Almost Summer.

This week, you get to create with colors that evoke the wonderfully relaxing feeling of sitting in the shade on an “almost Summer” day.

Challenge: Scrapbook a list of books you’ve read or would like to read, or just scrapbook photos of someone you love, reading.
If you love to read and don’t yet have a photo. Invite someone to capture you caught up in a good book.

Even Better: Use ribbons and rub-ons

Use this combination to create a layout and post it in the I Love Color Flickr gallery by Thursday, June 3rd by 6:00 pm (pacific time) to make yourself eligible for FREE Core’dinations cardstock.


  1. I love those colors! I try and take a picture every week of what we’re reading and post it to my blog. Such a “snapshot” in time of what we’re interested in and how much we LOVE to read!

  2. I missed last week’s challenge as I was out of town, but excited to play again this week. A particularly excellent challenge as I so rarely scrapbook about myself and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Thanks!

  3. This will be my first time actually doing one of these challenges. I finally decided to follow your lead and do the sort-by-color method for organizing my scrapbook stuff. I purchased the same bins you have (at Walmart for $4.95 a piece) and a sturdy wooden bookshelf to put them on. Everything is sorted now, and I am ready to scrapbook. I find it so freeing now to be able to accept your color challenges. I can just go to that color bin, pull out the exact color, and go to town with it. It really has freed me from a lot of stress when it comes to scrapbooking. Scrapbooking should be fun, not stressful, and it was stressful always sorting through this or that to find the right color, or piece I wanted to use. 4 hours later and no scrapbooking done, just reorganizing for the 100th time. Can’t wait to get started. A few questions though, and maybe the answer is in your book, I will look it up when I get off, but just in case… What do you do with items such as chipboard stickers that are single colors, but all on one sheet? I can’t cut them up because they are too thick, but it feels weird to put them in a specific basket? Another question… What if you have something like Thickers letters, that are too long for your basket, what do you do with those? And one more… Metalics, do you have a metalics basket that holds all those little metal tages and things?

    Thanks so much! Your advise is always so valuable. So glad you will be teaching LOM in 2011, since I missed the deadline this year, to sign up.


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