Sprinkle No. 28

Winter is melting away and the weather is warming. It’s time for a little spring cleaning–outside!
Your *sprinkle* this week …


Clean up a street. This could be the street you live on, or any other that needs some tidying up.
Right now, slip a plastic grocery bag into the pocket of your coat, your purse or your glove compartment.



Later today or this week, go for a walk around the block, or stop on your way home and spend 10 minutes picking up litter.

For all the beauty that Mother earth is unveiling this month, it’s the least we can do!



  1. Stacy, I love this idea, I will commit to doing it at least ten minutes a day this week. We often take the dogs to walk in a wilderness park not far from home. Sadly’ some folks think it is a garbage dump. Rather than sit around complaining, I will do something about it. I can’t drag the big furniture pieces out, but I can at least pick up the smaller stuff. Don’t forget to wear gloves folks, it’s a messy, messy job.

    • You are so right — gloves would be very helpful in giving one the courage to pick up some of this stuff!

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