Sprinkle No. 22

Running a little behind with my *sprinkle* this week …


Remember that box of lemon JELL-O? It is time to cash in the anticipation for some artistic presentation.
Whip up your box of JELL-O and serve it to your family in fancy glasses. I added whip cream and *sprinkles* to mine!

As you place these beautiful glasses in your fridge, remind yourself that it is quite easy to push some little aspect of life to the special side of things.

If anyone asks, Why the fancy JELL-O? Make something up and share it with me, here!
My response: It’s National Yello Jell-o day, didn’t you know?

and btw, the next time I ask you to buy JELL-O, it won’t be this easy — there’s that anticipation thing again!



  1. Karen Schmidt says:

    We just ate up the last of the Jell-o last night at dinner, this would be an awesome way to surprise them for the next Jell-o meeting at dinner time. The anticipation was worth it. :)

  2. How fantastic!!! I wish my kiddos liked jello!! I might have to do this for our adult dinner party. :):) This would be fun for April Fools day.

    I thought of you the other day when I was going sprinkle crazy. In life— there is no such thing as too much “happy” or too much “sprinkle!”

    THANKS for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!

  3. I just discovered your sprinkles and had to subscribe to them right away!!! I love the inspiration! Thank you for making things funner in life :)

  4. I haven’t had jello for years, it might be a good idea to make some like this and surprise my family. I don’t think they will ask why though, they will just be happy to have it. I like to put it in some glasses like that and set them in the fridge a little tipped so the jello sets up at an angle, then you can put some fruit in the other area and/or whipped cream and it makes a very festive looking treat.

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