

Taft (like most children) would indulge in such nutritious foods like donuts every single day (if allowed.)

What Taft does not like and refuses to try is anything new,
too small to identify,
too obviously disguised or too similar to anything he already knows he doesn’t like, which is anything other than white bread, peanut butter, Top Ramen, Mac-n-Cheese, cold cereal, milk, juice or scrambled eggs.

Here are Taft’s exact words, from October 2008 …
I don’t like meatballs or sauce because I don’t like meat or vegetables. I don’t like bacon or hamburger or buffalo or deer meat or ribs. I only like white chicken or ham, and I only like legs on turkeys and you should know I don’t like vegetables because I said so a thousand years ago and I don’t know how I can, but I can taste the tomatoes in tomato sauce.

I recently contributed to a discussion on the topic of creative process. This is an example of my creative process, where I suddenly feel drawn to a particular topic by the forces of current events and draw from the bits and pieces of life (photos + words) that I’ve collected over a period of years to illustrate a story or an aspect of someone’s personality or a relationship.

What’s your ‘next up’ page and where did the idea come from?


  1. I don’t know what my next page will be, but the fact that you could 1) HAVE this thought, 2) somehow effectively scan your archives for example photos, and 3) gather them together quickly is MAJOR-LY impressive to me.

    Now I know I need the ‘library of memories’ education.

  2. My next up page is about my 2 youngest boys, a couple weeks back my 18 month old hit my almost 4 year old in the head with a toy and before I could react the older turned to the baby shaking his finger at him and said “Brody, see my finger swinging? That means no!”

  3. My “next up” page is going to be about grocery shopping. The idea came from a conversation with a friend on the phone about the price of groceries going up every time we go shopping. I’m going to put a few grocery receipts on a page allong with pictures to show the difference in just 3 months.

  4. My next page is my boys and how much I love them. They are getting older :( 11 year old & 19 year old.

  5. What’s up “next”?
    (Since I miss out on LOM 2010, as an alumi(My fault totally-In hospital-forgot to tell hubby to sign me up). I am following along in spirit and notes from previous year LOM class I attended. Glad I printed as I went along those notes have been a wonderful thing to have. I have referred to the so many times.

    “Next-up–Doing my dividers for my sections: All about Celebrations. I chose to celebrate the last “Dress-Up Halloween” my daughter had while living at home. Now she is 25, at the time she was 16 or 17 going to a party with friends- – She wanted to do a version of her beloved “Tinkerbell”(which she had been many years before) so in the true Fairy Tale sense– wondered what it would be like if Tinkerbell had an evil twin sister. So she dressed as “Punkerbell” Tinkerbell’s “Twisted Sister”.

  6. debbie McIntyre says:

    I was driving down the road last week and looked up at the church in the center of town; the first church I attended as a child. I started thinking of all the special moments I’ve shared with family and friends there, and pulled over and took a few photos. I ordered an 8×10 photo and that will be my next page. I’ll enjoy the journaling process on this page.

  7. I think my next page will be about my sister and I. She spent some time visiting with us over Superbowl weekend and we all took a TON of photos. I love hanging out with my sister and I have been focusing on our relationship when I’m not focusing on the kids :) I am going to use a divided page protector that I just got from inspired by Ali Edwards. There is a 6×12 on one side and 3-4×6′s on the other. I love how simple Ali makes everything!

  8. My next-up page is super secret, of course! ;) But I do have to tell you how much this food thing resonated with me. I have one of those ultra-picky eaters too. It really is SO frustrating, so I’m tossing you my empathy!

  9. might just be about the brilliance of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. I started reading a giant treasury book of these stories a few nights ago and the stories put the kids to sleep in 5 minutes flat but the stories are interesting and give little tidbits of wisdom on parenting cleverly disguised as a children’s book. Complete brilliance.

    • I loved Mrs. Piggle Wiggle as a kid and bought a treasury book of them for my dd. They still crack me up!

  10. It’s amazing how inspiring words are, especially the words of kids. This morning my son told me his class was having a video conference today, and I asked him, “With whom?” He just frowned at me, and after he had me repeat myself, he told me, “Mom, whom is not a word.” I sort of giggled–I’m an English teacher!–and told him, “Honey, just trust me on this one. It’s a word.” I want to capture that conversation.

  11. As a current LOM’er, my “next up” just moments ago, became my “last finished” (and posted to the gallery). I scraplifted another LOM’ers personality page (and Dr. Seuss quote). It was my first multi-year spread.

    AND – I must also say that your Taft sounds much like my Patrick … only … Taft may just eat more (if that’s possible). Patrick would eat breakfast foods for every meal, every day if I let him.

  12. I was just thinking of a page on the way home from work! I saw our neighborhood Church and then began thinking of my son’s first preschool “program”. He was about 3 yrs old, had been singing all the Christmas songs at home but when he got up in front of the parents he didn’t sing..he had his finger in his mouth. When we question him about it he said that he had pork stuck in his teeth from dinner. He is 13 now and had an orchestra concert last night and we had pork for dinner ;o) This story and the running pork joke just keeps going.

  13. Next up for me is a page about a chicken. Yep, my friend’s chicken, with whom my daughter has a funny friendship. The chicken is called Hopkins, after the poet. It’s speckled, so from the poem “Pied Beauty”. Pretty grand name for a chook! My daughter couldn’t say Hopkins when she met the chicken, so called her “Popcorn” instead, which doesn’t seem to have impressed the chicken very much. I’ve got a couple of photos from visits to the farm and I’ll put a copy of the poem in, too.

  14. My “next up” page will be about this, setting my secret burden down:

    It was HARD. HARD, hard, hard, hard, hard to type up. It took me years of feelings and months of processing and weeks of putting it all into words and days of editing them down. BUT I DID IT.

    And you know the amazing thing? Without any prompting whatsoever, when I read my husband a few of my comments (before he’d even read the blog post) he said,

    “You know what’s really awesome? You’ve created this RECORD. Years from now our future grandchildren will be able to read this post and think, ‘Our grandma was so awesome!’”

    Whether that’s ever true or not, my husband thought about the record that we’re leaving now. And that IS AMAZING.

  15. My “next up” page is about the bread I made from scratch today- for the very first time EVER! It turned out pretty good considering I messed up the recipe at first!

  16. Sigh, I have several kids who are just as picky as Taft. It’s a challenge! Ok, I have to ask: what in the world is Taft holding in that last picture?!

  17. My “next up” page is one about a conversation I had with my 3 year old several days ago. She announced that my mom is her friend. I went through all the adults in the family, asking her which ones were her friends and only my mom and her two aunts ranked. I’ve already done the journaling, and I need to print the pictures of her with each of them that I’ve taken in the last month. I thought current photos would be appropriate for this one.

  18. This post is beyond awesome. I am always wondering what to do and what not to do so I will follow some of these tips.

  19. that quote is priceless!!! he told you a thousand years ago!!

    my “next up” page is one from my 7 year old, who is not typically affectionate.

    the other day he told me he needed to tell me a secret, which is usually “can i have (insert bad-for-you-candy here, or can i play with your iphone)

    instead he said, “I love you to the moon. I really love you. Now dont tell anyone.”

    well that sent me instantly to my “zach & mom” category drawer. so thats “next up” :)

  20. I LOVE THIS! I capture my little guy’s words too…I started out of amazement that he was communicating. Now he simply cracks me up! (and has an uncanny sense of timing!) THIS is the most amazing thing! I’m blessed that my little guy will eat most foods (Other than veggies, of course. What is it with the veggies!?!?!?!) Alas, mine will not eat cakes, cookies or doughnuts. (how sad for me, huh?) He has recently informed me that he does like cherry pie and bagels. While he will eat pretty much any non-veggie I put on his plate, if he was in control of the menu it would be filled with pizza, mini corn-dogs, strawberries and orange juice with an occasional turkey sandwich cut into squares. I have to find a good way to capture his little sayings in my pages!

  21. lynne moore says:

    good topic, I just lifted a pix my 14-year old small child posted on facebook of her wearing a clip on bow tie of her father’s (old and from college). She clipped it on a basic black long sleeved shirt. Then asked if she could go into public with me with it on. Sure, no problem there.

    She seemed so amazed she had to post pix of it and comment on how mom let her go out like this. I am amazed she cared that I cared. It’s just a bowtie. Too bad I don’t have pix of my sister and I doing the same thing at her age….

  22. Yes! I am not alone in the dinner time battles! Thanks for making me feel like I have a normal family! :) And of course thanks for the great blog! I love reading it!

  23. I’m into songs and music as my next page since I just signed up for “Life Tunes” late last night at Big Picture Scrapbooking (last minute-but better late than never!). I’m trying to think of all the songs that make me think about appreciating your children such as “Don’t Blink” and “Cat’s in the Cradle”. I know there are a lot more but have having trouble thinking of them now. I’m open to suggestions! Thanks for your never-ending inspiration and ideas!!

    • Connie,
      I LOVE this idea.
      One of my favorite “appreciate kids” song is called Let Them Be Little — not sure who sings it. I’ll have to check!

  24. stamphappy2001 says:

    Oh my, you just inspired me. My oldest has been picky since a baby. I need to pull some food pictures and take a photo of the tomatoes on the side of his plate and create a page. Thanks. By the way hang in there with Taft. At almost 14 it is better. My son no longer cries and eats a little better. He would eat donuts everyday still but as he was on the high school swim team, eating right became more important.

  25. Audrey V says:

    oh my gosh Stacy … too funny! Thanks for sharing. My kiddos are picky eaters and it is so frustrating because I like to cook and I am fairly adventurous with my eating. I usually wish my family was more appreciative of my cooking!

  26. My next up page is about the funny mix of things in marriage–from “big” moments that are so romantic and transcendent to small nitty gritty life details like laundry. It’s been mulling in my head since we celebrated our first anniversary and the newest Studio Calico kit inspired me to get going on it.

  27. Taft’s comments gave me the case of the giggles! So funny and what a smart little man you got there! ;)

  28. My next up is a page about green stamps – I think the memory was triggered when hubby and I were back in our home town and driving around and reminiscing and remembered a GS store in one of the local plazas. We’ve bought GS off Ebay and I’ve found a photo of me and mom [from the early 60s] standing by our car [so old!] and I’ll write about me being allowed to stick the stamps down in the books and going to the GS store to redeem them – fun memories!

  29. My mind right now is on an album I’m donating for a trivia night. But your story just made me think of my dear Katie who is now 22…There was a time when this child would only eat 4 things, bread, bologna, cheese and bananas. When I voiced my concern to the doctor = he said, give her a vitamen, she’s eating the four basic food groups and leave her alone. Stunned, yes, I was! She enjoys a variety of foods now but still has her picky moments.

  30. My next page idea is about how music has always affected me–it says what I can’t. I am a numbers girl and have trouble putting thoughts into words so I find songs that say what I feel–been doing this for a LONG time–think 70′s so I am going to find some old photos in my category drawers and start!

  31. My next up page will be about me and my dear friend Mary. She came to visit me in Hawaii and for fun we bought colorful muumuu’s (very colorful, bright Hawaiian dresses) and wore them when I took her sight-seeing. We laughed so hard (and so did most of the people that saw us wearing them, esp. when we hiked up to a lighthouse in them.

  32. Your Taft reminds me of my young friend Emily. Her motto is “If I haven’t tried it, I don’t like it” Picky eater for sure.
    I just did a page like you are describing, it was about a young man I know. He lives with his grandparents and I call him the “Mouse in the Attic” When I visit I always bring him some homebaked goodies. The first time, I took cookies with me and every morning my friend and I would go downstairs and there would be less cookies in the tin. I told her I thought there was a mouse living in her house and I thought he probably lived in the attic. His rooms are on the 3rd floor in their home. Since then I have called him the mouse in the attic. And you know boys never grow up, one time he and his friend were trying to get to the cookies first and he told his friend “Hey, I’m the mouse so I should get first choice!” Mind you these guys were both 20 yo at the time.
    The page I did has a picture of a tin I made for his cookies one time when I went. I put his face on the mouse on the cover of the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Joff Numeroff (I think that’s the spelling) I’m just about to post it on my blog, so feel free to come and check it out.

  33. I have a couple of “next up” pages that I’m gathering photos for. As my daughters will soon be 9 and 12, I know their days of playing Barbies, dress up, etc., are numbered. I have started capturing photos of them playing together (or the creative things they DO when they play together, like the time all the Barbies were sitting on top of a box in front of the TV because “they’re at the movie theater”) to create a layout celebrating this special time. I know as they become teens I’ll need a reminder of them playing well together! LOL

    Another “next up” are the photos of them together that really capture their personalities: one so totally outgoing and the other a bit reticent… I have found several photos of them like this, and without following Stacy’s LOM system (or trying to), I don’t know that I ever would have made this connection.

    Thanks for allowing me to share (sorry I got so long-winded)! I’m especially thankful for LOM!

  34. I LOVE this post. That photo of Taft and his funny-looking green food is priceless!

    I am also doing the notebooks to keep track of all the clever things the little ones say. I was reading my notes from my notebook last week and came up with this one from last year. My son says to me after we got home from school, “Mommy I can hear things a thousand miles away.” I replied, “so why couldn’t you hear me tell you to get your backpack from the car?” Exasperated he says, “MOM! I can hear things a thousand miles away and you weren’t a thousand miles away!”

    I’m still stewing over how I will scrap about this. But I have to tell you Stacy, your idea of notebooks is such a great addition to my storytelling.

  35. Stacy, Um…I have one question for you. Is he 8, by chance? Only because I believe that my 8 year old son’s “food allergies” LOL… are much the same as your dear Taft’s. My son swears that only pizza makes him happy. That spaghetti isn’t spaghetti, if it has sauce on it. That green is a “BAD” color for food, and that pretty much anything that isn’t covered in cheese, or shaped like a doughnut, is going to kill him. So glad that he’s normal :)

  36. Are you familiar with “Charlie and Lola?” This post made me think of the book/episode – “I Will Not Never, Ever, eat a Tomato.” The books/shows are by Lauren Child. Could give you some inspiration. :)

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