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WOW… I’ve spent the last hour reading all of your comments from yesterday’s giveaway challenge and I loved them all! Some of them made me laugh and some made me cry! Take a few minutes and read a few of the comments.

  • What really touches my heart is a resilient, happy student, even under the worst circumstances. I teach very poor children. Generational poverty has a way of sucking the soul out of many, many people. Each year I am always astounded by one or two remarkable beings that are able to surpass the difficulties in their lives. And every year they touch my heart.
  • The thing that touches my heart the most…well…is my heart. My second heart, 17 years ago I had my third daughter and 10 days my heart got really sick. I ended up needing a heart transplant. A family of a 22 year old man, in the worst time of their lives, thought to save someone elses life – mine. I think of every smile I have and every tear with gratefulness to be alive.
  • One of the many things my 7yo son made me for Mother’s Day was a fill-in-the-blank booklet about our relationship. One of the sentences to complete was “My mom weighs ___ lbs. and is ___ tall.” My sweet boy put “My mom weighs 20 lbs. and is 50 feet tall.” Now *that* touches my heart!! ;D
  • The extraordinary kindness of strangers. We’ve had lots of flooding here in middle Tennessee and I work with the county engineering dept. We’ve had so many calls about flooding, and almost everyone tells me about a neighbor, or stranger, or church, who has helped them out in their time of need. It’s like the love of our heavenly Father – pure unmerited love and grace being poured out.
  • The most recent thing that has touched my heart is when I couldn’t find the kids and found them snuggled together with the oldest brother (9) reading to everyone. I adore that my kids (sometimes) get along and enjoy each other’s company…even when mom’s not looking!
  • I bring Crafts into Wellspring a drop off place for people with dementia, Parkinson and Alzheimer. The caregiver can have a free day to run errands, catch up, enjoy themselves.
  • At the end of the day when the caregivers come to pick up their loved ones it touches your heart to see the smiles on both the guests and caregivers. For me when they show them what they’ve made and both smile.
  • It warms my heart when my little guy gasps and gets this HUGE smile on his face when he hears the front door opening around dinnertime. Then when Daddy walks in, little man drops everything and runs full force into Daddy’s arms, laughing and giggling to be covered in “daddy kisses” and tickles.  This phenomenon is especially heart-warming when Daddy has been in the field for a few weeks (or longer) because he’s a Marine. Everytime the door moves, little man gets so excited, all month long. Once it’s actually really Daddy at the door, I think the whole neighborhood can hear the excitement! :D And, lucky us, Daddy’s due home in just one more week! I can’t wait, and neither can a certain daddy’s boy.
  • The full moon touches my heart. lately I love to stand in my bedroom and look up at the moon and think about how blessed I am. The moon makes me feel like this world is a small place and I am so blessed for all I have done, lived and loved.
  • When I’m truly paying attention, tons of things touch my heart. Just this week – having my six year old son climb into bed with me for a morning cuddle, seeing a fussy baby being calmed by her daddy at church, watching the baby ducklings follow their mama to the lake, hearing my husband whisper “You are my universe” in the phone when he’s far away, remembering that LIFE IS SO GOOD!
  • It touches my heart that a young lady chose life 5 years ago for her baby so that, through the miracle of adoption, I could celebrate Mother’s Day yesterday!
  • It touches my heart when I hear my husband singing silly songs to our beloved dog. The love we share for her makes me so excited to have children with him, as I just know he’s going to be an incredible dad one day.
  • I hope I can put this into words coherently. I think I’ve finally figured out what it is that “touches my heart”….aka makes me cry when I watch certain movies/shows/commercials or hear about or witness a true story. It is when there are people sacrificing something (time, talents, money, etc) for someone else. Someone they know, someone they don’t. It gets me every single time. I didn’t start crying about these stories until I got married and became a mom. Having a family of my own has helped me connect with how important these acts of service really are.

The winner of the Crazy Daisy kit is:

Juel who said: It touches my heart when my 6′ 3″, 17 year old son still wants to just give me a hug for no other reason than he loves me. Then instead of hugging and leaving he just lingers for awhile, makes a Mother’s heart melt.

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Thanks for all of the wonderful comments! We have the best readers ever!!


  1. Congrats Juel!

  2. Congrats Juel and to all those whose ‘heart warming’ stories they shared.

  3. I just loved to read those comments. They all touched my heart and made me smile.
    Have the greatest day!

  4. Congrats Juel! You made me smile :-)
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