Happy Memorial Day!

We just got back from a big breakfast at the church. I won’t have to eat until dinner. But the best part was a talk on the meaning of Memorial Day. I am truly grateful for men and women that have given the ultimate sacrifice and for families that have lost loved ones. I’m mindful today of those in active military service and all those that stand ready to serve — I try very hard not to take the freedoms I enjoy for granted.

It’s raining (which is what it is supposed to do all week) so I have nothing preventing me from tackling my list of inside projects. First and foremost my new upstairs office. This is the first post I’m writing from my new computer. It’s only connected wirelessly right now and needs to be networked, but in the meantime, we’re becoming acquainted and I’m very much looking forward to functioning fully in this new space. I can’t go visit graves of any relatives today, so I think I’m going to paint my grandmother Addie’s plant stand — a bright happy yellow — seems appropriate for Memorial Day, don’t you think? It will sit in my office, as a daily reminder of her!

We’ve had a good weekend.

Friday night, my heart was set on a picnic, which I had all packed when Geoff came home. After a long day of surgery and patients, he was less than excited, but I had called and warned him of my intent, so he was supportive. It had rained on and off and there was a lot of cold, blustery wind. Nevermind. I wanted to picnic. I decided we didn’t have to go far–just to the top of our development, to a little park we rarely visit (it has a picnic table.) This way, if it rained, we wouldn’t have much invested and could dash back home. Geoff said the prayer and gave thanks for “this fun family activity” (his voice btw didn’t sound very grateful) and right then, the clouds parted and the sun broke through. We enjoyed a cold, windy but sunny picnic that lasted maybe 20 minutes. Then we headed home with a happy mom.

Yesterday I got to meet Kathy and her whole family. They were visiting Spokane from Great Falls, Montana, but are preparing to move to California. Katherine has read my blog for years and let me know she’d be in town. She asked about local scrapbook stores– but I wanted to meet her too, so …

I said, “come by on Sunday” and she did! We make so many friends online, via blogs and message boards, etc… and it is such a treat to meet these friends in person. Isn’t Kathy pretty? And while her adorable kids, Josh and Victoria were a bit unsure of the whole adventure, we  really enjoyed meeting them too. Taft made a double batch of cookies–forgot to double the egg though–so they were a little weird, but still very yummy. Mike, Kathy’s husband and Geoff were the photographers and I’m really bummed I didn’t get a picture of the whole family  (sorry Mike!) Kathy, if you put me on your Christmas card list,  I’ll be fine–And, thank YOU so much for coming to visit!

I’ll sign off with a picture of Taft and Freddy. They (with my help) are working their way through the pre-class assignments in Tami Morrison’s summer workshop, Kidding Around. This class is one part of my plans for summer break, which I had hoped to unveil today, but  … I’m not quite ready!

Note: I LOVE these Sweet Summer Scallop Circle tags from Sponsor, Elle’s Studio. This is the kind of thing I look for and purchase to add to my color bins!


  1. “In a way, this room is a scrapbook of my life.” This is something that I read on May Flaum’s blog today and thought Stacy needs to hear this! Fits into LOM’s theme that there are so many forms of scrapbooking.

  2. Kathy Melton says:

    Stacy, thank you so much for inviting my family and I to come visit! We had such a great time and enjoyed meeting your your whole family. I’ll never forget it. =) I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Please thank Taft for the wonderful cookies and yes, you are DEFINITELY on our Christmas list. Until next time.

    Your Friend,

  3. Greetings from Brazil! I found that very interesting. Thanks for the post. I will be back to search for more news very soon.

  4. That was a wonderful post Stacy – it’s so great you got to meet each other. Those tags are sooo cute!

  5. What a fun weekend for your family! It’s always great to meet someone you’ve only become friends with via the internet.

  6. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting scrapping friends IRL from a message board I belong to. Good times. The Internet has opened up the world to us.

  7. I can’t wait to see photos of your new room! I’m organizing my new room myself (yet another move-of course this was 9 mo ago! lol)…Hope you had a good wkend! :)

  8. My hubby and I are visiting Spokane/Coure d’Alene in August. I won’t ask to meet you because I know you’re a super busy mom, but if you could list your 5 favorite local shops I’d love to know. They don’t need to be sb shops…just fun, artsy, boutique type shops. Thanks…btw…I loved learning about your color bins. I’ve organized things by color since I read BPS…it’s very logical to me too :) Thanks Stacy!
    Angela Moore
    Houston, TX

    • Angela,

      I will totally do this for you — hopefully I can come up with FIVE shops. I will think on this.
      Thanks for your comment.

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  11. You are so genuinely kind to people…I love that about you!!!

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