from the mouth of babes & some LOM highlights

If you somewhat familiar with my Library of Memories [LOM] system, then you’ll know that I store and display my finished scrapbook pages by topic. Major topics of All About Us, People We Love, Places We Go and Things We Do are distinguished with color.

I found this comment on one of the LOM forums this morning …

My 8 year old daughter came upstairs and said how pretty my nice new American Craft Albums look.  She asked why they were in different colors, and I said “Because each color is for different types of pages, Us, People We Know, Places We Go, and Things We Do.”  She said “Which is which?” and I replied, “I haven’t decided yet”

Her response was this:

“I think that Pink should be for people we love, because pink is a love color,

Green should be for Places We Go, because, well, grass is green and the earth has a lot of green and wherever we go it’s on the earth

Brown should be for Us, because we all have brown hair and our house has a lot of brown in it

I guess Blue should be for Things we do, but I can’t explain that one.”

So, that’s what we’re going to do. :-) Of course, this is going into my new Family Words file.


I think children are wise intuitively. They make sense of things that we often make hard.
Just had to share.
By the way, a Family Words file is a small recipe-style box set up to collect and organize the remarkable and memorable things members of your family say, so that you can use them as authentic sound bites on your scrapbook pages.

Here are a few other ‘good things’ from my LOM classroom …

Meagan’s Libary of Memories. Meagan owns Scrapaholics and helps LOMers create great labels and tags for their albums …

here’s an up close look!

I’m loving so many of the navigation pages (title, dedication and section pages) that are being shared in the gallery too!

These are Patti’s from Hawaii. It’s a bit hard to see the edges, but I love the clean look of a white background!

So many students this year are taking advantage of digital templates and products to create (and re-create) their navigation pages–GREAT ideas!

These two were designed by Melanie in Michigan.

Ok, I ADORE this title page that introduces you to Linda’s (from Nebraska) Just the Two of Us album — seriously, how fun is it to see this spectrum of years on one page?!

Traditional iterations of title pages still abound. How pretty are these photo slices on Elizabeth’s (from Australia) page?

Here’s another example of a digital template. I love that it looks so traditional (I believe the template is one of Ali’s.) Lisa from Wisconsin is the cute mommy pictured above!

I almost hate to select and highlight just a few of these pages, as there are SO MANY more in the gallery that are equally beautiful. Suffice it to say LOTS of ‘good things’ are happening again this year in LOM.

Oh, thank you for your comments regarding my Picture Spring images. I’m so enjoying this class and will definitely share more in the near future. You can still register for Picture Spring HERE and be a part of the inspiration– but HURRY, registration closes today.


  1. When will you next offer LOM? I want to take it based on everything I’ve been hearing about it here and on Paperclipping Roundtable.

    • Hi Cynthia,
      I teach this class once a year — generally in February. If you are registered at Big Picture Scrapbooking, you’ll be notified of the 2011 session!

      Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my page, Stacy! (I’m the “cute mom” from WI in the last layout). It is, in fact, a template by Ali Edwards and the blue paper is from the first site you mentioned, She has digital paper to match all the WRMK albums (and other popular LOM albums), which is a great way to make digital pages for your framework pages. Thanks again, Stacy!

  3. Nicely done!

  4. I was floored to see my pages on your blog! It made me feel famous :) Thanks, Stacy! It has taken me a year to get to the title/section pages, and I’m working on them still, but oh what a difference it has made having a working Library of Memories going. I’ve made more pages this year than ever before (I’m a 2009 alum of LOM).

    Just the other day my 7 yo granddaughter wanted to look through each book (I’ve got 5 12×12 albums, one each for People/Places/Things/Us, plus one for layouts from classes I’ve been doing such as DYL. Those eventually get put into their proper album in the system.) When we were done she sighed and said “It’s sure great looking through all those memories!” I couldn’t agree more!

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