Baby Tatum, Baker’s Dozen and White

[Added Friday, May 28th 3:35pm] I just asked Trey to pick a number between 1 and 298.
He picked 236 …

So, we have two winners!
Cindi Butler in PA (won my whites) and the comment just below her …
Ginger H in TN (won a FREE pass to Baker’s Dozen)

Winners have been notified.
Thanks for your comments!

Today is one of those days when you start to feel hungry for lunch and realize it’s 3:30 pm. Where did my day go? CRAZY.

Lookee. It’s cute Darci and her brand new baby girl, Tatum.
My silly sister came home from the hospital yesterday and started teaching her very lively Baker’s Dozen class today. And besides the fact that she is game for anything, do you know what I love about Darci?

She scrapbooks.

She scrapbooks in a very simple style and doesn’t let the crush of new products, the latest trends, unrealistic expectations or the craziness of life thwart her efforts. She embraces the opportunity to quickly document pictures of personality and precious everyday moments. She scrapbooks because she loves her family and wants to look back on the fun and the growth.

By the way, this is grandpa Briggs holding Brooklyn, who’s holding Tatum.


So, Darci now has four children. Four incredibly convincing reasons to maintain her breasy-easy style and her commitment to get-it-done scrapbooking. The first several days of Darci’s class are spent pre-selecting photos and embellishments for thirteen layouts (a baker’s dozen.) After that, those that thought they could outsmart Darci’s attack on indecision find themselves pleasantly surprised by their ability to let it go,  “put it all together” and call it good!
Here’s an email we received from Pat, who just won a seat in Baker’s Dozen on the BPS blog.

I would like to express my heart felt “Thank you” for choosing me for a seat in the class “A Baker’s Dozen.”  It was so exciting to get your e-mail.  I so wanted to take the class again, it was so energizing.  Last time I took it I was able to get so many projects “jumped started” and see results that I never dreamed of.  I hope to “Kick-Start” a summer of non-stop creative pages.

Thank you for a second chance of productive re-energizing.
Pat S

If you would like to join Pat in the FREE seats, leave me a comment! I’ll select one person tomorrow at 4:00 pm pacific time!

If you, like Pat have already taken Baker’s Dozen, you can use the promo code bakersalumni to save $5.00 off a second go around. It’s kind of like pulling out a month of your favorite recipes, knowing there’s nothing to trip you up and lots of yumminess to anticipate.

note: my computer doesn’t think yumminess is a word. Come on, really?

And guess what else?
I got another episode of …

in the can. Have a watch and remember that my ONLY rule in creating these videos is I get ONLY one chance.
There are no re-takes.
Not sure why I feel compelled to tell you this–as it is very likely obvious!

In any case, today is all about white and purging …

So, I’ve purged. If you would like to possibly receive a collection of very random, somewhat dated, but totally usable WHITE products, just say “I want your whites” in your comment.

I guess I’ll pick two winners tomorrow. One for Baker’s Dozen and one for my whites.
ok, I’m off two clean up my studio. I’m excited to prepare “My Favorite Summer” to share with you on Monday. It’s part of what I’m doing to keep sane and sassy as a work-at-home mom for 10 wonderful weeks.

Remember Summer BINGO?
Remember The Ticket to Summer?
Remember Summer FUN clipboards?

I’ve still got more summer sanity up my sleeve. Stay tuned!


  1. I would love to win a seat! This class sounds like a blast!!!

  2. Michelle Smith says:

    I want your whites!!

  3. I would love to win a spot in the class!

  4. Baby Tatum is beautiful as well as your sister and niece. Congratulations on a new addition to your family. I’ve trusted you so far and I will do so today. I am going to gather up some things and purge. My granddaughter is going to be 8 in three weeks and she is ready to have her own scrapbooking collection. I know she won’t hoard like I have been. “I want your whites” and I promise to share! Thanks for a chance.

  5. Lynn Hamm says:

    I have so much scrapbooking to catch up on. This would be a great start.
    Thanks for the chance.

  6. I’d love a seat in the class – it sounds fantastic

    (I’d love your whites too – but I’m not in the USA)

  7. Sherry G says:

    I want your whites!

    Love the baby pics…

  8. Emilie Jones says:

    I would LOVE your whites!!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing the picture of Tatum! Wow! Congrats to all…and yes, I want your whites!


  10. Rebecca says:

    I want your whites! :) I am SO glad you’ve done these videos…thank you for letting go of your desire for perfection and just doing them! I think they are fabulous, and REAL, and very helpful. You rock!

  11. I would love your whites!

    I would LOVE Baker’s Dozen!

  12. Rebecca says:

    Oh, and I would love to retake Darci’s class, too. It was awesome. I loved the creativity jumpstart it gave me–it lasted a long time…but I need a little renewal! and WOW to Darci for having a baby the day before she starts teaching a class…talk about amazing! She must be your sister!

  13. I want your whites!!!! And would LOVE LOVE LOVE a seat in the class!!!!!

  14. Stacy,

    Just finished LOM and I want to keep the momentum going! Signed up for Darci’s class and boy, do I have NO excuse not to scrap! So, I want your whites! Thanks for your wonderful blog and BPS site.

  15. kimber q says:

    Hi!!Thank you for your continued sharing!!I don’t want your whites…..I am purging right now~!Thank you for your generousity. What abeautiful niece you have.Blessings to your family!!

  16. Carol Casavant says:

    Would love to take this class again!!! and would love to have your whites, Stacy!!!

  17. Would love to win a spot in this class. I started teaching 3rd grade in January and then lost my job this month. I was totally planning to take this class but with my new status of “unemployed” it’s just not going to work out.

  18. I would love to win a seat in a Baker’s Dozen. I am in need of a jump start to begin working on pages again. I haven’t made a page since we moved over a year ago. I think this would get me started again . . . I need to get back to storytelling. Thanks for the chance to win. How inspiring is it that the teacher just had a baby yesterday?

  19. oh, boy! I’m already signed up for class, but I’ll take whatever you want to toss my way, Stacy!

    Little baby Tatum is so sweet! Congratulations to the family!

  20. Kimberly says:

    I am all for any chance to take a class, learn more and broaden my horizons.

    BTW, What an adorable baby!!!

  21. Baker’s Dozen sounds awesome! I debated between that class and Scrap Camp, and camp won over since it’s a one-shot deal. So I would love to win this class. Thanks Stacy for always being so generous!!

  22. I WANT YOUR WHITES!!!!!!

    Although you can tell your sister, I’ve actually quoted her several times in the last few weeks, without realizing that’s where I got my idea from. I love her Baker’s Dozen intro page (on Big Picture Scrapbooking) where she honestly admits she calls herself a scrapbooker with all the supplies and tons of photos, but rarely does she get it done. That’s SO ME! Sometimes I feel like a poser, but then again…the scrapbooking industry was half built on my pocketbook, so I have SOME rights to claim I’m a scrapbooker, even if I have MORE supplies and photos than layouts!

    (Congratulations, Auntie!)

  23. I love you Stacy! I love the video color series! Everytime I watch you I find a new respect for you. You make everyone feel like a friend. you make me smile and I think we can always have extra smiles in our day. Thank you for having this fun blog and all your fun ideas.
    Have a great weekend.

  24. Jayne Bucy says:

    Baker’s Dozen sounds like a lot of fun. I want your whites. Happy June!

  25. Madeline St Onge says:

    I love Darci’s classes would like to win this

    Stacey I want your purged whites too. Definetly going to try this

  26. I am loving these color blog posts…really wish I had space to get this organized, I have to pull out all my stuff and scrap on the kitchen table and cannot leave anything out with 3 little boys running around

  27. KristiG says:

    I want your whites! Thanks for sharing the picture of Darci & Tatum. I took Baker’s Dozen last year and thought it was the cutest, most imaginative class & concept!

  28. Lisa S. says:

    Beautiful baby and beautiful sister! I was debating hard with this class. I was afraid that with Cub Scout Day Camp (I’m the program director) coming up in a week I would get behind, but if I won a seat, I’d happily find the way to participate. And I always want your whites!

  29. I want your whites and I’d love to win a spot in Baker’s Dozen!! Love your videos on color!

  30. susie lavender says:

    I’d love to have your whites. I have enjoyed your color bins. I wish I had the room to have bins.

  31. Denise L says:

    Love your videos Stacy, and your bin idea is very inspiring. By the way … I’d love your whites!! ;-)

  32. Susan Sprowls Smith says:

    Hmmm…. don’t think I want your whites, but the free class is intriguing! I had already started purging before I saw your “green” video. But then I just HAD to do the color bins, which took me a LONNGG time (I have way too much stuff). As a result, I have this HUGE pile of scrapbook stuff that I no longer want.

    So, I contacted my local Make-A-Wish chapter today to see if they were interested in scrapbook product donations. I am happy to say that I am delivering it all to them next Tuesday! It’s a win – win!

    Now that I’m finished purging, the class might be just perfect timing… !

  33. susie lavender says:

    i’d love to have your whites! Thanks for the videos of your bins. I love them and am so envious.

  34. I would love your whites!! or I would settle for a seat in the Baker’s Dozen ;o)

  35. Terri in BC says:

    I want your whites! (And a seat in your class wouldn’t hurt either). I’m in the process of putting the finishing touches on my new craft room and plan on setting up color bins next.

    Love your videos, Terri

  36. Lisa K. says:

    This class sounds like FUN! I’ve got my own laundry basket full of whites, so please just add me to the “class” list. Thanks so much!

  37. Kasey M. says:

    I would love to win a seat in the Bakers Dozen! I recently took a dream trip and am now really stumped on new and creative ways to put this dream to paper.

  38. I want your white stuff!!!!!! I would also love a spot in Baker’s dozen…as well your sister looks amazing for a woman who just had a little bebe!

  39. Stacy, I want your whites! :0) I would also love to be a part of Darci’s Baker’s Dozen BPS Class! Congratulations on new little blessing to the family as well. I can’t wait to see more pictures of this precious little one. God bless you all!

  40. Kelly Driver says:

    I want your whites!!!!!!!! I’m already enrolled in Baker’s Dozen and am already loving it!

  41. Donna Bettencourt says:

    Oooh, I would love to do this class, I need a jump start in the worst way…latley it has been like waiting til Monday to diet, I can’t seem to get started with the scrapping! LOL


  42. I want your whites. :)

  43. Melinda Wilson says:

    Hey Stacy – “I want your whites” !!!!!!!!
    Also, I would love to win a seat in this class since I have never had to opportunity to take this class . . . so I will take either prize!!!!

  44. I want your whites! I’m already in Baker’s Dozen. Gotta run- need to fill my egg carton and envelopes with today’s assignment! And thanks for sharing the pictures of Darci and Tatum!

  45. I’d love to win either your whites or a seat in the class!

  46. TracyBzz says:

    I want your whites!
    Darci’s class was great! Got home yesterday, with baby #4 and teaching today – WOW!

    I started planning some summer ideas today. Even though the last day of school isn’t until June 28. Our summer is only 8 weeks.

  47. Okay, your sister rocks! I had a baby 7 1/2 months ago and I haven’t had the energy to scrapbook, let alone teach a scrapbook class. I totally need to be motivated to scrapbook and would l-o-v-e to win a seat in the class.

  48. I really want your white! – they look totally yummy!

  49. Cute cute baby – she looks tiny and Darci looks amazing. What an inspirational woman – must run in the family. Would love to haev a go at Bakers Dozen!

  50. Kathryn Whittaker says:

    I would like your whites. Or, I would like a chance to be in Darcy’s class. What a cute, new, little niece. So sweet! Congratulations to the whole family, and,
    Thank you,

  51. Toni trainor says:

    Your sister sounds amazing..teaching a class with a newborn plus three other little children. I have a three and half year old and could use a simple approach to get something scrapped.

  52. Monica B says:

    I’d love to win either a seat in Darci’s class or your white collection! I definitely need a jump start to my summer scrapping! Thanks for sharing the pics of your cute new niece!

  53. I want your whites! I am in the Baker’s Dozen class–I figured if Darci can teach a class just after giving birth, I can take the class while chasing my four little guys! Loving your color videos!

  54. Way to go to your sister! Her class sounds like what I need to restart my creativity and get me scrapping again. My boys (6 & almost 4) have been asking me where new pages are. Sadly I haven’t done any in quite awhile.

    Thank you also for your Color videos. Loving them!

  55. I love white, and have enjoyed watching your videos. They are so down-to-earth, practical, and inspirational….just like you! No, I’m not trying to be a brown-noser (hey, do you have a brown bin?), but I would love to win either of the contests you are sponsoring. I plan on trying a BPS class this summer, anyhow. THANK YOU!!! Leslie from Delaware

  56. Shannon Lowe says:

    Oh, I would LOVE to take the Baker’s Dozen class!!! And getting some fun whites wouldn’t be so bad either! ;)
    Thanks Stacy!

  57. i want your whites! <3

  58. Congrats to Darci! She was always one of my favorite Simple ladies. I always looked for her layouts in the magazines. PS – I want your whites :)

  59. Kimberly Ann says:

    I want your whites! Really, really! The bookplate, and the cute clothespins, and whatever is in the thickers package :)

    I am already in Baker’s Dozen and LOVE it. The product gathering suspense is so much fun!

  60. I love scrapbooking with white–such a clean and lovely feeling!

  61. Sarah Jimerson says:


    This is how I scrapbook and have organized and reorgaanized but this way is perfect for me Thanks so much for sharing and look forward to more colors and videos

  62. I want your whites and some summer scrapbooking fun! Congratulations to your sister!

  63. I want you WHITES!!!!!

  64. I would love to take the class. Your sister sounds as amazing as you! Would also like your whites! Seriously….

  65. I want your whites!!!!

  66. Lots of great stuff in this post!! Thanks for sharing everything :)

    I want your whites. There is something about using random stuff and making something out of it that is really satisfying! It’s like completing a jigsaw puzzle or finishing a sudoku. It makes me feel really productive :)

  67. LeAnne Spetch says:

    I want your whites! The Baker’s Dozen class sounds fun.

  68. Oh I plenty of my own whites but I would love to try the Baker’s Dozen class. I have not ventured into taking a BPS class yet – this one looks a great one to start with :) So far – I like your description of Darci’s style – get it down and done – sounds like me. And to be teaching right after she has given birth – WOW!

  69. Congrats on becoming a new auntie!! The class sounds great, and I want your whites!

  70. Two really fun giveaways! Thanks for the chance! I want YOUR whites! :)

  71. rebecca keppel says:

    I definitely want your whites! I’ve recently discovered Copics and coloring white goodies with them :)

  72. Enjoy getting ready for summer! You’re such an inspiration to many, as is Darci. I like her way of getting things done and have heard her class is just a fun way to put pages together. Looking forward to the rest of your summer sanity posts!

  73. Caroline says:

    I would love to take Bakers Dozen. I’m in a rut and this sounds like a wonderful boost before summer. Thanks.

  74. Oh for sweet! Tatum is so precious, not to mention gorgeous. Congrats to Darci and her entire family on this sweet little girl’s arrival. Before I even watch your white episode, I have to say this. We got a BIG LOTS on our side of town today (familiar? Discount retailer with lots of good “stuff”). Today, I picked up an oversized woven bin with handles. What will I do with it?

    Well, I’m making it my color bin. Yes, THEE color bin, as in just ONE bin. The thing is, I don’t have a scrapbook room, just a dedicated ‘puter cabinet for all my supplies. So it follows that I don’t have tons of supplies either. BUT…I *do* have enough to sort my product by colors and place in ziplock freezer bags to be tossed into my new color bin (that singular word, bin, seems soooo lonely all alone and all.) ;)

    Stacy, why did I never think to sort my product by color? I’m always digging through the product I do have (which is still quite a bit when you have to go through ALL of it just to see what you have) and now I’ll only need to pull the color bag I need. THANK YOU!

  75. Michele says:

    OH My! It has been so long since I scrapbooked! I would love to take Baker’s Dozen…or win your whites! Either way it would get me re-motivated to focus on scrapbooking again this summer! Thanks for all your inspiration Stacy!

  76. Monique Nugent says:

    I want your Whites (but I am in Australia so not sure if that is doable). But I would also love to take the Baker’s Dozen class. I am about to take six months off from working to have a break and really need to get some scrapbooking done! Monique

  77. Teri Buczkowski says:

    i liked the idea about your bins being full of possibilities without being too full….I sometimes get the too full feeling and the purging seems like it could do the trick. Im gonna give it a shot.

    Wishing Tatum and Darci the best.

  78. Brenda DellaVecchia says:

    Congrats to Darci! I’m in Baker’s Dozen and looking forward to that. Purging supplies is especially challenging. I gather my stuff like a greedy little squirrel gathering nuts for the winter.

    So HAPPY to see another color video!

  79. Ronnie Crowley says:

    I want your whites – bought my first jar today from World Market to see if it would fit on my shelf. Now what color to put in it. White would be a great place to start and if someone sent me some white things I would have a great start!

  80. Thanks for the opportunity for two awesome giveaways. I want your whites!! :)

  81. Hey Stacy…I WANT YOUR WHITES! Thanks for all these cool color bin video clips…they make me want to go up to my sassy scrapbook room and get some pages done!!! Keep em coming! (and congrats on being an auntie once again! Isn’t it great??)

  82. bea medwecky says:

    I too want your whites. I have loved watching all your videos. And I have to add that the fact that they are unedited makes them that much more enjoyable.

    I would also love a seat in your sister’s class. I can’t believe the amount of energy your family has. Can you give some of that away too?

  83. Barbara says:

    I would love your whites but I would also benefit by a class to help me just scrap!

  84. I can’t wait to delve into Bakers Dozen. And I love the unscriptedness of the Scrap by Color videos, they are so fun!

  85. Carolyn says:

    I would love your white, white is great you can do so much with it!
    The bakers dozen sounds fun! could always use a jump start in creativity!

  86. I am dying to take this class!

    Congrats to on being a new Auntie (again) and to your sister on being a new Mommy (again)….I think you must have some incredible genes…I think your sister has already done more in the first day home than I have in the last eight months since my son was born…lol!

    Hope everyone has a happy, scrappy and safe Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you for a chance to win!

  87. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I want your whites! Congrats to Darci & her husband. The class sounds fun.

  88. stephanie says:

    I want your whites! Congrats to your sister such a cute little family she has!

  89. It must run in the family. My fourth child is born today; I’ll start teaching a new class tomorrow. No big deal. AND, I want your whites.

  90. erin white says:

    your so cute :) i think you need a mini album bin :) you have so many mini albums :) so much fun.. bring on the white! ~ erin white

  91. I want your whites!! I also think the class would be great!!

  92. Angie F says:

    LOVE each and every one of the color videos!! Thank you so much for doing them! I picked up 2 containers for myself today to see if they would work for me to start color bins! I am so excited to get started!! I would LOVE your whites or a chance to take Darci’s class, but I think I will put her class on my wish list for now and hope someone else enjoys your whites as life is CRAZY right now…I’ll be happy just getting my color bins started! Thanks so much! Thanks for sharing the new baby pictures!! Everyone is too cute!! YEAH!

  93. I would love to win the Baker’s Dozen class, if your sister can find the time to scrapbook with her busy life than I should have no excuses!!!

  94. Cynthia B. says:

    I’d love to get a jump-start on my scrapbooking! Baker’s Dozen sounds great.

    And while I’m at it…I want your whites! ;)
    Thanks, Stacy.

  95. Kasondra F. says:

    Stacey I have to say first congrats! I love my role as an Aunt. I have been looking at the bakers dozen class as well as some of the other summer classes which all look wonderful. I have just lost my home and my stash in the recent flooding here in TN. Thanks to some wonderful crafty friends I am slowing starting to rebuild my stash and I think Bakers Dozen and some of the other classes would truly help jump start my muse after several hard weeks. Oh! All those lovely white products! Well to me they scream summer.

  96. I want your whites :)

  97. I want your whites! What a great idea for purging…and congrats to your sis!

  98. also – I can’t believe I didn’t know about the Baker’s dozen class… I think I’ve taken ALL of the BPS classes and I hadn’t even heard of this one. Bad me! So of course, I’d love to win it…

    Thanks for the fun,


  99. Pick me! I just graduated from college (took me 7 years and two small kids!) and I am finally ready to jump back into scrapbooking. I think this would give me to push I need to get started!

  100. scrapper al says:

    I want your whites and I’d love to win either giveaway. Congratulations on your new niece!

  101. Oh Stacy these videos are so cute and I love them! Congrats to you and sister Darci. I would love your whites but I don’t really need them. Have a great day!

  102. I want your whites!! thank you!! Jesica from Argentina

  103. Hey Stacy! I want your whites, but a spot in Darci’s class would be great too! I LOVED her Bakers Dozen class last time. I highly reccomend it!

  104. Jill Flodstrom says:

    I WANT YOUR WHITES!!!! And to be able to get thirteen layouts done would be AWESOME!!!! Please pick me!!!!

  105. I’d love to have your whites, Stacy. How very generous of you to share with your readers. Sounds like a good opportunity for me to pass on some of my extras. What fun!

  106. Wow, “Lost the Love” really spoke to me. Tons of wonderful goodies in my scraproom await my creative touch – which has been AWOL for months. I am shamed by the account of your amazing sister, coming home with her fourth bundle of joy, to begin class! I need to begin with her! Thanks for the wonderful little peeks into your world of colors – keep the videos coming, please.

  107. Jessica says:

    I want your whites!! Thanks for the color videos. :-)

  108. We almost named our daughter Tatum….so love the name. I would love a seat in Baker’s Dozen…it sounds like a class for me!

  109. I would love, love, love to take your class. I also want your whites!

  110. Cyndy Bresden says:

    Stacy – I always LOVE you summer activities…they are THE BEST! oh and by the way…I want your whites!

  111. Oh Stacy, You are just too cute! I love watching these unscripted little color videos. You are so right, I need to purge some things too. But you know what, I would love to have your whites! That would be soooooo cool. White goes with absolutely everything!

  112. sooooo glad I stopped by today b/c I totally forgot to buy my “seat” in Baker’s Dozen 2! I love, love, loved the first go around and am sooooo excited to get at it again. God bless that sweet sister of yours- she is my hero: teaching AND with a brandie new little baby girl! wow! and Stacy, I would LOVE your whites!

    ps. I just bought some clipboards at the dollar store the other day and will transform those girlie floral boards into something much more “boy-ish” for my gang! I’ve been spreading the word of SUmmer Bingo and my boys keep asking when we’re getting started! I’m forever indebted to you for saving my summer from chaos and adding a big dose of BIG FUN into it! thx!!

  113. I just love these videos. Inspired me to organize by color last week. Baby Tatum is adorable and so tiny! Congrats to everyone. Oh, and I want your whites.

  114. Lisa in Spokane says:

    I want your whites!

    I used some birthday money and bought a storage unit and bins and set up my own color bins. It makes me so happy when I walk into my craft room!! Thanks for sharing organization that works for you. Although, I must admit that I tend to go and organize stuff in my craft room rather than scrapbook. So I would love a seat in “A Baker’s Dozen” to get me back to telling my story!

  115. I Want Your Whites!!! (Feels weird to me to say that. Sounds like I’m bidding on your laundry!)

  116. Verona H says:

    I feel sure I could use your throw away whites. It’s hard for me to purge, when I’m just trying to get enough accumulated, but my quilting room was full, when I moved in scrapbooking goodies, so I have to be very organized and I love your color bins, I’d never thought of that. Thanks for doing the videos. Is this in your NEW built on room on the back–if so, I missed the unveiling post! :( Congratulations on the arrival of a new niece, what a precious bundle. I wanna hold her!

  117. Fontaine says:

    The class sounds awesome! I scrapped today for the first time in months, and it was great. I’d love to hear about a way to escape some of the indecisiveness and just “kick start” a whole bunch of creativity. I’ll have lots of time on my hands this summer while hubby is training (he’s a Marine) so I’m looking forward to some scrappy time!

    Good luck to everyone, and thank you so much, Stacy, for the opportunities!

  118. Renee J. says:

    Congrats Aunt Stacy!! That is awesome. Oh, the class sounds fab. Is it online? I am from out of town. I would love to take Darci’s class. Oh, and I would love your whites, too. Your system of organization is so cool. Hmmm-I think it is time to do some redecorating. Thanks!!

  119. I don’t know if it is too late, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut….

    I want your whites!

    I LOVE these videos, and I think I may have to adopt your briliant color bin idea. (Stacy, you are just so awesome!)

    by the way, I am so excited that you are offering the LOM community workshop – I signed up today and seriously can’t wait for July to get here! Thank you for offering that workshop!

  120. Kirsten J says:

    Hey- I want your whites – and I’ve taken sweet Darcy’s Baker’s Dozen class and loved every minute of it! And what a beautiful baby :)

  121. Your sister and her new baby look adorable! Congrats – being an aunt is wonderful, isn’t it?!

    I want your whites! I am loving your little clips – it’s like a quick visit with you :)

    And the class sounds like just the thing I need to get in the creative groove again. Thanks for sharing :)

  122. I want your whites but I would really like the Bakers Dozen. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  123. I want your whites….or your free seat! Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful niece you have there.

  124. I will say it! I want your whites! Thanks for another great video!

  125. I WANT YOUR WHITES! As long as we’re not talking laundry, cuz heaven help me, I don’t need more of that. I’d also *Love* to check out your BPS class. Thanks for a chance to win!

  126. Would LOVE a spot in the Baker’s Dozen class!

    But would also love your whites–any whites that don’t require laundering get me excited! :)

  127. Stacy – I love your whites. And baby Tatum is so stunning. I love the little cheeks.

  128. I’d love to take Darci’s class. She must be an amazing lady to have 4 kids including a newborn and run a class at the same time!

  129. I would so love to win a free spot in the bakers dozen class. Thanks. Oh and I love white scrapbooking supplies, so I WANT YOUR WHITES. Now I am off to do a load of whites – laundry that is. Which is proof that there is a lot of love in my house, cause I had to sort out a lot of gross white – 4 boys socks!

  130. donna c says:

    darci sounds beyond amazing, fourth child one day old? oh my goodness! i would love to take her class, and be just like her when i grow up! congratulations on the new baby!

  131. Cool, would love a chance at a fun freebie!

  132. Jen Kallevig says:

    I want your whites!! :)

  133. Sue Bone says:

    I want your whites please.

    Congratulations Darci and see you in class. Looking forward to doing Bakers dozen all over again.

  134. Stacy, my first though was – of course I want Stacy’s whites! But after watching your video I though that actually I can hardly close my own white drawer LOL So, unfortunately I have to say no. I really need to purge my color drawers. I mean really

  135. Melanie says:

    I want your whites . . .please:)! I have discovered that I don’t possess very many white embellishments except flowers.

    I have been watching your Color segments and following your advice and after 10 years of scrapbooking I have reorganized my supplies by COLOR. Much to my surprise I have discovered how happy color can make a person! I LOVE color now! I have always been a brown/black, dark colors kind of person. Now all I see are beautiful colors organized and standing out when I walk into my scrap room, it’s a wonderful sight. I feel less disorganized, it feels less chaotic and I believe I even think clearer when I’m in my craft room. I’m also finding how orange, green, and yellow have such a positive effect on me! I had no idea that colors could have such an impact when they are all together in their respective color. I’m still going through things and organizing and purging and enjoying the process! Thank you for your videos they are inspiring and for this new discovery!

  136. Jo-Ellen says:

    I want your whites Baby!

  137. Czarina says:

    Would LOVE a spot in the Baker’s Dozen class! And I want your whites!

  138. Jen Collins says:

    I want your whites! woohoo!

  139. I WANT your whites!!! :)

  140. I want your whites! Or I could totally go for the Baker’s Dozen class as well. Congratulations Darci!!

  141. Margaret C says:

    Oh. My. Word.
    Almost 4 years on, I still feel like I’m recovering from DD birth (okay, we did have some serious delivery problems and NICU time …but still….) I can’t imagine teaching a class the day I got home after hospital. Gosh.

    PS. I WANT YOUR WHITES ! (please ! And lovin’ the colour videos – I like to hear you talk!!!)

  142. Tracy Dayett says:

    I SOOOO want your whites!!!Thank you for a chance to win and congratulations on your new niece…LOOOVE her name!

  143. rachel in Cali. says:

    Um ya…me too! I want your whites! ;0) You really are motivating me to consider removing things from their packages and set up a color system! For some reason seeing your white stars and white frames sort of stuck with me. I happen to have a white paper mache star that I keep moving around because I don’t know where to keep it.

    If only I had a white bin set up! ;0)

  144. scrappysue says:

    Hi Stacy, please pass on HUGE congrats to Darci. Oh my, Baker’s Dozen is one of my all time fav classes. And I have an album of very cute LO’s to show for it. So I won’t ask to be chosen for that class, however I do want your whites!!!!!!

  145. Karen Greenfield says:

    I would love to have your whites–when you showed the clothespins, my insides said “oh I want those-they would be so cool in the gift tags.” I make gift tags to donate to auctions which make money for schools like my nephew’s in Salem, OR. Much of the white wonders in your give-away would go for that it I get picked–I am crossing my ‘white’ fingers!! xxKaren

  146. i want your whites!

  147. Oh boy, I want your whites! And… baker’s dozen sounds like a brilliant idea. Seriously.

    Darci looks amazing and what a darling little girl! :)

  148. I’d love a spot in the Bakers Dozen class. Inspiring. But also I WANT your WHITES. One of my favourite colours. After watching your videos I need to take the plunge and organise by colour. Then I would remember to use some of those little embellishments tucked away in a box that I forget about.

  149. I would love your whites!

  150. Lois in Spokane =) says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family! It is so simple to see that I would LOVE YOUR WHITES, ORANGES, BLACKS, GREENS, etc. I am really enjoying your video’s on how you organize your products. You have wonderful idea’s and tips too! Thank you SO much Stacy your amazing!!! Oh and I WANT YOUR WHITES!!! =)

  151. While I am not commenting to enter the drawing (since I won the green package which I LOVE!) but just to share. Your thoughts about purging remind me of one of my favorite ideas, from Wordsworth: “Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers.” I really, really believe that TOO MUCH STUFF (even if it is awesome & wonderful scrapbooking stuff) is a drain on creativity instead of a boon to it. It’s not only the digging-through-it-all feeling…but also the physical presence of so many things you thought you’d use but didn’t. I am a firm believer in purging! Go purging! ;)

  152. Melody Pugh says:

    Hey Stacy,

    I came across these amazing photo sets in color on Etsy tonight. Photos taken of everyday stuff through the streets of Paris. I may have to buy them in every color! Of course I immediately thought of you because you will LOVE

  153. Hey Stacy,

    I came across these amazing photo sets by color on Etsy tonight. Photos taken of everyday stuff through the streets of Paris. I may have to buy them in every color! Of course I immediately thought of you because you will LOVE these.

    Check out this link…

    P.s. the green set is mine :)

  154. I want your white stuff! ;-)
    I’m always going trough my stash and purging but I can only get myself to purge (that is, give away) if I have a lot of the same thing or if I really know I won’t be using it because I don’t like it anymore. Not liking something anymore doesn’t happen to often because I have learned to only buy supplies that I really really like.
    Off to my English examn, wish me luck!

  155. Congrats, and welcome Tatum!

  156. Hi Stacy. I am so loving your ideas organizing your colors. Thank you so much for sharing. I love all of your colors. Some of the LOM sisters from Oak Park are taking the Baker’s Dozen class and they are loving it. I am going to try to see if I can join them. Take care!

  157. Congrats on the arrival of Baby Tatum! And, Darci – who looks that good after delivering a baby?
    I’m currently enrolled in Baker’s Dozen, and truly excited about it, as it’s my first online class, but I’m sure it won’t be my last.
    Again, I’m lovin’ your colors videos.

  158. MichelleG says:

    Congratulations on the beautiful new addition to the family! She’s beautiful and your sister is amazing! I’d love, love, love the chance to take her class! And thank you for the very cool color inspiration lately!

  159. Rebecca says:

    Baby Tatum is sooo cute! I love your blog, and I think I’m going to sign up for Baker’s Dozen even if I don’t get a free seat! This looks like an amazing class and I can’t believe I missed it last time around. It was probably the babies! Now I have 4 kiddies, and baby 4 is now 6 months old, I’m finally getting my crafting mojo back, and simple scrapping is what I need!

  160. Wow what a trooper Darci is! And what a cutie little Tatum is. I actually signed up for the class because something about the description told me I would like it coming out of LOM. I’m actually a little behind as my husband is leaving for six weeks but I’m sure I’ll catch up soon.

    Oh and “I want your whites!”

  161. The Baker’s Dozen class sounds like a lot of fun and inspiration. I’d love to win a seat in it!

  162. Congratulations to Darci and her family. I’m always amazed at how moms keep it all together no matter how many children. (My two exhausted me.) Well, they are grown now and I need a kick start to get going on my scrap booking again so I’d love to join the Baker’s Dozen class. I would love to show my husband something tangible from all my scrapping supplies!

  163. Chris Cross says:

    I want your whites!!!!

  164. Darci just had a baby! She looks amazing! And her little Tatum is awesome! I <3 babies :)

    I would love to have your white stuff :O) ooooh and a chance in Darci's class, how fun, and I could use another jumpstart!

  165. Summer Mobley says:

    I want your whites! As a matter of fact, I want Darci’s class too! How greedy is that? Congratulations on your new neice and thank you for taking time to share with us!

  166. Cheryl Anderson says:

    Stacy-you and your entire family are amazing I believe:) I would love a space in Darcy’s class. I love your color series and I WANTS YOUR WHITES.

  167. Thanks, Stacy! I love your blog and your love for family! You are inspiring. I’d like your whites, too! :-)

  168. Nancy M says:

    Such a cutie! Wishing much happiness to all :)

    I definately WANT YOUR WHITES! or any other color!

    {and that class looks pretty awesome, too!}

    Enjoy the l~o~n~g weekend.

  169. Welcom Baby Tatum and congratulations to your whole family!
    I want your WHITES! But frankly I would love either of the give-aways.

  170. Natasha W says:

    Congrats on the new arrival. I have just started collecting white products becuase I just love Glimmer Mist and colour everything and white is a great starting point. I can’t believe your sister is teaching just a day after having a baby!

  171. I would love to take Darcie’s class. I’m a terrible procrastinator when it comes to putting pages together.

  172. Cheri A. says:

    Baby Tatum is adorable! And I would love to join Pat in Baker’s Dozen! I’ve been so focused on photography lately that scrapbooking has definitely taken a back seat – I could use the kick in the pants to get going again.

  173. Laura J says:

    *Raising hand* Ooohh, oohhh, me…I’d like to win the seat in Baker’s Dozen! Sounds like a fun and energizing class!

    Congrats on Baby Tatum, she’s a cutie!

  174. Stacy, I just found your website about a month ago and have loved watching to videos. You’re so sensible. I love your cool!

    Congrats on the new addition to the family. She’s beautiful (mom and baby).

    Would love to win the whites… and I so need lessons on purging… I’m such a hoarder!

  175. jennifer h says:

    Hi! Congrats on the arrival of sweet Baby Tatum, she is a cutie!

    I would love to win a seat in Darci’s class!! Her “breasy – easy” approach is just what someone like me (who agonizes over choosing the perfect paper and embellishments) needs to get a jump start on my summer scrapbooking. And I am totally intrigued by the 13 envelopes.

    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  176. Congratulations on Baby Tatum, she’s a cutie! I would love the chance to take Darci’s class! And thank you for the inspiration lately! :)

  177. theresa says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family; Tatum is a cutie. I would love to win a seat to the Baker’s Dozen class and a chance to win the “whites” package. Being greedy I know but what the heck. I look forward to clicking on your blog each morning; you have introduced me to a more colorful way of crafting.

  178. Darci looks incredible! I would love to win a seat in her class. I also wanted to tell you how much I love watching your “scrap by color” videos. I started organizing my embellies by color last year, inspired by a friend who was inspired by you. I would love to have enough room to put as much stuff in one color bin as you do. I had to stop when I ran out of room and the rest of the stuff is still in different places. I would love your white giveaway! I usually color the white/clear stuff to match my project. I love white!

  179. 1. I want your whites!

    2. THANK YOU STACY for being nice to my friend Maura Weins at Donna Downey’s INSPIRED EVENT. I was the speaker at the TAMPA BAY SCRAPBOOKING GUILD last week (spoke about scrapbooking organization even though my desk is a bit of a mess & told them all about Library of Memories & all sorts of other good things). But MAURA and her friends had the BEST STORY about how STACY JULIAN IN PIGTAILS WAS SEARCH FOR MAURA TO GIVE HER A HUG AT INSPIRED! (I didn’t tell her about my request to you so she was completely surprised!) Everyone at the Tampa Bay Scrapbooking Guild enjoyed that story & I laughed so hard there were tears coming out of my eyes. Thank you for a simple but kind and memorable act!

    3. I would love to take your sister Darci’s Baker’s Dozen Class! I love a jump start & I can remember (without looking) pages of Darci’s that I loved from Simple Scrapbooks! Plus she looks incredible for anyone but especially for having just given birth to a 4th baby – I wish I looked that good now! She is so cute :)

    4. I am LOVING the Scrap By Color videos! And when you are on the Paperclipping Roundtable – love those so much !!!!

    5. Happy Memorial Day Weekend :)

  180. I want your whites! I have been loving this series – thank you so much for sharing. I have seperated all of my card stock into colors. Next will be sorting the embellishments. I love your method.

  181. Leslie E says:

    I would love a seat in Darci’s class! I took the Doodlebug class from her years ago and loved it!!

    I would also love the whites!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  182. Monika Wright says:

    Your whites are nice, but I want a seat in Darci’s class. I don’t scrapbook with a group, so don’t really have the chance to see how others arrive at their decisions. I’m pretty good at making decisions and just going with it, but in just our 4th day of Summer Vacation, I am seeing that playtime with the kids is going to be first priority. You should see the ironing, laundry and craft project piles on my desk! So, the class would be nice…13 layouts? Yipppee!

  183. I am loving this color series of videos! It feels like I am coming over to your house for a mug of hot cocoa with strawberry marshmallows (i know you would pick the colorful ones) and you are giving me a tour of your studio. And since I am almost positive that won’t be happening this is pretty darn close!

    Thanks Stacy!

    Oh and I WANT YOUR WHITES!!!!!

  184. Maureen says:

    I want your whites! congrats on your new niece, she is beautiful, and Darcy looks awesome!

  185. Nothing is more precious than a new baby! I think with four children she must be pretty organized, thus allowing her to teach her class!

    As a SAHM, I’d love to win a spot in a class! I have not scrapped in over a year and I think I am afraid to jump back into it! I’m afraid I have forgotten how to be creative.

    And I loved the white big flowers! I would have had a hard time parting with those. I am loving this video series! Thanks Stacy!

  186. I would love a seat in Baker’s Dozen. I signed up for the class the first time and life got in the way and I couldn’t find time to participate. I kept thinking I should go back and read the materials, but haven’t. I think the class participation is the fun part, the message boards, the excitement of the classmates and the interaction with the instructor. I’d love to give it a try all over again.

    And…if I can’t get a seat in the class…I want your whites! :) I bought bins and jars last week and have been sorting “Stacy style” and LOVE IT! I already had most of my embellishments sorted by color in little tiny drawers, I had my alphabet stickers sorted by color in another drawer, putting all that stuff in one bin makes me seriously happy and is so inspiring! Can’t wait to finish organizing this weekend and get busy creating!

  187. Stacy, I want your whites!!!!

    As for A Baker’s Dozen, I am currently taking the class for the second time. It just occurred to me that the lady who wrote in about losing her original passion for scrapbooking would really benefit from taking this class. Once you get a couple of the layouts pulled together…you just don’t want to stop. Thanks for the color videos! Every day I look to see if the next one is up….I just love it!

  188. Hi Stacy!

    I am so inspired by your color series! I am going to undertake a scrap supplies organization project and I think sorting by color is so cool!

    I want your whites! :)

    Have a great Memorial Day week-end! I’m looking forward to your summer series – we did summer bingo last year!

  189. Jill Crandall says:

    I would LOVE your white stuff or a seat in Darci’s class! Thanks for being so inspiring. I am going to spend time today looking at my pictures as I have been away from my stuff for TOO long! Have a blessed day!

  190. Connie Buckley says:

    Stacey –

    I want your whites! You are so generous to share your stuff. I’m loving this series and have been trying to figure out if this would work for me.

    Congratulations on your new niece!

  191. I wanted to say I would love a spot in this class! I have had three children already and have another on the way due in October. Memories abound that I need to scrapbook as the oldest one left this earth before her sisters joined us. Life is crazy with continuing unemployment, very hot weather here in NY (today is actually blessedly cool this morning – thank you God). Thanks for the chance. And as much as I’d like the whites knowing you have excellent taste, I have too much to go through already as it is :) Enjoy!

  192. I want your white stuff!! hee hee.. I love these videos:) Keep them up.
    Lori R

  193. suzanne says:

    congratulations aunt stacy! i just became an aunt again on tuesday to a beautiful little boy!! i can’t wait to see him (they live a few hours away) and start taking pictures!!

  194. tammy perkins says:

    I have so enjoyed the videos and love the unrehearsed aspect of them! Would love to win either prize!

  195. I do nothing if not follow directions, so…
    I’m already a convert to your color sorting; set up my whole room that way.
    I have brown, black (including grey), white (including cream), purple, green, blue, red (including pink), yellow (including orange), multicolor, and metallic.
    It really works for me! I’ve even talked some scrapping friends into trying it and they’ve made it work for them, too!
    [And if you already picked someone for your whites, would LOVE a seat in that class!!!]

  196. Lynnette says:


    Love the color videos and love that you are not doing retakes!! I need a jumpstart and hope I get lucky and win a seat in Darci’s class. Thanks

  197. I haven’t heard of the Baker’s Dozen class, but the concept sounds great. I’d love to give it a try! I’d love the jumpstart to scrapping this summer. And I’d also like to say (after seeing thickers and rick rack in the pile) I want your whites!

  198. Sara Padgett says:

    I want your whites and a seat in your sisters class!

  199. That class sounds like JUST what I need! (i love the name tatum…so cute!)
    And of course, your white stash would be FAB!

  200. Would love a jumpstart on my summer scrapbooking with this class . . . and would SOOOO love your white stash of goodies!! Yumm!!

  201. How lovely! Thanks for sharing. I’m located int’l so not sure if I qualify for the giveaways, but thank you anyway for the thought. I agree that we all should purge every so often, feels good :)

  202. I would love some white. Also the bakers dozen. Please pick one for me. smile

  203. I would love to be in that class!! And what a sweet new little addition to you extended family!! And I am loving the color series!!

    And lastly, thanks so much for the links to BINGO! I emailed you yesterday and got an answer right away and we are already underway on our summer BINGO!

  204. Nancy Hyland says:

    Have a great weekend, an I love whites, they are so versatile because they can become more than jus white. So I would love you whites!!

  205. ooohh Stacy I want your whites!!! hehe I’d also love to take your sister’s class. Way to go her for teaching a class right after having a baby! wow!

  206. I would love to be in that class! <3 And white stash sounds so good, too!

  207. Lynn in FL says:

    OOOOHHH….Stacy! I want your whites…or a Baker’s Dozen……but if not, I just love your series of color bin tutorials! Thank you!

    Lynn in FL

  208. I do want your whites but also I’d like Tatum for just an hour. :-) She is beautiful and Mama looks fantastic!

  209. Jill S. says:

    Hi Stacy! I want your whites. I’d also love a seat in your sister’s class. I just finished your amazing LOM class for the 1st time, and I’d love some simple layout ideas to keep my momentum going this summer. Thanks for the opportunities to win.

  210. Sarah M. says:

    I would love to take Darci’s class and to learn from her simple approach, especially since she has four children! I am always looking for inspiration with my five! Thanks!

  211. Sarah B. says:

    That class sounds wonderful! And congratulations on your new niece. She’s adorable.

  212. Stacy,

    I would love a spot in Darci’s A Baker’s Dozen.



  213. I want your whites! I actually don’t ever have one of those days where I “start” to feel hungry for lunch and realize it’s 3:30pm. I’m always hungry!!!

  214. I want your whites

  215. Robynne says:

    I want your whites, and as for dated, they look so very useable. The bakers dozen would also be very nice!

  216. Well, you totally have me convinced that I want to take Darci’s class! I would love a free seat. But of course I would also take the white goodies! Love the baby’s name!


  217. Wow – that class looks like just what I need to “re-boot” my creativity. I would love the chance to take it. Of course, I would also love the whites…… can never have too many :)

  218. Rebekah says:

    OOOO, baby pictures, how wonderful!! And a free class, that has it’s own category of wonderfulness!! And another episode of COLOR…don’t know if I can handle all the wonderfulness!! Likely that’s not a word either!!!

  219. Gioconda says:

    I want your whites! Looking forward to reading your summer plans.

  220. Congratulations Darci!!

    I loved this video, S!!! This is such a fun series and you are a breath of fresh air. Truly. Will you find a reason to make more cute videos after you go through all of your colors?! I am going to miss your unrehearsed wonderfulness so maybe you can move on to other drawers or film you making a page or something. I need my SJ fix!


  221. First off, Tatum is adorable!! So sweet and Mom is beautiful! Congrats to your family!
    Second, I WANT YOUR WHITES!!! I am loving all your color videos and I just might have to switch my way of thinking about organization! :)

  222. how adorable is the name tatum!!

    would love to take baker’s dozen! pick me! :)

  223. WOW I love the white…its awesome!!

  224. Hi, I would love to take this class! I just found your blog and watched your video. Really great! I was at INSPIRED and asked you to put your talk online somewhere. Did you do that? Not a problem if you don’t want to. Take care and have a great day!

  225. Harriett says:

    Tatum and Darci are both beautiful!
    I love the idea of the Bakers Dozen class. And I want your whites!!

  226. shelley s. says:

    i am loving the color videos, Stacy. Look for a new one first thing every morning : )
    would love to try the baker’s dozen class. thanks for the chance to win.

    shelley s.

  227. Jeannette says:

    LOVE it!!! Love the white stuff! I’m a sucker for mini-clothes-pins..I don’t know if I could’ve just kept 5…….(I have a WHOLE bucket of various clothespins I use in my studio, art classroom, etc…)

  228. Congrats on a precious new niece. Wow to Darci for teaching right now! I would love a spot in your class (I need something to motivate me right now), and I want your whites.

  229. Wow! I guess I picked the right day to wear white today! So with that being said….I want your white stuff!

  230. I would love a seat in the Baker’s Dozen class. I’ve been watching your color videos and would love some white.

  231. I just joined Baker’s Dozen but would love your whites! Wow, Darci looks fabulous!!

  232. I’m really loving your videos on color and am quite impressed on your one take rule! By the way – I want your whites!

  233. Congratulations to your sister and the rest of the family on the arrival of the beautiful Miss Tatum! I think every hospital in America must use those exact striped newborn caps — so sweet. Stacy, I want your whites! And thanks for giving us the chance to win a seat in the Baker’s Dozen class. I noted that it ends right before Camp Scrap begins (which I’ve already signed up for and am excited about). Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

  234. Nancy L says:

    I would love to take the class. If your sister is as creative as you are, then the class promises to be entertaining, energizing and exciting. Oh, BTW, I have been, I have been motivated by your series on colors and have been going through my scraproom and reorganizing for the bazillionth time. I might even now have room to add some whites …so I would love your whites…

  235. Ally White says:

    I would absolutely love to win a spot in this class! Sounds like fun and who couldn’t use a good jump start to new ideas. I have taken a few BPS classes and i’ve loved them all.

  236. Mmmm…should I leave two comments? I’d love to win a spot in the class as I need a serious kick-start, but the kit would be cool too!

  237. what scrapbooker in their right mind wouldn’t want to win Stacy J’s white purged supplies??? LOL


  238. cindy e says:

    Oh New babies and white…perfect. I love white stuff cuz easy to change to another color too!… So White stuff for me…

    Thank you!

  239. Congrats to Darci! What a beautiful baby! I would love to win a spot in the class. I moved this week and it sounds like great inspiration. If Darci can do this after having a baby, I can certainly get some scrapbooking done while I’m getting settled into my new home!

  240. Congratulations to Darci. I’m amazed that she is already teaching. My daughter was adopted and I don’t think I could have started teaching the next day, let alone if I’d given birth! I’d love to take her class; it sounds like what I might need to give me a boost for summer scrapbooking.

  241. ari macias says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhh babies:) so so beautiful:)
    i would love a jumpstart, though i am always running on high:)))

  242. Robin W. says:

    I would love to win a place in Darci’s class–it just sounds fun! What a great way to start off the summer!

  243. I want your whites!!!!

    And congrats to Darci. That’s pretty amazing to come home with a new baby, 3 other children and start teaching a class. And I would love the chance to take A Baker’s Dozen! Thanks for the giveaways.

  244. I want your whites and I’d love a spot in the class. You are the best! I loved that photo of your daughter jumping on the trampoline the other day. so cute! so happy!

  245. Both the class and the whites sound tremendous!

    I am happy to say “I want your whites” because it might take the edge off the fact that my husband is setting off on a solo vacation next week. He is the one that does all the laundry, so I will also be in the odd position of saying “I want your whites” to the children next week as well!

  246. Brianna Byman says:

    I want your white bin!!

  247. Lindsay says:

    I want your whites! I love using white as a color for my little girl’s pictures.

    I’m already enrolled in the class “A Baker’s Dozen” and I’m so excited! I can hardly wait to get going.

  248. Desiree says:

    You are so awesome! I am so inspired by you. I am trying to get my scrap area organized and I’m thinking about doing the color bins like you :) I love the idea and have shared it with my best friend… I am also the one that got her into scrapbooking about a year and a half ago so I have a good chance that she’ll catch onto this too LOL Thank you for all your blog posts. I come here everyday and look forward to your posts. :) have a great weekend :)

  249. Viki Powell says:

    I want your whites!!!

  250. KellyMinMN says:

    I want your whites!

    Have a good holiday weekend!

  251. Heather says:

    I want your whites! I love white on a page.

  252. I want your whites! :>)

  253. Peggy Leland says:

    I want your whites! lol

    You are so fun. Loving the videos!

  254. the whites are great, I like them a lot.

    Congrats with your sisters little baby.

  255. Kathy Jo Camacho says:

    Congratulations to Darci! And thank YOU – for helping out at BPS! I’m taking Darci’s Baker’s Dozen class – and lovin’ even the first two days! I’m sure she appreciates all your help. (As do we.) :)

  256. Seriously, you are the funnest! I would love your white stuff!! Congrats on your new niece!

  257. MaryAnne says:

    I would love to receive a spot in the Baker’s Dozen class. In case I don’t win, I have a qeuestion….could the class be done with digital scrapbooking? If not, I will just use my stash, but I just started doing my pages digitally and I am very excited about that!

  258. I would LOVE to have your whites! Congrats on your new niece, she is adorable!!

  259. Love your “white video”. I’m just starting to separate my supplies by color and I’m loving it.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  260. Your sister looks absolutely darling – especially having JUST had a baby. I don’t look that good in pictures normally!

    Would love to win either giveaway…I’m not picky ;)


  261. Michelle R. says:

    Am I too late? Love your videos on color!!

  262. Stacy,

    You are really inspiring me to get my scrap area organized in a better way. Hopefully that will help inspire me to scrap! Also, I am having trouble locating your book Photo Freedom? I missed your LOM class, but I really want to get started organizing my photos in a better way than on my hard drive! Thanks for your help!

  263. I need a jump start! Would love to win a seat in Bakers Dozen. Have a good 3 day weekend Stacy!

  264. Hi Stacy, you sure have a cute new neice!!! Love the name.

    I would love to win the seat in your sisters class “Baker’s Dozen”. I have lots of
    product and need new inspiration. HELP, I need Darci’s help!!!

    Hope I win and thanks for your fun Blog!!

  265. Cristin says:

    I would love to win a seat in a Baker’s Dozen or the White embellies! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  266. My biggest flaw is NEVER GETTING ANYTHING DONE.. Omg i’m the worst scrapbooker out there.. getting pages done isn’t something i’ve done in ohh 3 years :*( looks like this class may have been made for a lot of us thanks for the chance!

  267. Thank you for the inspiration! I am someone who definately needs to purge!!! I have things piled in my scrapbook space and then have to waste time finding a home for it, before any creative flow can happen. A huge waste of time! I am going to try and spend time this weekend sorting my color and see what happens :).

    Congratulations on your niece! Would love to check out that class too!

  268. Baker’s Dozen – YAY!!!! so enjoyed my first time. maybe this is just what I need to keep my scrappin happenin during our home remodel and move. gives me hope anyway… ;-)

    and… I want white – please. :)

  269. Sarah C. says:

    I would love to win this class, sounds like exactly what I need right now!

  270. Lynnette says:

    HI Stacy! In my earlier post I forgot to say – “I want Your WHITES!”

  271. Tiffany says:

    “I want your whites”
    Lovin’ your color organization technique! I am doing a modified version!!

  272. Jenny McGee says:

    Hi Stacey, I want your whites. Also I am presently taking A Baker’s Dozen and gathering up my supplies. It seems like it will be a fun class. Thanks,.

  273. Heather R says:

    i would love to win your white stuff!!

  274. Marlene K. says:

    “I want your whites”!!!!

  275. Sounds like an awesome class!

  276. Cindy d says:


  277. I want your whites!!

    Your blog rocks with inspiration and creativity, thank you for that!!!

  278. Melanie ~ but you can call me Mel! says:

    What a cute baby…

    I would love your whites….bring ‘em on. LOL

    And I would also love to take part in the Baker’s Dozen Class. I’ve been flirting with it before and have just not managed to pull the trigger….



  279. I’m loving your color bin videos. Great inspiration to get me thinking towards better organization in my scrap space.. I’d love the white… I don’t think I use much white either.

    And the Bakers Dozen class… I keep looking at it. I’d love to get the opportunity to give it a try. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!! Monika

  280. The Baker’s Dozen class sounds great!

    And i love your color videos. Way to go on getting that all together for us.

    Thanks also for the adorable baby photos. What a joy!

  281. deborah says:

    Congrats to your sister! I’d like your whites. Thanks for the gentle reminder to purge. I could use some purging!

  282. At first I thought you were doing some baking in the kitchen!!! I so need a jump start to get my inspiration to scrapbook back. I have recently purged my stuff & setup color bins, just like you! I would love to win a spot in Darci’s class~

  283. Kristyn G says:

    I want your whites!! And a chance to hang out with Darcy and baby Tatum in the Baker’s Dozen class :)

  284. Tonya NC says:

    Ohhhh, either of these would be fabulous!!!! Thanks!

  285. “I want your whites”.
    Absolutely love these videos! You are always an inspiration (as a person, scrapper, mom, etc) and it’s fun to “tune-in” to you for these videos. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with us all…it’s really appreciated.

  286. I’d like your whites OR a spot in Darci’s class OR just a chance to say thank you for this great notion: giving your purged scrapbook supplies to a friend is using them just as much as putting them on a page. I LOVE THAT.

    Thank you for sharing your fun self with us, Stacy!


  287. Julie Lueck says:

    “I want your whites” You have so many, yet I can hardly find white embellishments. I was even looking, at my not so local scrapbook store, for some maroon or even biege embellishments and I couldn’t find anything other than jewels and big fat flowers.I was working on a page kit swap. Yup, I could have used 7 of something. I really like seeing what you have in your bins.

  288. Miss Niki says:

    It all sounds fabulous! I teach for 9 months therefore I scrap the other 3!! The time is now!!

  289. love the color bins…not sure they would work for me, but i love them all the same!!

  290. Nickolette says:

    Having not been able to scrap for the last 2 mos. due to family conflict I look forward to doing it again! This would be a great jumpstart for me! Thanks for the chance!


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