the grey diamond.

Let’s take a break this week from color combinations, to experience the sometimes mysterious Chameleon-like nature of color.

I think you’ll be intrigued by this less-than-a-minute-long video.

And stay tuned … I’m excited to announce a new partnership here on the I Love Color blog.
Things are about to get really FUN!


  1. Intrigued? That’s not a strong enough word! I am fascinated!!!
    I want to know how, what, why…

  2. This was an interesting video. I watched it a couple of times.

    also, can’t wait to find out what kind of partnership you’ve got coming.

  3. Youre making sttnametes based on information gleaned from highschool text books, movies on global warming, smatterings of news reports etc. Speak for yourself. The only thing clear to me in this thread is that the existing science has well and truly been debunked, and we need to start from scratch. FROM SCRATCH. When the naysayers use the same rigour as the scientists many more people will sit up and take note. Nobody is stopping them from conducting their own research and having it peer reviewed.

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