I love being a mom …

of a little girl.

The other morning I was hurrying around the house, picking up. I had managed to get my exercise in, the laundry started and all the big kids fed and out the door. Addie was looking at books on the floor. I said, Mommy is going to go take a shower. Addie jumped up, “Shhh …. mom, baby peaches is sleeping. Addie baby Peaches mommy. Baby peaches is sleeping.”

Half listening, I burst through my bedroom door and realized what she was saying. There on the end of my bed, was baby peaches the elephant, covered up in a washcloth, with her music and her book.

It was one of those moments where I was stopped in my tracks.

My little girl is a mommy, like me.

Is there anything better than that?
I don’t think so.

Have a happy Monday.
May your list-making and planning go well.


  1. :)

  2. TracyBzz says:

    Yeah, they are ‘mommies’ too. Just like you :)
    Holiday Monday here in Canada! Jsut hanging out today, no lists!

  3. She’s so adorable – and so is the elephant!

  4. That is so adorable!! I love moments like that. My little one likes to push her Mickey Mouse in a stroller :)

  5. My DD has me playing shop for veggies today and is calling me her sondaughter. :) Gotta’ love them for their imaginations.

  6. That is tooo cute. I miss my girl being that age.

    Loving your color bins. It inspired me to color coordinate my supplies so a big THANK YOU

  7. Leora Henkin says:

    How sweet! thanks for sharing!

  8. Definitely worth stopping in your tracks to capture and document, Stacy. Daughters are awesome. I had a similar moment when I heard my little girl comforting one of her babies, “Shh, Mommy’s here, Mommy’s here.”

  9. My daughter used to play Mommy and teacher. Watching her playing teacher gave me some insight into what was going on in the classroom at school and how the teachers were handling the class. I just love when they play like this. Imitation is the greatest compliment!

  10. Mary Ann says:

    Thanks for sharing this sweet moment. My little boy is graduating from high school in a week. Memories!

  11. Terri Q says:

    When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, my little 3-year-old granddaughter doesn’t hesitate before answering “A MOMMY.” I tell her she can do that and something else and she “No, being a Mommy is more important” (she has an amazing vocabulary for her age). I am so thankful my daughter-in-law is such an inspiration to our beautiful girl!

  12. Oh for sweet!!! I just love moments like that. Addie’s dress looks so pretty on her, btw.

  13. I absolutely LOVE this – so precious. Makes me wish my 10-year old girl was younger again so I could capture those moments w/my camera. Enjoy every minute!!

  14. I’ve got two boys and then a girl…and they are DIFFERENT BREEDS! When my boys were 8 months old, they made “brrrrrr” sounds as they drove around hairbrushes on the carpet. My Mayci wrapped that same hairbrush up in a blanket and rocked it to sleep.

    Makes your heat full, doesn’t it?

  15. awww. so cute. my daughter has “school” for her stuffed animals :)

  16. Crystal says:

    Darn it, Stacy. You made me cry! My littlest girl is 3 (I just have girls) and they are growing so fast! I want them to be good mommies. And oh, how I’m trying to be a good mommy to them. Thanks for stopping and thank you so very much for sharing!

  17. Soooo cute… It is a wonderful feeling when they copy the things we do….Our daughters will be mommies one day. It is important to set the example. I am loving your blog…. So much inspiration. I love yellow lately…. I would love to decorate my whole house with yellow and gray…..Just scrapped a few pictures with some Little Yellow Bicycle….Cute yellow paper and embellies. Thanks for inspiring me today and every other day you post. Love visiting with you!!!!

  18. I love Baby Peaches name. How did Baby Peaches get its name? That sounds like a story in and of itself.

  19. Oh, that is so sweet! And look how cozy that little elephant is:)

  20. Absolutely incredible. What a moment!

  21. How cute they are. What a precious moment. Love those photoes!

  22. I love that the book is on the color Yellow. Was she watching your last scap by color?


    When I was pregnant I wanted, and expected, a boy. Then I had a little girl.
    I never realized how repressed my inner princess was until Little Lauren came along. How blessed and happy I’ve been with my pretty bundle of pink. We are now expecting baby #2 and how happy we are that it’s another girl. So many frilly frocks, so little time!

  24. OMG! You’re RIGHT…this is SO a scrapbook page. HONEY! WHERE’S THE CAMERA!!!!

  25. Jo-Ellen says:

    What a great moment to remember. When there are moments like that around here it reminds me what precious moments can happen as a mother. They can get lost in the mundane and the chores. It’s like Elder Ballard said a few years ago in conference, the joy of motherhood is in the moments.

  26. How adorable! My 5-yo daughter does the exact same thing with her stuffed animals! It’s amazing how girls are “wired” so much alike.

  27. Absolutely precious! No, there’s nothing better….

  28. That is so awesome. I noticed the difference between boys and girls when I was playing with my niece earlier this month, and she was tucking in my sister’s old stuffed dog. My boys never did anything like that. They’d ask me to do it, but they didn’t do it themselves.

  29. our girls are the same age, and it is wonderful to see you posting these ‘moments’ of discovery with Addie! My little one is now doing the *same* thing, she’s putting her dollys in their beds and playing ‘mommy’ with them and it melts my heart to hear her say ‘now sweetie, its time to go night night!”. aww..being a mommy to a little girl is a special thing..enjoy! and thanks for the reminder to capture this on film so I can scrap it!

  30. AWWW!! How sweet!!! I will never forget my son teaching me how I was supposed to rock his new baby brother…He said, You go wike dis, Momma!” and he proceeded to squish his teddy against his chest and then do the perfect mommy sway back and forth…super cute!

  31. Marge Johnston says:

    oh my, this just pushed the “tear button”!!! My daughter used to do that as well, now she’s 13 going on 21 and it’s a whole different ballgame. Enjoy the moment dear one!!

  32. Margaret C says:

    And there are so many more to come… ! XX

  33. Me too! Love it!

  34. Adorable. Good job Mom.

  35. Adorable!

    I look forward to many moments like that, and cherish the ones that have already come along!

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