Sprinkle No. 25

Happy Spring!
Let’s celebrate the advent of this new season with a technicolor bingo game.


Your *sprinkle* this week is to download this bingo card (courtesy of Crayola.com)
and play it with a child (or children) you love. NOTE: You will need to download a different version of the BINGO card for each child playing!

If you do not have children of your own, print several bingo cards, pair them with a
new box of crayons and surprise those “noisy” neighbors with a ding, dong ditch!


If you don’t want to actually color in each square, you could always play spring bingo with Skittles.



  1. I really like this one. I have printed all 10 cards and will play with my kids tonight! Thanks Stacy. :-)

  2. there’s no blizzard square!!

  3. Karen Schmidt says:

    Thanks Stacy, you just gave me an idea to keep the kids busy while one of the girls is in dance. Your the best.

  4. That is an adorable game! Wish I had that one when my kids were little. We did make our own car bingo that we played a lot, but it didn’t have the variety of cute pictures like this. Very cute!

  5. That is super duper fun! I think I’ll mail it off as an Easter surprise to some adorable Godchildren of mine!

  6. We did this as a family and blessed some neighbor friends. Thank you for the inspiration, Stacy! You ard my kind of fun! Blessings! Susie


  1. [...] It’s Tuesday, so a new sprinkle will be posted here, but I sure did love last week’s idea. The girls are enjoying the Skittles more than the Bingo, I [...]

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