The winners of the Lisa Leonard $50 gift certificates are ….

Anne T. who said: I would have the necklace say “olive juice”. This is what my husband and I used to say to each other in high school instead of I love you. It’s something special between the two of us and we had it put on the back cover of our wedding album as well. I would love to have it on a necklace to wear always.


Angie Smith who said: I would leave it just as the designer has created it. That’s what makes it so unique!!! I totally love her style and ambience!!!! Thanks for a chance to win!!!

Send me an email with your info…


  1. BARB TOPPING says:

    Congrats to the winners.
    I am catching up on blogs from over the weekend and yesterday’s surgical procedure. Love the swings. When I think back over 40 years of children and then grandchildren in swings, I cannot help wishing I had more pix of my children and older grandchildren. What a difference digital makes!

    I did not see which new item listed on a recent post you purchased for your new office. I would have purchased the love seat because it would be a comfy place to sit by the window and watch your children or for and energy break.

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