Today …

I’m in recovery mode, searching for my inner spring.

speaking of spring, tell me which of my day one “Picture Spring” images you like best.

I’ll be back tomorrow (or maybe the day after that!)


  1. I really like the weed peeking through the concrete as this speaks of so many things. The new season, all the work we have a head of us to get our yards back to their stellar selves and also the contract of cold concrete and a living thing even though it is a weed. On the pure beauty of spring, I love the flowered tree. In a house with four boys, I love anything pink

  2. I like the middle one, the little sprig of grass like supstance poking through the plank boards. I like it best because it requires looking for it and taking notice.

  3. Verona Highsmith says:

    I love pictures of trees or anything growing out of a rock and a hard place. Such a picture of certain times in our lives. EXCEPT I don’t like to see them growing in MY driveway. :) We had tulips in bloom for Easter, it’s so great to see reminders of the Ressurection in nature.

  4. I love the grass. The depth of field is perfect and the shadow add a lot to the composition.

  5. TracyBzz says:

    The bud on the tree. Because I have flowers in the house, I’m just waiting on the green to appear outside.

  6. Amanda M. says:

    I love that third one – the pink buds – some open, some about to burst. Gorgeous color and I love how each bud is in a different stage of “spring.”

  7. christine says:

    The weed in the crack. I like the shadow it makes. Spring is getting rid of weeds!! and making room for wanted plants.

  8. I love the first one! That bud of leaves on the otherwise empty branch is the picture of re-birth.

  9. Jo-Ellen says:

    I like the flower on the branch. It helps me to remember that there is beauty in the world, even when things seem drab. Things are far from growing here.

  10. Although I love the pink of the flower picture, I am going to say the bud on the branch. For me, this really represents Spring – the small spark of life coming out of a barren beginning.

  11. PINK!

  12. The grass between the cracks in the sidewalk because it reminds me that beauty will grow, even when it seems there’s no space (or time, or energy, etc. etc.) for it. I do love the colors in the blossom one too.

  13. Your photography is wonderful! Love all three. I have some pink flowers too that I was taking pictures of this morning!

  14. The pink flower is beautiful but there is something special about the first photo. Little signs of Spring and with it brings the hope of new beginnings.

  15. I vote for the branch in picture #1–love the sight of new baby leaves. Hope this Monday is great for you.

  16. Kary in Colorado says:

    I like the first one best. In a stack of photos, I would know that one was Spring.

  17. My pick would be the pink flowers. I love the beautiful, bright color!

  18. the second one says “spring” to me the most. I just said to someone today that it seems as if all the trees came to life overnight! (and so did my allergies!)

  19. The beautiful pink flowers. I just love all flowers.

  20. Sherry G says:

    Definitely the pink flowers. Have you posted the rest of the days yet?

    I need to get out and do today’s “ground” shot.

  21. I would have to say the grass growing in the cracks…. because it’s ready to WEED!!!


  22. Karen Neder says:

    Ooooo – definitely the pink blooms – love the color! The grass picture just makes me want to pull it up! Can you tell what I’ve been doing all weekend?? :-)

  23. I love the pink flowers. I look forward to the blossoming season all year long. It makes me so happy.

  24. I like the flowers blooming and the buds. I’m a sucker for flowers and when they come out and bloom, that means spring more to me than robins returning to the yard.

  25. I love te grass coming up through the sidewalk — just speaks to me that no matter what — spring will find a way to come!

  26. All of them were beautiful photographs ( I envy your talent )- but the second picture of the grass reminds me that no matter what, Life Will Find a Way!

  27. The little “sprout” in the crack; the shadow is an extra bonus….I’m loving the Picture Spring class. It works perfectly with Project Life.

  28. carol in seattle :) says:

    I like the grass coming up through the sidewalk crack. Sometimes it seems like you have insurmountable obstacles in your way (sidewalk), but with light (sun/Christ) you can still find your way! Thanks Stacy!

  29. Lisa K. says:

    Love the beauty of the blooms, but my inner comic likes the stubborn grass growing through the concrete, thumbing it’s nose and sticking out it’s tongue at any attempt to keep it in the lawn. Explore, little blade of grass, explore! (I’m also pretending it’s grass, and not a weed).

  30. It’s between the beautiful pink blooms (who doesn’t like pink, right?!) and the grass springing up through the cement sidewalk. It says so much about the strength of Mother Nature…she’s unstopable…and BY GEORGE, come rain, snow or sleet Spring will NOT be thwarted!

    Speaking of…we toured the tulip fields on Saturday (Skagit County) and boy was it cold! There was an Artic freeze the night before with snow falling as low at 500 ft. in the surrounding foothills. Nothing like tip toeing through the tulips in your fur lined parkas.

    [On a scrapbooking note: would you believe my camera BROKE just before our tulip outting? Fell out of my bag and SPLASH right into the petting tidepools at the acquarium!]

  31. SueinMtVernon says:

    I’m loving the pink blossoms.

  32. I like the Pink Flowers!

  33. Maureen says:

    The grass through the decking, it is unexpected.

  34. wendy b. says:

    definately the grass !! Love that it’s growing out of it’s element! We should all be so lucky!

  35. I like them all & I am loving Picture Spring! Soooo hope you have a similar class often!

  36. I like the first photo. I just love spring when new growth is on all of the plants!

  37. I love the new leaf on the bare branch… so green and vibrant and hopeful… just like Spring! Hope you had a very Happy Easter and a lovely little holiday.

  38. Love the leaf ready to pop! Once the trees start leafing out the brighter green is spring to me. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  39. Love the middle one.. the grass making it’s way in the middle of the pavement. So like life when we feel the pressure from both sides – yet stretch towards the heavens in search of light and strenghth. The other 2 are great too, but that one spoke to my heart. Going to explore tomorrow with my camera in hand.. Thanks for the inspiration.

  40. I love the bud on the branch. It’s the promise of something new

  41. The pink blossoms are beautiful! We’re definitely in need of color here in WI.

  42. goldnuggt says:

    I think the grass in the sidewalk is an unpredictable spring picture. It screams “Hey, look at me!”

  43. Jill B. says:

    The pink is beautiful, however, the grass working its way out of a seeming tough spot says, “With God, all things are possible.”

  44. the blooms are ‘springy looking’ but the but is hopeful of things to come so #1

  45. Donelle says:

    Love the tree budding the pink is stunning.

  46. Jessica says:

    I love the first one! I just pointed out the buds on our bush to my 5 year old this morning and said “What’s that?” He said, “It’s spring, Mom!”

  47. I love the middle photo, the little grass weed coming up through the cracks. This Spring, I can totally relate to this! Just when I think life has got me down, I find a loophole and shoot on through. This photo is the epitome of one of my favorite quotes – “The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost. Thanks for reminding me of this! :)

  48. Lynn in FL says:

    The first one! I live in Florida now, so we have year round green, but I well remember the thrill I would get after a long, gray, dreary winter in Missouri, to see that first shoot of spring green on a tree branch. It would just instantly make you feel better! To this day, that fresh spring green is one of my all time favorite colors. Welcome back, Stacy! You were missed!

    Lynn in FL

  49. The last photo! It’s definitely time for some color!

  50. amanda s says:

    I like them all but #3 is probably my favorite.

  51. I would definately say the last one. the bright colors is what spring is all about!

  52. I love the little sprig of grass. The others were beautiful, for sure…but I really felt like I could relate to the middle photo. It’s all alone, not really where it belongs, not in a place that is conducive for growth, but growing it is! It looks small and frail, but it proves that it is strong right where it is. I love that! So much inspiration in that one photo. Thanks for the “shot of strength”!

  53. Candace B. says:

    Glad you are recovering! I think the color in the cherry blossom is what I like best! And I can hardly wait for my crabapple to bloom! I love spring.

  54. Lisa14895 says:

    Love the ruffly greenness of the first picture, the brave determination of the second, and the all-out beauty of the third. Gotta love them all.

  55. Rhonda Zamora says:

    I, too, like the little sprig of grass. That is how I feel about spring . . .trying desparately to appear even though the odds are against it.

  56. Love the pink blossoms!

  57. I like the third picture the best.

  58. Jo-Anne says:

    I like the little sprig of grass thought the cement. Hope springs eternal.

  59. i like the second one life waking up from a winters nap

  60. I like the pink blossoms best. Spring to me is color bursting all over the place. Like the earth is tired of the drab colors of winter and it is finally able to burst out in color. Color also is the hope of fruit, delicious things to please the taste buds.

  61. I am inspired by all three pictures, but, I love the little sprig of grass, happily growing where it does not belong!

  62. Robin W. says:

    I like the little bit of grass reaching for the sun!

  63. Sabrina Kapp says:

    Love them all, but the blade of grass is really special and unique!

  64. Karen H. says:

    The leaves really say spring but the grass is the most striking photo, really thought provoking somehow!
    Just wanted to tell you I visited Spokane today for the first time. Took the kids to walk through Riverfront Park and see the wagon! Thanks to you for mentioning it several times in your books so that I knew to visit!

  65. BARB TOPPING says:

    I like the sprig of grass that is sneaking up where it does not really belong, but my fave is the first pix. I had just noticed on Easter Sunday that several of the trees and shrubs have just an itsy bitty leaf starting to open. Your pix reminded me that I wanted to take a picture of some of the awakening plants. I love the fresh start of Spring.

  66. The new leaves (though those pink buds are gorgeous). Loving that it’s almost spring…thank the Lord!

  67. Kim Hopkins says:

    The grass really captures the feeling of the sun just starting to warm the earth. Happy Spring!

  68. I stared for a long time trying to figure out what was capturing me about the tiny grass blades sprouting up from the cement. And then it hit me. Not to be too profound…but it was sort of ‘ah-ha!’ for me…

    Being stuck in a really hard place in my life right now with struggles all around me (concrete), I can chose to be squashed by the stress and pressure, or I can do what my mom always taught me to do:

    “Rise above it.”

    That’s exactly what that grass is doing. Rising above and reaching to the open and fresh possibilities. I felt an inner peace after that ah-ha moment. Thank you Stacy.

    P.S. I was soooo inspired by you when you were at Scrapper’s Attic a couple weeks ago. Refreshed my creative mojo. :)

  69. the last – the budding tree…looks like my husband’s nectarine tree!!

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