Random Tuesday.

I’d better hurry and post before it’s NOT Tuesday anymore. So, life is busy (as usual) I’d blog, but I’m having too much fun dreaming about and working on my new office space.

Plus, cute Trey is home sick for the second day in a row (I used one of my Picture Spring assignments from this weekend to capture his sad catch lights!)
But, I’ve got a few things …

Found this cool collection, called Vacation Views in the Grandin Road catalog. Made me SO HAPPY, because I already thought to do something similar in my dining room and I LOVE it, see …

I had my friend Cheryl (who does custom framing) make me 9 metal 10″ x 10″ frames that I filled with 6″ x 6″ images printed at scrapbookpictures.com. These are some of my favorite images from places I’ve been, with honest Abe (Washington DC) at the center. I want the freedom of changing out/updating pictures but you could totally simplify this project by simply decoupaging favorite travel pictures to canvas or wood blocks!

This has been a great conversation starter as we sit with friends and family around our dining room table–and yes, I consider this a scrapbook of sorts. Someday soon, I’d like to create an 8″ x 8″ album to keep in the dining room too. It might feature these same photos or perhaps another favorite from the same place on one page and the story on the opposite page. How cool would that be?

Check out my vintage desk that I purchased yesterday for 69 BUCKS! I was elated when I found it at The Trellis, one of my favorite Spokane shops. We primed it last night and I’m dying to pull out my paint and get busy.

The wood on the drawers is so pretty, that I’m keeping them as is. The rest … YELLOW (naturally.)
I’ve been gathering inspiration images for this room for several weeks and it’s coming together quite nicely!

I received a delightful note and idea in the mail from BPS student, Pat S.
She sent me a copy of Lain’s little book, Snippets with a suggestion that I SHARE it with someone who doesn’t have it and would like it.
The only condition is that this person sign it and pass it along again when they are done.

Let’s do it!

Leave me a comment if you would like this copy and I’ll send it along with a few goodies. The first comment gets the book + goodies.

I’d be happy to track the Snippets trail on my blog, if you send me photos!
And, speaking of the dynamic Lain Ehmann, if you haven’t heard, she has launched a brand new website called 30 Minute Martha, with the mantra “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be good!” As one who practices intentional imperfection daily, I’m on board! Lain’s goal is to build a community of people who want to have FUN with the tasks of homemaking and take care of their families in a stress-free way. I’ll be participating with Lain in an upcoming Multitasking Moms Telesummit. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Learn more HERE.

If you haven’t made time to peruse the Write. Click. Scrapbook April gallery for inspiration, please do. The theme, connections–is near and dear to my heart.

p.s. Welcome to my newest blog sponsor, Helmar adhesives. Giveaway coming soon!

p.s.s. And … come back tomorrow. I’m giving away 3 FREE passes to Tami Morrison’s newest workshop, Everyday Adventures!


  1. Angela Weinzierl says:

    I would love a chance at the Snippets book. I’m doing her LOAD in may and I think she’s a hoot!

  2. I’d love her book. I’d be happy to sign it and keep passing it along ;)

  3. Well, I see I am not the first comment but I am looking forward to seeing more of your stuff later in the week!

  4. what an amazing idea for the dining room. or any room! I love it!

  5. Anne-Marie Wiley says:

    Such wonderful ideas and inspiration!!

  6. I’ve also wanted to do a photo collage in my house. We are undergoing some small-scale renovations so this is the perfect time. Thanks for the insiration!

  7. Rats! I missed the chance at the Snippets book. Maybe someone will send it my way eventually. Tee hee! It will be fun to watch it travel. I love this idea. Also, I love your wall collage. My living room wall is a collage of pictures from several trips to France. It makes me so happy!

  8. Love that you show all the color in your house. It’s just beautiful!

  9. Love your photo collage in your dining room. I’d like to do something similar with flowers in our garden.

    Also, love your vintage desk and can’t wait to see it completed, in your completed room.

  10. Laurie T says:

    Shoot! Missed being the first to comment…could we maybe pass the book along? I love Lain’s style almost as much as yours!

  11. I would love to read that book – and pass it on to another SBer! I love your wall, Stacy – I’m going to ‘lift’ your idea and try it in my house. Thanks for sharing :))

  12. bummer — not first, but oh well — looking forward to seeing your new room — I have a strange obsession with scraprooms/offices! Got the scrapbook fire inside me burning —many new ideas that I am looking forward to getting down on paper!

  13. young c-m says:

    What a great idea for the snippets book – hope I win!

  14. Oh shoot… would of loved to have a turn at the little ‘snippets’ book. I’ve been looking for it off and on for a couple of years now… I’ll keep looking!
    Meanwhile, sure do love the colorful framed travel photos in your dining room…
    …. have a great day!

  15. I’m not the first comment, but I just wanted to say how much I love your travel wall in your DR. It’s fabulous. I’m off to search for wall space in my house to do something similar with happy pictures!

  16. I realize that I’m not the first comment, but just wanted to say what a great idea this is! I’ve been thinking about purchasing Lain’s book for quite a while, and the “read it, sign it, pass it along” really shares the fun.

  17. Wow, looks like a lovely book! I actually heard about your system of grouping photos and scrapbooking on Paperclipping and think it’s pretty funny how some of us might have been doing that, but without that much structure and organization. Maybe it’s the natural way to scrapbook really…looking forward to following your blog and learning more!

    • Hello Linda,

      I do think organizing photos by categories is a very natural thing–but, sadly it goes against some of the most prevalent paradigms in scrapbooking. If you can just follow your heart and not your head (hard to do) then “photo freedom” and authentic scrapbooks are just around the corner.

      So glad you’re reading my blog.
      Thank YOU.

  18. I have picked that book up and then was sorry I hadn’t purchased it. I look forward to seeing the book forward around. What fun! Have a great day and love the new room. Jill B

  19. Love the vacation Photo idea- hum to find wall space now. . . .Old houses do not have tall or big walls and no closets!!!
    love to see the snippets book- cool idea to have it travel!- The traveling scrapper!

  20. Beautiful idea for photos! Praying for Trey for health and healing.

  21. That is such a fun book :)

    One of my new favorite “brands” is Curly Girl Designs” and on the cover of one of their journals is a little phrase, “live imperfectly with great delight”. Thought of you :)

    • Jill,
      I adore Curly Girl! In fact, I even emailed her to see if I could give something away on my blog and I never heard back. I should try again!

  22. Oooooh, that book looks fabulous! And so funny you mention signing it and passing it on….. I have been doing that will all my books lately! My daughters think its a riot when they get to sign too!

  23. I know I am not first but I would so love to read Lain’s book and I would so love it ( and I know Lain would!) if this book could journey around the world. I am in NZ. Anyone keen to send it to me???

  24. How fun this book and the journeys it will find? I’d love to read it and tend for it for a bit! Love your desk—come back and show us the finished, painted work of art! =)

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  26. Hola,
    Ya he visto algunos hay …


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