Sprinkle No. 23

When it comes to creative expression, we sometimes (quite often) get hung up on all that we aren’t doing or finishing or ultimately accomplishing. This is wholly unfortunate because generally speaking, it isn’t the end result that changes us.

It is the very act of making time to pursue and practice creativity that matters.
It is the process that will heal you and shape you and guide you in a more inspired path.


With this in mind, your *sprinkle* this week is to simply photograph the evidence of creative pursuit in your home.  In other words, take a picture of the materials, the mess — the magic as it is unfolding.

This might be ingredients you are cooking with, seeds you are planting, yarn you are knitting, fabric you are cutting — you get to decide what is evidence of your personal creative practice.

I hope you’ll leave me a comment describing what you photographed, or even better a link to where you’ve shared this image.



  1. excellent prompt.

    I might have to break out my [lonely] camera for this.

  2. I new to Sprinkles, but I love them! I’m taking on a project that will take patience, time and its definitely making messes. Here’s a link http://thecarlsenfive.blogspot.com/2010/03/can-i-get-250.html

    I don’t think it’s working as a link, so you’ll have to copy and paste

  3. Tammy Boutin says:

    My latest ‘creative pursuit’ has been painting my basement. I must say that this is a very trying task considering we started from scratch with framing, drywall and now painting the ceilings and walls. Colours must be chosen and from the absolutely amazing amount of colours out there…this can be very difficult. But I took a page from you Stacy and went with actual colour, not safe whites or beiges. My new craft room has two walls of Stem Green!! Bright, fun, awesome! And our family room will have one wall of Pomegranate! I’m going downstairs to paint that right now and then take a picture (which I have been doing the whole way)! Thanks for this sprinkle! I can’t wait until my basement is finished!!

  4. Wonderful angle on the creative pursuit! This week, I took a photo of our daughter covering and decorating a cake with fondant. She’s 13, and aiming for a career in baking. Always inspired by the Ace of Cakes, Chef Duff, she decided to try it out herself and did an amazing job.

    • Thanks Polly for your comment — you never know, perhaps the photo you took this week will grace the dedication page of your daughter’s future cake decorating book …

      Good for you!

  5. Kelly Driver says:

    I’ve been working on (and finally finished) a playroom for my daughter. It was a long project but I think she is worth it.

    Here are the photos:


    • Kelly,

      You are KIDDING me? That is the coolest playroom I have ever seen!
      WOW. I’m so delighted you shared photos and hands down my favorite one is of you on your tummy, tongue out painting the mouse hole.

      I’m so glad you have that photo!

  6. I started an adorable baby quilt last night. Will have to take a picture of it.

  7. It’s gardening for me – I planted an entirely new “square foot garden” with seeds in January (benefit of living in So Cal) and am taking pictures of it each month to see how it grows. I have set up a little tag book called “A Year in the Yard” and am adding the photos each month and including notes on what I planted, what came up, what the weather was like and most importantly, what I am harvesting each month!

  8. I just discovered “Sprinkles” today. What a delightful exercise. Unfortunately, I cleaned up my creative mess from earlier in the day before I found it. I promise I will photograph the next one…maybe the next several!

  9. UNICEF has a new program called “SPRINKES”!!! with Jenna Bush. The NBC Today Show had a piece on it this morning.

  10. Love this! Stop by my blog and see the newly revamped art studio…thanks to the great tips in Aby and Wendy’s book. Three weeks ago I posted the horrifying “before” pic. I literally dumped baskets upon baskets. I purged, sorted, and reorganized the entire space. It reflects who I am as an artist and my quirky decorating style…and I love it! I’ve been sick for a few days, but can’t wait to get in there and start making stuff again! I have used muffin tins and jello molds, and burlap and chalkboard paint…and I am so inspired to start digging through the photos now!

  11. Whoops…forgot to post my pics! Sorry!

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