Sprinkle No. 30

Ok, this *sprinkle* is easy and so FUN.


Enclose a stick of gum and a short note of recognition in a bill you pay this week.
Someone, somewhere goes to work and opens all those envelopes. Picture the surprise on their face and the jolt of energy they experience when they pull out the return slip, your check, and words like these:
Hey, thanks for coming to work today and opening up my payment.
People like you make this big world of us go round.
Have some gum, on me!

hee. hee.
note: you could include a stick of gum in ALL of your bills.



  1. Love this idea! However, I’m hesitant to put in some gum. If I were some mailroom clerk opening mail, the last thing I’d do is eat something that COULD have been tampered with. It’s just too scary, and especially since the last 10 years have hammered mailroom procedures with antrax training.

    HOWEVER…since I love this idea, I’m taking it a step further and safer. I’m going to get a Starbuck’s coupon for $5 and “buy” them a coffee/treat. A bit more $$$, but safer! Or maybe I’ll just tape $1 bill to the note instructing them to go buy their own pack of gum. Hmmmm. Cheaper, and same idea! Then I could do more than 1. OH! OH! OR…a McDonalds or Baskin Robbins coupon (which is paper thin).

    Cute idea!

  2. I like this! Another random act of kindness that is accomplished so easily. I think I’m with Kasi and would put a little gift certificate in with the payment. Next time one of the fast food places is selling those little books of coupons, this would be a great way to use them.

  3. What wonderful blog you have here! I’m loving it!! I hopped over from Andrea’s Patchwork Pages.

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