Reason 14,963

There are countless reasons that I love scrapbooking.

No. 14,963
I can drop what I’m doing, take a photo and capture a thrilling emotion.

Can you ever have enough American Crafts Thickers and Flair buttons? What about Coredinations cardstock? I think not.

Last Friday, while busy at work, my phone rang. I looked down at the caller ID to see “Miss Riddle.” Miss Riddle is Chase’s language arts teacher. My heart sank a little assuming she needed to talk to me about a late assignment or some other concern. I said “Hello, this is Stacy” and she said, “This is Miss Riddle, I’m calling just to say what a great kid Chase is. I really enjoy having him in class and he is doing so well!”

“Thanks” I said. I hung up and started bawling as the most amazing emotion swelled inside of me. I cannot even say what it meant to hear from a teacher in this way — wow!

When Chase got home, I ran upstairs with my camera and snapped this photo while he was playing the piano.

Earlier that day I discovered that Sarah Milne (creative genius behind Scenic Route Paper Co.) has a blog. I took her post titled WORDS to heart and found inspiration for my page.

I absolutely love that as a scrapbooker I can freeze moments of time and add to them important sentiments that cannot be expressed often enough!

For years the most popular column in Creating Keepsakes magazine has been Tips & Tricks. The concept of bringing readers snippets of helpful ideas and solutions is NOW a special issue.
Jennafer Martin and I collaborated on a short article about non-chronological scrapbooking — if you’ve taken Library of Memories or read Photo Freedom. It will be very familiar.


Learn more about Tips & Tricks.


  1. This is a great page! I love how you did the words! sooo playful!

  2. i love the page and the subject matter :-) wonderful to have a kid like this AND what a lucky kid to have a teacher who stopped and took a moment to let his mom know he’s a great kid. pages like this is why i love scrapbooking too

  3. I always did positive parent phone calls when I was teacher. It was SO great to make a call for a good reason – many parents were surprised just as you. I love that you captured this effort from the teacher for your son and you!

  4. I love that his teacher took the time to call. Positive phone calls work so well – especially on us emotional Mums!
    I got a very similar phone call from the principal just the other week – & my first instinct was exactly the same as yours…”oh no, what can have happened”.
    I managed to blog it – but not yet scrap it. One out of 2 isn’t bad !
    Congratulations on having such a great kid!

  5. How great to have the teacher call. Really like the way you did the letters.

  6. Andrea MacDonald says:

    great layout! I just picked up this magazine today.

  7. rachel in Cali. says:

    Love this! ♥

  8. This makes me get teary eyed! Thanks for sharing!

    miss ya!



    p.s. I CANNOT believe how grown up Chase is!!!!!!

  9. What a wonderful page. I had a teacher tell me something wonderful on the spur of the moment at a day long retreat, about my daughter. I still remember his words and the feeling of pride and happiness. I will never forget it and I should take a bit of time to do a page about that. Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. TracyBzz says:

    That’s fantastic! So nice to get a compliment instead of a complaint.

  11. That’s lovely!

    When one of my twins high school teachers complimented my girls and told me they were gorgeous girls I said “yes I was very lucky” and he replied “No it’s not luck it’s good parenting” I thought that was such a lovely compliment.

  12. I LOVE this layout, Stacy! Well done!

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