Have an Adventure (Win a FREE Class)

When I think back over recent experiences and activities that have really made me feel fun and creative, playing with Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal is at the top of  my list. If  you’re not familiar with Keri’s work, it is most definitely worth your time to visit her website. In all of Keri’s books, she gives readers the permission to do uncoventional, unexpected and sometimes downright silly things in the pursuit of creativity.

In 2008, I taught a summer 4Experts workshop, called Have More FUN and I gave students the option of purchasing Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal. We set up a classroom gallery where we could all share our ‘wrecking’ images.

Here are a few of my favorite images:

from Sherri in MN.

from Jeannine in NY.

from Leslie in Canada.

from Alane in MN.

from Naralle in Australia.

So, you get the idea right?
The goal is to beat this book up; to give it very disrespectful, non-book-like adventures and to let go and have FUN.

GUESS What? Another crazy, freeing, mojo-motivating workshop starts tomorrow!

This one is with the Funnest Scrapbooker Ever (title won via a contest at Simple Scrapbooks magazine), Tami Morrison.
Tami’s class?

Everyday Adventures

Your opportunity?
4 weeks of group “therapy” using Keri Smith’s book, How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum
4 weeks of “field journal” challenges that will help you convert inspiring ideas into creative execution.

I can’t think of a better way to put a little “spring” into your scrapbooking routine.
In fact, I am going to giveaway passes to Tami’s class.

Leave me a comment telling me why you need to have more fun scrapbooking and I will select *in a very non-random way* THREE people to WIN!

good luck.

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  1. jennifer h says:

    I need to have more fun scrapbooking because well, actually I have a pretty fun time scrapbooking – what I need is more time, lol :)

  2. I’m feeling so swamped lately..I need Tami to help me lighten up and have some FUN !!!

  3. I need more fun because my 17 yr old is graduating high school and I don’t have her school book done yet! Yikes and we’re having a joint graduation party with her cousin…my sister-in-law will have one done for her step-son! And I won’t have my dd’s done! Talk about pressure…got to get going…need fun1

  4. Stacy, I need to have more fun in scrapbooking because my world is a wacky place of water in the basement, water coming in the windows, water pouring in the doors of our brand new house! We sacrificed and saved for several years to be able to build the home of our dreams and now that we are here it is something like the house in the money pit. In scrapbooking, I have a way to cope and to remember to appreciate all the other things in my life I am grateful for and inspired by. My beautiful young children and the sweet moments with them that happen before during and after the house wackiness. The beauty of spring outside our doors. Times with friends and family. Because of scrapbooking I take the time to stop and think about what I want to remember and most days those things take center stage instead of the problems and disappointment. And thankfully scrapping gives me and outlet to vent the disappointment in a way that is not destructive to myself or others and later I might see my pages and give myself a big hug! Scrapping is my therapy…but I would also like to keep my focus on the FUN of it!

  5. I wasn’t aware that I needed an excuse to have more fun in my scrapbooking! Who doesn’t want more fun in their scrapping??!!

  6. Cheryl Delsanter says:

    I could REALLY use this class. Lately the scrapbook pages I have done (and I’ve only done 4) have been REALLY boring! They are from our vacation to Niagara Falls last summer, our first family vacation EVER. My kids are 19,14, and 12 year old twins. We had a blast, but the pages I have done so far are dull and boring. They don’t come close to showing the fun we had on the trip. I’m stuck in a major rut using two or three colors on all the pages I’ve done so far, so I’ve stopped scrapping them and haven’t picked them up since. I Need a major boost here and a lot more FUN!

  7. Jessica C says:

    I married into quite the adventurous family. When my husband has errands to run with my kids, he doesn’t say, “Let’s go to the store.” He says, “Come on boys, let’s go have an adventure.” I love that outlook on life, and I’d love to help bring my kids up that way, too. :) Reminding myself to find the FUN things is always a step in the right direction.

  8. Kathryn B. says:

    I am unemployed, sick with strep throat, our car just was towed away (needed a new transmission that we can’t afford). I am always the responsible one and want to be that fun, goofy, let go and be silly gal…how do I do that? Regardless though, I have a fabulous husband and a sweet daughter.

  9. Sounds like an awesome class- just what I need to take me away from all of the daily stresses for a little fun time.

  10. More fun in scrapbooking? Translates to more fun making the memories. I need a kick in the…ahem, shins, to get out and create happiness.

  11. I would LOVE to take this class. Life is really busy right now and quite stressful so I could use more fun. I was in your HMF class last year and bought this book. One aspect that I loved about it was how involved my kids were. They thought it was really cool to do some of the wacky things to a “store” book. I love getting them involved in having fun and being creative and would definitely try to get them involved in this class with me – creating fun memories while preserving memories. What could be better than that! :-)

  12. I always want to have FUN! And taking this class seems like it WOULD be a lot of fun!! So… pick me pick me!!!!!

  13. I need to have more fun scrapbooking because, like so many, life is really wearing me down. I’ve lost the creative, fun spark that I used to get when scrapping. My desire for the fun things in life has really diminished. Struggling with 2 boys running in 2 opposite directions when they aren’t colliding with each other (love them!) and a husband who works more than he’s home. We’re so totally thankful for the job, just wish it was one that he found enjoyable instead of majorly stressing and one that allowed him to work close to 40 hours instead of 60-80. I love my family, but seem to be loosing myself. I know many moms can relate. I love being a SAHM, feel blessed to be one, but I need a break too.

  14. Melinda Wilson says:

    I am in a slump!!!!! My attitude sucks right now!!!!! I NEED SOME LAUGHTER & FUN IN MY LIFE (AND OF COURSE MY SCRAPBOOKING)!!!!!!

  15. Well, I’m a glass-half-full kind of gal, and so to try to come up with reasons why I need this class feels awkward for me because I don’t feel like I would take this class as a life-boost in any way, but rather as a way to capture all that is full and good and expectant in my life right now. Like the extreme morning sickness I am enduring while by body is making a baby. I’d love to figure out how to creatively documenting my mornings hovering the toilet :)

  16. Kim Winter says:

    I need more fun scrapbooking because I am exhausted!! I can’t believe it but I am a grandmother of a 3 week old boy. And I am helping to raise him. There is a reason I had my kids in my 20s!

  17. I think like many folks who scrapbook, you feel this pressure to create and preserve all photos and not miss anything, for fear of disappointing future generations. So I think we always need to remember to have more fun doing it all – it is NOT work!

  18. I need fun..i slipped and fell trying to get on a train last week, and have been on bedrest for a whole week. You think being home would be the perfect excuse to scrapbook or craft, but unfortunately because of the angle i have to lay it’s not feasible..i just need to have some good natured fun and create and play!!

  19. Ronnie Crowley says:

    Because I’m just me – I could say many things but really I think that covers it.

  20. I love to scrapbook, but I just don’t do it because I want everything to be perfect and it takes too much time. I want to be free of the pressure. thanks!

  21. I ned to have more fun scrapbooking becauseI always take things so seriously. I made a goal for myself in January to have more fun with scrapping and to take a picture a day so that I can be more aware of my surroundings and all those things I normally would just take for granted. This class will be a perfect companion to my goal!

  22. Scrapbooking got to be so much of a chore that I quit. It was partly my fault. I let drama into my life and I shouldn’t have. I made choices to be where I shouldn’t have been and through those choices allowed all of the fun to get sucked out of a hobby that I love. I need the fun back, I think. Even if I don’t win this class I think I will need to make it a summer project to find the fun in scrapbooking again.

  23. lisa14895 says:

    Let me just say this: scrapbooking is normally the most fun I can have. But lately…not so much. Not looking for sympathy, but my mom had a serious stroke and I have been SO preoccupied with trying to help from across the country, that even when I have time, I just can’t focus on fun. I’d love some fun!!!!

  24. KellyMinMN says:

    I could sure use some more fun in my scrapbooking. I took a week off to play at my scrap table and while I did accomplish 6 layouts, I have to ask why only 6 – where is my creativity? Please teach me how to jump start my inspiration again!

  25. When scrapbooking becomes as fun as changing the litter box (and more like a J-O-B), you know its time to re-inject the awesome!

  26. Super! I want to share the fun with a friend! My g’son is going to do the class with me starting tomorrow and I would love to have a pass for a friend!

    By the way, I saved lots of 3-D glasses from movies and I was going to make something goofy out of them sometime. Looks like the time is now!

  27. I need some magic mojo rockstar awesomeness to get my rump in gear and scrapbook the fun-ness in my life! :o)

  28. Margaret C says:

    Because I’m struggling. And I don’t wanna do the hobby I used to enjoy any more. My albums are all half empty and look like they’ve been done by a disparate (and desparate) bunch of women who abandoned them halfway through to go and do something WAY more interesting. I have one picture of myself in them and I don’t hear my voice there at all. I have read your blog for years and ignored just about every suggestion you’ve made (yeah, I’m especially chronologically-scrapbook-challenged; DD’s album is 2.5 yrs outta date and, boy, do I feel GUILTY about that) I need someone to take me in hand and give me a good shoogle to free me up again, a creative jolt to rock my world a tad and push me to be more inspired mother and teacher, cos, ultimately, it’s not just about the scrapbook, is it? Thanks for the opportunity, Stacy xx

  29. Recently I cut out everything in my life that was preventing me from encountering my husband and my family. I’m now starting a new adventure of getting to know my husband and family on a more real and intimate level. What better way to kick that off then using this field guide to explore my husband and my children, after all they are part of the world around me, and at the same time I imagine I’ll discover a lot about myself.

  30. Clara Ewell says:

    I need to have more fun scrapbooking because I have 2 boys that need to know about there lives as young children that they won’t remember. I have beent rying to get things down but been struggling a bit. Would love to win a class and help get me going.


  31. Amy Wolff says:

    Ok…I’m one of those who made scrapbooking their job and while I try and take time to scrap for myself, I inevitably get sucked back into making stuff for my business. I really need to find the fun again!

  32. LOVE LOVE LOVE Kari’s journal.. Gave it to my Daughter to take to Europe last year over spring break.. so cool to look back as she says… Hey that ketchup is from Paris & Oh London dirt from Hyde park …. But Yes I need more fun.. acctually after 11 years in the industry, and 2 years off due to illness, scrapping still feels like work.. I want to recapture the FUN before it was WORK….. Basicly I need a kick in the funny bone!

  33. I need an injection of fun insights to finish planing our Family Reunion for 50 people in July. We need everything so well organized that we can enjoy spontaneous good times with differing ages, needs, interests and perspectives. I’m hoping to hatch lots of creative experiences that further develop and strengthen the bonds between the 38 cousins.

  34. Well…..I have been on a weight loss journey for the last almost 2 years. Basically this means that any time formerly available for possible scrapping is now spent at the gym, and dammit I miss scrapping!!!!!! I am not at my goal weight just yet, but am really feeling the need to get some creative stuff happening in my life again….in addition to all the sweat! :-) thanks for the contest!

  35. I honestly need more FUN in my scrapbooking because right now I am stuck in my office…10 hours a day. All I do is stare at the computer screen and when 5pm comes around, all I want to do is sleep! :( I need some excitement during the week! During the weekends I am busy trying to go on “adventures”, baseball games, hiking, spending time with family, etc. This would be perfect for me! Life is so busy, I need to put some more FUN into it! Thank you so much for the chance.

  36. Christine says:

    I need more fun in my scrapbooking because I put too much pressure on myself. I have twin girls who just happen to be autistic, I just survived endometrial cancer and am recovering from surgery…and I enroll in classes that I never finish because I get bogged down in GUILT. Gotta lighten it up and get back to why I scrapbook in the first place!

  37. I need to have more fun scrapbooking because I am pregnant with my third child. Instead of scrapbooking lately I’ve been trying to organize my scrap stuff to make room for a new little person in our lives.

  38. I care for my elderly mother full time so I’m an unconventional “stay at home mom”. My child just happens to be 80. I would love to have some new inspirations to scrapbook the memories we’re making right now.

  39. Years ago there was a new wave of self-help books out. One theory was called “The Color Code.” I took the test and was a full fledged yellow. Which basically meant that I was a very fun loving person, always ready for a party. Then life took over! A husband, house, four children and a dog seem to rule my life.

    Awhile back my 16 year old daughter asked me something and I told her no. It was an appropriate answer to the question—however, what she said next has stuck with me.

    “Mom, why are you such a FUN-SUCKER!”

    I have thought about that statement alot. Where did the fun loving, always ready for a party, yellow personality girl go? Part of the answer to that question is obvious. I became a parent and I have to occasionally tell my children things they don’t want to hear. I have to be the stick in the mud sometimes just because I am Mom. However, I have really thought about if I really am a Fun Sucker. I am no longer very spontaneos.
    I am not nearly as adventerous as I once was. Sometimes I am just so practical and frugal that it is plain boring.

    I would love an opportunity to have some fun–my daughter might thank me!!!

  40. I would love to have more fun scrapbooking! I have ideas and I could make time but I get so stuck just scrapping the stacks and stacks of pictures that I already have. There’s not much fun in it right now because I’m doing the whole “get caught up” thing. However, we just got a new puppy and that actually is fun! Would love to take this class to add some energy to my scrapbooking!

  41. Sue Bone says:

    I feel like I’ve run out of photos and need to put the fun back in. Love the journal wrecking photos.

  42. I am finally embracing that being a stay at home Mom is actually fun! Together we have thrown a Purple Party to welcome spring just because our Mountain Laurel was blooming. We crammed 15 people into a beach house to enjoy Sandfest together. We are doing Trash to Treasure for school. We are throwing a Spy party for my daughter’s 10th Birthday, which will be “The Case of the Pink Flamingo”.

    Bottom line is that I am finally embracing our creativity and having fun in our everyday life. Now we just need inspiration to truly capture this in our scrapbooks.

    Plus, I want to make a turquoise pair of those glasses!

  43. Bea Medwecky says:

    I need to have more fun scrapbooking because maybe I can complete more than one page in four hours (my not-so-proud personal record). It wasn’t even a fun, or exceptional layout. I think I need to have more fun in my life. I was always the mature, reponsible one, from when I was a child to my ripe old age of 51. But now, with both my boys gone, I can be free and have fun. I need Tami to help me do that.

    I realized I needed to be a more fun individual when my sweet husband of three years was happily singing because he was happy to see me and I said “Why on earth would you be singing?” For shame. Can Tami’s fun class turn me into a singer?

  44. More Fun- Well, I’m scrapbooking more this year than I ever have and that’s means I am having fun. But, we can always have more fun right! I think right now, I’m having fun focusing just getting my stories told- which is an amazing thing. But, I also think I need to allow myself some play time- some time when it’s more about getting out of the box.

  45. I have that book on my desk–need to open it. I have lots of fun in real life, but I need to have more fun scrapbooking. I did for a long, long while. Don’t know what happened really. It kinda snuck up on me. Now I have project ideas, even piles of potential all around–but no gumption.

  46. After working all week it would be great for my scrapbooking to do double duty – memory keeping, crafting, and fun. I guess I meant triple duty. Thanks for the chance to win.

  47. Tammy Harp says:

    Gheesh, I don’t even know how to define the word “fun” anymore. I’m so busy being a mom and doing all of the responsible things that I am responsible for that “fun” as an activity is foreign to me. If “fun” is running kids to track and soccer practices and watching games and races, then I guess I’m living in perpetual amusement park right now. If Tami’s workshop could help me give “fun,” a bit of a more personal twist, then I’d be grateful!

  48. I would LOVE to have more Fun…my goal for 2010 is to be healthier this year and part of that is being HAPPY and Scrapbooking should be FUN and make ya feel good! It’s nice to create new things! I used to try to get my layouts “published” and that didn’t really happen like how I dreamed and trying and not ever making it made Scrapbooking no Fun!! When I gave that dream up…scrapbooking was easier for me but I’d like to make it more fun and not have the feeling of not having a published layout make scrapbooking seem like something I’m not good at. It’d be cool to get into the class :)

  49. I need more FUN in my scrapbooking because I’m the mom. The one that has to say “no” 15,257 times a day, fold 6 loads of laundry while breaking up no less than 10 fights, cook 3 meals for 4 kids whose sole purpose in life is to eat me out of house and home and then wash the dishes (or convince said child whose day it is for kitchen duty to do them) Find the_____ (fill in the blank) because obviously I was the last one to USE it (like I really want to play Attack of the Clones on DS??!!??) AND solve the clothing crisis of only only the 14 y.o. but the 8 y.o (who wants to be just like her sister) I need more fun in scrapbooking because “I’m the mom” and I need all the fun I can get.

  50. I need more fun scrapbooking because I’ve started to rely on this hobby to brighten my day. After working full-time and caring for my family, I need some ‘me’ time. I use my crafting for this purpose, not just to document memories but as a creative release for me…it would be nice to have a little more guidance to explore the creativity/artistry side of my nature.

  51. Sometimes there is so much stuff to scrapbook with that it stops being fun. I need my FUN back. But please don’t take away my stuff!

  52. Deb Taub says:

    I need to have more FUN in my sb-ing b/c I haven’t sb’ed in MONTHS and am dreading the backlog. I need FUN to inspire me.

  53. Ginny AK says:

    I hear other scrapbookers saying “Are you caught up yet?” and “Now I have to make 3 more copies of this page for my other children” and after taking LOM, it breaks my heart that they get so stressed out about it! I know they’re having fun (especially at our retreats), but also put so much pressure on themselves. I would L-O-V-E to take LOM one step further and have all out FUN FUN FUN!! And I would love to be able to share those projects and that attitude with others :-)

  54. Karen Schmidt says:

    I’m having a scrapbooking block right now because of things happening in my life right now so I need to be inspired to open up the creativity to make scrapbooking fun again.

    I need to wake up…

  55. I need to have more fun in everything! I am in such a rut that I seem to accomplish absolutely nothing every day- including scrapbooking. I need some fun!

  56. I love to scrapbook, but many times it does feel like a chore. Even with LOM, my photos still pile up because I don’t have the time I want to devote to scrapbooking. With state testing next week (I teach 5th grade full-time), I need more F-U-N in everything! LOL Thanks for a chance to win!

  57. Who couldn’t use a little more fun in their lives, I would love an opportunity to win?

  58. I have been so consumed with preparing for a big move in June that my scrapbooking has completely gone by the wayside. I need some fresh inspiration to get back into doing a few things in between packing boxes.

  59. I am definitely in the ‘crisis’ mode of my creative cycle. Scrapbooking needs to FUN so I can move on and get creative!

  60. Rhonda Zamora says:

    I have been neglecting my scrapbooking. I have gotten overwhelmed because of the sheer amount of pictures I have. I recently finished my daughter’s baby book (birth through Kinder) . . . My daughter is 26. I need to see the fun in scrapbooking, again.

  61. I am so out of the scrapbooking mood. I need all the help i can get. so help. thanks

  62. I always end up scrapping at midnight when all 3 kids & my husband are asleep (& I usually should be sleeping too). I need to sart scrapping in a way that I can get my 20 month old & my 4 year old involved.

  63. I am so not motivated to be creative these days. I need someone to jump start my creativity and get me out of the cut and adhere simple scrapbooking that I’m stuck in. HELP>

  64. Susan R. says:

    I need to have more fun scrapbooking because I have no children and need ideas of more things to scrapbook for me. Not necessarily about me, but for me…to reflect, relax, grow, and remember.

  65. After years of scrapbooking, I have fallen into a rut. My albums have become nothing but a series of holidays & birthdays. You could pick any album off the shelf and they would all look the same. I need inspiration to get out of my rut and make my albums more creative and meaninful.

  66. mary anne says:

    I need to have more fun scrapbooking because I am a teacher and a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a wife, but somehow I have lost track of who I am outside of these titles. I work in an urban school and give everything I can to 13 precious children who need not only a teacher, but also an encourager, a coach, a doctor, a counselor and a mentor. I come home and reprise those roles and more with my own two kids. I care for my parents who through the process have become my friends. I LOVE all of these roles in my life, but I want to infuse some fun, some creativity and more joy into all of them. So, yes, I would love to win this class!!

  67. Jo-Ellen says:

    I need to have more fun scrapbooking because I am too predictable. Talking with my sisters, we discussed what color we felt represented the others. After talking rainbows, reds, and pastels, it was unanimous and barely needed discussion that my color was a neutral beige sort of color. I would hope that a class like this would help give me some colour to my cheeks and help me to think about SB and life in a new way.

  68. I’m so in a giant RUT right now, maybe this is the kicker I need to get out of it!!! I love to scrapbook but when I finally have time to do it I waste too much time figuring out what I want to do! Then, of course, it becomes more stressful than it is FUN, I am determined to find the FUN again!

  69. I have been making something based on a template for my sister, getting very repetative. Ready for something new.

  70. Jeanne in Montana says:

    I work in a scrapbook store so sometimes going home to scrapbook doesn’t seem so fun all the time. I’ve lost the FUN and could use something new for inspiration.

  71. All work and no play here…I love to scrap and lately I’ve hardly had the time!
    FUN=Any kind of scrapping for me!

  72. Cindy Harley says:

    I need more fun in my life. I just lost my kitten friend (of seven years) to unexpected heart failure. I’m not feeling very fun or creative although I’m trying to be for my daughter. I would love to take a creative journey of fun and inspiration. It looks like a wonderful class.

  73. Ashleigh says:

    Because I noticed that I’m holding my breath while choosing patterned papers and I have to consciously resume breathing and remind myself that CTRL+Z (undo) is my friend. I’m not even sure what paper scrappers do to get past the :omg: this is permanent panic.

  74. Helen Roady says:

    I definitely need FUN. I find that the majority of my pages are basically the same design and color with very little variation and I need to definitely find some MOJO!

  75. Who doesn’t need more fun? I teach second grade and I have had a rough year. So I need some more fun! I need some fun put back into my life so I can share some of it with my class as well. I need some FUN inspiration!

  76. would love to add some fun into my scrapbooking – right now feeling like a “chore” to wrap up some projects…. pick me!!

  77. carol in seattle :) says:

    I NEED TO HAVE MORE FUN!!! I have always been a very “follow the rules” type of person…so much so that I’ve allowed myself to become PARALYZED!

    My kids deserve a mom that can play, my husband deserves a wife that can relax, and *I* deserve to be a person that has FUN!

    (I’m learning how…in small steps! Thanks Stacy!)

  78. I would love to have more fun in scrapping and everyday… I’ve been trying, but I don’t get as much time to do ‘enjoyables’ as I used to. Unfortunately life is just getting in the way these days.

  79. Boy do I need to have more fun. It seems like I have been so bent on just surviving this year, that I have totally forgotten how to let go and have fun. My students keep saying I am running a prison (okay maybe I am for them, but they need some structure) and it seems like I never have time to do anything with my kid or my husband this year. My oldest will be leaving us soon and I am so worried about getting things taken care of for her and keeping my youngest moving that it seems like I have forgotten to stop and smell the roses.

  80. Margaret Burton says:

    I love to have fun and the adventure sounds wonderful. Would use it to share my family fun stuff.

  81. The quick response is “I’m a mum and carer of six children, I’ve forgotten what fun is”… The honest response is I haven’t scrapped for so long I seem to have forgotten how. Your podcasts are pointing me in the right direction (I have listened to each of them several times), but I feel frozen and unsure even while inspired.

  82. I need to have more FUN scrapbooking because FUN=Creativity=Inspiration=Enthusiasum=Lots of scrapbooking!!!!!!!!!

  83. Barbara W. says:

    I just need some fun right now. And some adventure. I am still too uptight about my scrapbooking and I guess my life and I just need some FUN!!!!!!!

  84. Fun! That’s why I scrapbook and to remember and to remind myself of the goodness in my life and the world around me. I am a full time working mom (2 boys ages 7 & 9). I spend my office hours as a Nurse Case Manager for HIV infected children. Scrapbooking helps me keep a sense of child about me in what is often a very serious world.

  85. Helen Anne says:

    Its spring and its time to get out and explore. Sounds like a good class to combine with that.

  86. I could use some fun right now. I work for someone who I just realized is completly unethical and I need my job to feed my family and keep our house – what do you do? Ugh. I hate stress and could use some fun – plus, I ALREADY HAVE THIS BOOK so it would not add any stress to our family budget if I won this class! :)

  87. I’ve put scrapbooking aside for a while – I need some fun! This could get me moving again. Thanks.

  88. Robin W. says:

    I think this class would help many of us; it’s too easy as “adults” to get caught up in daily life and forget the excitement and wonder each day holds for a child. We worry about being late for one of our many commitments instead of getting down on our knees with our son or daughter and really looking at a tiny bug crawling along the driveway. I would love to have this sense of awe and wonder jump started for me again, and this class sounds like the one that could do it. Thank you for the chance to win!

  89. Man, could I use some of this kind of “therapy” right now. My sister (whom I super close to) just moved out of state taking my adorable niece and nephew with her. It’d be great to put a little fun scrapbooking into my very emotional, trying-not-to-cry-at-the drop-of-a-hat life right now. Thanks, Stacy.

  90. Sherry G says:

    I need more all around fun. It is the end of the semester: I am tired of grading papers, tired of students who seem to lack motivation to learn, just plain tired.

    I have not scrapped in months and I need a jump-start.

  91. I just need something in my life right now that is purely fun. I am surrounded by a cloud of stress and tragedy right now and would love something I could look forward to.

  92. I need to have more fun in my scrapbooking b/c I want my boys to hear me laugh. I want them to know their mama is full of energy and emotions and all sorts of good stuff and so much more than the task master and manager or our home.

  93. I never like to comment twice but this is so funny I can’t help it, my 4 year old just came out from his bed with a Bend-a-Roo stuck in his hair, LOL! How can we not have fun scrapbooking when these are the memories of our everyday? I am off to write this little tidbit down for a future page right now. :)

  94. I need more fun, less stress. Definitely…

  95. Jenny McGee says:

    I need to keep the fun in my scrapbooking. I have already signed up for two classes coming up Textuality and A Baker’s Dozen, so winning this would put the frosting on the cake for me. It would help me get lot’s of great pages completed. I am also debating on joining in on Lain E’s Layout A Day for May challenge and this would help me to complete some layouts. thanks for a chance to win. I am excited to start my other classes at BPS.

  96. wendy b. says:

    I’m a mom of two and my DD (2) is, let’s just say, challenging! Every time I turn around she’s into something or “onto” something if you get my jist. Anyway, I would love to be able to put some fun into our life — kind of a distraction of sorts for her and I!

  97. I haven’t scrapbooked in ages… and not a lot of fun has been going on either… just a lot of stress. Would love a chance for some inspiration and fun!

  98. Julie M. says:

    I have not stamped my foot, pouted and put on my tiara to demand ‘FUN’ come back to pick me up and take me away from my chores. ‘FUN’ could just bounce me back to my scrapbooking table to gleefully indulge in the hobby I love dearly!

  99. I’ve been in a FUNK over the last several months with a pregnancy loss and related drawn out health problems. I’d love to get rid of that extra K and just have some FUN scrapbooking spontaneous moments. I bought the “How to Wreck this Journal” for all my siblings, mom, and myself about a year and a half ago, but think they were mostly unused. It would be great to have the support of online peers as we go through this journey together.

  100. i need more fun in my scrapbooking because i am in a creative rut right now, i just can’t sit down and let myself create anything, i need some inspiration and i want to get out of this rut fast!

    thanks for the giveaway!

    Megan P

  101. I just started homeschooling my oldest in January. I also have a preschooler and toddler at home. It has been rewarding but exhausting. I could use some inspiration to get back to finding some time for myself.

  102. TracyBzz says:

    I always try to have FUN! in my life and scrapbooking, but I can always use more. Especially if it’s with the funniest scrapbooker of the year Ms Tami!

  103. Shannon Mc says:

    I need some fun, fun, fun since Kokuyo took my adhesive away! (To be sung to the Beach Boys tune Fun, Fun, Fun) Ok, so it’s not the lack of Kokuyo that has done me in, but it hasn’t helped! I’ve had quite a few years, husband laid off for over 2 years, daughter diagnosed with autism, family illness, UGH!!! But hey, it’s all there for a reason. And really, isn’t it all just a page waiting to happen?! SO… Sta-a-a-acey Bay-ay-be (Stacey Baby) won’t you please, please pick me? (Oh, Frankie Valli…)

  104. Hi! I would love to add more FUN into my scrapbooking. I am really good at emulating what other people do, but would love to spark some more creativity in myself, and I think that all of the cute, crazy, wonderful things that my family does together should be given the best possible chance of being remembered! :-)

  105. I not only need more fun, I need to make more time for more fun. I need to find a way to really look around as I’m racing through my crazy life…

  106. I haven’t been able to get any scrapping done lately, because I’ve been too bogged down with the thought that i need to have a big chunk of time to be creative. I know that’s not the truth–even a couple minutes a day makes me much happier. I would love to get a good kick in the pants to have some fun and get scrappin!

  107. Hi Stacy! I realized I need to challenge myself to scrapbook, it makes it fun and challenging, I guess its my competitve side needing to be nurished too….

  108. Nicky from Canada says:

    Life is a fun adventure

  109. Renee J. says:

    I need more fun in my scrapbooking mostly because I want more time to be able to do something that I truly love. I love sharing my joy with others. Scrapbooking allows me to do that and more.

    Thanks for the chance to win, Stacy!

  110. I just added ten more hours to my work schedule and it seems to be taking up my scrap time. I know, with Tami’s inspiration, I could learn
    tohave more fun exploring my creativity!

  111. I have been determined to scrap 19 years of Christmas and have been working on this for quite some time. I just ordered 2009 and then I really need to scrap all the many areas of our lives beyond that with our family of 5. I also teach school and this project sounds similiar and would foster thinking with writer’s notebooks. Thanks for all your inspirations.

  112. I need help remembering more of the stories from my childhood and from when my own children were little ( they are 29 – 33 now). I know there were lots of fun times and I need to dig deep to find them. Thanks for sharing another great class, Staci!

  113. I need to have more FUN scrapbooking, and I will, if I just take the TIME to scrapbook. I’m in the tax business, so there has been no time at all over the last five months, but hey, it’s the 14th! Things are looking up!

  114. I just feel overwhelmed….I get great ideas, and make plans in my head but when I finally have time to scrap I can’t do anything….sigh…I need help!

  115. i bought the book a year ago, and it is waiting, ever so patiently for me to pull it off of the shelf and have a go!

  116. Karen Greenfield says:

    I’ve had the Wreck this Journal since 2007 and have had SOOOO much fun with it!! I’ve had my now 21 yo healp with it and now have fun bits of him in it—he;s completely ‘done with me’ right now–moms are kinda passe’ when you’re a junior in college. I love seeing what other have done. Thanks for this opportunity. xxKaren Greenfield

  117. Since I live in this far-away country of Finland, it is impossible to get into all those events you have in the US. And since I love Keri’s book, I think I could be qualified for Tami’s course. – And who does not need some fun in her life?

  118. Ileana Carlile says:

    The last 3 1/2 years have been super busy and dedicated to others. I would love to have some fun with my family – they need me back and they need me to be fun!! Thanks Stacy.

  119. I LOVE all that Keri does and would LOVE to be able to take this class! I already have the ‘Explorer’ book but haven’t put it to much use yet… this class would be a great excuse to do just that! :-)

    I could use a little more FUN in my scrapbooking because I stress a little too much about how my craft room is not organized, my scrapbooks are not organized, and a million other things that get in my way of just sitting down and scrapbooking my crafty heart out. Thanks for the opportunity Stacy!

  120. I looking forward to have fun and adventure and some relax in this class, it should be giving fun in my live whats a little hard and not the adventure that I want on this moment.

  121. I enjoy my scrapbooking but I’d like to have more Fun. My style is structured and balanced. I’d like to try letting go and having fun take over.

  122. Kate Anne says:

    I’m a linear and (a tad) obsessed scrapper – think of free-hand scallops that looks perfect enough to be imperfect! Haha.. I need to break free!!

  123. HI Stacy, I could so use this class right now, as my mind is in rehashing mode for so many life problems, I cannot break out by myself. I could use some of the therapeutic creativity and support, that I know only the amazing BPS community could give. Thanks for offering this opportunity. I took your have more fun class and still have the flip flops with bling.


  124. Maryellen says:

    I need more fun because I need to work in “me” time and reconnect with the fun and not the job of scrapbooking memories. I’m taking LOM, love it, but it’s a lot of work for me to fit it in with working and “mom”ing.

    I’ve had major life changes in the last 5 months; a new job, new home with a move of 800 miles to a new state, farther from family and friends than ever before. I’ve been so consumed with the practical details, I’ve not been able to focus on memorializing all the great things about the recent changes for our family. I’m heading to CKC in July to reconnect with my NJ friends and want to be ready for fun, re-energized and inspired.

    Thanks Stacy for all that you do and share with us.

  125. Rebecca Brooks says:

    How could I use some fun in scrapbooking? Let me count the ways:
    1. I struggle to make the time to sb that I would like to. If it were more fun, I would make more time.
    2. Most of my sb buddies have quit sb which is making it a very lonely hobby for me. This is probably why I don’t make the time to sb.
    3. My budget is tighter than ever and I need to be inspired by the stash I have.
    4. My sb routine is non-existent at the moment so I could use some therapy and “spring” to get it going again.

  126. Hi Stacy, This post bought back great memories – my husband thought I was crazy dragging this book behind the pram and refused to walk near me!!! It was one of the most silly freeing experiences and it still makes me smile. Thanks for the reminder to not take everything so seriously! PS the baby in the pram is now 2 1/2 and baby number two is arriving in 10 weeks! Time for some more silly play time/adventures I think!!! : )

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