WINNERS announced!

How did it get to be a Monday again?
I’m here. I haven’t forgotten that I owe you WINNERS. I’m just behind (again) so I was head down all day. It’s thanks to Allison that we have a post at all …

Thank you so much for visiting  Nikki Sivils website. You have to admit, she has some really cute product and a very funny husband.
The winner of her new product is, Heather Hillary who said:

1. First time visiting the site.
2. Love the brads, and I am in need of some new brads!! Coincidence?!?
3. When your husband has access to your website, you find out all about talking muffins! FUN!

And … how fun was it to read some of the common and not-so-common items you pack in your lunches. Besides love, of course.
Jennifer Hamilton will receive volumes 1-4 of Lunchbox Love from the very nice people at
Jennifer says: I like a good combo of sweet and salty. Hersey kisses and Cool Ranch Doritos fill my lunch box with love :)

Congratulations Heather and Jennifer and thank you ALL for your comments!
Please email with your address so we can expedite delivery of your prizes.


  1. Congrats to the winner, I know you will enjoy your prizes!

  2. Congrats to winner!!

  3. Perfect timing! We were rushing out the door this morning and I was getting more and more upset that my son (1st grade) wasn’t listening very well. So as I was finishing up his lunch and picking up breakfast bowls I grabbed a napkin off the table that wasn’t dirty and wrote on it w/ a sharpie pen… HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY, LOVE MOM…
    When I picked him up this morning he told me he liked my lunch note and that he kept it! I think that was a good sign! He takes his lunch every day so I think I will make this a new routine! Thanks Stacy for the little reminder of the little things! (Sorry so long)

  4. Heather Hillary says:

    MADE MY DAY! :) Quite possibly even my week. THANKS!

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