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Can you believe it’s MARCH FIRST?
I can, because I’ve spent the entire month of February telling myself that I am going to eat really, really, really good in March. I do this every year in March … and dang it all, now I have to follow through!  Spring and warmer weather are just around the corner and I’ve got my winter ‘coat’ to shed. I’m doing NO refined sugar and LOTS of whole foods.


Feel free to join me.

There’s a really fun idea on Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s blog today. It’s a challenge to March Fourth by March 4th — to START whatever it is you’ve been pondering or planning — to set something into motion, be it a health campaign (like mine), a spring-cleaning project, new book or class or the first steps towards realizing a dream.

Kolette Hall is teaching a 4-week workshop called Life Tunes that starts on Thursday (conveniently, March 4th) She will help you use the music you love to explore some of the important moments and memories in your life. The result will be a super-cool 9×9 scrapbook album.

I’ve heard a lot about another online class, called Mondo Beyondo, taught by Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen that is designed to help you take your dreams from the realm of wishing into everyday action. I have a few dreams of my own I’m currently working on, but mostly putting off so I’m intrigued and considering this class — although I’m not sure how involved I could be. If you’ve taken this course, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

March 1st also means it’s time to check in with the girls at Write. Click. Scrapbook.


The theme this month is No Kids Allowed and so the gallery is chock full of great layouts celebrating the things we do that don’t involve children. I love this one by Katrina Simek. I think it’s appropriate to share on the first day of March!


My layout shares some reflections after diving into Seth Godin’s new book and let me add that I sincerely hope you are reading this book!

Ok, back to life …we had a really good, relaxing weekend with very little scheduled. I needed one of these!

Trey + iTouch

We started off with heart-shaped pizzas for dinner (the results of a fundrasier) and then we headed to Trey’s final Upward basketball game. After that we all sat around and watched the Olympics. Trey purchased his own iTouch last week. I’m not sure how much TV he really watched, he was pretty smitten. This btw, is one of only a few successful low-light pictures I’ve taken — I love the light on his face.


Speaking of kids and money, I match my kids’ savings 50/50 when they are working toward something expensive. My kids don’t get an allowance, but they do have daily clipboards. I’ve posted about our clipboards before, but was recently asked to post again.
Each child has a morning clipboard. These clipboards outline the tasks they need to do to prepare to leave home. If they follow the clipboard and mark off each item, then I clip a dollar bill to the clipboard once they are gone and I’m cleaning up.


I keep all of our clipboards in a little red bin on the kitchen counter. You  need to know that Clark and Chase have completely outgrown the clipboards — or it seems any other attempt I make at job-sharing. No … they still help, but with much less frequency and enthusiasm. I’m sure this is to be expected in the teen years.

I have a word document for each boy and I can update as items on the list need to be added or changed. For example, Taft and I have started walking two mornings a week, so his list now reflects that. On mornings we don’t walk he is supposed to do some little exercise on his fitness log from school.

Generally speaking these clipboards work really well — I don’t have to remind kids to do everything, rather I can just yell out “Are you doing your clipboard?” or “Is your clipboard done?”  And really, they end up doing this stuff anyway, so doing it independently and marking it off means they get a “bonus buck” so they can practice spending and saving!

I also have a clipboard for our nanny with a daily list of errands to run and extra things to do, like run to the post office, gas up the van, get groceries, or … bake the cakes for the Blue & Gold banquet, so that after school Taft and I can decorate. I’m very fortunate to have found wonderful young women to work for our family in my home. They do so much to make my life easier and more manageable, so that I can work more efficiently and spend quality time with my kiddos.


Back to the weekend: I did a Library of Memories chat on Saturday morning and then cleaned hard and fast. I lost track of time and didn’t go jogging until after 11:00am. The sun was shining when I got back and Geoff and Trey were throwing the football. I joined in for quite awhile and then thought, I’d better go fix some lunch. I came in and was met by Taft who had prepared our first picnic of 2010.


We all sat around and ate delicious white-bread PB& J with milk.


Geoff thought about fixing bikes for a ride along the river, but we decided all of our winter recovery wasn’t going to happen in one day. He took the kids swimming instead and I worked on my personal Library of Memories. I fine-tuned all of my keywords in iPhoto and wrapped up my 2009 pictures in terms of uploading and archiving — that feels good!


I totally caught Chase and Addie on the trampoline and love the results …



Saturday evening Geoff and I had a long-overdue date night and watched Avatar in 3D on an IMAX screen. In case you haven’t heard, I’m love this movie — primarily for the memories it elicits in me. If you haven’t yet seen this you really need to. I was surprised how full the theater was after all this time. The fact that this movie is still in the theaters says it all.

I’m hoping to have a really good, productive week. I’m wishing you the same!



  1. How cool that Taft made lunch! I love your clipboard idea. Does Addie have a clipboard yet? I’m wondering when I could implement this with my 3 year old.

    • Addie does not have a clipboard yet — but, she is asking for one. I’ve got one — just have to spray paint it and make up her list! She is ready for a short list of basic tasks, like make bed, get dressed, socks and shoes, eat breakfast etc …

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you and your family! Ours was packed full, which isn’t the norm, but when it rains, it pours. Saturday my daughter and I spent the day at “A Crop To Remember” which was a benefit for The Alzheimers Association” What a great time we had with friends, old and new. My son did some community service, helping at the crop for a few hours, then he was off to his Bowling Banquet for the school team and then a Buffalo Bandits Lacrosse game. Yesterday, I went to the baptism of one of my great nieces and to their home afterward for a nice luncheon. Lovely weekend for me too!

  3. Molly McCarthy says:

    Fun Mama – I’ve done a similar Chore list when my kids were little using photos :D). It worked like a charm.

  4. Ann Johnson says:

    I can see how you are ready for Spring. We still have snow on the ground in Minnesota – Looks like a beautiful day. ~Ann

  5. I love that you have chores for your kids to do and little reward for doing them well! Sounds like a fun family weekend. Love that and miss my kids terribly.

  6. Sandie Conry, Kent, WA says:

    I hope some people will respond to your question about Mondo Beyondo. I just got through signing up from Ali’s recommendation, and I hope it will be worth it! BTW my Seth Godin book arrived today from Amazon!

  7. Hey Stacy! Thanks for the shout-out…sooo ready for spring! And pondering taking the Mondo Beyondo class, too…

  8. Karen Greenfield says:

    As a suggestion for Addie’s clipboard: putting shoes away. My family scatters shoes like grass seed and I got tired of picking them up and sorting and returning them to the correct closets. This has been the youngest childs’ job for forever—it got to be like a big game of Concentration: find the match, remember, coordinate and put away. For some reason, it was always the most popular job. The older ones got crafty with hiding their shoes, the youngers began to hide shoes too……every day a gigantic easter egg hunt!! I wish I’d taken more pics of that. xxKaren

  9. Just started clipboards with my kids and we all love them, thanks! I’m using them more for chore/responsibility related things. My DS (12) particularly likes to be in control of his time so I’ve started writing everything he needs to do for the week and a deadline, then he gets to choose which days to do each thing. I have so much less push-back and he’s happy because he’s earning money every week. TFS!

  10. Looks like a wonderful weekend!
    I really like your idea with the clipboards.
    I feel like I am following kids around in the morning
    hollering at everyone to hurry up and do this or that!
    So It would be so much nicer (and quieter) this way!
    I think that is what I will be making today!

  11. I sooo miss the age that Addie is now! I want a preschooler again!

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  13. Oh, I loved this post! Reading your blog makes me feel SO good. :) And we just saw Avatar for the first time last week! Great graphics and effects. We did see it in 3D, but not in IMAX. We wanted to, but our schedules never meet up with their times. :-p Glad you had a nice date! :D

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  15. Jessica Williams says:

    I’ve been thinking on what to do for my two kids to help them with chores. I to have to tell my kids over and over to do something then I end up forgetting about it and I end up having to do it so I think this will be great for us to try. Thanks

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