Happy Endings and a New Beginning

We are wrapping up our fifth year of Library of Memories at Big Picture Scrapbooking and while I’m always happy for the extra time I’ll have in my day, I definitely feel a loss for several weeks. I so enjoy the process of watching new students come in, overwhelmed by their photos and frustrated by expectations and limitations that so easily creep into scrapbooking. While eager to learn and change, they tend to be unsure of all the tasks I give them to do. Over and over I say, “trust me” and then in a matter of weeks, these same students start to see the rewards of their efforts.

It really is such a privilege to teach LOM. Here are two especially happy emails I’ve received lately:

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful concept of LOM with us, and your patience as you dragged us (kicking and screaming sometimes) out of our stubborn habits of scrapbook “rules”. :)

I haven’t been able to share as much as some as my computer at home is being rebuilt-(since the beginning of April!) and haven’t had access to anything resembling photo software.  Thank goodness for printed photos.  We had need for some for a “star student” 3rd grader poster and for a grandparents day project.  I knew right where to go for those!  I’ve also been slowly keeping up with making title/category pages and preparing some of the other projects you’ve mentioned.

I’ve always been so envious of those scrapbook pages where the creator took photos from different times and told a fabulous story with them- now I can join them!  I am ever grateful to your process and your genuine desire to help each of us in all our differences find our way through.  For me, it was all BIG!

Thank you, thank you!

and this one …

LOM ROCKS!   Thank You Stacy!!  enough said right, but here’s my little story.

I am a 2009 alumni and loved the class last year. It was a lot of work for me, letting go of old habits and old self imposed “rules”, but I was able to get the foundation in place. Storage Binders, category drawers, and albums set up.

Fast forward to this year. SO grateful to be allowed to be in class again although I haven’t had the time to be so active as baby #7 was on her way. Well, She is now here. Got here exactly a week ago. So my time, energy and creativity are at a low while I focus on recovery and survival…but it also happens to be Mother’s day  and my Dad’s 75th b.day next week. AND they will be here, at my house to help me with the baby. I want to have something to give them on these big days.  Brainstorm.  Two ideas come, but I need pictures.  LOM ROCKS!  5 minutes in my category drawers and I have enough photos to make both gifts. PAS’s (photo album scrapbooks) ROCK! what a concept! my mom will love her brag book.  My Dad will get a canvas with the number 75 made out of, YEP, square punch drawer pictures and pictures made into square punches! 5 minutes of searching! That is it! My older girls are on board to help put these gifts together while I feed baby.  So excited to have had this all in place to let creativity strike when it can!! So excited to know where to go to find what I want!

Added bonus, while in the category drawers I come across baby pictures of 3 of my other girls…an instant more of searching and BAM I have 7 baby pictures lined up on my floor in birth order. I have paper out and some embellishments in mind…the actual page will have to wait for next nap time, but it is out on my table ready to be captured. THIS IS BIG! I am telling you, my baby is a week old and I will have page 1 done for her album!

I’m not perfect at it, but I love my LOM foundation and the freedom and access it gives me to my photos.

Lisa, mother of 7 from Heaven

FYI: I’ll be teaching Library of Memories in the summer of 2011 (one year from now!)

AND, I’m over-the-top excited to announce a NEW community at BPS, for … ANYONE who has ever taken Library of Memories, or ANYONE who has ever read my book Photo Freedom.

This new “LOM Com” will be a virtual gathering place of support and enthusiasm for scrapbookers who want to continue to adapt, customize and refine their LOM system, so they can sustain a liberating, inspiration-based approach to memory keeping. LEARN MORE here.

and finally, episode 20 of the Paperclipping Roundtable is ready to download. The topic is non-chronological scrapbooking and it’s actually titled, “This is Stacy,” because I am a dork and was bent on identifying myself every time I commented. I think it’s definitely a good listen–if nothing else, it is a lot of fun!  Did you know you can subscribe in iTunes?

Have a happy Thursday — it’s my creative day and I’m ready!


  1. Stacy thank you so very much for LOM!!! I struggled at first with it but once I finally got into it I really enjoyed it. I’m still working on some of the things but I hope to have it all up and running someday! I couldn’t quite keep up with the class at times but that wasn’t because of the pace or anything, just because one of my twins was diagnosed with epilepsy and we became very busy with medical tests and medications that took up a great deal of my time in the final weeks of class.

    • The slower the better Mercedes — be patient with yourself. LOM works even when it’s not all the way set up — in fact, I don’t know if it’s ever all the way set up at my house!

  2. I look forward to taking this class sometime — maybe next year!

    In case anyone else is looking for Photo Freedom, I can save you a few clicks. I went to the web page for Photo Freedom, followed the link to buy the book, but Stop and Shop appears to be out. Amazon.com has used copies beginning at $44.49. Perhaps some public libraries might have a copy?

    • Laura,
      Don’t spend more than $20 for Photo Freedom. I believe Archivers stores have some. If you call any Archivers store they can tell you which store has them and they will mail you a copy for just the cost of shipping. I think this (and your public library) is your best bet at this point!

  3. Kristyn G says:

    I picked up the book a couple years ago now and have read it and flip through it often. I have just started implementing the system, but I think I will have to enroll in class to make the full commitment and switch to the system. Next summer sounds like a good time to me :)

  4. Sigh. Swoon. Envy.

    One day, one day I’ll be proactive enough to do Library of Memories.

    One day.

  5. Molly McCarthy says:

    Stacy – It’s been an honor to be one of your coaches for LOM2009. To witness and encourage the LOM student’s growth and understanding of your terrific system has been priceless!

    I’ve recommended to my local LOM Group to sign up for the LOM Community! The ideas and encouragement will continue all year round on what I know will be an awesome community of happy scrapbookers!

    Love, Molly

    P.S. Stacy does ROCK doesn’t she ladies?!?!?!?!?

    • Molly McCarthy says:

      Oooops! Meant to say LOM2010!!

      • Hey Molly — so glad the Treasured Memories girls are going to do the community. They have so much to add since they’ve done things ‘in person’ — love it.

  6. This LOM Community idea is AWESOME! I revisted LOM 2009 several times last year to re-inspire or re-motivate me to keep going. I signed up for LOM 2010 for the same reasons. It’s not like I don’t know this system inside and out, having done a self-paced version of it myself in 2007 AND 2008, too. It’s just the motivation to do it and stay constant. This LOM Community with it’s weekly emails is JUST WHAT I NEED! I’m excited to get it started!!!!!

    And LOM’11 – Summer 2011? OMG! TOTALLY AWESOME! Spring is going to be full of new baby and new routine, but by SUMMER? I’ll be ready to ROCK-n-ROLL with you again!!!!!!!!


  7. So glad I signed up for LOM this year. Already registered for the LOM Community and cannot wait for it to start up!

  8. A whole year!!!!! I was so bummed I missed out on this year. My niece and I were all set to take the class in 2011 and I thought it was going to be in January like this year. ….deep sigh….I will just have to wait. Maybe the “Photo Freedom” books will be available somewhere close to the $19.95 price by then? Stacy can’t you do a “Photo Freedom II” new and improved book. I am sure you have refined it a lot more since you first wrote it.
    then you won’t have to wait for CK.

    • Julie,
      So sorry you missed this session. Are you signed up for BPS emails? Sadly there won’t be any more Photo Freedom, unless I buy back the rights. I’m mulling this over — it’s expensive!

      Not sure I have another book in me at this point!
      Wish I did.

  9. Candace B. says:

    I learned a lot from the roundtable and lots of smiles! I hope I see your shining face on tv someday soon too! or maybe hanging around Seattle! :)

  10. I love this paperclipping podcast :) So fun…i never knew of this beautiful existance! YAY! :) It was good to see you in Charlotte, so fun! I look forward to signing up with LOM COM :) very exciting stuff, can’t wait to chat with the other LOM alum, so fun! I wonder what a weekend away for LOM students would be like????? hmmmmmmm

  11. TracyBzz says:

    I too am sad that LOM is over and can’t wait for LOMCom to start. Can’t wait for my laptop to get back from the ‘doctor’s’ to download thi snewest Paperclipping!

  12. Jo-Ellen says:

    I am like Krystin G. I have the book and love it. I am working towards getting things implemented. I am so glad it will be in the summer next year. I should have the time to do it then.

  13. Ihave Asmile says:

    Is it too early to sign up for the class in 2011? I definitly neeeeeed to take this class!

  14. Loved the Paperclipping roundtable episode. Listened to it yesterday, as I know LOM would come up and that Noell also uses LOM. One thing that happened for me as I worked through LOM via PHOTO FREEDOM was that I realized how many events (a LOT!!!) I have and how bored I am with the thought of scrapping them all. It has been soooo freeing to save the most important events to be scrapped together, but then picking other events apart and storing (or tossing) those photos in my category drawers as I saw fit.
    Toni (who, believe it or not, owns TWO copies of PHOTO FREEDOM…don’t ask, lol.)

    • Hey Toni –
      Thanks for your patience with LOM — you could easily sell your extra copy of Photo Freedom. I actually just got an email the other day from someone who wants one really, really bad. Let me know if you are willing to sell! You can email stacy@stacyjulian.com


  15. Registered for the new LOMcom forum yesterday, btw. Stacy, thank you soooo much for getting that going. Looking forward to July 1st.

  16. Maureen says:

    Stacy having taken LOM 4 times, I know your voice, but there are lots of guests on PCRT that I don’t know. I have listened for weeks, and there are some regulars I still can’t attach to a name. I haven’t listened to 20 yet, but the other times you were one, every time you said this is Stacy, I thought to myself I wish everyone would do that- you are not a dork!

  17. reminds me a bit of a Hudson River School piece..the colors and reflection so soft and warm. Lovely.

  18. Kelly Driver says:

    Thank you so much for the LOM class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I had bought Photo Freedom last year and started implementing all of it’s principles but I was unable to take the class last year.

    This year I was able to sign up and I absolutely loved it! It helped so much and it has changed the way I scrapbook. It is such a fabulous system and it instantly made sense to me. I am now scrapping photos and stories that I never would have given myself the permission to scrap. I can’t thank you enough. My family can’t thank you enough.

    I’m also really looking forward to LOM com. What a great idea.

  19. I’m happy that you will again offer LOM, but sad that I have to wait a year to take the class. Judging by the comments, it undoubtedly will be worth the wait. Thank you for your uplifting and positive attitude and approach to everything you do. God’s light certainly shines through you.

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