Friday FIVE for April 9

Five RANDOM things from my life right now.


Had the young women in my ward (from church) over last night to make fun little bookmarks. We spread out all over the ping pong table.

Did a little paper tearing and rolling (thanks Nic!) and created some little layered flowers too.


Working on my keynote presentation for Donna Downey’s event and having SO MUCH FUN. Seriously love that I’ve cut back on my travel, so that I can really immerse myself in the few events I am doing. If you’re coming — leave me a comment and let me know! Note: I’m pretty sure you can still sign-up. Information and registration are available at


Dealing with lots of dry-wall dust in my house and tired of the tarps over my former deck door and kitchen window, but … having a delightful time dreaming of things to put on my cool shelf!


Love these photos that I took of Grandpa Gary, Trey and Taft working on our 1,000 piece puzzle. It took a couple of late nights, but the puzzle is done and I’m going to frame it. Happy memories for sure. The puzzle is Seattle, by Eric Dowdle (not related to my brother-n-law, Kevin Dowdle)


Got hooked on this quirky show over spring break. Clark was given season 3 for his birthday and we are now working our way through seasons 1 and 2.
I love psych.


  1. Drywall dust is the worst!!! Psych is my 8 year old daughter’s fave!

  2. Annette Kuusinen says:

    I’ll be at Inspired for the second time. Love, love, love it. Can’t wait to hear your keynote speach!

  3. Loving that shelf! I can only imagine all the great things that will be housed there.

  4. TracyBzz says:

    What a great use for a ping pong table! I lived with the drywall dust last summer/fall. We renovated the kitchen, entrance/laundry, bathroom and…scraped the ‘popcorn’ off the ceilings. GROSS! But so totally worth it! Yes keep dreaming of that lovely shelf.

  5. I <3 Psych!!! :)

  6. I love Psych too1 Especially all the nicknames Shawn makes up for Gus, like Guy Buttersnaps! Stacy, I am going to Inspired Artist – have been signed up for a while – and am really getting excited! I’m looking very much forward to seeing you “live and in person,” since I’ve taken many BPS classes (including LOM) and was a charter subscriber to Simple Scrapbooks! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I have a Psych show t-shirt I always where to work out in – but I’ve never watched the show. Maybe I’ll check it out! :)

  8. We love Psych! We sometimes watch it as a family (recorded). I love the humor! :) I always enjoyed doing puzzles with my grandpas, too. I will have to scrapbook that! :)

  9. Sounds like some fun things going on around your house! I’m a Psych fan too. Quirky is a prefect word for it! Love it.

  10. Mike and I love Psych! We laugh hysterically at it and compete to see who can solve the “whodunnit” first. Been hooked since the very first episode!

  11. Vanessa says:

    We love Psych, too. Such a fun show!

  12. Patty Hetrick says:

    PSYCH is hilarious!! I’ve been hooked from the beginning and my 10 year old daughter and my husband usually watch it together:)

  13. Thanks for sharing the progress on your new space. I love the shelf. Wow! Sorry about the dust…

  14. Stacy, I’ll be at Inspired, and I’m looking forward to your address. I’ve had a live class with you and heard you speak one other time, and I found both times enjoyable, inspiring and educational.

    In no time, the drywall dust will be gone and you’ll be putting things on that shelf. Take pictures to remember that you have to work and put up with some messes to get to the good stuff.

  15. OMG! Just watched the Pilot of Psych last night. HILARIOUS!
    And SOOOOO annoyed that my Netflix disc only had the one episode on it. WHAT??? Literally, I stated this out loud, to myself, middle of the night. Then immediately sealed it up for mailing back and now anxiously awaiting Disc 2. HOW FUN IS THIS SHOW????

  16. Helen Carter says:

    Hi Stacy, I can’t wait to meet you at Inspired! I saw your note on the blog about Inspired. (I missed seeing you several years ago when you came to the LLS where I worked in TX, (you were filming a DVD), I was out of town.) I was so surprised to find that Inspired is held right down the street from my home in NC, AND that it is hosted by Donna , I have followed her for along time too, have had a chance to meet both Donna and Bill, and am very excited about my first Inspired!

  17. We love watching psych too! It’s hilarious.

  18. i’ve been watching psych since it first began airing. i have a crush on shawn. he’s so funny and cute! my husband rolls his eyes whenever i giggle at shawn.

  19. I will be there :) I’m a volunteer :) A few years back at Scrap Etc., I shuttled you and the gang around, so I”m looking forward to seeing you again! What a fun activity to do with young girls :)

  20. I was wondering how your new studio was coming along and it looks like real progress has been made in a short amount of time. (I know. I know. It’s easy for me to say since I don’t have to live with it daily. LOL) In another couple of weeks you’ll probably be moved into it and loving every minute in there!

  21. I am a huge Psych fan! I record them and save them up for our Psych marathon days when Kendra comes home from college. We have been watching together since season 1.


  22. Hi Stacy! I’m volunteering @ ‘Inspired’! I hope I get to hear your speech & meet you! You’re going to love it! This is my third year!

  23. I will be going to Inspire 2010. I am the CTMH consultant at the Market!
    Can’t wait to hear you speak, Stacy!


  24. I will be at Inspire 2010! I am the CTMH consultant that will have a booth
    Can’t wait to hear your speak!

  25. Rhonda H says:

    I won’t be at INSPIRED, but my friend Annie Harris will. It’s kinda weird you’ll meet someone from my town…a very SMALL town (6000 people) in Arkansas. What’s weirder yet, is that Donna will be in Little Rock at our LSS doing a class just before Inspired. “It’s a small world, after all!” …can anyone else hear the tune? LOL!

    Rhonda in AR, (mom2h, LOM 2009 alum)

  26. We like Psych at our house, too.

  27. I know what you mean about drywall dust! I have been living in a renovation for 8 months now! Everyone keeps telling me how great it is going to be when completed, but in the here and now, I am tired of dusting!!

  28. I’ll be at Inspired! Very much looking forward to hearing you speak. I was tremendously motivated by you a few years ago at Scrapbowl in Chantilly (DC).

  29. Christina says:

    I will be at Inspired – in the Market that is. I look forward to seeing you there. The desk in you Tuesday post looks wonderful

  30. Hi, Stacy! I (Ladydoc) will be attending Inspired next month and look forward to meeting you again! It’s fun to see you at events. After all this time of classes at BPS and following your blog, it’s nice to see you in person.
    I’m so excited about the event and all the fun things to do in North Carolina. It’s going to be major photo opportunity time. My favorite photography subject (after the grandchildren) is flowers – so the Biltmore flower show is on my list. From the NASCAR HOF opening, to concerts, crafts and scenery and the Inspired event itself, I think I’m going to be in sensory overload (and I’m so looking forward to it all!)

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