partial photos and mosaics.

I have decided that I love partial photos.

microwaved McDonald’s for breakfast.

friends and family filling up their plates with green and Irish fare.
look at that cute tongue!

my early-morning companion. I read, she colors.

Part of me wants to be a stellar photographer.
the other part of me absolutely loves my completely imperfect everyday, snap-a-way style.

I also love the very easy Mosaic Maker at Big Huge Labs.

You can get really specific about where you want your photos … or you can just select and go (like me.)

As a sign-off, here’s the last Story People quote I printed:
My great aunt told me once to remember that old people need bananas. I remember. Someday I will tell my sons.


  1. I too LOVE partial photos. I love the ones of hands and feet together. I just posted one of my husband and my daughter as they “went” through her secret passageway in her closet. I LOVE the one of Addie coloring. Simply beautiful! And look at the concentration you can see even though you can’t see her face.

  2. i have to agree with you there stacy. i love partial photos of some things esp ds concentrating, playing on the floor, or creating a ‘masterpiece’. one of my all time fav layouts is of ds at less than 2 drawing away on a simple black layout with the word thoughtful!

    so i LOVE the shot of addie:>
    cheers julie (from NZ)

  3. You are so inspirational, Stacy. I love the way you seem to get the most out of everyday.

  4. Looks like a GREAT meal! Mmmm….

  5. bea medwecky says:


    Your blog and your ideas and your inspiration are ALWAYS one of the bright spots of my day. I just love your work.


  6. Oh those photos are great Stacy! I especially love the one of the food (corned beef and cabbage is a personal favorite too bad the rest of my family doesn’t like it) and the one of Addie coloring. You can tell that she’s really concentrating on her “work” there!

  7. Love the photo collage. Looks like a fun week.

  8. They are really cool shots! I love Addie’s little focused mouth position a she works! So cute! I do that, too! LOL!

  9. The partial photos tell your story! And I love the way you tell a story! :-)
    I love the Mosaic Maker! So fun!

  10. Thanks for the pointer to Big Huge Labs. What a lot of fun stuff they have there! (Ok, maybe I shouldn’t thank you, as I don’t have time for that much fooling around LOL! :D)

  11. Monika Wright says:

    “Part of me wants to be a stellar photographer.” You are. Because you take photos. And they mean something to you. Just think of all the beautiful moments that come to mind each time you look at a particular photo! How stellar!

    If you want better quality, just edit and highlight and post-process in PSE or Aperture! Either way, you’re doing great. Just remember that.

  12. Some of my favorite photos are the ones you call “partial photos” – sometimes, not having the person’s face makes it so much better…because it becomes less about preserving the person, and more about preserving the moment itself. Not that the person isn’t important…but that sometimes, it’s the details you want to remember more than seeing the person’s facial expression. (If that makes sense!)

    Looks like you had lots of fun on St. Patrick’s Day! =)

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