Crazy Daisy and me. (giveaway)

One of my advertisers here on the good ‘ole blog is Crazy Daisy Kit Co. and they extended an invitation to me to be their May designer. I have (so far) been a huge disappointment, but I intend to turn this around, this week.

If you’re not familiar with Crazy Daisy, one of the most important things to know is that each of their monthly kits includes a mini album of some kind …

This month, the album is the antique tag album, from Kaiser Crafts.
Ever since I got to talk about mini album on the Paperclipping Roundtable I’ve been back at my ‘old ways’ of making minis. I’m pretty excited about what I created early Saturday morning.

I wanted to show you the “before” album, because I did something a bit different with it. I broke it up and used it in combination with three 6×6 page protectors/pages and bound the whole thing with two binder rings. The papers and embellishments in the May kit are not my usual go-to colors, which made the whole thing even more fun.

After just fifteen minutes I was feeling that wonderful FLOW thing and the rest of the day followed suit.

I chose my album theme from a My Mind’s Eye card in the Life Stories line.
I’ve been quite introspective lately and I’m eager to capture thoughts and questions and potential directions in this album, as I contemplate things that have touched my heart. I guess you could say this will be my first ‘art journal’ of sorts. I totally anticipate adding other papers, etc. to the album as I go.

I’m sending LOTS of other images over to Crazy Daisy, so hopefully they’ll post some there too.

I’d LOVE to do a quick giveaway before I head out to Donna’s Inspired event on Wednesday, so how about leave me a comment with something that touches your heart and I’ll pick one to WIN a May kit from Crazy Daisy Kit Co.

You have until tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4:00pm pacific time. I’ll post the winner at 5:00!

p.s. I had a wonderful birthday Mother’s Day (hope you did too)
Thank YOU for all your kind and helpful comments!


  1. Something that touches my heart is when a soldier returns from duty and I get to see the look on his/her face as he/she sees family for the first time in a while! I have seen my brother come home and the light in his eyes brought a tear to my face! Thanks for a chance to win!

  2. As much as we love our children, my four grandbabies can just look at me and my heart melts, grandchildren are truly the icing on the cake!

  3. Lorraine says:

    Wow, fab book. What always touches me is my son’s kisses. He’s 6 now and growing too darn fast. I try not to think about when the little sweet kisses will stop and my heart will break.

  4. Being able to look back and see how my daughter touched so many lives in her short time here with us. I am still meeting people who prayed for her and people who were touched by her story and it’s been over 6 months since she passed away.

  5. Seeing my husbands face when he is sleeping touches my heart in a very special way…

  6. Love what you did with this kit. Students who return after graduation to tell me how their lives have progressed always touch my heart.

  7. It touches my heart when my 6′ 3″, 17 year old son still wants to just give me a hug for no other reason than he loves me. Then instead of hugging and leaving he just lingers for awhile, makes a Mother’s heart melt.

  8. Random acts of kindness touch my heart! Like when a neighbor’s child helps me with getting groceries out of the car or when my daughter decides to unload the dishwasher without being asked.

  9. It touches my heart when our puppy knows I’m sad. She turns her head to the side, perks up her ears, paws at me and licks me until I hug her and smile. Guess that’s why they say they’re man’s best friend…love her so much!

  10. It touches my heart to hear the sweet voices of our children and grandchildren on the phone, calling to say ‘Hello”! That’s a great little album you’ve created :)

  11. My sister’s card to me for my birthday this weekend touched my heart. It has been a hard few months with some health issues for me and the things she said just really made my day. I cried!

  12. Well–lots of things touch my heart, but what sprang to my mind on reading this this morning was hearing my son reading Scripture last night.

  13. The little loving moments between my kids. Like the other week dad was gone early Sunday for meetings (our new norm) and ds1 was helping ds2 learn to tie his necktie. Wish I had my camera for that!! And how ds3 keeps sneaking into dd’s bed for a ‘sleepover’ most every night. She’s fine with it–they’re little buddies.

  14. My kids, especially my 7 year old, touched my heart this weekend by making me the most beautiful mother’s day cards and gifts. Hand-crafted paper flowers in and hanging basket (aka paper plate). To see the pride on her face in what she had made was priceless. Having children can be such a challenge and a joy — I can honestly say that not a day goes by that one of them does not do or say something that makes me stop and thank God for all the blessings He has given me.

  15. Julie, momto7 says:

    looks lovely – thanks for a chance to win! I am ALWAYS touched when I see my kids loving on each other and having fun together.

  16. My girls. They made me breakfast in bed – tea and toast. Followed by lots of cards, colourings and home made gifts. Hearts with Happy Mother’d Day taped all around the house. I also love the whispers, secrets and yells of “mom, don’t come in my room” or “mom, don’t look under my bed” that lead up to Mother’s Day, my birthday or anythime they are planning something. I did a layout about the anticipation for LOAD.

  17. Amanda M. says:

    Something that touches my heart – my sweet husband as he and I embark on the adventure that is buying our first home. He and I are being there for each other in all the big and more importantly – small – ways, and it feels so good. My heart is full and I feel so blessed. Thank you for the chance to win! (Esp. because the budget for scrap supplies has been reduced for a while while we fix the new house!)

  18. I hope I can put this into words coherently. I think I’ve finally figured out what it is that “touches my heart”….aka makes me cry when I watch certain movies/shows/commercials or hear about or witness a true story. It is when there are people sacrificing something (time, talents, money, etc) for someone else. Someone they know, someone they don’t. It gets me every single time. I didn’t start crying about these stories until I got married and became a mom. Having a family of my own has helped me connect with how important these acts of service really are.

  19. Something that touches my heart is when my sweet little boy says out of the blue “I just love you so much Mommy”

  20. It touches my heart when I hear my husband singing silly songs to our beloved dog. The love we share for her makes me so excited to have children with him, as I just know he’s going to be an incredible dad one day.

  21. I’m newly engaged … and it touches my heart to see the goodness in my fiance. He was worth the wait – and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

  22. What touches my heart is catching someone being kind to another when they don’t think they’re being watched.

  23. Christine says:

    One thing that has totally touched my heart is that my best friend growing up sends her son to the same daycare that I send my son. Seeing the boys become friends, and playing together just makes my day. It is such a nice little circle of friendship and I love how much our sons resemble us, and watching them is so sweet…

  24. So many things about my family touch my heart but one that gets me every time (even though my kids at 7.5 and 5) is the feel of their hand in mine. I love how they actually “hold” my hand, not just let it rest in mine. They squeeze tight and their hand is small and pudgy and it just seems to be a symbol of the trust they have in me. I can’t help but give them a couple of extra squeezes every time.

  25. says:

    heart touching? when I hear my kids laughing together. . . get’s me every time.

  26. yesterday what touched my heart was my mother saying, “sit here and hold my hand for a few minutes – I like how your hand feels in mine”

  27. It touches my heart that a young lady chose life 5 years ago for her baby so that, through the miracle of adoption, I could celebrate Mother’s Day yesterday!

  28. scrappysue says:

    LOVE the album Stacy, you have put it together so beautifully! What has touched my heart these past 2 weeks is …. my husband is “between” jobs, waiting for his residency visa to start a new job. We all caught a nasty virus, so he spent the whole two weeks looking after us all, taking and collecting the kids from school, and not once complained (he even cooked carrot soup!). He truly is a wonderful man.

  29. SherryG says:

    Great give-away. I am envious that you are attending Donna’s Inspire event. I live in NC & wish I could go, but it is exam week & graduation and as an instructor I have much to do.

  30. It touches my heart to hear the elderly ladies at church compliment my sixteen year old daughter on what a good person she is.

  31. Your mini-album is gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE the flowers on the cover! I must say that our 5-yr old daughter touches my heart in new ways each day. She made my Mother’s Day a beautiful one, even though this was a difficult wknd for me: I am very sadly missing my own mother (who sadly passed away 2 yrs ago), it was the 8th anniversary of my dad’s passing on Mother’s Day (5/9) and today would have been my parents’ 52nd wedding anniversary on 5/10. Difficult wknd made beautiful by the sound of the words, “Mommy, I love you, Happy Mother’s day”, words I waited 41 long years to hear.

    She also warms my heart by everyday things like… quickly making her daddy a hand-made Get Well card just before she had to go to school this morning b/c he’s home sick today. She’s so thoughtful…. and that warms my heart. :-)

  32. It touches my heart to talk to my 86-year-old grandmother on the phone, to see her in person, to hold her hand. To still have her in my life.

  33. Cheri A. says:

    I LOVE what you did with that mini album Stacy! What touched my heart was the mutual joy my husband & I felt when we were out shopping for patio furniture and found a real bargain on something we both liked – it is so much fun when we are in synch like that. Then on Mother’s Day (even though he had already sent me flowers) he bought me a hybiscus plant that I fell in love with at the nursery. Just because.

  34. Cynthia says:

    Love your work, Stacy! It touches my heart to hear my five-year-old son ask my husband for a snuggle. And it touches my heart that my husband ALWAYS finds the time to do it!

  35. Whitney S. says:

    there are a lot of things that warm my heart… 3 year old’s snuggles lately make me feel very happy and loved! I also love chocolate…..when things aren’t going so well a little chocolate can change my attitude and warm my heart! :)

  36. Julie E says:

    The sight of my 12 yr-old son doing something kind for his 6 yr-old sister touches my heart. :) I guess it goes for the other way too. I have kind children and I feel so blessed about that!

  37. Audrey V says:

    It’s a challenge to navigate the teenage years with your children, but I am reminded that my son is still the sweet boy at 14 that he was at 4.

  38. Ashleigh says:

    Seeing my 5 month old daughter forming bonds with her sister and daddy really touches my heart! She used to only have eyes for me but now she lights up when either of them step into the room!

  39. Amy Anderson says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! This morning my son crawled under the covers with his sister and she read him a book before they had to get up and get ready for school. Loved hearing and seeing them so happy together!

  40. {vicki} says:

    My son definately touched my heart last week —when I was tucking him in at night he said “I LOVE MY MAMA”.

  41. Sarah Watkins says:

    What touches my heart is my 2 boys saying goodbye to me every morning when I leave for work at 6:45 a.m. They follow me out to the car, where I must then roll down my passenger window for any last minute messages they have to give me. When I pull out of the driveway they race around to the backyard so they can wave once last goodbye as I turn the corner. What touches me even more is the love and care my husband gives them every morning, every afternoon, every soccer practice, every boo-boo. I miss being with them, but I am so happy to know they are in Dad’s care.

  42. My kids, they are always doing something to touch my heart.

  43. Having a wonderful date night with my hubby last night!

  44. The fact that I got at least 5 extra hugs from my darling daughter yesterday touches my heart. I never want to take those for granted.

  45. Well yesterday I got a nap while my kids and hubby messed up the house…um…er, I mean, made dinner. My heart was touched but I’ve got a lot of clean-up work to do today – that’s ok

  46. Debbie S. says:

    So sweet that I received a Happy Mothers’ Day text message at 12:01 am yesterday from my oldest daughter who lives in San Francisco!

  47. Monika Wright says:

    It touches my heart that I get teary thinking about my 1st baby graduating from high school. I think it’s a little bit hormonal and a little bit me worrying about letting go and him making it okay without us. And, another thing. The graduation album I am putting together is taking me way too long since I have to stop and “remember” every other moment while I’m putting it together.

  48. Maryann says:

    A note to Dad from my 8 yr old I found by the computer this morning touched my heart today:

    u hellp me.
    u love me.
    u care for me.
    u read with me .
    u let me help cook
    and so I love u so much and my hart is full.

  49. It touches my heart when my husband surprises me with a girls night out in honor of mother’s day, and it touches my heart when I get home to find all the kids bathed and in bed, and the kitchen cleaned up!

  50. Right now my sweet three-year-old daughter is touching my heart. She is such a kind soul– she always is the first to hug her school chums, she calls every child she meets on the street her “friend”, and she always wants to thank our family for various things (cooking dinner, buying her clothes, sending her cards!) I hope that she doesn’t lose this behavior any time soon :)

  51. Tina S. says:

    It touched my heart yesterday when my 17 year old son brought me flowers for Mother’s Day. What a guy!

  52. It touches my heart when my nine-year old son will now still give me the occasional hug…they’re getting fewer and farther between as we approach the teen years, so I’m treasuring each and every one!

  53. conniemelancon says:

    It touches my heart when my granddaughter (15months) looks at me and puts up her hands and says “MawMaw”.

  54. abbeyviolet says:

    The sweet smile of my baby girl as she reaches for me touches my heart every time!

  55. carol in seattle :) says:

    When I’m truly paying attention, tons of things touch my heart. Just this week – having my six year old son climb into bed with me for a morning cuddle, seeing a fussy baby being calmed by her daddy at church, watching the baby ducklings follow their mama to the lake, hearing my husband whisper “You are my universe” in the phone when he’s far away, remembering that LIFE IS SO GOOD!

  56. I just saw the most precious photo of a little girl kissing her daddy. *sigh* perfection.

  57. patty c says:

    I tear up a bit everytime my 18 year old son says goodbye / I love you each morning leaving for school – i hope he never stops saying it!

  58. True friends touch my heart! As I get older and my life gets busier and more focused on family, I find I have less and less friends or less and less time for friends. And there’s a clear distinction now between those people I am “friendly” with every day vs. those who have become friends of the heart, for life. Whether they are near or far, I would like to celebrate my friendships. A mini album would be a fun way to do this…1 page per friendship wtih a little journaling about WHY I need them in my life along with a photo of me and them together. When searching my catagory drawers, I realize I don’t have many photos taken WITH each of my friends. What a fun project to start!

  59. What a cute kit and great topic for the album. Thanks for sharing your inspiration! Your topics are always so relevant and fun.

  60. Lynn Herrick says:

    Nothing touches my heart more than hugs, kisses and kind words from my children.

  61. I didn’t follow the directions the first time, sorry. What touches my heart? that my husband knows me so well. He spends a lot of time on the road for business. It never ceases to surprise me when he knows just how to lift my spirits and make my day by doing something for me (washing my car) or playing songs for me. It always catches me off guard and I love it.

  62. Andrea MacDonald says:

    The one thing that touches my heart besides hugs and kisses from my little ones is that my 2 year old loves to “scrapbook” with me. She loves doing crafts and I have so much fn teaching her. It is pure joy!

  63. Hearing my girlys (ages 9 to 3) talk about my grandma touches my heart. She passed away at the beginning of the year, and their care and concern through it all was so sweet. I especially love when they ask, “Mom, can we sing the Grandma GiGi song a.k.a Heavenly Sunshine?

  64. Watching my special needs students I work with at school rejoice over learning to do what we would consider the most basic of tasks – writing or recognizing a single letter or number, saying their abc’s, etc. THAT touches my heart!

  65. When my sister had first discovered her son is autistic she was heartbroken as he would never tell her he loves her. The little angle must have heard her, and a couple minutes later told her “mommy I love you”. Maybe it was mechanical and brisk but my heart melted.

  66. With Mother’s Day being yesterday, I’ve had the whole mom/child relationship on my mind. I so thoroughly enjoyed watching my daughter’s with their children yesterday. I’m so blessed that they value family as I do.

  67. It touches my heart the enthusiasm that my daughter has to give me my gift early and I keep telling to wait a few more days. Finally, I opened my gift and was elated by how excited she was about what she made for me.

  68. What touches my heart are the handmade, thoughtful gifts and cards from my 3 children on holidays, or any old day ~ especially yesterday when my 16 year old daughter presented me with a mini album scrapbooked all by herself for Mother’s Day. What a blessing these treasured handmade gifts are!

  69. My three year old son started pre-school/day care today at the first new place since he was 4 months old. When I went to leave, he grabbed my hand and said “You stay and go school with Ol-ber aday Mama?” Completely melted me! He is such an independant little guy that it was extra special that he wanted me to stay. Sigh. PS. I’ve called three times already to see how it’s going…

  70. The little things like my daughter texting me Happy Mother’s Day first thing in the morning since she was at a sleep over. My husbands smile and caring ways. My Mothers phone call the other day thanking me for the beautiful Mothers Day card and how the sentiment touched her heart. These little things remind me of how much I enjoy life! Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day!

  71. Ann K WI says:

    The sweet cards I get from my son… yesterdays was so thoughtful, that an the hug from him before bedtime. :)

  72. What touches my heart is doing something secretly for someone else. There’s nothing like it.

  73. Music touches my heart, especially children singing. I get tears when I watch people sing or play their instruments beautifully. And if my kids are involved? I’m a gone-r (?).

  74. Jeannie says:

    My husband built a door to close off my craft room so that I can be up there with no furry babies sitting on my table. It even has a latch on the inside that keeps him out! That touches my heart.

  75. Sue in Grapevine says:

    It touches my heart when my DH, who is NOT a morning person, fixes my coffee & breakfast on Mother’s Day.

  76. Chris Crosw says:

    Knowing that my husband and I came together in marriage and have produced two wonderful children. It is amazing!

  77. What touches my heart is the way my two children enjoy each other’s company. They are both in their twenties now and are good friends.

  78. Having my oldest BUY me a Mother’s Day present with her own money from her very first job! So proud of her!!!

  79. What touches my heart is when my kids remember details about the way I like things! :)

  80. Enter me please! I’m touched that my kids told me Happy Mother’s day about 100 times yesterday.

  81. Thanks for the chance to win, Stacy! It touched my heart yesterday when my little five year old crawled up on my lap and laid his sweet head on my shoulder because a bummer rash was making him feel bad. It’s nice to know that I can help him feel better just by being a shoulder to lean on…that’s all I need to do…just be there. I love being a mom.

  82. It touches my heart each time my entire family is gathered together, whether to celebrate a birthday, a special occasion, or just for a Sunday dinner. Family means the world to me.

  83. Melinda Wilson says:

    It touches my heart when I see my dog look up at me with such adoring eyes!

  84. Kerry G. says:

    The things that have touched my heart lately are witnessing little moments between two of my friends that are getting married in August. I feel blessed to be able to see how much they love each other and show it in such small, but important ways. It’s small things like from how she reacts when I complemented a shirt that she picked out for him and how happy he is to wear it or watching him watch her when we talk about the details of their wedding.

  85. Tammy B says:

    It touches my heart when my boys are honest and open with me, and we can have a good conversation about something that might be bugging them. Who knew!

  86. It touches my heart when a friend, who lives about 40 minutes away, drives into the city to meet with me in order to encourage me to be a better wife and mother. :)

  87. Tiffany H says:

    What touches my heart? A blessed life with my husband and two little kids. Yesterday my little 3-year-old boy cuddled with me on the couch to watch some tv. I was in heaven that my busy body boy took three minutes out from playing, jumping and running to lie down with me and tell me he wuvs me. Just melted my heart!

  88. Now that my older son is away at college and even gone so much of the time when he is home, it touches my heart when he is with us and my whole family is together. What is used to take for granted, I completely cherish now. Thanks for the chance to win, Stacy.

  89. Jessica says:

    What touches my heart recently is watching my two boys. My Ryan (2) follows Ethan (5) around everywhere he goes and tries so hard to emulate everything he does. It is so obvious that Ryan loves his big brother, but what is even nicer to see is that Ethan tries to help him- putting legos together, teaching him the Darth Vader theme song, pushing trains around together. It is so sweet and I so hope that they can maintain such a close relationship!

  90. stamphappy2001 says:

    The full moon touches my heart. lately I love to stand in my bedroom and look up at the moon and think about how blessed I am. The moon makes me feel like this world is a small place and I am so blessed for all I have done, lived and loved.

  91. What touches my heart is when yesterday is the 1 year anniv. of my son’s dog death. He went out and sat by his grave and just talked to him. I snapped a photo of him doing this. Wanted to scrapbook this moment. We bought him flowers & such and picked up some sticks that he loved to carry in his mouth and put it on his grave. We miss that baby boy (puppy). He was 8 months old.

  92. Molly McCarthy says:

    It touches my heart that my almost 12-year-old son still climbs onto my lap every morning and gives me a hug. He is almost as tall as me and barely fits but it melts my heart. Not to mention a great way to start the day.

  93. I was just thinking of an elderly lady we know, someone who typifies the idea of “never stop growing”. She’s an inspiration. It really touched my heart.

  94. Karen Schmidt says:

    What touches my heart is watching my daughters having fun together, belly laughing and playing. The belly laughing is so contagious that it makes me laugh too. I try really hard to watch what they are doing without getting caught. Sometimes I get to laughing out loud then i get caught.

  95. Jennifer S. says:

    It touches my heart when my 9 yr old son holds my hand.

  96. It touched my heart to receive a hug from my 17 year old son right in the middle of graduation commencement ceremony on the stage in front of everyone. He made me cry – good tears of course!

  97. Getting to see some favourite small people who drew me chalk Elmos on my patio to make me smile touched my heart.

    Having my children 16 & nearly 18 happily hold my hand and hug me in public always touches my heart.

    Thanks for the excuse to think of these things :)

  98. Jenny McGee says:

    What touches my heart is hearing an I LOVE YOU from someone I care deeply about, my DH or one of my sons. It makes my day.

  99. Megan Gerrity says:

    I am always such a sap – and really pay attendion to things God is trying to show me. As a new mom, well baby is almost a year, now more than ever. All the great mothers day tributes in the paper this weekend, Betty White being in SNL (can we all hope to be so cool at 88!), and keeping in touch with so many people through fb. Of course my kid touches my heart – she grew right next to it.

  100. It touches my heart to watch my kids play together and really enjoy being together.

  101. Fontaine says:

    It warms my heart when my little guy gasps and gets this HUGE smile on his face when he hears the front door opening around dinnertime. Then when Daddy walks in, little man drops everything and runs full force into Daddy’s arms, laughing and giggling to be covered in “daddy kisses” and tickles.

    This phenomenon is especially heart-warming when Daddy has been in the field for a few weeks (or longer) because he’s a Marine. Everytime the door moves, little man gets so excited, all month long. Once it’s actually really Daddy at the door, I think the whole neighborhood can hear the excitement! :D And, lucky us, Daddy’s due home in just one more week! I can’t wait, and neither can a certain daddy’s boy.

  102. Mamasue123 says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your Mother’s Day too! I volunteer in a Grade 1 classroom, and what touches my heart is when I am blessed to witness a struggling student accomplish something they have been working on all year. It can happen after just a few days, weeks or months, but the look of pride and accomplishment is just something wonderful to witness.

  103. Norma R says:

    So many things it is hard to choose one, but yesterday when my 4 children asked nothing of me all day and my 11 year old daughter said we could do whatever I wanted because that’s what mother’s day is for…and when she returned thanks for our dinner, she thanked God for “a wonderful Momma who takes care of us,”

  104. What touches my heart is when my two kids (8 yo DS and 5 yo DD) play together and actually enjoy each other’s company. There are way too many times in the day when they do their best to annoy each other. But those times are far out-weighed by the moments they spend having a great time together.

  105. something that touched my heart today…i helped my daughter take in our staff appreciation gifts this morning at school and as i was walking out the door the secretaries were hugging her. she had a huge smile on her face and she was so happy!

  106. Christine Myers-Johnston says:

    It warms my heart when my two year old reaches for my hand without my prompting. For anyone with a strong-willed child, you understand what I mean! Yesterday we were walking in the park and instead of sprinting ahead independently she took my hand and said, “Mommy, let’s go togefer.”

  107. Something that touches my heart is my grandparents love for eachother after 66 years of marriage. They are in the process of breaking up their farm that they raised 4 children on and the memories that we are all finding are wonderful.

  108. my family! my loving hubby, our 3 yr old ds and our brand new month old baby girl – yip they tug at my heart strings :>

  109. My nephew’s thoughtfulness. One example–he heard at church about Thanksgiving having 2 parts 1. being thankful and 2. being giving no matter how small or big. So he emptied all the change from his bank into his pockets. When the family gathered for Thanksgiving, he quietly went around giving everyone random amounts of money (coins!). Each person thought he was just giving money to him or her. It took us a while to catch on that he was truly giving away all of his money–to everyone!

  110. I just did the prompt for “I love Color” and I remembered a story about how a friend of ours saved my daughter from drowning in our pool when our daughter was very small. Another friend of mine had a near-drowning incident with a child yesterday (Mother’s Day) and fortunately that child is ok. I live in Florida where pools are a huge danger to small children. I am feeling lots of thankfulness in my heart because the prompt about “Pretty in Pink” and Motherhood – connected these two things for me and I finally made a page about this story. So thank you for the inspiration. Link to my page is :

  111. and P.S. I love Kaisercraft!! & Crazy Daisy & My Minds Eye – VERY cute album!

  112. Laurie T says:

    My new little granddaughter Emma touches my heart when she runs into my arms laughing and giggling “Grandma!”

  113. I was having a not so great Mother’s Day (hubby was sick in bed, but really it was just a cold) and had to get out of the house with my son. So we went to our town’s WalMart and did some grocery shopping. I found a Jimmy Buffett cd that was just released only in WalMarts and after about 20 seconds decided my husband needed it to feel better. I was thinking I was such a martyr, buying him a gift on Mother’s Day, when all of a sudden my son stopped whining at the checkout lane because the cashier told him what a good little boy he was to help his mommy shop. Then, as we were walking out the door, the greeter gave me a rose and said, “Happy Mother’s Day!” I nearly cried, but suddenly my heart lifted, as did the bad mood. When I got home and gave my husband the cd, he was so happy. He told me it made him feel so much better, and we spent an hour listening and enjoying. Then my son & i went on a hike with some friends so DH could take another nap. It ended up being a great mothering and mother’s day.

  114. What touches my heart is when all 3 of my kids (18, 15, & 9) all find something in common and spend time together – watching them all getting along and laughing is such a joy!

  115. tammy perkins says:

    Love the albums! Thanks for the chance!

  116. Margaret Burton says:

    I bring Crafts into Wellspring a drop off place for people with dementia, parkinsons and alzheimers. The caregiver can have a free day to run errands, catch up, enjoy themselves.
    At the end of the day when the caregivers come to pick up their loved ones it touches your heart to see the smiles on both the guests and caregivers. For me when they show them what they’ve made and both smile.

  117. The most recent thing that has touched my heart is when I couldn’t find the kids and found them snuggled together with the oldest brother (9) reading to everyone. I adore that my kids (sometimes) get along and enjoy each other’s company…even when mom’s not looking!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  118. One thing that touches my heart is watching my son play tennis. He is a senior this year so it is his last year on the team. He plays 1st doubles and the last two matches when I have been able to go, he and his partner have won their matches. They are both such great kids and I have been taking lots of pictures of them. They are both thrilled that I have been there for them. It makes my heart smile!

  119. Cynthia B. says:

    Wow – your project is amazing, Stacy!
    Something that touches my heart…first thing that comes to mind would be my 10yo son. Yesterday, grandparents from both sides of the family were with us for Mother’s Day, and although he’s normally camera-averse, he posed for many, many pictures with all of us.
    Then, in the evening his grandparents were going for a walk, and he piped up and said, “I’ll go too!”
    I was so proud of him for being such a thoughtful, respectful kid.

    Hopefully those pics won’t use up his quota for the year ;) – there’s still my birthday in the fall, after all…but he did my heart proud yesterday, that’s for sure.

  120. Karen Wilkerson says:

    My kids touch my heart. 16 year old boy/girl twins. They are so smart and believe it or not, she’s a cheerleader and he’s on the basketball team. Unfortunately, they did not allow me to capture a picture of them together this year, but my favorite pcitures from Freshman year are of the two of them. Her in cheer uniform, he in football – all sweaty after a game and once again, after a basketball game. Two more years, and they are off to college. :( Time goes by too quickly. My all time favorite is the two of them at 1 year old in box playing with bubble wrap while we packed to move. And none of them are scrapbooked! Shame on me!

  121. Nancy L says:

    The look of a little baby snuggling into a mother’s arms.

  122. Just this weekend, my 30-month old toddler interrupted a conversation I was having with my hubby and said “Excuse me Mommy, may I have this?” Totally warmed our hearts that she was so polite about it and know the words to say. I’m hoping this will carry on till her teen years. We’ll see…

  123. The kindness of friends in just their words really touch my heart. Just a few encouraging words can turn things around.

  124. My 2 yr old told me, “Happy Mother’s Day” Sunday morning. I said, “Thank you baby. You’re the one who made me a Mommy.” She said, “God made you a Mommy.” It warms my heart that she is “getting” the lessons we teach her about the Creator.

  125. It is kinda funny but my littlest guy has been a little slow to really start talking. Just recently he has started telling me “Mo Mama Peas” when he wants more of something and it just melts my heart to hear that more or less full sentence coming out of his mouth.

  126. elizaBeth B. says:

    I love when my 9 y.o. nephew grabs may hand of his own volition when he is walking with me.

  127. It touches my heart when my son touches my face before bedtime and says, “your my best friend, Mommy.” I’ve heard it enough that it doesn’t bring me to tears anymore. But it still touches my heart every single night! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  128. Maureen says:

    The phone rang the other day and my 1 yo nephew ‘answered’ the remote control and jabbered away the whole time I was on the phone. So cute I had to call the house again.

  129. Cindy Peterson says:

    For some reason, God has given me the privilige of accompying several people I love as they walk through the valley of death, facing a fatal illness. My mother, both my brothers, an one of my best friends from school have had cancer or ALS. The frustrations and grief and laughter and barriers that can be broken down as we face the inevitable has touched my heart in such profound ways. I KNOW what is important, and I KNOW not to sweat the small stuff – how can I stress about a color that doesn’t match, or a pile of clutter on the dining table? I make room for celebrating every day. My boss says I have a song everything, from stuffing envelopes or needing a nap. It is true – color and song and hope and trust and LIFE – every minute of it is worth noticing and celebrating.

  130. Phyllis says:

    The extraordinary kindness of strangers. We’ve had lots of flooding here in middle Tennessee and I work with the county engineering dept. We’ve had so many calls about flooding, and almost everyone tells me about a neighbor, or stranger, or church, who has helped them out in their time of need. It’s like the love of our heavenly Father – pure unmerited love and grace being poured out.

  131. My DD whenever she dances and sings. She’s my little lovebug. :)

  132. My wonderful in-laws! They are 83 and 76 and are the most precious people I know. Everyone who knows them related or not feel so comfortable around them and they make everyone feel special. I know all of us daugther in laws feel like we are their favorite and each of their kids feel the same way. They just have the most special way about them. It’s going to be a tough day when they leave this earth – they touch my heart all the time!

  133. it really touches my heart when my husband compliments my cooking, because deep down, i don’t enjoy the labor involved in cooking, but i am learning to cook with joy as I stir in all my good intentions and hopes and bake it until it smells with the aroma of love. so when he says, “hey, this is really good!” it reassures me that he understood my secret signal embedded in the food i made.

  134. Tiffany says:

    Awesome departure on the mini album. I love that you broke it up and created something totally unexpected!

    It touches my heart when I see my kids being exceptionally kind to someone. They make me so proud!

  135. It touches my heart that both of my sons (7 and 10) will still hold my hand on our walk to the bus stop!

  136. Yesterday we got home from a 4 day trip to Germany. Our bunny stayed over at my parent’s house and was brought home a few hours before we got back. It’s always so heartwarming to see how enthusiastic she reacts when she sees me, in the morning but especially when we’ve been away for a while!

  137. Your mini-albums ROCK!

    It really warms my heart to see my kids holding hands, whether it’s at church or walking through the parking lot, I get such a warm and fuzzy feeling!

  138. My heart is always touched during our Sunday morning worship service. Our pastor always has a time for people to share their joys and concerns and then we pray for these requests. Almost every week someone will have a joy or concern that touches my heart. For that I am so thankful!

  139. Kristen says:

    One of the many things my 7yo son made me for Mother’s Day was a fill-in-the-blank booklet about our relationship. One of the sentences to complete was “My mom weighs ___ lbs. and is ___ tall.” My sweet boy put “My mom weighs 20 lbs. and is 50 feet tall.” Now *that* touches my heart!! ;D

    Love you & your inspirational ways, as ever, Stacy!! :)

  140. Lately I have been going through some things I brought home when we cleaned out my moms house after she died. I would love to make a book of these items and what they mean to me.

  141. Candace B. says:

    I have to admit that Electron Boy Erik Martin’s story (Seattle times) had me in tears. His family is a neighbor and his brother went to school with my son. Although I do not know them very well, she is a foster mom who simply just loves kids. It’s just heart warming knowing that so many people care!

  142. On Mother’s Day, church can feel like the lonliest place on the planet for women (or couples) who are faced with fertility challenges (including loss of a child from conception and forward.) I know because I was that woman. We were that couple. I am not at all comfortable speaking about fertility challenges in front of groups of people. However, if I can bring comfort to even one woman or couple who silently suffers in church on Mother’s Day, then I am willing to be that voice.

    What touched me so deeply this week was when MEN approached me after our church service to thank me for speaking up about this issue which brings great sorrow to those who are face with it, especially on Mother’s Day. And as an adoptive family of 4 of God’s precious children, I would like to think that my speaking out also brings hope to those in waiting.

  143. Kimberly says:

    I love the way you broke up the mini album and combined it with the page protectors… what a great idea :) An unexpected hug from my kids always touches my heart!!! :)

  144. Melanie G says:

    Something crazy that touches my heart – waking up each morning – I thank God from my heart because he has given me another day with my loved ones – God touches my heart!

  145. The thing that touches my heart the most…well…is my heart. My second heart, 17 years ago I had my third daughter and 10 days my heart got really sick. I ended up needing a heart transplant. A family of a 22 year old man, in the worst time of their lives, thought to save someone elses life – mine. I think of every smile I have and every tear with gratefullness to be alive.

  146. Jennifer O. says:

    One thing that touches my heart is the unexpected smiles from my teenage children. During these roller coaster years, I enjoy the moment of true happiness.

  147. The thing that touches my heart is just when I think I’m going to strangle one of my 3 boys, they do or say something incredibly sweet that makes me fall in love with them all over again!

  148. Bea Medwecky says:

    What really touches my heart is a resiliant, happy student, even under the worst circumstances. I teach very poor children. Generational poverty has a way of sucking the soul out of many, many people. Each year I am always astounded by one or two remarkable beings that are able to surpass the difficulties in their lives. And every year they touch my heart.

  149. Marsha LL says:

    I LOVE when my daughter quietly reaches out her hand to hold mine. Now that she’s 12, those times are rare indeed. I’ve learned that she will ignore my hand when I walk with it outstretched — years of sticking my hand out for her grab – I’m conditioned to always be holding hers!!! So, now, when she wants to reach for mine, I feel such a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude.

  150. Patricia says:

    I go to the Y (nearly) every day. I’m touched and amazed at the folks that do the same–even though they must park in the handicapped area, come in with canes or walkers, carry their gym bags, etc.

  151. I am deeply touched by how much my DD (now 12 yrs) still wants to talk adn share with me. And I am deeply amazed at some of the wisdom her young body holds already!

  152. Jennifer Hamilton says:

    Watching my children (ages 22mo and 6yrs) interact and play. Especially when the oldest is teaching something to the younger one – priceless :)

  153. My wonderful 7 year year old son is so sweet. He really touched me the other day when I was complaining about how busy I was and that I didn’t even get my hair washed that day and he said “That’s okay mom, the boys will all think you’re pretty anyway, I do” He still loves to hug & kiss his mommy everyday. A blessing for a single mom for sure!

  154. Having all 4 of my children home touches my heart more than anything. My oldest attends college 7 hours away, but always comes home for Mother’s Day (he hadn’t been home since Thanksgiving). It was so nice to have everyone in the same zip code for a couple of days. Best Mother’s Day gift ever – and my heart is still warm and fuzzy.

  155. My students touch my heart (my family and friends, of course!) but I’m a substitute teacher, so I only get to see these kids for a short time. I try to have a positive effect on their lives and they definitely touch my heart, too. :))

  156. So many things…watching my@five yr old learn and grow. Having former students come back to visit and tell me hoe I made a difference in their lives…priceless

  157. Other than my family, the staff at our local children’s hospital touch my heart. I love the way they all come together to support us whenever we need them.

  158. Katie W. says:

    I am touched by so many things….but especially by my kids and their perspective on life. Also, after facing some medical issues recently, I am deeply touched by how caring my family and friends are. I am blessed!

  159. Deborah says:

    My son’s artwork

  160. what touches my heart are my beloved dog, Margo and the total, complete sweetness of my 4 kids, Tristan,Natasha, Elektra and Raven…..xoxoxoxo

  161. Lisa Lang says:

    I am touched when I see kids reaching out to help others…other people, animals, whatever. Kids doing “good”. Love it!

    Lovely products!

  162. I love what you did with the Crazy Daisy kit. These colors would make a great album for one of my granddaughters, who is crazy in love with purple!

  163. I’m touched by my children’s laughter and excitement, by the sparkle in my hubby’s eye, by the way my parents are there for me. I’m touched by life.

  164. I am touched by my children. My daughter is 24 and teaches hearing-impaired children and my son is finishing up his first year in college. They are such awesome kids and I love being their mother.

  165. Angie Smith says:

    I am touched by my youngest son. Being born with complicates 15 years ago and having an abusive father, life hasn’t been so easy for him. But he actually sat down one night and handmade me a Mother’s Day card that didn’t have an fancy lace or writing on it. But he gave me the most precious memories from his heart and I cried all the way through reading it. I totally cherish that card and can’t love him anymore then I do for pouring his heart and soul into this lovely Mother’s Day card for 2010!

  166. Rebecca Brooks says:

    Something that touches my heart is seeing an elderly married couple hand in hand. I hope that will be me and my husband someday, still hand in hand after all those years.

  167. I enjoy reading the report, too. It′s easy to understand that a journey like this is the biggest event in ones


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