stacy checking in.

hello. I’m back.
I’m still kinda buried, but I think by tonight I’ll be feeling like I can do my life again–you’d think I could leave for a day and half and not have to recover. but no.

It’s National Jelly Bean Day. And of course it’s also Earth Day.

My family is going to celebrate both tonight, as we eat Jelly Beans and hold a family council in the park. A family council is a fancy term for a family meeting, because mother (and father) are unveiling a new plan for working and taking responsibility at home. Geoff and I decided that I am the CEO with the vision and he is Chairman of the Board because he will show up, support me and lead out (enforce?) buy in and full participation. He is also CFO of the Julian Corp and will handle disbursement of funds–not entirely sure that’s the right word.

While there are a few other things on our agenda, the main take-away for the five direct-reports in our home is as follows (please don’t feel you must actually read this!)
We are not taking enough pride in our home or keeping our surroundings clean and tidy.

We will all be taking a new approach to “ownership” of our home. We will continue to do Team Clean on Saturday morning and we will share dinner chores. In addition to this, each person will be assigned an area of our home and will be responsible for daily pickup, weekly cleaning and upkeep. I’m willing to negotiate or listen to suggestions on these.

Father’s area(s)
Garage, yard, bedroom and master bathroom
overall organization, cleanliness, weekly garbage & recycling (moving inside to out) maintaining lockers; lawn, sprinklers, spraying for bugs,  weeds, etc.. general landscape (can get help with lawn, etc…)

Mother’s area(s)
Kitchen, Laundry, backdoor bathroom, office/sunroom, dining room,  bedroom and  overall organization and project needs (can get help with projects)
floor, counters and island (clean + disinfected); cupboards/pantry/refrigerator organized; laundry, sunroom, bathroom (daily wipe down and weekly clean) clean and tidy

Clark’s area(s)
Vehicles (Dad’s truck, Mom’s van, CRV), help Dad in yard, mow lawns and bedroom
all vehicles washed (clean windows), vacuumed, gased up, oil monitored, tires, etc…  (we will pay to fill cars—including yours every Saturday)
empty bin, put clothes away, keep room tidy
$40.00/week (with checking account) when you do your best work.

Chase’s area(s)
Upstairs computers and book library, downstairs TV area and bedroom
daily pick-up and tidy, dust, wipe down and vacuum as needed (at least twice a week)  Upstairs: computers serviced and maintained, cords  organized and straight, and books organized according to our library plan. Downstairs: blankets hung up, videos put away and organized, all Wii and BandHero equipment tidy and in good repair. Game cupboard clean and tidy.
empty bin, put clothes away, keep room tidy
$30.00/week (with checking account)

Trey’s areas(s)
Downstairs (minus TV area), stairs going down, main floor (TV area) and bedroom
dust and vacuum as needed (2-3x/week and once a week for stairs), clean  mirrors, windows/doors and surfaces, wipe down sofa, fluff pillows and chairs and keep living table free of clutter and clean.
empty bin, put clothes away, keep room tidy
$15.00/week (does not include clipboard money)

Taft’s areas(s)
Toy room, music room, stairs going up and homework table
: pick up stuff, tidy and straighten up (vacuum toy room and stairs 1/wk); Keep piano/shelves dusted and music books organized, fluff pillows and chairs; Tidy and de-clutter homework table and wipe down, sharpen pencils, empty pencil sharpener, keep paper stocked and baskets tidy.
$15.00/week (does not include clipboard money)

Addie’s area(s)
General pick-up, shoe closet, dishwasher and toy box.
help family pick up items, empty dishwasher with Mom (or whoever) wipe down dishwasher; put shoes away, keep drawers tidy and sort and tidy toy box (1/week)
Pay: $1.00

Wish me luck!

I’m loving all of your purse-dump pictures — keep them coming. My mom, Aunt Shirley, sister Darci and sisters-in-law Kristin and Hillary are coming to town for a girls weekend next week. I want to do a purse dump and photos with them! And … I learned a great deal helping my mom on our family history project. I’m eager to share our plans.


  1. Yes. Stacy. Just wanted to bring to your attention that there seems to be no monitary value placed under your (or Geoff’s) responsibilities. ;-) Must be an oversight? LOL!! (such a comedian tonight)

  2. Peggy Leland says:

    Let us know how it works out. I’m always looking for ideas to get my kids to do more and without nagging.

  3. Just wondering what the Mom gets paid! ;)

  4. Wow, terrific idea Stacy. I’ll have to keep this in mind for my household, tweaking it abit to fit age, wage, and responsibility differences. Thanks for all the great ideas you come up with. Super!!!

  5. Molly McCarthy says:

    I agree with Melanie!! You and Geoff need a bit of “mad” money for your responsibilities as well!

  6. I’m curious how you implement all of this- seems like an awful lot to keep up with and quite expensive!!!!
    We are good coming up with plans but the execution of them is always soooo hard. I need something simple!!!!

  7. I hope your family council went well, and that everyone stays on task! In our family everyone has to do their part as well, and I think we’ve finally convinced our 3 kiddos that it won’t kill them to help out!! :)

  8. Lovin’ the new work schedule. It seems I’m looking for something new to try every 2 months or so. The method I’m using now is a great big failure!

    One of the big differences is that we do not award money for doing chores. I can’t say that I’ve never considered it, but it just doesn’t seem right for our family. Thanks for the ideas!!

  9. When you have a large family, everyone has to help or you have mass chaos. Chores were just one of the tasks that our children were expected to take part in each week and everyone pitched in on Saturday mornings to do a complete cleaning. With all working together, time will go by and the job will get done. Good for you and I hope your system works out well.

  10. $101 a week for kids to do their duties I LOVE this idea!
    We will have to trim the fees back a little at our house as we are still starving students, but what a great way to present such an important and needed lesson. I am tempted to use it for a FHE but it isn’t really appropriate for that.
    Thanks for the fantastic idea!

  11. First of all…driving 5 hours in BOTH directions, or even sitting at an airport waiting for flights and having to commute to and from is exhausting enough…so 2 days gone was probably more like 4, unless it was 2 FULLY PACKED days (including travel)! You deserve a break!

    Second…when you write “(please don’t feel you must actually read this!)”, we can’t but HELP to read on! ;)

    Very fun to see a little of how you manage this craziness. Five kids, two parents with booming careers, all your travel and STILL you get the tasks of scrubbing floors. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  12. Barbara Konopa says:

    I have four grown sons and when I read your list of chores it makes me smile. I was always just happy when they were your boys ages to get them to get their dishes close to the dishwasher after a meal. I had a great chuckle about fluffing the pillows. As adults with families of their own they wouldn’t ever consider fluffing anything let alone a pillow.

    I think poor little Addie is getting robbed. Only a dollar a week and she has to wipe down the dishwasher as well as help empty it. It should be worth at least a couple of bucks a week. If I were she I would demand another meeting to discuss the enquity of the pay scale.

  13. Stacy,

    Both my kids have daily chores Monday through Saturday and are also expected to help out with larger house cleaning projects on the weekend as needed. Your boys earn quite a bit more each week compared to the weekly allowance my two kids get (they are 12 and 9). Could you share what your kids are expected to pay for themselves with their alllowance?


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  17. We do something similar with good success. My children’s “zones” rotate monthly, but I wanted to pass along an idea. In each room or “zone” there is a framed picture that says, “This room is lovingly maintained by (child’s name).” The frames can rotate as the assignments do. This way the kids have their name attached to the room and can have pride in their workmanship, or not.

    Thanks for all of your ideas and inspiration!


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