I’m giving away GLUE!

OK really, I’m giving away an incredible array of FANTASTIC adhesives.
I just like the way “giving away glue” rolled off my tongue.

But, before I tell you more, I just have to say THANK YOU for your kind, understanding and appreciative comments yesterday. I feel so supported in my imperfection and struggles. I am feeling so much better. How cool is it that WE have the Internet and blogs that can be used in this way. I bet we don’t even realize how we “come off” on our blogs. I would hate for anyone to think that I’ve got some secret happiness pill that solves all of life’s challenges. I do try hard to take the optimistic view–I am now going to try to share more of the things I’m working on and struggling with.
I may not always reply, but I always read your comments and learn from them.
Thank YOU so very much!

Now, I had the good pleasure of meeting Tracy Weinzapfel at the Winter CHA show. She generously gave me several Helmar products to try and I really like them (especially the liquid “Scrap Dots”) I told her I wanted to a giveaway on my blog and WOW did they ever come through …

Leave me a comment with either an adhesive question or solution.
Something you wish you knew how to “stick” better or something that you are “sticking to” because it works so well.
One comment will win the ALL of the following Helmar products. Yes, ALL of them!

·         Liquid Scrap Dots – Stacy’s Favorite!

·         450 Quick Dry

·         Acid Free Glue

·         Gemstone Glue

·         Premium Craft Glue

·         V2 Vellum Adhesive

·         Adhesive Runner & Twin Pack Refill

·         Zapdots (white, black & clear)

FYI: Helmar is an Australian based manufacturer of adhesives & art mediums, now distributing products in the United States.
Helmar has a website in the works, which is really exciting. In the meantime, please visit their blog to learn more about them. In fact, they just announced their 2010 design team and the line up of guest bloggers for the rest of the year.

You can Helmar spread by “liking” them on Facebook.

I’m impressed with so many manufacturers in our industry and are very forward facing and interact with their consumers–I feel like this is what makes or breaks a company and product-line for me. Helmar wants to know how you are using their products and wants to showcase your creative ideas and solutions. You can strut your stuff here.

Comments will close tomorrow at noon and we’ll post a WINNER.

On another note, there are some really COOL things happening in the Textuality gallery (layout by Lisa in Australia.)
BPS instructor, Amy Sorenson is not only a fantastic writer, she is adept at helping you present your words in a readable way.
Amy’s years of prolific journaling have given rise to an arsenal of text-based tips and tricks and her class is all about bringing a unique “texture” to your story-based pages.

Learn more and register here. Registration closes tomorrow evening!

Have a good day. Stop and notice something beautiful and then tell someone about it.


  1. Hello Stacy! So nice to “meet” you sorta! I found you on the crazy daisy blog! So exciting! You sound so full of energy! Anyway my adhesive question is: “What is a good adhesive to use on pictures and paper that is not the glue runner from wal mart? That’s what I had previously used and it seemt to be good until I discovered after a months everything comes “un” glued……argh…thanks for the opportunity to win some great adhesives!

  2. Hi Stacy! I would love to know how you glue photos? I always wonder if I’m using too much. I tend to be sparing, but wonder if I’m not using enough to hold through the years!

  3. I struggle with adhesive. I want something that is re positionable at the beginning, but then sticks in the long term. Using glue sticks again of late, but sometimes a bit messy.

  4. Vellum, vellum, vellum sums up my adhesive issues!! I hardly use it anymore b/c I can’t find a good adhesive for it!

    So wonderful to hear your voice in Lain’s teleconference today. Hugs to you for sharing your struggles and high points and inspiring us all through life! Thank you, thank you!

  5. I have no adhesive wisdom…I tend to switch adhesives every so often and usually I’m “in love” with what ever the flavor of the day is…but I am liking my glue glider pro as my “every day” adhesive. I sure would like to know how to manage felt a little better. So far, everything I’ve tried is either impossibly messy or not at all sticky enough….

  6. I appreciate the fact that this manufacturer has a blog (& you said a website coming) and is willing to give more details on how each glue works and its best application. There are many kinds of adhesives and I find it difficult to know which one to use where. Thanks for a chance to try out several and learn.

  7. Hi there,
    I would love an assortment of adhesives…you can never have too many of these things! I always seem to use the same things over and over so it would be great to try some new products. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I have issues with mono adhesive. I want to be able to stick it down and for good but not use a thick glue…any suggestions?

  9. I have not yet found an adhesive that I love so much I am completely loyal to it. Every time I go to purchase adhesive I try something new. I would love to try out these products.

  10. Whitney S. says:

    I usually use glue stick…which I know isn’t really that cool. But, when I use things that are clear like vellums or things printed on acetate….anything clear, I usually staple them on, but sometimes I don’t like that look so what kind of adhesive would be best for that so that you can’t really see the glue?

  11. I have been using double sided tape for years and years now and have yet to really find anything else that sticks as well. Tape works but it is expensive so I would love to try some alternatives. Thanks, Stacy and Helmar, for the chance to win.

  12. Carolynn F says:

    The wisdom I’d like to share (and I use the term loosely) is that dental floss can be your friend. If something is stuck to the page and I want to move it, often sliding dental floss between the layers can help to separate them without bending or creasing either layer. I read this on a message board post a few years ago and it really works.

  13. I’m dying to try the Liquid Scrap Dots. Donna Downey uses them in her videos and it looks awesome. Just seraching for somewhere that carries them in Canada or will ship (reasonably) here.

    • Oops! Forgot to add my sticking to thing. I’d like to learn how to better stick to a healthyier lifestyle with eating and excerising. Is that kind of sticking you were referring to?!

  14. Hi Stacy! I sometimes have trouble with paper and embellishments not sticking very well to textured paper; that can be a little frustrating.
    Thanks for the chance to win all this great adhesive. I have been wanting to try the scrap dots after seeing Donna Downey using them in her inspiration journal.
    Have a fantastic day!!

  15. Wow! What a great prize package. I am always looking for a great paper adhesive! I have had good luck with tombow adhesives in the past but would love to try an adhesive from a company with such a vast offering of adhesive products!

  16. annette abrahamson says:

    hi-ya! my question is: Why does it seam like after my project has been stuck or adhered with glue dots….time goes by and the glue dots fall off???

  17. Love your blog and all the wonderful information I have learned from it.
    What’s the best way to adhere buttons and metal objects?
    What a great prize package.

  18. I’m always trying different things. Right now I use a CM tape runner thing but my question is about glue sticks. Do they work well for scrapbooking?

  19. I would LOVE to know the best way to adhere tiny or thin letters. I am looking for something that won’t leave more adhesive on the edges, I really hate that. I love my ATG gun, but that’s too wide for this use, even the 1/4″.

  20. I have heard many good things about Helmar, but have yet to find them in any of my LSS. Would love a chance to try them. Like some of the others, I don’t have one particular adhesive that I am totally sold on. I also hate it when stuff starts to come off. Would really like to find an adhesive that I can be totally loyal to.

  21. I keep trying various alternatives, hoping to find one that keeps on sticking over a long period of time.

  22. I can’t wait to try the Liquid Scrap Dots. I don’t have an adhesive I’m sold on. Thanks for sharing your human-ness. It always makes me feel more normal when I hear others struggle too.

  23. I am always looking for adhesive advice — I love tape runners and always used CMemories, but if not that then I really do not know what to use. Would love to know what people use on small die cuts— I usually ues 2-way glue (the one in the pen that is blue when wet), but not sure really what is best.

  24. I absolutely love Helmar adhesives! I can count on them to really stick! The Helmar 450 is one of my favorite solutions! It adheres pretty much anything to anything! Great for fabric, plastic, acrylic, wood, clay, and more! I use it all the time!

  25. I would like to know the best adhesive to use to keep scrapbook items “stuck” for the long term. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  26. What’s the best adhesive for long term? I’ve had many pictures fall off older layouts (5+yr old.)

  27. Melanie G says:

    Maybe its just me – but when I use my tape runner – it breaks – then I am left with only using half and the rest not feeding in? Is this the way I hold it – or is it just me and my luck? Thanks for chance to win!!

  28. I like using a tape runner, but I can’t find one strong enough to stick to glittered pattern paper. I’ve been using glue instead. Do you know a strong tape runner that will stick to those pre-glittered pretty papers?

  29. Clear embellishments…always looking for what is new and might work best. Thanks!!

  30. Amy Ferguson says:

    I’m all about command adheisive and use it all over my house! love it!

  31. I will tell you about something beautiful.. more like a warm fuzzy… we are celabrating national cubicle day at work tomorrow. Yes, 4/28 is the day! We a re allowed to decorate our department if we choose to also. My staff has just rallied around this. Everyone bringing in things (we can only spend $10), borrowing things from friends. We are creating the best little Tiki Bar around. We even have a skeleton dressed in beach wear. It is so much fun! I love my team they are the ‘glue’ that keeps this polace running!
    Now, go decorate a cubicle!

  32. Great glue goodies! What kind of adhesive works best for transparencies and vellum?

  33. I REALLY, REALLY want to try this glue before I buy it! Thanks for giving me a chance to win some! Maybe I will get lucky! :-) I have trouble sticking ribbon down without the glue showing. I also have trouble getting the petals of flowers and other slim things to stay down…

  34. I could use some strong adhesive to fix my easter page. I used chip board letter stickers and pictures with adhesive on a cardstock that had glitter on it. I was so pleased with it when I had finished.


    the next day when I saw that everything on it had fallen off. It was actually kinda funny but I was sad too. : )

    What is a stronger adhesive that holds that kind of stuff better? Thanks for the chance!! Dori

  35. What’s a good glue for ribbon?

  36. I use the stick glue which really is working for me.. i have tried the glue dots and i liked it… I want to try the adhesive runner… its on my list next!!

  37. What the best adhesive is for fabric covered buttons on transparencies?

  38. scrapper al says:

    I would love to add these adhesives to my collection (I’m an adhesive addict, lol). I keep looking for the next best thing.

  39. when adhering transparency to patterned paper, which will dry clear?

  40. I still haven’t found that “perfect” adhesive for metal – I’m thinking one of those might be it!

  41. Would love to try those liquid glue dots – saw them on Donna Downey’s site, too!
    Am struggling with vellum adhesive – the one I have turns yellow over time….

  42. Julie Lueck says:

    What is the shelf life on glue pens and liquid/gel glue? I mostly use glue dots, and don’t have to worry about that. Thanks for the chance to win. Thanks again for being real!

  43. What is your favorite fabric glue? I am using Fabri-Tac which is great, but it’s tough to get it out of the bottle… :)

  44. Barbi in Ottawa, Canada says:

    I really want to try the Liquid Scrap Dots!!! : ) and I have heard great things about this company so I love to try them out. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. What is the best adhesive to use for adhering “heavier” things like buttons, especially if trying to adhere them to ribbon? Do I need to get out a needle and thread (*sob*), or is there a really good strong adhesive that will work for this? I also tried to adhere a rolled up circle of ribbon to the center of a flower and glue dots didn’t hold strongly enough.

  46. I don’t have an adhesive that I love. I use Tombow’s mono adhesive but it doesn’t always stick long term. I would love to find something that works really well.

  47. My best adhesive advise for vellum, acetate, ribbon and tiny finicky items is to use the Xyron. However, I would love another solution for the vellum and acetate for when I don’t have my xyron handy!

  48. i always struggle with attaching ribbon – some is too sheer/ see thru for double taped and others seems to wriggle if you use tape.
    so i’d be thrilled to new new products!

  49. I have trouble using adhesive with see-through elements such as transparencies or vellum. I also love to use ribbon but haven’t found any adhesive that works well with it. Thanks for the opportunity to win some fantastic adhesives!

  50. I have a hard time getting the edges to stay down when I cover the front of an album or alter a clipboard. Even when I think I have glued the paper right at the edge, it seems to “lift” in a few months.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Maybe one of their products would be helpful for gluing the edges.

  51. Tracy Rizzo says:

    I haven’t found the perfect glue, I also run out quickly!

  52. My question is: What are liquid scrap dots?

  53. lisa14895 says:

    Gotta love glue! Hafta admire adhesive!! Must slither in sticky stuff!!!

    OK, enough of that. PLEASE. Let. Me. Win. Thank you

  54. I wish I knew what glue to use in terms of liquid versus dry…they act differently, right? Is there a time to use one versus the other? I usually go with dry just because it seems cleaner then having to spread the liquid glue…sigh…is there a difference at all!?

  55. I use ‘be creative’ tape for almost evrything. But when I need to glue some small die cut fonts it’s kind of a nightmare…some liquid glue dry out too quicly (even on the bottle) and the pens are not strong enough…would love to win :)

  56. Rhonda Zamora says:

    What adhesive do you use for card making? I find that when I pull a card from my stash, many times I have to re-glue them.

  57. Ronnie Crowley says:

    When you glue pictures down do you use adhesive along all edges or just at the corners?

  58. I am still on the eternal hunt for the perfect adhesive. I use several – different adhesives for different projects. Thought I’d found “adhesive nirvana” with the Glue Glider gun – but alas, not perfect. Would love to give all of the Helmar products a try – maybe I can end this saga once and for all!

  59. rebecca keppel says:

    I’ve been looking for Helmar products…do any of the big box stores carry them?

  60. i thought i’d tried just about every glue/adhesive there is but Helmar is new to me and I’d love to give them a shot. I use a variety of adhesives for scrapbooking but I always use Scotch double stick tape on my card fronts when cardmaking (attaching the card fronts to white bases)- i don’t want to waste my acid free adhesives, glue dots etc on cards – i save ‘em for my scrapbooking!

  61. I need glue for mini books–so the paper won’t come up in one corner after 6 months–that is my need right now!!

  62. i still haven’t found the perfect glue, and i would love to try these out!!

    Megan P

  63. Is the helmar tape runner at all similar to the kokuyo dot roller? That was my fav of all time and am looking for my next fav of all time.

  64. What kind of adhesive can you use to glue things (paper/pictures) to glass/mirrors?

  65. Ginny Petitt says:

    I use different types of adhesives depending on the mood I’m in or how quickly I want to finish my project. My problem is that I don’t really know what type of “glue” should be used for what type of paper! Would love to win so that I could experiment with all of these adhesives!

  66. I use my Xyron for EVERYTHING I’ve never had a tape runner that didn’t break on me, a glue that didn’t dry or leaked in the wrong place etc. so I run everything trough the Xyron, but it gets EXPENSIVE so I would love to try these out!

  67. Amy Kingsford says:

    No matter what adhesive I’m using I cannot live with out my handy little adhesive remover…no matter how hard I try I’m bound to get glue exactly where I don;t want it!

  68. Love my new tape runner (the BIG one!) but my dear husband and daughter used it ALL up working on a school project together! Yikes! But thankfully the refills aren’t expensive. Oh well, all in the name of creativity! I say….

    “The family that glues together….stays glued together!” :)

    Thanks for a chance to win, Stacy!

  69. Verona Highsmith says:

    I opened up a scrapbook, that I used a glue stick to put in favorite quotes the last few years. I wanted to add a few more, but first had to re-stick a few that were drying out and coming loose. OOPS! Looks like Helmar has sever good choices, at least I hope so.
    Looking forward to seeing your new studio.

  70. Susan R. says:

    I need a good, non messy adhesive for transparencies. I know people who use spray adhesive, but that’s not for me – too potentially messy. Any suggestions?

  71. Andrea MacDonald says:

    A girl can never have enough glue. I’m still trying to find the perfect glue to adhere ribbons and material to my layouts.

  72. I like my adhesive but I don’t love it. I use the Tombow Mono permanent adhesive but when I need to move something, it rips the paper (and I need to move things!). The temporary falls apart. I likes the initial moveability + long term permanence of the Creative Memories tape runner back when I used it, but had too much trouble with the runner working properly and gave up on it. Plus, I like the clear adhesive. Looks like I’m not alone in my search for the perfect adhesive!!

  73. I’d really like to know what is the best adhesive for lacy paper or doilies-I have some vintage paper doilies and I am afraid to use them because I don’t want to mess them up adhering them to my page! I love your site and thanks for all the inspiration!!

  74. What’s the best product for sticking flowers (especially the big huge ones) on something 3d?I make a couple projects a year for our kids’ teachers and have a hard time getting my blossoms to stick on paint cans, etc

  75. Well, if you are unmounting your rubber stamps to save on storage space {or I also do this when I recieve Stampin up stamps, I don’t “Wood mount” them}, and you want to use them with clear acrylic blocks, you can use Aleene’s Tack it Over & Over Glue on the bacls of the unmounted wood so that it will “cling” to the clear acrylic block. {and if you’re having trouble getting the rubber off the glue, pop it in the microwave for about 10 seconds}.

  76. I want an adhesive that will stick down overlays. I know you can use staples, brads, etc., but sometimes that’s just not the look I’m going for. EVERYTHING shows through. Thanks for the giveaway, Stacy!

  77. I want an adhesive that works for vellum. I can never get the runners to apply evenly so they blotch up and show through – boo hoo hoo. I wonder how the Helmar spray works. Would love the chance to test drive it.

  78. I have difficulty getting adhering things to textured card stock, what works the best?

  79. What is the best glue for fabric and or canvas? I have a cute canvas mini book, but I can’t find any adhesive that will stick paper to it.

  80. i’m always looking for the perfect adhesive!

  81. I would like to confess that I am a glue stick kind of girl. I was changed into one by Erin Lincoln. I think a glue stick and a brayer are the best combo ever! But, I will keep an open mind with these products…would love to try and share them with my friends!

  82. I have a new tape runner that i love called “Love”. But having a hard time finding it any where. Got in CA on a visit to see my mom but kind find it in my state. wish that you could find something you love then they would always have it.

  83. I was a Kokuyo fan but they quit making it so I am down to my last few refills of my favorite Dot ‘n’ Roller :(

  84. I’d love to try some of these products! Do the liquid scrap dots work well on felt? Because that’s the item I have most problems with adhering to my pages.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. It seems like every year when we get together to crop we have to have a ceremony for our favorite adhesive which we can no longer obtain (ie The Duck, Kyokuo) the list continues we say a few words use the last one and figure out the new craze. Can Helmar just promise not to ever require us to have a rememberance ceromony and I will spread the word and craze

  86. I am always looking for the perfect adhesive. I have a shoebox full of them! Interestingly, the hardest material to keep stuck in place (for me) is textured cardstock.

  87. What a great giveaway! Adhesive is always something I need!

    Thanks for your honesty and showing that you are a “real” person. We’re all on this crazy ride of life together!

  88. Who isn’t always looking for a good, inexpensive adhesive?! I’m always looking for some type of glue that will be invisible underneath clear embellishments. Thanks for the chance to win.

  89. MY all-time favorite were Hermfix Dots…..I bought a bunch before they disappeared, now I am out……what do you think works as well and is as user friendly?
    Thank you Stacy!

  90. Mustangkayla says:

    I would love a liquid glue that was multi purpose and easy to use to the last drop. I have one now that I like, but it was a good sized bottle and now that I am at the bottom it gets the bubbles that end up pushing a bunch of the glue at the top. Plus I have to wait and wait and wait for the glue to get to the tip. Any suggestions?

  91. I always have trouble sticking chipboard to anything. Love the variety of the glues. thanks

  92. I use herma fix tabs on everything, would love to know more about the liquid glue dots.

  93. I absolutely could not survive without my glue dots so I am VERY intrigued with the liquid glue dots. I would love to give them a try!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  94. I just learned that Tombow Mono can be used as a removable adhesive by letting it dry before adhering. Not sure if everyone knew that … :)

  95. First, thanks Stacy for keeping it real! It reassuring to the rest of us mere mortals that you too are a perfectly imperfect child of God. I love glue dots and my Close To My Heart Liquid Glass. They will hold ANYTHING!

  96. Jennifer says:

    I’m curious about the liquid glue dots. I like glues that can serve more than one purpose!

  97. Sherry G says:

    I have trouble getting my home printed photos on HP paper to stick a lot of the time. The photo paper has a special coating on the back so the pics do not stick together when they come off the printer, but it makes it hard to stick them to scrapbook pages.

  98. Wish I knew more about what adhesive to give to metal 3D letters and such. I’ve got some great adhesive choices but once in awhile I find something that just doesn’t stick no matter what I try. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m pretty impatient.

  99. seanna paul-hus says:

    I have one of every type and brand of adhesive. It all depends on my mood and what I’m actually trying to adhere. So it goes without saying I would love to get my hands on the latest and greatest adhesive-woohoo!!!!

  100. I love my ATG. And I love glue dots. Oh, and I love the dimensionals I get from Wallies.

  101. I’ve been trying to mount art from my son’s class that was done on transparencies. I’d love to know some suggestions for mounting and adhering things out of the ordinary. Thanks for a chance to win!

  102. I have tried all sorts of adhesives and my question is what is the best way to attach things to canvas boards. Thanks Angela

  103. There are a lot of tape runners I’ve tried, but have not been completely satisfied with any. Some work very nicely, but I hate when I get a “bad’one. I do love glue dots and pop dots for many things. However, I still have trouble finding the best way to attach ribbon so that the adhesive stays but doesn’t show through…I use the Xyron, but it seems wasteful. I am always looking to try something new…and these products look awesome!

  104. What’s the best way to adhere vellum?

  105. Hi Stacy! I recently found your blog and I’m loving it!

    The question that everyone I know struggles with is finding the best way to adhere vellum!

    Thanks for all you do! You’ve been a blessing to me!

  106. ANdrea C. in IL says:

    I have a hard time adhering to acrylic albums and embellishments. What do you use for that? What would you recommend?

  107. Memory Book Glue Dot Sheets work great on buttons. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love your blog!

  108. Ginger L says:

    I love Glue Dots for adhering ribbon.

  109. Jenny McGee says:

    I have tried a lot of adhesives. I still need a good one for vellum. I am taking the Textuality class and loving it. Thanks for a chance to win.

  110. Melinda Wilson says:

    I love using zip dry but I have a problem with it clogging even with the top on. Any suggestions?

  111. I LOVE Helmar Liquid Dots… my only problem is finding their products! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!!!

  112. I recently took a class at the convention by Kim Kesti. We used the double sided red tape to make pleated ribbons, too cool.!

  113. I’m good at adhesives and paper, but always get stuck (he he) when it comes to 3D items like buttons, metal tags and things like that. These products look promising! Thanks for the info :)

  114. I always struggle with vellum. I love to use it for my journaling, but I can’t find a good way to attach it (I’m not really a brad or eyelet kind of person).

  115. I get frustrated sometimes with what adhesive to use with which material. I most often use pop dots or photo tabs. Any suggestions for a better adhesive for general scrapbooking and card making?

    • April, I wish there was one adhesive answer for every medium however that is not the case. Each of our products is made for a specific medium(s). However, if you are looking for a good strong adhesive for general crafting I recommend our Quick-Fix Adhesive Runner. That is a dry adhesive and works great on layouts and cards.

  116. Robin W. says:

    The two hardest products for me to stick down are acrylics (I was trying to stick down three little hearts yesterday and I’m not completely happy with the way they turned out) and ribbon.

  117. After hearing so much about their liquid scrap dots from Heidi Swapp, Donna Downey and others, I really want to try it but unable to locate it products in Canada …thanks for the giveaway…

  118. I am a die hard 3M ATG adhesive user. Worth every penny.

  119. Alison L says:

    I always struggle with chipboard. I usually use glue dots, but often the glue dot pulls off a layer of the chipboard and then is no good. I would love to try this new adhesive.

  120. I want an adhesive that will keep layered, textured pages inside mini-albums. So far, I’ve found that carpet tape is my best bet! But maybe there’s something in this package that will work too :)) Thanks for sharing!

  121. Julie, momto7 says:

    I’ve used the same dot roller adhesive I’ve bought from Wal-Mart for going on 5+ years now. I am pleased with how easy it is to use, and haven’t had issues with things I made several years ago. BUT I am always up for trying something new!

  122. I can’t say I have had any issues with getting things to stick ever since I started using my ATG… but I’m willing to try something new!

  123. Renee J. says:

    I am going to venture into make chipboard and wood-type books. What would be the best adhesive for each? Thanks so much for the chance to win. You are AWESOME, Stacy!

    • Hi Renee, Helmar’s Acid Free Glue works great on both. You just apply a nice even layout on your chipboard/wood-type book and adhere your paper. I recommend using an inexpensive foam brush to apply the glue. You then rinse the brush and re-use. The adheisves does not bubbles and holds permanently.

  124. Does anyone have a favorite adhesive for glass beads? I am sticking a picture to the back of them. Thanks.

  125. I always have problem adhering vellum & those paper flowers. I usually don’t use them because I haven’t found a product that works well with them.

  126. Lauren Nguyen says:

    My sister-in-law introduced me to using fabric glue to hold things down permanently. It definitely does the job, but the smell is a little like nail polish remover.

  127. I’m a ripper. I put stuff down and rip it up, so I need a permanent yet forgivable adhesive. Any recommendations?

  128. Liquid scrap dots??? Very intriguing. Does that mean you can make the ‘glue dots’ the size , shape and thickness you want? I’d love that.

  129. So I made the cutest banner to hang in my kitchen but the buttons keep falling of some felt I have on it and my velvet ribbon won’t stay stuck either:(

  130. Kate Anne says:

    I’ve always have difficulty sticking down fabric of any material. The adhesives stick to the tiny fibers but not the actual fabric. In the end, it comes off really easy… =(

  131. Julie Luna says:

    ATG best ever. I would like to adhere vellum better and make my cricut mat sticky again. Julie

  132. What, pray tell, are LIQUID scrap dots? How do you (Stacy) use them? I don’t have a huge arsenal of adhesives, so I am pretty demanding of the ones I do have. I tend to use my ATG on everything to make it stick to paper: buttons, fabric, plastic, metal, felt. If you load on enough of it, it seems to work. Thanks for the chance!

    • I will jump in here to assist Stacy. It comes in a tube and you place a drop/dollop (word?) on the back of your item, embelllishment and place it on your project. It takes 10 minutes to set and a few hours to cure. To increase height just add another layer and make sure not to push too hard as to flatten it. Hope that helps.

  133. I had a tough time adhering ribbons to my layouts especially see through ribbons. At every scrap store I would ask for new recommendations. FINALLY someone gave me the best recommendation. I bought some of the adhesive and have “stuck” with it since. The only problem I don’t know the manufacture! I just know it by sight at the local scrap store. It is a big red roll of adhesive. I {heart} it! ;)

  134. Cheryl K says:

    I’m still looking for the perfect adhesive for vellum and some suggestions for adhering transparencies. I’m sure there is a solution in the giveaway! Thanks for this great opportunity.

  135. Karen Schmidt says:

    What is liquid dots? How do you stop the spray adhesive can from gummy up? I tend to use a spray once or twice then not use it for a while and once I do want to use it again nothing comes out.

    • Liquid Scrap Dots are a liquid form of the “Pop Dot”. You control the amount you use and thus control the amount of dimension. We have a V2 Vellum Adhesive that is a spray adhesive and one way to avoid clogs is to invert can (upside down) and press nozzle to clean valve and nozzle.

  136. Lynn Hamm says:

    What is the best adhesive on the front and back of a board book?

  137. You know when you’re dressing your kids for some “event” not the ordinary event, the one’s were they really really have to look good and the bow is falling off the dress because they “just pulled the string a little” or the cuff of the pants is coming down and there’s no time to sew it back because, you know , your behind schedule, glue dots are the perfect rescue solution! They’re great for just sticking that stuff back and running out the door.

  138. Brandi Z says:

    I miss my Kokuyo!! I’ve been using thermo-web xl since I ran out of my fav.

  139. I would love to try out some new adhesives! I am on the hunt for a new all-purpose adhesive. I’m wondering how you know what type of adhesive to start w/, not just by trying everything because the first thing didn’t really stick.

  140. Liquid scrap dots sound very interesting. I am always on the hunt for the perfect adhesive!!
    (and I totally relate to yesterday’s post – thanks for sharing and making me feel like I am not the only one!) :)

  141. Stacy, I generally use removeable adhesive because I’m change my layouts alot in process. Should I be “finishing” with something permanent once I’ve got my design finalized?

  142. Lisa Pevey says:

    I am always on the look out for a good adhesive. I am using Creative Memories right now, but I am always intersted in trying all kinds.

    Love your blog Stacy. You are an inspriration.
    Thanks for a amazing give away!!

  143. Always love to try new adhesives. Love my xyron, just have the small one. Hate glue stick. And bring in Canada we don’t always get all the same choices you do. Oh and I’m stuck on you Stacy … Well your blog that is!!

  144. I love my Creative Memories tape runner for scrapping and their frosted splits for vellum. Not sure how to best adhere ribbon…

  145. I used to love my herma but lately it isn’t stickin…..so I am in glue limbo…not a great place to be people….not a great place to be!!!

  146. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  147. I seem to have problems getting buttons to stick and ribbon to stick! I’m to the point where I am not using them on my projects because I just can’t get them to stick. It is so frustrating! I love your blog! Thanks for the chance at a WONDERFUL giveaway!!

  148. Melissa McClary says:

    Last week I went to THREE crafts stores trying to find Helmar glues, didn’t find any so I would REALLY love to win some. I have to admit to having tons of different types of glues because they all have something they glue best. I like using clear glossy glue for glitter.

  149. Awesome GIVEAWAY Stacy! I wish I knew why type of adhesive works well when using ribbon. I have seen the idea of using the tape runner, or just wrapping the ribbon all the way around. I am simple woman and would like simple solutions. Thank you. Beth!

  150. I just kind of use what’s on sale because I’ve never used anything (yet) that has made me loyal!

  151. Marcie Drake says:

    What is the best glue to use for the clear Vellium? I am still learning! I would love to get some glue stuff!

  152. THANK YOU STACY! I took the liberty of answering individual adhesive questions. My email is tracyw@helmarusa.com if anyone has additional questions or if I missed any comments. Our Design Team Blog is a great place for tips, techniques, and project ideas: http://www.helmarusa.typepad.com.

    We are excited to see who the lucky winner is!!!

  153. i just love a great adhesive. I love to try new ones and I go thru them really quickly. Right now Im using the ZIP paper glue for die cuts and adtec glue runner, It’s cheap and seems to hold stronge enough. I’d love to try someting new. I need a glue I can fall in love with, you know? lol. have a great day!

  154. Thanks for a chance at this great giveaway Stacy!
    After all these years of trying MANY different adhesives I’ve come to love my Glue Glider Pro for bigger pieces and the Quickie Glue Pen for tiny items, usually cut from the Cricut. But, I also still find myself reaching for my CM tape runner as well. Bottom line, I like to try new things, and willing to find something that works better for my creations!

  155. I’m addicted to double sided tape, discovering it’s existance in 2004 was a great revelation for me!

  156. Thanks! I am going to bookmark your site and keep checking you out.

  157. Like Beth & Marcie above, my ‘problem stick’ items are vellum and ribbon. Are Helmar products available across the ditch in New Zealand? (Looking forward to Tracy’s reply!).

  158. Linda J Matthews says:

    My fav’s are glue dots…..all sorts of sizes.

    I have taken my glue dots to work to “repair” items that regular glue does not work when servicemen have to come to “fix”. Well it has been a year since I {fixed} our buttons on the xray equipment; they are still holding STRONG!!!

  159. Scrappy Val says:

    I’ve recently been playing with the Helmar 450 liquid adhesive and the Scrapdots and I have to share that they ROCK .. I found that the 450 works awesome on fabric and is very strong and the Scrapdots are perfect for adhering Prima flowers that you want layered on your page at various levels .. I would highly recommend trying them you will love them!!
    Cheers ~ Scrappy Val

  160. I actually love using a glue stick for adhering paper to chipboard and also to adhere smaller pieces of paper (i.e. die cut letters/shapes). I’m not particular to any one brand, but it always reminds me of my grade school days when I have my glue stick out.

  161. goldnuggt says:

    I have trouble with liquid/gel type adhesives drying up in the nozzle and then I have to throw them out, because I can’t get all of the dried glue out without destroying the tip. I have also thrown away many tubes of E6000 that I use when trying to stick hard to adhere items. I am looking for another solution. Maybe you found it for me. I’m intrigued by the sound of the liquid scrap dots.

    • I use all my Helmar liquid adhesives down to the last drop. One tip I use in my classes is to store them upside down. I use old empty spice jars and have them on hand in front of me. This way your adhesives are always ready to use and it minimizes air that gets into them. I hope that tip helps.

  162. i love helmar ! i used the 450 quick dry adhesive on acrylic albums works beautifully and i use the quick-fix adhesive runner on my photos and paper projects. i just got the pop dots can’t wait to give them a try . i have used the 450 quick dry adhesive on ribbon i love it . good luck everyone this would be an amazing prize :D

  163. I would love to try the scrap dots! Thanks for a chance at this great giveaway.

  164. Cheryl Anderson says:

    I have a penny I tried to put on a canvas style scrapbook decoration that just won’t stay on.

  165. I LOVE Helmar! Their glue dots rock!

  166. I’m in the market for a new favorite since Kokuyo went kaput! I’m open to suggestions! Thanks for the generous donation and opportunity!!

  167. I’ve never had luck with any liquid adhesive … are there tips to making it work right? Also, what did you use the liquid glue does for? Thanks for the chance to win.

  168. tammy perkins says:

    My problem is my adhesive always rolls out part way – always leaves some on roller – very frustrating – I want one that doesn’t.

  169. What is the best adhesive to use when adhering vellum to cardstock and what is the best adhesive for adhering paper to clear cards?
    Thanks so much!


  170. I need a good adhesive for small embellishments. I haven’t found anything I like yet.

  171. Good morning!!! I have to tell you I get very frustrated with liquid glues and have not found one I am totally happy with. every question I can imagine has already been asked, so I will make a comment. I have tried everything from Ranger to Close to my heart liquid adhesives and I have never been happy with them. I have never tried a spray on adhesive and so that would be cool too… I have horrible luck and so I won’t win, but I certainly hope that whomever does win enjoys the fabulous prizes! Happy Wednesday.

  172. Wow! My question about the best adhesive for ribbon and vellum was answered in the comments. Helmar 450 Quick Dry for ribbon and V2 vellum adhesive for vellum. Those two are going on my list of “must have.” Thanks.

  173. Laurie Cooper says:

    I’d like any kind of adhesive that has a durable dispenser! I get so frustrated when the “feed” part sticks, or breaks, or can’t be threaded…I’d like to try sticky dot kinds of adhesives – open to anything that will work well!

    Thanks, Stacy!

  174. I want to know the best way to adhere transparencies. :-)

  175. stamphappy2001 says:

    I still struggle with how to adhere vellum. Yes I still use some vellum quotes and things and although I have tried several vellum adhesives. I haven’t liked a one of them.

  176. Liquid glue dots, can you tell me how those work? Do they leave the item raised like a normal glue dot would?

    • Vicky, the Liquid Scrapdots are very unique – they come out of the tube like toothpaste so you can contorl how small or large you want your dots to be. They cure in about 10 minutes, and are completely dry in about 30 (depending on the amount you use). They eventually harden up completely which is how they keep the height. Because they’re liquid you can control your dimension which really opens up a world of opportunity that you just don’t get with foam dots….and each tube lasts a good long time.

      Marci – Helmar Design Team ;)

  177. My question is…how the heck do the Liquid Glue Dots work??? I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the concept because a liquid doesn’t seem like something that would work with what I normally use glue dots for (securing ribbon).

    • Laura, the Liquid Scrapdots are more for dimensional crafting – making your pages, cards, etc “Pop”. For ribbon, Helmar Quickdry 450 and Premium Craft Glue are perfect – they both dry completely clear and they don’t bleed through your ribbon like most glues do so you won’t get that little “spot” showing through. An added bonus, which you don’t get with glue dots is that they help to stiffen the ribbon and keep it from fraying ;)

      Marci – Helmar Design Team

  178. I’ve had trouble with my current liquid glue in that it bubbles out after I use it. I can’t wait to switch to Helmar. I love Helmar adhesive! I will also be sticking to the V2 spray since it’s so versatile. Thanks for the opportunity!

  179. Wow – what an amazing give away! Thanks for the opportunity!

  180. How to adhere vellum and transparent items. I have only used Creative Memories adhesive so far.

  181. I have not heard of Helmar products. I would love to win so I can try their adhesives. I would like an adhesive for adhering paper piecings, I have a tendency to use too much liquid glue and haven’t liked the results with tape runners. Currently I use a tiny paint brush with liquid glue, it works but is a little messy sometimes and I am constantly getting up to rinse the brush so the glue doesn’t dry on the brush.

  182. Maryellen says:

    Thanks for another great giveaway coupled with a learning opportunity. For me, I struggle with attaching fabric and ribbon in a ribbon type of application. I’ve used liquid glues, bu some wet through or leak out the sides. I’ve tried narrow tape runners, but they don’t stick well and show through sheer ribbons. I have an ATG from Scotch, but that’s often too wide and hard to control on the ribbons so that it lays perfectl flat. And let’s not forget vellum.

    I’ve kind of given up on using ribbon as a “wrapper” on the page. Then again, I don’t have much luck gluing on just bow either. If you have a solution, I have the problem. thanks again.

  183. There are so many options for adhesives. I don’t think I have seen the liquid scrap dots before and wondered how much or when you would use it versus other adhesives?

  184. Jo-Ellen says:

    I would like a good way to attach small elements and letters. I don’t want t buy a xyron because I don’t like how adhesive is wasted. I currently use the small tip zig glue pen, but I am open to new products and ideas.

  185. Jennifer says:

    I really love the Kokuyo dot n roller. I just found out my local scrapbook store is selling it again under the Elmer’s brand name but still the same adhesive.
    Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway!

  186. Thanks for the chance to win. I have such a hard time with ribbon and fabric. For some reason I just can’t get it to stay down. Hope you have a great day.

  187. What a great giveaway. I would like to know how best to adhere small cursive text titles to layouts. The Xyron seems to waste alot of adhesives, so I was wondering if there were any other options out there that eliminated the glue seeping out from the sides?

  188. HOWDY!! WOW! That is an AWESOME Giveaway!! I would be THRILLED to get my hands on some Helmar Glue! I have such a hard time with flowers, (unless I use brads, or sew them down) and jewels. I follow Pinky and she just RAVES about Helmar, and I would LOVE to have the chance to try it out for myself! Thanks for the chance to win! Have a GREAT Day!

  189. love this give away! my problem is ribbon – the stuff that works, shows through the thinner ones. any suggestions?

  190. Kim Chenez says:

    I don’t have any one favorite. I haven’t found an adhesive to really “wow” me, they all seem the same. The one thing that I really enjoy making is a gift box using a Holly Berry stamp. Once embossed even red line tape won’t hold the sides together. When you can get it to work it doesn’t stay “sealed” for very long. I’d love to find a product that would be better than “red”.

  191. WaHoo!! Would love to win me some Helmar Glue!! Something I find difficult to adhere is thin bulky items, like cord, foliage, twine etc…..most the glue I have tried may stick well after a long dry process but then leaves a clear shiny area around the item that is stuck. Any suggestions? Thanks for the great giveaway too!

  192. jan richards says:

    I get really tired of the glues that stick to my fingers better than they stick to my project. I find myself cleaning my hands and regluing, cleaning my hands and regluing, until I am frustrated and give up or find another way to do it. I have tried a lot of glues and haven’t settled on one that I really feel does it all. Maybe one of these will be it.

  193. Vellum was going to be my questions. I did wedding invites that did not please me 100% either because of looks or messiness. I see that you have a spray for this and would be curious to see if it meets my vellum standards :)

  194. I guess I am pretty loyal to my ATG tape gun, but other than that, I pretty much use whatever I have on hand. My girls and I would love to experiment with other adhesives. Thanks for such a great give-away!

  195. betty koch says:

    Stacy, the LIQUID SCRAP DOTS sound like a winner… I was going to ask about the product but I noticed others have already done so.
    I am so inpressed with your honesty and character. We are fortunate to have you as one of our scrapbook gurus. I listened to you yesterday on the MULTITASKING MOMS TELESUMMIT, and I continue to be impressed with your “realness”.
    Thank you for your gift to us.

  196. Laura Achilles says:

    I love Helmar and am proud of being a part of the team that gets to work with these amazing adhesives!!! With any of the products Helmar provides you will not be disappointed!

  197. I have HUGE problems trying to glue ribbon as well! And those teeny tiny letters that I cut with my Cricut. It would be awesome to win all this and give something new a try!

  198. Would love to try these products! What helps hold ribbon successfully?

  199. I so totally love the little square adhesive erasers. Is there anything else out there as good at removing oopses? I haven’t found anything better.

  200. I’ve been hearing so many good things about Helmar – I’d love to win and check them out for myself! My adhesive problem is putting glue on tiny tiny things, like itty-bitty rhinestones. I’ve tried the glue pens, but they seem to dry out and get clogged so quickly.

  201. I still wish there was a fantastic adhesive for vellum…still haven’t found one that just absolutely gets it done everytime without seethrough!

  202. All of those adhesives- wow!!!
    I haven´t found a roller that I am in love with, still looking for ¨the one¨!

  203. I would like to try that vellum adhesive in the photo—never tried that one before.

    Tombow is my new fave—got the heads up on it from Jennifer McGuire!

  204. I have a hard time adhering textured cardstock to textured cardstock. It seems silly, but it’s a tough stick!

  205. Marygail says:

    I believe not all adhesives are equal. A tip would be to have an adhesive basket/collection in your tote nearby when you scrapbook so you are prepared for anything!

  206. My most recent “sticky” project is Stacy’s LOM class … now that I’m more organized I really need the Helmar products to help me “stick” to making inspired scrapbook pages!

  207. What works best for ribbons? Thanks for the chance to win. My birthday is coming up on the 6th so this would be an awesome present.

  208. Nicole K says:

    I would love to win this. I’m wondering if liquid glues really work on scrapbooking pages or cards… I mean, I remember elmer’s as a kid on projects and they would sometimes peel. How do liquid scrap adhesives hold up on my memories?

  209. What is the best way to stick cardstock or pattern paper to chipboard albums? Mine always peal away at the corners. I try to use modge podge to cover it, but then it is sticky on top and the pictures peal away.

  210. Bridget Maher says:

    I have a hard time finding a GREAT adhesive for clear items such as transparancies and even vellum. Tried many, but hoping to find the right one!!!

  211. What is the best glue to use for adhering glass to glass? Thanks for all the tips on SOOO many GLUE’s LOVE IT!

  212. What is going to be something easy to use but will stick things well? With soon to be three kids I need something that I’m not having to fuss with (re roll multiple times, or pull off individual squares) in order to actually stand a chance at getting something done.

  213. Liquid glue dots – sound fantastic. I want some. I love my 3M BIG roller gun – but would love to try the glue dots. Thanks Stacy – I vist your blog everyday.

  214. Shelly Davis says:

    I love acrylic albums, but find the adhesion a bit frustrating. I find myself doing lots of “mirror images” on each page to “hide” the adhesive, but would love the look of “seeing through” instead of layering on.

  215. Glue holds my life together.

  216. Christine says:

    I, too, struggle with my adhesives on chipboard. I (ahem!) have quite a collection of adhesives, but still haven’t found that perfect “go to” adhesive for chipboard. Am always open to learning what works for others!

  217. would like to know what people are using for scrap pages, that, over time, does does not get dry and release. I have pages that are ‘losing’ their grip on things.

  218. My favorite (and my family’s favorite) is Zip Dry Glue. It’s worked on buttons, ribbons, tags and many a school project. So far, it’s never failed me.

    I have to tell you, I recently found your blog and have been loving going through it and reading all the older posts. Your style is awesome and I love your enthusiasm…it’s contagious!

    Have a great day!

  219. ZIP Dry is my go-to adhesive for ribbons, buttons, tag and many homework projects for the kids.

    Recently found your blog and am having a great time going through the older posts. Your style is awesome and your enthuisiam is contagious!

    Have a great day.

  220. amyellen says:

    I always have trouble getting ribbon to stick. Also working with acrylic never to seems to work unless I have something to cover up the adhesive on the other side.

  221. I have seen so many blogs blogging about Helmar products…I’ve never used them nor seen them anywhere…thanks for the chance to win…especially after seeing that they have black zap dots…I was looking for a darker color!

    What I have been using is Zip Dry and have found by accident…if you make a mistake and get this glue all over your c/s on your project (where it shouldn’t be), then just wait for it to dry…once it’s dry you can simply ‘erase’ the dried glue away and it doesn’t leave a mark at all…I love this! I dunno..maybe other glues do this, but I’ve never had it this easy to remove.

  222. Marlene K. says:

    I have the hardest time getting any adhesive to stick to textured cardstock….any good ideas on that one?

  223. Tammy Thomas says:

    I’ve found that glue dots are about the the only thing I can get to work on textured cardstock or paper, but it uses them up so fast, I’d love to find a regular adhesive that would work.

  224. Stephanie D says:

    I would like to find something that is not messy and could adhere things like ribbon and buttons better. As a side note I am LOVING LOM even though I am behind in class it is great. Thanks so much!!!

  225. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Helmar adhesives…right now I’m lovin’ the zap dots the most…I’m sure tomorrow it will be 450 since I’m working on an altered project…
    Thanks for sharing the Helmar love!!

  226. What is the best way to stick vellum and ribbon?

  227. Tracey Randolph says:

    I have the most trouble with photos sticking to glitter paper. May this Helmar brand will do the trick????……(hint, hint)

  228. Spray adhesive is the only way I have found to attach vellum. Even then, it takes time and can be messy so I usually reach for brads. I’d love to know if there’s a better way.
    I am intrigued by the liquid glue dots – if I could pick only one adhesive to use it would definitely be glue dots!

  229. I guess the one product I don’t have consistency in getting down secure is heavy chipboard. I have tried glue dots but they are not always consistent in longevity which leads me to shy away from using chipboard on my pages.

  230. Is there a perfect adhesive to use for foam embellies? I’ve tried a couple with varying (not good) results.

    Part 2 – and what about those very cool letter embellies that “loose their stick” sometimes before you use them – any help there – they can be any material, chipboard, plastic, etc.

  231. What about ribbon that is to sheer for even glue dots…the glue dots remain sticky through the ribbon…anything to fix that?

  232. Lynn Herrick says:

    I still have not found a good adhesive for ribbon – some of us just don’t own a sewing machine!

  233. I find the Xyron sticker maker is great for adhering ribbon, especially ribbon that is skinnier than my tape runner. But I’m always open to trying new adhesive!

  234. I realize that what I am about to type is going to expose me for what I am, but what’s a girl supposed to do? My main issue with adhesive–any type– is that it always ends up on my finger(s) and then when I mount whatever it is I am mounting, it ends up on the front of my layout, and then I got to get it up quick before it “sets.” Honestly, there need to be technique classes.

    • Irene, I do teach technique classes and I love the wide ideas when I give new tips. That is the best part of my job. I share your frustration with the adhesive on the finger problem and the great thing is our 450 Quick Dry and Premium Glue ball up when you rub your fingers together. Way easy clean up!

  235. love my ATG! I’m always trying to find a great adhesive for attaching metal embellishments to acrylic.

  236. Wow, I hope I have answered the questions that everyone posted. They are GREAT questions and if I missed any please feel free to email me at: tracyw@helmarusa.com.

  237. carol in seattle :) says:

    Really, I just want a glue that will stick FOREVER! Not for a few weeks or months, but FOREVER!

  238. Monika Wright says:

    I use many different brands, trying to find my favorite, but I always seem to come back to glue sticks for those big paper projects. I would love to know more about sticker machines and if they are cost effective for adhering larger items in mini books that are handled quite a bit.

  239. Hi, I really love my Cricut, mostly for the alphabets. I would love to know how to glue the letters down without making a mess! I’ve tried a spray adhesive, but it was way too much for that job and got everywhere. I have tried putting it down on a cutting mat and glueing with a glue stick, but then the mat gets sticky and I can only do a few letters. I’ve also tried scraping the letter across a glue stick, but then my hands become a sticky mess and again, I can only do a few letters before it’s too sticky to continue. Then you paste them down and there’s glue everywhere and the letters are now mishapen and “gluey” looking… HELP!!

  240. One of my biggest problems is adhering ribbons – especially those gauzy, see-through ones. I use glue dots sometimes on darker ones but even with those, you can usually see a little bump, which becomes more noticeable over time.
    Any type of glue dot or liquid adhesive I have ever used looks crummy once it dries – the liquid looks like the ribbon is wet and glue dots show through and the xyron won’t hold the ribbon . . .

  241. Angie Smith says:

    I have had problems making overlays stick to my scrapbooking pages. The glues I have used previously have worked for a short amount of time leaving the overlays to slip later. What type of clear adhesive should I use for a permanent bond?

  242. I used my little Xyron for ribbon and Cricut letters. Just sayin’

  243. Shannon Ainger says:

    I regularly use Adtech glue runners-so very sticky! I also use Zots quite a lot as well as my Xyron X and 500. I’m always willing to try new adhesives, especially if they are well priced. I’d love to give Helmar a try!

  244. I recently tried the Helmar 450 Dry Adhesive for the first time and have just about used it all up too. Perfect product and that’s no joke! So easy to use, pliable and strong. It makes my scrapbooking life an easier one. Sticking to my staples, I am so picky about using new products on my work but I must admit if the 450 Dry Adhesive won me over, I could only imagine what the other products could do for me.
    I do a lot of detailed layering and need a product that can layer for intricate and small areas, is that what Liquid Scrap dots would help for?

  245. carla oliveira says:

    Well thanks for the opportunity to WIN, I am a HUGE fan of the 450, but sadly that is all that I own at the moment. My LSS is suppose to be getting some of this in soon, so really cant not wait to try more. Here is my question? How WELL does the SPRAY ADHESIVE work for paper with Velum? I recently did a lay out that I thought to myself (WHAT WAS I THINKING) because the journaling was printed small on a shet of velum and then I decided to CUT small sentances out and paste them individually on the lay out. Took me forever to do this and did not stick very well with the current velum adhesive that I use. So this is someting that I am really interested in!

  246. Lynette C says:

    Love this “sticky” giveaway. Any hint on how to glue transparencies to layout without having the adhesive showing thru?

  247. Karen Neder says:

    I struggle with getting velum to look good with an adhesive. I usually end up stapling or clipping it on somehow but that’s not always do-able. Is there an adhesive out there for velum? Thanks for the chance to win! Karen

  248. I have an adhesive question–where can I find a tape runner thingy that doesnt rip and break right away???

  249. I struggle with adhering chipboard….when I use glue dots the paper backing of the chipboard seems to rip off.

  250. Hi Tracy!! WOW! I’d have to say Helmar DID come through with all of those products for you to give away! WTG!!
    I’ve been making Tear Bears with Multi Layered Wings on them, basically layering different cutouts from 4 different paper printed images. I’ve been using foam mounting squares to divide and raise each level in between layers. But cutting them up into 100′s of TINY pieces is not only monotonous, but time consuming as well! (UUGH!!) So I’ve been trying to figure out an alternative solution from using foam mounts to raise each layer!! I tried using the Helmar 450 Quick Dry, making small drops onto the backsides of the pieces, letting them set up a bit, then using the same 450 to glues each layer togather, and it worked!! Beautifully in fact!! I’m wondering if the Liquid Scrap Dots would work even better? I’d LOVE to give it a try and see if it would work on the smaller, tiny pieces or not!! Even if it doesn’t work for that particular use, it’s always nice to be able to use adhesives for everything else I make as well! Thanks for sharing the news about the Helmar product!! Stace

  251. Thanks for the chance. What is the best adhesive for ribbon?

  252. What an awesome prize pack. I love the fact that you can use the liquid scrap dots and layer it, to really give your projects dimension.

  253. Such a great giveaway! Well, first and foremost, I am sticking like glue to my husband Dan. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the last few years, but he has been my rock. In non-husband adhesive comments, my question is: what’s the best adhesive for older, historical photos that might have some curling at the edges making it hard to stay down?

  254. What a fabulous prize giveaway!!! I love, love my 450…it’s a staple I need to have around me for any project, really.

  255. Ally White says:

    Who can’t use all that adhesive!! Great giveaway Stacy! Well i have a definate go too, must have adhesive that works on everything. ZipDry!! Love this stuff. Works on acrylic, metals, paper, felt, fabric, chipboard….everything!

  256. OOPS!! I meant to put Stacy!! Having a “DUH” moment!! Sorry!! Stace

  257. I’d love to know what works well for very small embellishments…like a rhinestone???

  258. Giving away glue!! LOL! Love it!!! Who doesn’t want glue!!!
    Well, don’t sign me up for the draw, as I’m part of the Helmar DT… but I too wanted to get my 2 cents in there and say how much this stuff rocks!!!
    Go Helmar!

  259. Oh my!! What a great giveaway!!! I’ve been trying to locate the 450 quick dry where can you buy it? I hope I’m not to late for the giveaway!!!!

  260. Aymee Gandy says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I too adore my Helmar 450! It is the best out there, hands down! I LOVE IT!!!! Good luck to everyone!

    Helmar USA DT

  261. Jeannette P says:

    I still haven’t found the best adhesive for vellum. I have gotten ok at placing it from showing through in the wrong spot but is there anything that is nearly invisible so one doesn’t see a dot of what looks like wet adhesive when working with vellum?

  262. I’m really loving the theme/design oof your web site.
    Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility issues?
    A feww of my blog readers have complained about my website not working correctly in Explorer but
    looks great in Safari. Do you have any advice to help fix
    this issue?


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  4. Kylie Batt says:

    По-моему это очевидно. Рекомендую поискать ответ на Ваш вопрос в google.com…

    But, before I tell you more, I just have to say THANK YOU for your kind, understanding and appreciative comments yesterday…..

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