Sprinkle No. 24

Buy a little sheet or roll of shamrock stickers and *sprinkle* Leprechaun Kisses everywhere tonight!


Here’s a short list of great places to leave a KISS!

1. all sleeping foreheads (necks and elbows too!)
2. doorknobs
3. light switch plates
4. toothbrushes
5. toasters
6. school books
7. backpacks
8. steering wheels
9. rear view mirrors
10. cell phones, ipods

Or … anything else someone you love will touch, use or grab tomorrow morning!


and … don’t forget to dye the milk green.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day.



  1. I’ve done the green milk but never thought of the kisses…such a great idea

  2. MaryRuth says:

    Already have my shamrock stickers bought and ready to go! Green milk. Check. Lucky Charms for breakfast. Check. little chocolate gold pieces to leave on my husband desk at work. check. Corned Beef and Cabbage. Check. Green shirts for the whole family… cleaned and ironed. check.

    I looooooove celebrating the little things!

    • Hey Friend!
      It’s so good to hear from you and know that you continue to be such a delightful girl. I miss our spontaneous planning sessions for holidays and fun things like this!

  3. I love it! Too bad my 4 year old is SUCH a frady cat, she got upset when the easter bunny left eggs outside her room last year! i think this would just be another level of freak out. I may give it a shot anyway…hmmmm…

  4. Renee J. says:

    Oh, the kisses are so precious! Love the idea. Thank you for all of your great ideas!

  5. Looooovve it! You always have the best ideas Stacy!

  6. I’ve been doing leprechan kisses for a few years now- ever since I saw your scrapbook page in the magazine. We love it! Thanks for the fun idea.

  7. I loved this idea – I ran right out to Target to buy the stickers! The tricky leprechaun struck our house last night – he switched the kids’ blankets, rearranged toothbrushes and put cereal in the wrong boxes (Life in the Cheerios box, etc.). Oh, and left “kisses” everywhere! The kids had so much fun searching for all of the signs that the leprechaun had been there. Thanks for the great idea Stacy!

    • Oh Heavens — I’m getting so many wonderful ideas from these comments. Thank YOU! Life in the Cheerios box. How clever is that?

  8. This was such fun.My son has been on a treasure hunt all morning. Thanks.

  9. you inspired me to buy some stickers last night, which i used to make a trail from their bedroom, down the stairs, into the living room and then into the dining room where they found a pile of “gold” coins. thank you, thank you, thank you for such a memorable morning!

  10. Karen Schmidt says:

    I am so bummed I didn’t see this sprinkle until today. I’m way to busy to keep up. :( I will however keep this in mind for next year. My 5 yr old said this morning that see saw a Leprechaun yesterday at school. I said you did! she said he was too fast to catch to get the gold coins… I love her imagination…

    Thanks to everyone with the good ideas.

  11. In our preschool, the leprechauns even use the bathroom and forget to flush….(green food coloring!)
    Thanks to all for expanding our level of leprechaun mischief for next year!

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