Friday FIVE for May 14th

I wanted to post this list last Friday, but it didn’t happen, so I figured while I’m away at Inspired, I could share some of the wonderful things I received for my birthday.

I had a very good birthday, by the way — thank you ALL for your sweet and helpful comments.


A GIANT cupcake. My dear friend Whitney brought this over at like 9:00am. I fingered the icing all day and we finally gobbled it up after Geoff and I returned from my birthday date! The crazy thing is, it takes TWO cake mixes to make one of these cupcakes. I’m rather glad Whitney didn’t tell me this until this morning (after I had already eaten a good portion.) You can get the Cupcake Bake Set at Amazon.


Allison wandered into her local Target and found the new Compendium stuff and sent me the mouse paper pad and the set of uber-cool sticky notes. Can you imagine? Compendium in Target–talk about retail therapy. It definitely doesn’t get any better than that — oK, maybe it does. My super-talented friend Brian Smith shot the photos. Look here.


A gorgeous, over-stuff basket from miss Kayce. She gives that BEST basket gifts evah!

I received several books that I’m eager to dive into.

The Book of Awesome

This author is new to me, but I’m already a fan, because his book is the result of his “Awesome” blog. I dream of writing a “Sprinkles” book, so I’m totally going to follow and learn from Neil. Plus, bakery air  is totally awesome!

Keeping Life Simple: 380 Tips & Ideas

This book is only 5″ square and appears to be one of those books that you can’t own enough of. It’s chock full of things to do and think about–little mental pick-me-ups. Here’s one I like: Listening to music is a great and satisfying simple pleasure. Let it be your dessert at the end of an otherwise bland, humdrum day. I used to listen quite regularly to music as I cleaned up the kitchen. I want to revisit that idea and do it with the image of “dessert” in my mind!

The Remarkable Soul of a Woman

This German born author serves in the first presidency of the LDS church. I love listening to talks by President Uchtdorf because I served my mission in Germany and feel a bit of a connection. I love his accent and hearing stories from his youth during WWII. This book is an adaptation of an amazing talk President Uchtdorf  gave on creativity and specifically the unique gifts that we as women have for creating and spreading goodness and compassion. Note: My friend Kerry gave me this book.


I bought myself a birthday present too. I had the privilege of listening to violinist Jenny Oaks Baker the Time Out for Women event. Before listening to her live I would have NEVER purchased a CD of just violin music. I just didn’t consider it ‘easy to listen to’ — but no more. I’m discovering that I can play this music while I’m working. I can’t do that with other music.

I love this particular album that features Finlandia (Be Still My Soul), How Great Thou Art and All Creatures of Our God and King. I’m now eying her Silver Screen Serenade with classics like A Time for Us (Romeo & Juliet), Over the Rainbow (Wizard of Oz) and Somewhere (West Side Story)

Kayce also gave me some new music–or at least music that is  new to me.

First up, What If We by Brandon Heath. I’ve had a quick listen and I like! She also gave me Avalon: The Greatest Hits. I’ve not listened to this yet, but will very soon.


And finally, this gorgeous pillow is a gift from my mom. She found it at Molbaks in Woodinville, WA (if your close and have not gone–go!)
It will be displayed in my new office, which seems to be developing a bird theme (pics coming soon.)

Have a wonderful weekend.
I’ll be back on Sunday with more from Inspired.


  1. The only thing better than a birthday is friends that know how to give good GIFTS!

    I hope my friends think I’m one of “those” girls that will always make their day a big deal…I love to celebrate with them!

    I’m glad it was a good one…and I’m on my way out the door to get that cupcake set for my son’s birthday next week. I’ve been waiting for inspiration of what to do for him, and there it is!

    Have a good weekend…

  2. HOLY MOLY WOW!!! That is quite the cupcake! Glad you had a great birthday Stacy. Have a great time with Doona @ Inspired – would love to go to that. I guess I’ll have to settle for her (and Claudine’s) BPS classes.

  3. Karen C. says:

    Stacy, your cake is so adorable. I have this cake pan and have never used it. oops! I should get it out and make one. Have a great time with Miss Donna!

  4. Marta Valdes says:

    Holy SCRAP! That is a BIG cupcake. I love it. I definitely want to try to make that someday. Love your basket, amazing! Kayce is a sweetheart, very creative too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous birthday!
    Thank you for sharing the hint of Jenny Oaks Baker violin Cd that you can listen to it while scrappin’ – the perfect thing for me because I admit I am not one of those gals that watches t.v. or has the radio on while I’m crafting. How do people do that? They tend their kids, catch up on all the favorite shows and make fabulous pages :) well, not me. SO – I gotta’ get it soon! I think she would relax me while allowing me to create! I, too, heard her at a Time Out for Women and fell in love.

  6. What a great post for a Friday – totally makes me smile :)) Thanks for sharing your birthday treats, your enthusiasm and your smiles.

  7. Stacyjo says:

    Oh, I love Brandon Heath and Avalon both!! Avalon has so many songs that you just want to CRANK up and just worship at the top of your lungs!!

    And HOLY COW that cupCAKE is huge!!! YUM! I’m so glad you had such a great birthday :)

    Enjoy our BEAUTIFUL NW weekend!!


  8. SueinMtVernon says:

    I love my giant cupcake pan! The first time I saw one of those was on Elizabeth Dillow’s blog and that’s when I knew I had to have one. She’s such an enabler! I just have issues with how to slice it – any tips? Enjoy your time at Inspired! The weather should be beautiful if it’s anything like it is here in Virginia.

  9. Jeannie says:

    I love the bird pillow. I don’t listen to music while I scrap. I open the windows and let the birds serenade me while I play. Thanks for sharing your birthday goodies!

  10. Sherri Dyess says:

    I so cannot wait to see the pics of your new studio…..i’m loving all the new bird stuff out on the market and have found myself buying several items also. Looking forward to seeing what kinds of birds you have and how you’re using them. Love, love, love your decorating taste so I know your new studio is going to be remarkable….thanks for sharing with us !

  11. Rebekah says:

    What awesome little goodies! I found the stationery at our Target just before Mother’s Day and the bought the mouse pad for a DF! It was a perfect addition to her goodie bag!

  12. Jeannette says:

    LOVE that big cupcake! I have the Wilton mold like that. Bought it last year–it’s VERY versatile–I used it last year, but smoothed the frosting all around to imitate a princess castle….I did 5 of them for my daughter’s princess themed birthday! So much FUN! I had never done anything like that before….anyways, looks like you had a great birthday!

  13. I love Compendium…I have about 5 of their quote books. I actually just bought a book from Target (Bloom) and didn’t realize until just now that it was by Compendium (I should have known)!

  14. Melinda Wilson says:

    Love the cupcake! So cute and I need to get this for my hubby since his 50th birthday is on the 27th! He would love it!
    Also, thanks for listing the books and music! I like to read the views of others plus it help me “step-out of my comfort box”!

  15. Sure looks like you got some really awesome gifts! And that cupcake does look delish!

  16. Belated Happy Birthday…and being that I have a sweet tooth…the cupcake ROCKS!

  17. Shannon Lowe says:

    I’m glad to hear that you had a wonderful birthday!
    I loved your list too. I’m turning 40 this year and think the list is a fabulous idea!

  18. Karen Greenfield says:

    I love Molbak’s–my sister and I adore wandering around it at any time but the Christmas displays are my real favorites. And tea next to the aviary is another treat. Anybody in the Puget Sound area who hasn’t visited Woodinville to see it, needs to go real soon. Hope you are enjoying Inspired. xxKaren

  19. Melody Pugh says:

    Totally miss Molbak’s. I grew up in Bothell and my mom and I love to go there. I could get lost in there little jungle area with the birds and just hang out for awhile. Do they still have that section?! Now that I’ve moved to Spokane, I hardly ever get to go there. Wish we had them here. Happy belated birthday, looking forward to the pics of your new office.

  20. What a fantastic birthday you must’ve had…thoughtful, creative gifts are the best. Your giant cupcake looks delicious too.

  21. Nancy M says:

    Fun birthday treats – enjoy :)

    Just watched your GREEN video… question for you: you mentioned the unopened packaged are there in your green bin, but once you open it i.e. ribbon then it gets stored elsewhere? So you have another system for storing, can you elaborate on that? I think I could see in the background behind you jars of items?

    I do like the bin idea for corralling all the same colored items into one area. Right now I store everything in ROYBIV order, so I have a spinning spice rack holder, each jar a different color of little things {brads, eyelets, buttons}, then jars lined up in the same order for my ribbons, and another row of flowers, a spinny thing for ink pads. It’s easier to take things to a crop if I have the items grouped together by product… but I like your bin idea!

    Have a great weekend :)

  22. i love brandon heath…if you change love in “love never fails” to God the song still works. i love that! <3

  23. Glad you had a great day! Loved you sharing your gifts with us. The Book of Awesome just sings to me as an idea for a minibook of my own. Love the birdie cushion – what a clever mommy!

  24. what fun gifts! love all the eye candy and fun recs. I’m a BIG Brandon Heath fan- all my boys love him, too! Enjoy! The book of Awesome sounds, um, awesome!

  25. Angie F says:

    LOVE your birthday items!! :) I just picked up those Compendium sticky notes at Target…I couldn’t resist them!! YEAH!! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Totaly awesome island, I wish I didn’t have to came back home!

  27. First of all, I am drooling while looking at the photo of the cupcake! Awesomeness! Second, Kayce has great taste. My teenage son and I love Brandon Heath, and Avalon is great too…I’ve seen both in concert. ENJOY!

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