Friday FIVE for May 28th

Kids are off school today, so I’m getting a late start. I’m actually going to scrapbook today (for a little while) and then to go play!

I think it’s been awhile since I’ve posted FIVE things I’m loving, using or just considering!
Here goes …


Sound Bingo, from Chronicle Books.
This is on it’s way for Addie’s birthday. I just think it looks super CUTE — something that Trey or Taft could play with her on a summer afternoon!


No way. Pantone has iPhone cases. And, there only $19.99 with FREE personalization.
Hmmm … which color should I get?

And you know what else Pantone has done?
Opened a hotel in Brussels. Seriously!
Anyone want to do a scrapbooking event in Belgium?


Design Workshop: Become a design genius in 10 easy steps (by Lisa Dickinson)

Go Lisa Dickinson.
I’m super excited and super impressed with the latest Ella e-book.
You can check it out HERE.


My mom called and said she was looking for a speaker for her ipod. She doesn’t really love having ear phones in her ears all the time — and certainly not when she is driving around. Anyway … how cute is this one from I order my mom one in red and me one in …

YELLOW! They came this week and I love em. As you can see, you simply plug them in the place of earphones and viola — you can hear your playlists and podcasts. I was able to play a TED talk to Geoff on our date night this week–so fun! The come with a little USB cable too, that you use for charging the battery.


I am SUPER excited about this one. I learned about it on DailyCandy kids and it’s called Abe’s Peanut, a kid-friendly postcard serial that arrives at your house via snail mail. A combination of illustrations, drawings, or paintings with prose or poetry, each issue features a collaboration between a different artist and author.

Week by week, postcard by postcard, the stories unfold.
I’ve purchased a subscription that begins in June (for Taft) and almost accidently started an email correspondence with Anna Knoebel, one of the creators–I told her I thought her progressive post-delivered story would have special appeal to my blog readers.

Anna says I can giveaway one subscription!
You have one full week to leave me a comment and share one of your favorite children’s authors or illustrators.

I’ll select one random comment/reader on Friday, June 4th around noon!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Jenny McGee says:

    I love that idea of the post card. What a cool idea. I like Eric Carle. Thanks for a chance to win.

  2. What a suspenseful way to read a story! :-) There are so many great children’s authors and illustrators. I really like Shel Silverstein and love listening to him tell his own poetry on CD.

  3. Debbie Girardot says:

    I love children’s book authors and illustrators…but my favorite would have to be Eric Carle….or Kevin Henkes…..or Marc Brown…..or Leo Lionni…..or Tommi Depalo….

  4. Madeline St Onge says:

    Well right now my granchildren are into John Grogan and his Marley and me series.
    Thanks Stacey

  5. Ooh ooh! I want to enter that giveaway. I added that site to my Tumblr the minute I got my Daily Candy email that day. What a brilliant idea…

  6. Ha ha, got so excited I forgot to give you some favorite children’s author/illustrators. one of my all-time favorites is Melissa Sweet. Also on my favorites list: Adam Rex, Shelley Jackson, Emily Gravett, Lauren Child, Marla Frazee, Douglas Florian… I’ll stop there. I am crazy children’s book lady. : )

  7. Posy Simmonds (satirical cartoonist from England) who has done some adorable books for children – I love “Baker cat”. She herself has done the “delayed gratification” thing with graphic novels – one episode a week released in the Guardian newspaper for Gemma Bovery (modern take on Madame Bovary) and Tamara Drewe. Or Jan Pienkowski, whose illustrations in “The Kingdom Under the Sea” are so inspiring that they make you want to stop right now and make marbled paper.

  8. Mo Willems is one of my favorite authors for my boys. This postcard serial sounds great!

  9. Heather says:

    Please pick me!!!! My kids collect postcards and they just LOVE mail!!
    My favorite children’s author is Eric Carle – his stories and drawings are so cool. But, my current favorite kids book is: Only One You by Linda Kranz – - check it out and your kids can make their own rock creation to go with the story!! It just has such a neat meassage!

  10. Oh wow, the postcard serial sound fascinating… I don’t have kids…but I still want it! :)

  11. Oh this would be so awesome to win for my 7 year old granddaughter. We’re moving in with my daughter in 2 weeks. She’s a single mom with 3 daughters who works night shifts at the local hospitial as a registered nurse. We’ve decided to combine households to help her with the girls.. The 7 year old is in love with all things scrapbooking and can’t wait to have my scraproom in her house! LOL

    My favorite all time childhood author is L. Frank Baum. I have the original Wizard of Oz and Land of Oz books that my dad read to me as a child. I really need to take some pictures of them and scrap the memory!

  12. Our family loves the old books written and illustrated by P.D. Eastman (Go, Dog, Go!).

  13. Karen R. says:

    Great idea! I too love Eric Carle and Shel Silverstein, but Marc Brown is my hands down fave! Thanks!

  14. Tonya NC says:

    I am an elementary school library media teacher. It is way too hard for me to choose just one! I will always love Shel Silverstein (he has a fab website); Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak; Jon Scieszca is hilarious; I love me some Patricia Polacco; Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems; Epossumondas by Colleen Salley and Janet Stevens; anything by ROBERT MUNSCH; Three Armadillies Tuff by Jackie Hopkins; Wilma Unlimited by Kathleen Krull; The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss… I could go on and on. Okay this is turning into a scrapbook page!

    We bought a house today and will be moving into this summer and this would be perfect for my boys to get in the mail!!!!!!


  15. dodoqueen says:

    Love love LOVE children’s books. Started collecting them before I even had kids! Reading to children SO important. All jail Dr. Seuss! Hooray for Sandra Boynton! Frances hodgson Burnett, Scott O’Dell, graeme Base, Kevin Henkes- so, so many.

  16. dodoqueen says:

    Ha ha. Meant to say “all HAIL Dr. Seuss” not jail. Yikes!

  17. Melanie ~ but you can call me Mel! says:

    Oooooh I would love to win this subscription. Every time I check our mail box and our business post offic3e box my 5-year old asks “is there any mail for me?”
    So this would be perfect for her…

    Thanks, for the chance to win this cool prize.

  18. dodoqueen says:

    Ooops! Ha ha. Meant to say “all HAIL Dr. Seuss”. Not jail. Yikes. Might be run out of town on a rail. Might deserve to be. Lol!

  19. I absolutely loved reading the Sandra Boyton books to my boys when they were little guys. The illustrations were just perfect for boys~

  20. {vicki} says:

    Hands down it was Dr. Seuss!

  21. love your friday five. The pantone options now are amazing.

  22. oh to choose a favourite would be too hard. My ds loves dr suess, lynley dood and her hairy maclary books, Anna Dewdney’s llama books and he’s a fan of the fisher price little people range of lift the flap books :>

  23. That postcard idea is genius! And what a fun idea for the summer. Shel Silverstein is one of my favorites. I still have Where the Sidewalk Ends and A Light in the Attic from when I was a kid…and my kids love them too. Runny Babbit was a pretty fun discovery…wasn’t it you, Stacy, that did a layout based on that book? I ran to the library after that to check it out. My kids weren’t quite old enough to appreciate it at the time. I need to check it out again because they are the perfect age now.

  24. My son loves loves loves to get mail! Each set of his grandparents have given him a magazine subscription (High Five from one and Click from the other!) and it really makes his day. They send him postcards from time to time and he loves those too. I have started punching them and putting them on a book ring so he can add to his collection and be able to look back through them. How much fun would a progressive story be!!
    Right now, he is loving the Little House on the Prairie series. We almost missed them because I didn’t think they would be all that appealing for a boy, but they are fabulous. The illustrations are just right.
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. My son love mail. He brings his USPS truck wherever we go, and he points out the FedEx and UPS trucks, too. Lately his favorite author is Jaime Lee Curtis, who wrote “It’s Hard to Be Five”. He’s turning 5 next week, and is SUPER excited about being a big kid and having a party.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  26. I too work in an elementary and I read a great book today called, “I Wanna Iguana”-super cute! I love the book, “No, David!” -reminds me of my nephew. There are sooo many great ones to choose from!!

  27. What a neat idea!!! I really love Tommi DePalo for children’s books! Thanks for the chance!

  28. Miss Niki says:

    My favorite illustrator currently is Todd Ouren for several children’s books. The illustrations are fabulous and the colors bright! Love, love his work!

  29. Fabulous Friday Five! I love the postcard concept – great giveaway!

    • Ooops, I pressed enter before I finished….I always loved The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  30. Enabler!! Just bought two Pantone cases because I couldn’t decide which color I liked best ;)
    Favorite children’s author lately is Eric Carle! We read one of his books almost every night.

  31. Oh goodness, there are sooo many authors and illustrators whom I love. But if I had to pick just one favorite (really? Do I have to choose just one?), I would have to go with Max Lucado’s YOU ARE SPECIAL book. My kids were all adopted and, due to some prenatal issues, have unique challenges physically and/or behaviorally. We so desire to impart to them that God loves them because HE made them, and that labels from others only stick if we let them, that nothing matters more than what God thinks. And He thinks they are special. Hands down, my favorite children’s book and so, yes, that makes Max a favorite children’s author of mine (though I love all his books for that matter.)

  32. One of my favourite children’s authors is a Canadian, Robert Munsch – and I’m taking my granddaughters to see him this weekend! I love the speakers for the iPod – very cute! And the weekly children’s postcard series sounds awesome!! You find the best things to share :))

  33. I’ll be in on the scrapbooking in Brussels, Stacy! My 17 year old daughter’s in Belgium for a year on a Rotary Exchange and I’m missing her :( At the moment I’m scrapbooking her life in Belgium from afar (Australia) using all the Facebook photos she’s posting. Thank heavens for Facebook and Skype!!!

  34. TerrieF says:

    If you haven’t read “The Big Orange Splot” by Daniel Manus Pinkwater you MUST get a copy. Trust me on this one. I love it so much I tracked down a hard cover version for my library.

  35. Oh wow….this is amazing. :) I love the illustrations Edward Gorey did for the John Bellairs books…they were favorites of mine when I was a kid. When reading Harry Potter I revisited them and fell in love all over again, with the stories, the pictures, everything.

  36. Ashleigh says:

    What a neat idea! My 4 yo has been obsessed with mail lately so this would absolutely delight her! Her favorite author is Dr. Seuss. She loves his wonky words and rhymes!

  37. I LOVE Mo Willems and his Pigeon books! These postcards look like a lot of fun.

  38. Jennifer says:

    One of my favorite children’s authors is Margaret Wise Brown. “The Runaway Bunny” is such a classic. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Sound Bingo is super fun – used to play it with my DD (now 12) via tapes!

  40. Jennifer W says:

    My daughters and I love the Wombat series – beautiful illustrations and he’s just so cute!!!

  41. Nicolle Tafoya says:

    We love Kevin Henkey!!! Our favorite is Lilly’s Pruple Plastic Purse but we love all of his books.


  42. I am addicted to Jan Brett. I love her illustrations!

  43. That is so fun! Love all of your Five for Fives. You always have the best stuff posted. Great gift ideas!

  44. Melissa says:

    Hi! This is a fun give away! One of those things I wish I had thought of! We love Anno’s books. I collected them in college, but then enjoyed them so much with my kids.

  45. ooo! that postcard story thing sound sooo cool! I recently happened upon Oliver Jeffers and you must check out his books: The Incredible Book Eating Boy, How to Catch a Star, Lost and Found and for my birthday, I received, Heart in a Bottle (it’s YELLOW, you’d love it! I use it as art in my living room!). Fabulous watercolor/pen drawings and very creative stories. Oh the Great Paper Caper is especially funny and cute! Thx for a great friday 5!

  46. My favorite children’s book as a child was The Wonderful Shrinking Shirt by Leonne Anderson. It’s out of print and very expensive to buy on Amazon and Ebay, so I suggest trying to find it at your local library, or inter-library exchange. It’s a lovely story.


  47. Awesome idea! One of my absolute favorite children’s books of all time is “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. My oldest could “read” it to me at 3 years old because she liked it so much. It has such a wonderful lesson :)

  48. Karen Neder says:

    I just love Cynthia Rylant and Jane Yolen. Their stories are so descriptive and real. Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. Jennifer says:

    What a cool idea. After I check the mail each day he always asks if anything came for him. Since he’s just 8 years old, not so much! (At least he doesn’t get bills like me yet!)

    Anyway – we read every night and my 4 year old is on a Good Night Moon kick. Classic!

  50. I love the Shel Silverstein books. And I also love Jan Brett. Love her illustrations! I could frame her illustrations on my walls.

  51. Shel Siverstein, he is my favorite. Every Christmas my mother gave me a children’s book. It started when I was 21 and still continues today. I read them all to my daughter (she is now 9) I know she can read, but I open the book up at Christmas and at bedtime I read the special book my mom gave me for Christmas. I have read “Who wants a cheap Rhinoceros?” so many times that I have it memorized. My other favorite is Hames Herriot. He ha some great vet stories that make you laugh and some that make you cry, but his love for all animals is so very special.

    yeah, school is over here in indiana! welcome summer!!!

  52. I love Israeli author and illustrator Rinat Hoffer. Unfortunately her books are not available in English. Here is the cover of one if her books:–hannan-the-gardener–rinat-hoffer.html

  53. carol in seattle :) says:

    So excited to see this! I’m always looking for fun things for my kids. I love children’s lit…Maurice Sendak, Ezra Jack Keats, Dr. Seuss…I recently discovered my newest favorite illustrator…Ward Jenkins ( It was kind of an accidental finding. I saw stamps by him (through Rubber Soul) just before Christmas and fell in love with his artwork. He also has an etsy shop where I found a some prints that I *LOVED*. My sweet husband got me a couple of those prints for Christmas. Seeing them makes me happy! I love your Friday Five Stacy!

  54. Cynthia says:

    I would read to my daughter every night at bedtime and one of her favorite choices was the Random House Book of Poetry. It was quite a treasury of poems for all occasions and seasons! Some nights she would just pick a topic and see what I could find. Our favorite: The Plumpuppets…a poem about the fairies that plump up your pillow when it’s too flat and hot.

  55. Debbie Servantez says:

    Oh so many! I love love love Maurice Sendak…same goes for Roald Dahl. Tomie de Paolo! But if I have to have a favorite, Rosemary Wells is it. Yoko is an absolutely fantastic book.

  56. My son is currently loving Sharon Creech. His class did the most amazing poetry reading/play that was adapted from two of her books. I LOVED it.

  57. Josiane says:

    I love E.W. Hildick’s mysteries which are ‘chapter’ books. They are intelligent, funny, and appealing.

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a great holiday weekend!

  58. Cyndi Speelman says:

    That looks really cool. I would love to share that with my kiddos

  59. oooh I will put the iphone cases on my wish list for when I actually will be graced with the iphone :) what an adorable subscription….maybe a great bday present for my soon to be 8 year old…hmmmmm

  60. One of our favorite authors is James Mayhew. Not as well known, but he has a series of books about a little girl named Katie that travels through museums interacting with the artwork. A great intro to art for little ones!

  61. This is way fun stuff here~!

  62. Laurie Cooper says:

    Laura Ingalls Wilder, without a doubt! Especially Little House in the Big Woods. I loved reading it as a girl, loved sharing it with my kids, love introducing students to the series at school…she was an amazing author. :-)

  63. Rosemary says:

    What a lovely idea!

  64. I remember Harold and the Purple Crayon…so cute! AND…I actually saw it on TV a couple times recently (can’t remember what channel). We were always reading in my house.

  65. This is a grand idea.

  66. Thanks Stacy, you always find the neatest stuff! The postcard series sounds amazingly fun, who doesn’t like to get mail? My boys would adore that.
    You might want to check out “The Jolly Postman” series by Allan & Janet Ahlberg, full of fairy tale characters and the mail the postman delivers to them, complete with little envelopes and letters that you can take out and read as you go along. Nick Bantock’s Griffin & Sabine series is a similar concept for older kids/grownups (awesome artwork!).
    I see I’m not the only rabid children’s book collector here, thanks for some new things to check out. At least as a pre-k teacher I can use work to legitimize my habit :-D Lots of my favorites have been listed already (did you know Eric Carle has a museum of art from children’s literature in Massachusetts? I soooooo want to go!) but some I haven’t seen yet are the fairy tale retellings by Marianne Meyer & Kinuko Craft, anything illustrated by Laurel Long, poetry by Jack Prelutsky, The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith (comes with a song to download at – hysterical!)
    One of my sons has special needs and is aging out of the program he has been in for the past 3 years. I am so going to miss his teacher, aides and therapists. Their teacher presents this year are bookstore gift cards and a children’s book that illustrates what they have given him over the years: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein for his teacher, Jump! by Scott M. Fisher for his physical therapist, What Do You Say, Dear? by Sesyle Johnson for his speech therapist, Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Krauss for his aide, etc. There are about 12 in all, so I won’t list the rest, but if anyone wants to know what they are, just ask :-D

  67. How to pick just one children’s book author or illustrator? Wow, that’s a tough one. I’ll go with Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. I’ve read this books to little one for years, but I’ve also used it for a Children’s Church to demonstrate giving, elementary story/activity times where we pasted real leaves and fake apples on a fake tree on the classroom wall afterwards, and even read it to middle school students to talk about illustrations in a journalism class I taught. Would love to win the postcard subscription.

  68. I love ideas like this that can be used for a vast spread of ages. I have a five year old and a nine year old that would LOVE it. Oh and one of my favorite children’s authors, Mercer Mayer.

  69. Eric Carle is my all time favorite. Favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

  70. I don’t know that I have a fav. children’s author or illustrator, I just don’t keep up on that kind of thing, but I think I’m gonna have to look into this postcard thing, children LOVE mail and what a remarkable idea. I LOVE IT!

  71. My Son and I love David Shannon’s books, but we have a new favorite called “Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude” by Kevin O’Malley that my nieces love too. I also love the Betsy Tacy books! I want one of those speakers!! I think I will have to go find them.

  72. My daughter (who turns 3 on June 4th!) loves Nancy Tillman’s On the Night You Were Born. It’s a joyful celebration of life written around Psalm 139, “For you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Just a sweet, sweet book about how precious a child is. Makes a great gift idea, if anyone knows somebody who is expecting!

  73. There are so many! I find myself buying books for the illustrations alone…I think my all time favorite is Dr. Suess. His books always have such a wonderful story and fun illustrations :)

  74. A story that unfolds week by week with postcards? What a cool idea! My daughter is loving the Junie B. Jones books right now.

  75. My son loves “I Stink” and “I’m Dirty” by Kate & Jim McMullan. Very fun stories about a garbage truck and a backhoe. I just love the emotion and energy in each of these books. We still laugh each time we read it and my son can now read it himself. He just loves changing the tones in his voice to go with the story.

  76. Jill S. says:

    When my kids were babies, Sandra Boynton was my favorite, hands down. Now, though, I LOVE Jan Brett’s books. Her rich illustrations are packed with details, and even the borders on each page add to the stories. And then there’s J. K. Rowling; I waited for book 7 in Harry Potter’s adventures as anxiously as my son did!

  77. Hmmmm, favorite childrens authors? I absolutely love Larua Joffe Numeroff “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” is the best!! I also love Jan Brett who has the most amazing illustrations.
    If you are looking at authors for older kids then I would say that I would say Sharon Creech is my favorite. Wonderful books!
    Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  78. Kathryn Whittaker says:

    Oh Stacy,
    I love children’s literature! A couple of my favorite author/illustrators are Jan Bret, and Maurice Sendak. I love their picture books. One of my favorite older children’s authors is Susan Cooper. She has a series called “The Dark is Rising”, and one of the books in this series was a Newbury Award winner. It is called “The Grey King”. A wonderful series about a young boy, and good against evil. The series has a book that is a prequel called “Over Sea, Under Stone”. My twelve year old has read some of this series. He really enoyed it. Thanks!

  79. Jo-Ellen says:

    Easy, Robert Munsch! His stories appeal to my wide range of kids because the kids are always the heroes. I also like how it is everyday kids that usually inspire his stories. One of his stories makes me stop and think as a mother. It’s called “I’ll Love You Forever.” He wrote it in response to his wife having a miscarriage. It shows how the everyday can drive you crazy, but your time with your kids is fleeting and they are always your baby.

  80. Melissa says:

    We love where the wild things are by maurice sneak … I have a max

  81. So hard to pick just one favorite author/illustrator as I LOVE so many! This week though is Arnold Lobel with his Frog and Toad series – such great stories of friendship! Love the idea of postcard stories!

  82. I LOVE Jan Brett. Her illustrations are gorgeous and her stories are fun. My son, now 12, has been collecting her books since he was old enough. He has every children’s book she has ever written and/or illustrated. We have also met her several times at bookstore visits. This is a special bond my son and I have!

    LOVE these postcards!


  83. What an incredibly cool idea! I think I have a four (soon to be five) who would just love it. Thank you so much for the info.

    • Oh, I forgot to list my author/illustrator? Who to choose? I collect children’s book. Illustrator is Mike Wimmer. Author Mercer Mayer, Shel Silverstein, Karen Katz, Steve Metzger, and so many more. I will have to say myself too. I am not yet published but will be one day.

  84. Cynthia says:

    My son and I love the Max and Ruby books by Rosemary Wells. We’ve read them all many, many times!

  85. Amanda S says:

    Love the giveaway. Thanks for sharing.

  86. Nancy L says:

    The postcard story is such a unique idea and who doesn’t enjoy snail mail! I also just think I might have to check into the iPod speaker. Love the colors!

  87. Kathryn Kadletz says:

    Stacy: I have hundreds of children’s books and I have to say Kevin Henkes is one of my favorites. And as much as I love Lilly and the Purple Plastic Purse, I KNOW that “Owen” is my favorite of all his books. Thanks for asking!!!!

  88. Margaret C says:

    Oh, honey – have you hit on a passion of mine !!!
    Okay, older kids – esp boys around the 12 up mark – Mortal Engines series by Phillip Reeve.
    Baby girls like mine… – I don’t know where to start… Katie Morag stories by Mhairi Hedderwick? Anything by Barefoot Books? Usbourne 1001 things to spot series? Traditional fairy-tales? I have a little girl who at 3 and 3/4 is a VORACIOUS reader – even though she can only do initial sounds. She will pick up ANY book and browse it intently. I love that and hope it’s a gift she has FOREVER.
    And favourite illustrator? Jan Pienkowski. Hands down. Anytime.
    Thanks for the opportunity! This sounds WAY cool!

  89. What a neat idea. We are big book people here and make regular trips to the library for fresh books — something that came in the mail would be so fun! There are many we like — Kevin Henkes, Ted Arnold (I think that is right — he does the Fly Guy books), Cynthia Rylant and my 4 year old loves Curious George — although I cannot recall the author off the top of my head.

  90. Kelly Driver says:

    My daughter and I love to read. We are at the library at least once a week. I think one of our favorite authors/books right now is by the actress Juianne Moore. My daughter and I both have red hair and freckles and we just love her Freckle-face Strawberry books. It helps to be able to deal with and accept that we are “gingers” and not the get hurt feelings by name calling.

  91. Robynne says:

    I love going to the library and choosing books with my son. My all time favourite book is Possum Magic by Mem Fox. Just delightful!

  92. I’ve always loved Harold the Purple Crayon. My kids love it less than I. They respond more to Mo WIllems. Eric Carle was a staple when the kids were toddlers.

  93. Ooh, it combines the best of both worlds – a good children’s story and delivered by mail! My daughter is just finishing her first year of real reading and I’m looking for things to keep her interested this summer!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. amyellen says:

    Both my kids have loved Robert Munsch. Very silly & fun stories that just scream for you to use your silly voices :)

  95. Kathleen O. Meyer says:

    I would love to win this for my twin nieces in Oregon, Chelsea and Etta. Just flew out for their Mom’s 5oth B-Day with my Mom, our other sister and a sister-in-law. So I saw them then, but we live in PA and are lucky to see them once a year !! Chelsea wants to be a writer and she cried so hard when we left. (Etta is more easy going) We each have written to each other since then. This would be such a kick to have them win! Wish I could say it was for my boy but at 15 years and 6″3″+ inches, that stage has passed.

  96. Sandy Sh. says:

    When my grandson was a baby, Sandra Boynton was my favorite, hands down. He is starting to read and Dr. Suess is on the hit list now.

  97. Rebecca Brooks says:

    Love your blog, Stacy. It’s just what I need for a pick-me-up today!

  98. Theresa says:

    How fun! SO many great children’s authors and illustrators to choose from. I would guess I’d have to pick Shel Silverstein. I love all his books.


  99. Liz Brown says:

    A favorite author around here is John Scieska and his Trucktown books. My son LOVES these!
    We also love anything by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, especially the “Duck! Rabbit!” book. I just love the simplicity of the illustrations and the cleverness of the writing.

  100. What a fun idea, Stacy! I’d love to win something like this to share with my class of grade 2/3 students!

  101. Nancy C. says:

    I have many children’s book authors that I love. I collect autographed first editions of books from authors that I love. I guess tha author I’d like to share today is Eric Carle.

  102. wendy b. says:

    What a fantastic idea. My 6yo DS would love this. He is always complaining that he never gets any mail!!

  103. Stacy… I love these lil bits o’goodness! Certainly checking out the postcard idea. and hands down? Eric Carle. The Very Hungry Caterpillar warms my heart and brightens my world, still…

  104. Nicky from Canada says:

    Happy Holiday

  105. how fun is that?! love that you discovered it – and shared it with us! okay so, Judy Sierra – specifically “Wild about Books.” Definitely one of my favorites – and i LOVE me some children’s books!! oh, and Scaredy Squirrel is a recent discovery. hilarious. if you have not read, you must – i think you’d love ‘em (what i know of you, that is!). bossy, aren’t i?

    thanks to your post and some folks over at “LOAD,” i’m wanting to take “a Baker’s Dozen” and looking for a place to ask….am i too late?? am hopin’ not!

  106. Great Friday Five this week! What cool finds!

    I LOVE children’s books of all shapes, sizes and colours, but since I’m Canadian I think I’ll be loyal and give a shout out to Robert Munsch as a favourite of mine and my children.

  107. Heather says:

    I have a three year old girl who’s currently wearing her princess outfit over her pj’s (it’s 11:15AM). Her favorite, of course, if Fancy Nancy. Oo La La!

  108. My favorite children’s book is Love You Forever.

    Enjoy your weekend Stacey! Love your blog, and reading your favorites! You find the coolest things!

  109. I LOVE Mo Willems. My kids get a kick out of the Pig and Elephant themed books. They are very fun to read!

  110. My favorite children’s author/illustrator is also the family’s favorite: Bill Peet. So so many wonderful stories he wrote and illustrated. Many times the buildings, cars, and trains in the background had expressions drawn subtly into them – they would catch you by surprise. The stories were masterpieces of prose and insight into the world around us whether he was writing a fanciful story of knights & dragons or more realistic one about the animals surviving their glen being bulldozed. Make an effort to find them in your library or bookstore. They are treasures! I am so happy to share these nuggets ‘cuz of all the nuggets of treasures you have shared with all of us.

  111. Oh the idea of the serial story postcards is fabulous. Our local newspaper did a few summer serials for kids in the past. I wonder if they will do them again. It’s so fun to have something to look forward to – like mail and a little bit of story.

  112. pick me, pick me…I need some luck. thanks for the chance!

  113. Sorry I forgot to mention the author…Oliver Jeffers…I love his books and the illustrations!

  114. Sandra Boynton of course. Isn’t she one of the biggest?

    How do you find all of this wonderful stuff???

  115. Lynnette says:

    How cool! My son is finishing up 1st grade which means he is in that phase where the world of books is fabulous because you can read them yourself! If I don’t win I think I will subscribe. I love Rob Scotton and Russell the Sheep!

  116. Michelle Evans says:

    Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown was a favorite of each of my children. I can say it (along with many others) by heart!….and we loved looking for that pesky mouse in the illustrations.

  117. Sherri in Sammamish says:

    4 of my most favorites illustrators are:

    Jill Barklem with the Brambly Hedge series
    Jen Dyer
    Lena Anderson (swedish, simple, love her!)
    Michel Bernstein

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  119. Lisa K. says:

    My five year old started to read last month. Her first “cold” read was Pigs Can Fly by Moe Willems. She has discovered that authors WRITE MORE THAN ONE BOOK and we have since checked out his series from the library. Thanks for the chance to win!

  120. Good Morning, your webpage design is pretty cool. I like how all the elements have been arranged, and how the page is structured so that it is appropriate. watch v online

  121. Beverly says:

    We just love Beverly Cleary. I know when was a girl I loved having the Ramona the Pest books read to me until I could read them myself. My 7 yr son is getting to be a great reader he also enjoys the Flat Stanley books. Reading is such a joy what better thing to instill in your child.

  122. Hello there! Just dropped by to ask you what do you like more, grapefruit or oranges. Just me and my buddy having an argument :D

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  124. i have to discover get iphone… also folks a substantial mac

  125. Love childrens books! I have two favourite authors – Richard Scarry (starting when I was a toddler right up until today!) and Margaret Wise (Goodnight Moon, Runaway Bunny, Seven Little Postment, etc.)

  126. This sounds lovely for my almost 4 year old..we love to read together, and she loves to receive special ‘mail ferivery” from the postman!

  127. I personally love anything by L.M. Montgomery. My 7-year-old son and I are currently reading the Geronimo Stilton series of books. These books are so fun; fun illustrations and fun stories. This series originated in Italy and has been translated into many languages.

  128. My kids love Mo Willems, he really makes them laugh! I love the children’s books from Amy Krause Rosenthal, especially “Little Pea”, and Peter H. Reynolds’ “The Dot” and “Ish”.

  129. My 3 yr. old daughter would love this-she loves books, and loves to get things in the mail! I like Sandra Boynton!

  130. I love this idea!! My daughter adores mail and just learned to read. What a great incentive this would be for her to continue!!

  131. Heather Hillary says:

    As a child it was Shel Silverstein, hands down. My favorite of all being The Giving Tree. As an adult reading to my own kids, it’s Sandra Boynton with my favorite being It’s Pajama Time!

  132. awesome information. This is a great site.

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