I’m almost FIFTY.

Really I’m just 45 (today) but for months now I’ve been saying, “I’m almost fifty” and it’s starting to sink in. I’ve been very mindful of my advancing age and thoughtful about how I’m spending my time, what I’m accomplishing, if the 24/7 effort to maintain balance is worth it. I’ve not reached a conclusion yet, but I’m eager to freeze in time, this 45 year-old woman, so that I can look back and remember this person that I am right now.

Here’s a list of things I know, believe, wonder about and do.

1. Today, the final lesson for Library of Memories 2010 was posted. I have been teaching this class for 5 years. I am proud of that.

2. I have degenerative arthritis in my big toe. I found out yesterday. I am sad.

3. I like liverwurst and cream cheese on bagels when I am pregnant. Since I never want to be pregnant again, I wonder if I’ll ever eat liverwurst again. It’s odd how often I mull over random stuff like this.

4. My new upstairs office is 98% finished. I’m celebrating my birthday, by spending time in there (alone.) I want to clean and dream and maybe even move a few things in!

5. I am incredibly blessed to have a beautiful Korean daughter who is 100% girl and completely animated. Addie is learning to speak in full sentences (I want movie please) and brings me indescribable JOY every single day.

6. I am tired a LOT of the time and I’m frustrated about this. I want my energy back. NOW.

7. I watched American Idol last night and I still think Harry Connick Jr. is HOT (and funny.)

8. I started this list a few weeks ago, with number 17. Apparently I have issues with doing things in chronological order. I’m not kidding.

9. Have you eaten pistachio pudding lately? You should. It’s really yummy.

10. My children are growing up too fast. Clark just got his first speeding ticket and Taft is doing fractions. What?

11. Diets DON’T work. I have known this for a long time, but I have recently proven it again. What works, is not eating junk and exercising with weights. I am currently doing 20 minute workouts on the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD.

12. While I really would like to be “shredded,” I’m also quite OK with my tummy that sticks out (just a little) and I LOVE the squishy middle-aged hugs I get from my husband. He still has great biceps!

13. I keep seeing Hugh Macleod’s art popping up here and there. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. His book, Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity Is one of my all time favorites. His most current mantra is “Remember Who You Are.” This is a good mantra, as long as you allow the person you were yesterday to evolve just a little today so you can become the person you need to be tomorrow.

14. I don’t believe in good luck or bad luck.

15. I want to buy flowers, transfer them to my colorful pots and “summerize” my front porch on Saturday.

16. Rice is always good to me. Maybe there’s something to the BRAT diet after all.

17. With the exception of expensive Chanel foundation and lipstick from Laura Mercier I buy my makeup at Walgreens.

18. I can produce a pretty respectable belch (mother of boys)

19. I also tend to squeal at the top of a yawn and I sneeze really, really loud.

20. Another word for challenge is change–just remove the ‘lle’ and you’ll see. When we face challenges, we are accepting changes. We are in essence saying, I’m willing to sacrifice comfort for growth. We cannot get stronger or make progress without resistance that pushes us out of our comfort zone.

21. There are changes on my horizon. I know this because I feel so challenged lately.

22. I believe what matters most is what lasts the longest. Foremost in my mind, faith in God, an eternal family and the freedom that comes from making wise choices and being prepared.

23. The number “23″ has been my lucky number since the 3rd grade. This is true even though I don’t believe in good luck. Go figure.

24. I need to eat more vegetables.

25. I want to learn how to bake really yummy, homemade bread. I’ve always thought that by now (age 45) I would know how to bake bread.

26. I am going to the Jack Johnson concert at The Gorge (here in WA) on October 2nd. I’m pretty excited about this.

27. Darci wore these Keen”rice bag” shoes when she was at my house. Mine are on their way!

28. I need to stop spending money.

29. I’m learning to like watching golf. Truly.

30. I really like milk. I always have. I like the idea of milk and think of it as the ultimate comfort food. When I travel I buy steamed milk from Starbucks. I also think chocolate milk is surprisingly satisfying.

31. I’m terrible at sewing patches in scout uniforms. I’m just not that kind of a mom (wish I was just a little more fastidious about stuff like that!)

32. Polka dots make me happy.

33. Toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup makes me happy.

34. I’ve learned that some of my loyalties and “love marks” can change. I now like Life Water better than Vitamin Water. Hard to believe, but true.

36. I used to stay up very late one night a week. Now, because my hubby snores, I’ve been getting up once or twice a week very early — I like the extra hours of quiet productivity. Either side of morning is fine with me.

37. I’d like to save  my money for one of these.

38. We have just 4 jars of raspberry jam left in our freezer. I’m looking forward to making more in July.

39. I’m learning to take long showers. I used to pride myself on super-fast showers, but lately I’m wondering why I should rush a shower and I’m allowing myself to linger from time to time. I suppose this is all part of my S-L-O-W down exercise in 2010.

40. I can’t believe it’s been FIVE years since I turned 40.

41. I hate cold sores–especially the ones in the corner of your mouth.  In fact, the only thing that is remotely positive about a corner cold sore is the fact that for several days after one clears up, you have an odd awareness of how wonderful it is to open your mouth wide. I had a nastly cold sore for two weeks last month and I’m feeling so grateful for my “stretchy” mouth skin that lets be take a big bite of something!

42. I’ve given up on ever being tan.

43. I have a favorite water bottle that I fill up every morning and drink from. I would be very sad if I had to use another water bottle.

44. I LOVE being a mother. Most days, I also really like being a mother.

45. I have a really good mother — I think I can never appreciate her enough. Sometimes I’m not very nice to the people I love most of all.  I am working on this.

46. I am learning to wear sunglasses. I used to always forget — not so anymore–old, tired eyes to blame.

47. Sometimes I feel very alone. I work hard and I go fast and I don’t make enough time for friends. This is Ok, until I need a friend. I have some very wonderful girlfriends that put up with me. I’m hoping this year to be more available to them and to reciprocate time and kindness back to them.

48. I am not the person I want to be, but I am not afraid to die.

49. I want to live until I’m 97 or 98. Ninety nine is too close to 100 (like, how sad she almost made it) and 100 is very old, I don’t know if I really want to make it to 100.

50. Life is hard, but it is very, very good.

If you made it this far, I consider you my friend!

NOTE: You can download your own “Remember Who You Are” poster by Hugh Macleod HERE. And, I borrowed the birthday list idea from Cathy Z.


  1. Lisa S. says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a day full of FUN and JOY! Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us!

  2. Stacy – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i turned 39 YESTERDAY – and actually wrote a blog entry entitled “almost 40″ :)
    i LOVE LOVE this list – especially 5,6,7,11,23 (a lucky #as well), 44,45,47 (but remember you are sooo loved and appreciated by so many of us) and 49.

    And let me just say on my list.. is the hope that some day we will meet – because you are SUCH an INSPIRING and super cool person!

    In honor of your birthday – (and one of my favorite ideas EVER) I am giving away a SPRINKLES surprise package this week on my blog!

    And.. I’m sending you a little something to arrive at your P.O. Box.. and it will just have to do until you can get #37! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, I love the Birthday list…Gives you a chance to know and remember who you truly are. Have an awesome day

  4. Audrey V says:

    Thanks for sharing and being so honest. We share many of the same traits. I’m fifty this year, I really need to do a list too! Happy Birthday, and take a nap!

  5. Jessica says:

    Happy Birthday! Have a marvelous day!

  6. Molly McCarthy says:


    Have a wonderful day in your new creative space! You’re list is terrific!

  7. Happy Birthday Stacy – I am so glad I can call you my friend, even though we have never never. Thank you for sharing your life with me! I am living my last year of my 30′s. Yikes.

  8. Happy Birthday Stacy!

    My present to you today is a bit of knowledge to let go of some of that “Mom guilt” so you spend more of your time doing things that YOU love.

    “31. I’m terrible at sewing patches in scout uniforms. I’m just not that kind of a mom (wish I was just a little more fastidious about stuff like that!)” Former GS leader here. Only ONE mom sewed her own patches on her daughters uniform. Most paid a tailor. The others “got there craft on” and used what they had. Glue (reglue after washing), iron-on tape (if you used the dryer after washing, redo) and my favorite of all (seriously), STAPLES. Oh yes staples. After that one brave mother used staples many others followed her example.

    Take a deep breath, take this off your list and let a tailor or a glue bottle do the work.

  9. may this be your best year yet…happy birthday:) please check your email for a few little additional thoughts!


  10. Happy Happy Birthday…enjoy your day!

    I am REALLY almost 50 (the end of this month) and I’ve been blogging “50 things that I’m grateful for before I turn 50″. Instead of worrying about tomorrow & getting older I wanted to celebrate the life that I have today :)


  11. Happy Birthday Stacy! I just did a page last night (for LOAD) about Getting Old at 32.5 I’m no longer miss, but ma’am, fine lines are here and now there is grey hair! I added a but – but there are so many great things about getting old.

  12. Happy Birthday, Stacy! When I got to the part where you said we’re friends I smiled. I look forward to your posts, your blog is at the top of my “favorites” bookmark. I used to work in Liberty Lake (before there was anything other than a Burger King and a Safeway). It’s a beautiful area and I like knowing you live not real far away from me. Maybe someday we’ll meet!

  13. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy birthday, dear Stacy, Happy birthday to you! I am right behind you in age — will be 43 later this year — and I have also found that a lot of physical and emotional/psychological changes occur once you get past 40. I am trying very hard to appreciate where I am, the health that I have, and the loved ones I have with me. Have a wonderful day! :-)

  14. Cathy S says:

    Happy Birthday! Your blog this year has been very interesting — I can see the internal journey you are taking. For years, I’ve followed you online, in SS mag and in BPS classes, and I have been amazed at your energy and stamina, always with the thought “I could never live that way, nor would I want to” and that’s not a judgment, just a recognition that you and I are very different people. And now you have chosen the word “S-L-O-W” for the year and I see some of my life style becoming yours. And funny, my word for the year has evolved into “MOVE” – just get up and do something. Do you know that Carl Jung believed at mid-life you start moving towards the opposite poles of personality traits? Extroverts will need more solitude, people who use intuition and feelings to relate to others will develop more thought-based interactions. I am three years behind you, but it seems we are following similar paths into unknown territory. I hope you enjoy the adventure.

  15. Happy Birthday Stacy! I hope your day is full of rest and relaxation, who are we kidding you are a mom too, but I do wish that for you. I love the birthday list, what a great way to remember who you were at each year. I have a great homemade bread recipe, that is not too hard to make if you are interested. Happy Birthday!!!

  16. Can we be friends and hang out? You sound a lot like me! Hope you have a great birthday! (my 45th isn’t until NEXT year;)

  17. Firstly, Happy Birthday!
    I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I don’t leave many comments but I constantly come away with new and wonderful things! Because of you, I got my daughter a great stocking stuffer last Christmas. And this post today…I have discovered Keen and Hugh Macleod! Thank you!

  18. Stacy you had me laughing!!! I’m the one who is “almost 50″ as I turn 46 in June! Once you get over that 45 hump it is downhill all the way baby! JK Love your list but you really could have stopped at 45 years YOUNG! Maybe I should say 28…I don’t think of myself any day older than 28. Okay, I lied….I am starting to feel my age ;o)

    Hope you have a wonderful day and I am sure your family will make it wonderful for you as well!

    Is your office done for your birthday? What a great present if it was.
    Happy Birthday!

  19. Carolyn says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!!! Thank you for sharing your birthday list. You are an inspiration to me and I love how honest and REAL you are. Thank you for sharing of yourself!! Have a wonderful, blessed day!!

  20. {vicki} says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

    Great list!

  21. I was laughing soooo hard at number 49. Stacy, I really admire and enjoy people who have the gifted ability to be transparent to others (a.k.a. comfortable in their own skin). I can do that in my blogging, but not so much in real life. Perhaps some of your candidness (is that a word?) will rub off on me. One can hope. :)

    I also had to smile when you said you needed to eat more veggies (went to a vegetarian whole foods diet 2 years ago to address some family risk factors and *finally* felt/feel more energized. Eat those veggies!!!)

    Thanks for giving us a different perspective to consider, and showing how to be more reflective. I’ve always been a reflective person in terms of desiring to be aware of the blessings in my life. I haven’t really used that same time of reflection, though, to consider areas in which I need (or desire) to grow. It’s posts like this that I find to be quite instructional.

  22. What a wonderful list : ) Happy Birthday. I love the picture of you and Addie. And, my number has always been 23 too–that was my first softball number when I started playing in elementary school!

  23. Lorraine says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I so enjoyed reading your list. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and humor. Great way to start my day! I love reading your blog!

  24. I recently decided that I wanted to learn to bake bread too and found this recipe:
    It is a lot of work but SOOOO worth it!

    Happy Happy Birthday!

  25. stamphappy2001 says:

    Happy birthday, Stacy. Have a wonderful day. Thanks for your list. Your ideas always get me thinking of my own. I was 42 this year and I agree with you that I just want to enjoy the right now and who and where I am. Slow down.

  26. I think it’s funny that, as I post this, you have 23 comments! Bummer that my comment will make it 24. 23 is my lucky number, too! Always has been! I love that you “round up”, too! Every other woman seems to round down but I’ve had “I’m almost 40″ rolling around in my head for two years now (I’m 37) and I’m so ok with that. It’s all in the attitude. Have a very happy birthday, Stacy! And, yep; Harry Connick Jr. is still way hot. And now I know that he’s funny, too!

  27. I hope you have a fabulous birthday, Stacy! And a great year. So sorry about the toe, that really is a bummer! I turned 38 this year (in April) and I am feeling, I think, somewhat like you: wanting to appreciate and savor, but also wanting to accomplish more somehow. Several items on your list struck me, number 47 in particular. Me too.

    Hope your day is wonderful!

  28. Mary Beth G. says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! Hope you have a great year-long celebration! I, too, hate sewing patches on Cub Scout uniform shirts – but I found this stuff that works really great – try it!


  29. Happy Birthday! I read them all. Pretty cool, especially #49. Made my dh laugh a little. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  30. Happy Birthday!! You are such an inspiring woman. I hope your day is filled with great love and joy.

  31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACY, and oh my I WILL be turning 50 this year and it always makes me laugh to think of it. I just don’t feel like a nearly 50 year old, however that is supposed to feel! I need to do my own list and make a mini album, yes that’s what I must do. Hope you have a really wonderful and (hopefully) relaxing day.

  32. Deborah says:

    I think 45 looks beautiful on you. Have a lovely day. Number 49 made me laugh! My grandfather died a few years ago when he was 103, and it still blows my mind when I tell my kids that their great-grandpa lived through a century! And, you know, it is extremely refreshing to be able to tell someone that my grandfather simply died of old age.

  33. JennieB says:

    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people! Remember: age is only a number, it’s what is in the heart and mind that counts! In my retirement world, you’re still a “babe”. I’ll be turning sixty-five in June and I thank God for every day. Birthday Blessings to you.

  34. Candace B. says:

    I heard through the scrapbooking grapevine that it was your birthday so I had to stop by and say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” I too have so much fun with scout patches…esp. when I have to get the new uniform and redo all the patches! I turn 51 next week and saw the eye doctor today…all we talked about were the medical issues due to age. But hey, we are all in this together…do we really have a choice? Ha! Enjoy your week, and knowing you, you’ll have a great one! Oh, and keep up the great work! Love listening to you on Roundtable. This just came to mind…”Smile and the whole world smiles with you”. And you have a great smile!

  35. Laura J says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy!!! You are an amazing woman and your blog posts are always so uplifting to me…your list of observations was no exception. I love your take on things and your outlook on life, thanks so much for sharing with us all!

  36. Happy birthday Stacy and I hope you do have 54 more!

  37. Happy Birthday Stacy! May your cha(lle)nge be so rewarding!

  38. No. 47 makes me sad! But, it’s SO TRUE! I assumed that after having kids I’d belong to this vast, wonderful community of Mother’s who would be there for me, drop by for a homemade mocha, inspire me to bake more often, etc. I find this to be the loneliest job I’ve ever had. I love that my 4-year is my bestest friend, but sometimes…it’s not enough. And my own list of friendships has shortened to one or two I just don’t see enough because of conflicting schedules or distance. I feel my closest friends, now, are those blessed souls who’s blogs I read every day! So, THANK YOU! You are one of my friends, too! (And yes…I read all 50 statements! But, really…you only needed 45 this year!)

    (from one Taurus to another!)

  39. Well if you’re almost 50 then I’m almost 60!!! Love, love, love your list and you’ve inspired me to make one for my All About Me album. I’ll probably just stop at 55 (since I’m only 54. My word for the year is YES because “no” seems to be my go to response.

    Thanks for making me smile … almost every day!

  40. Happiest of days!!! I’ll be 45 in a couple of months…and I’m also the mother of a toddler (he’s 2) so I understand what you say when you want your energy back…NOW! I often think, “I’m too old to keep up with him!” but then I remember that God gave him to me at The Perfect Time in my life. :) I hope you have a wonderful day with your family…and in your new office!

  41. Happy Birthday and hello again, friend ( I made it til the end!!). Have a great day and
    oh, try Patch Attach for those scout uniform patches!!

  42. Keri T. says:

    You are awesome!! Love you. Love your inspiration. Love your LOM class.(2nd year alum)

  43. suzanne says:

    As I told my younges son (11) this morning, “I will be 45 in 18 days! And you know what? I look and feel pretty dang good for a woman my age who has nurtured and birthed four babies fromt his body!” It has been a good life thus far, and I look forward to another 45 or so – yeah, 100 is way too many for me too! Happy Birthday Stacy! Thank you for being my “online buddy”!

  44. Sheesh that was a fun list – you are just a cool gal! Happy Happy Birthday to you! And thanks for reminding us to be grounded – that is what I think of every time I read your blog – you are just so awesome and grounded. A true roots and wings kinda gal.

  45. Kary in Colorado says:

    Happy, happy birthday Stacy! And as one who is 12 years ahead of you, a little advise: Don’t think of yourself as Almost 50, think of yourself as A Little Past 40. It will make all the difference! My mom & my MIL are exactly the same age–one has lived her life seeing herself as strong and healthy, the other telling herself she is old and focusing on every sign that confirms it (since way back in her 40s). Guess which one is happier?! And they will both be 80 the first week of June–the happy one looks 65 and the “old” one was right–she feels & looks every day of those 80 years, and then some.

    You ARE only as old as you think you are–I’ve seen proof!

  46. Lourdes Quintero says:

    Happy birthday, Stacy! Thanks for sharing your passion, life, family and love with us all. You are fabulous, darling! :)

  47. Desiree says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy. I love reading your blog. You inspire me SO much! I am very grateful for that. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone in my thinking too. I was nodding my head as I read through your list of 50 things :) Hope you have a great day!

  48. Happy Birthday Stacy! You are truly one of the most colorful and all around happy people I’ve ever come had the joy to know (if only by blog, and a short personal note, of course). Reading your blog makes me happy. I get excited by the anticipation of seeing what new and bright colors will adorn your blog, and by reading your always wise and insightful, not to forget meaningful words of truth.

    You always make me think, dear Stacy, about my own life, and this particular post is no exception. I’m “nearly” as old as you, and frankly when I think about 50, it truly scares me. I’m 42, and yet I feel like I am stuck in a rut. Many of the same things you have been discussing lately. Is it a mid-life crisis? Well no, I don’t think so. I don’t have the slightest urge to go out and find a replacement for my wonderful husband. But, what I am feeling I guess, is that I am too young to feel old, and too old to feel young. It’s a really uncomfortible feeling, I don’t really like very much. Any insight?

    Anyway, have a wonderful day, and please don’t ever stop showing the color in your life! It truly brings JOY to everyone around you, including me :)

  49. Happy Birthday! When I saw the title to you blog I truly said “What??” Love the list, esp #39. A friend said to me once “Why are you rushing thru life, is there somewhere you think you can get to faster?” I find that I often have the tendency to rush–and sometimes its best to take a step back and enjoy the little moments.

  50. Susan R. says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy! I’m sorry you feel so challenged lately, but I have faith you will resolve it with your usual grace. I so enjoy reading your blog – I am inspired by you every day.

  51. Peggy Leland says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! I have been a fan of you for years. Your blog makes me smile. I have taken LOM and love hearing you on the audio files. I thank you for always sharing your family life with us. Good things and bad. (hope that is Clarks only ticket for awhile)
    Can’t wait to see your office. Enjoy the day with your family. Hope they made you brownies!

  52. Happy birthday! I love your list and can relate in so many ways. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  53. PS… If you’re looking for a fabulous bread recipe book… The Tassajara Bread Book is the best I’ve found. Here’s the Amazon Link:


  54. Happy Birthday! May birthdays rock! People who have them are extra-cool. ;)

  55. Happy Birthday Stacy!
    What a great list – #13, 14, 21, and 22 really resonated with me.
    There is such joy in the photo of you & Addie!

  56. Marta Valdes says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy. I made sure to leave you a comment everywhere. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  57. Terri in MD says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I love milk too! And #47 really resonated with me. I always thought it was just me.

    As always, thanks for sharing.

  58. Patricia says:

    If you want to make great bread, find the book “artisan bread in five minutes a day” or “healthy bread in five minutes a day”. It is THE easiest tastiest bread ever. Just start with their basic recipe and use it for everything. Then try the others. Did I mention it was EASY?

  59. Happy Birthday Stacy!
    Thank you for sharing all that you do and in the way that you do. I think you need to add a few things to your list though :-) ♥♥ (just gleaned from personal observation)
    51. I’ve realised that telling your stories and those of your family is important.
    52. I’ve realised the joy and satisfaction of helping others find their voice in their creative journey.
    53. I love helping others dreams and ideas come true, no matter how off beat they may seem!
    54. Sprinkles Rock – enough said!
    55. I think I know myself fairly well. I know I’m not perfect, I know that I can change some things about myself and I know that I can’t change some. I am ok with that (most of the time!) I know I don’t know everything about myself, but I’m loving learning more about me!

  60. Kimberly Ann says:

    Happy Birthday, Stacy! I can’t believe that today is our last day of Library of Memories – it must cheer you up that it’s your day to celebrate :)

  61. Delisa says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! Have taken many classed from you at CKU’s across the country and on Big Picture. The news isn’t do a very good job of spreading the word, but middle Tennessee had what they are calling a “1000 year flood,” not a 100 year flood, this weekend. The Opryland Hotel had 10 feet of water in it, in the places we all walked around, took classes and had so much fun at CKU. Everyone please keep Tennessee in your prayers. We are feeling challenged right now ourselves.

  62. Happy happy birthday Stacy!!! I would say, don’t be in such a rush to be 50, you are still only 45. “Sufficient unto the day are the evils thereof.”

    Today I did my final presentation in my HTML class. I did a whole website on Library of Memories! I used your happy colors, had your name at the top of every page, talked about scrapbooking, and making connections….

    Nothing. Dead silence. No comments, no questions, not even a smile. I guess no one in my class cares about scrapbooking. Even though there was one girl who I know scrapbooks and she mentioned it in her presentation. Which other people made comments about!!! ugh!

    Oh well, now there are 15 more people who have heard of Library of Memories, and I also showed them your website so there.

    • Meadow — you are so awesome. I wish I could have been at your presentation to give you a standing ovation. I’ll pretend I’m your mother and say, “Honey, they just don’t get it. They just don’t know what’s important in life!”


  63. Stacy – I just turned 49 this year. Love your list – I can relate to some if it. Just keep repeating to yourself this happy thought ( either to cheer yourself up or if you repeat it enough you’ll talk yourself into it –”Fifty is Nifty”) You have the amazing ability to turn ANYTHING into fun and excitiment! So I have not doubt for you “Fifty is FABULOUS!”

    My Mom, who is now in her seventies is trying to convience me that I need to start “talking myself into – “Seventy is Slendid”.

    So remember no matter what you age is . . . you are a treasured GEM!

  64. Melinda Wilson says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy . . . and I really did turn 50 yesterday – lol! I remember when that seemed OLD but it seems very young right now!!

  65. Tracy L says:

    Happy Birthday Stacy! You truly are an inspiration to us all! Hang in there girl!

  66. Christine H says:

    Come August, I will be 45 along with you. 1965 was a good year! I’m glad you consider me a friend because I lost count of how many times I said “that sounds like me” while I was reading your list. Reading Linchpin right now….very interesting.

  67. Hope your birthday was wonderful. I’ll be 55 in November and my take on that is that it is just a number. My cousin once told me that age doesn’t matter, what matters is are you happy where you are at this point in your life? She told me this at my 40th birthday party. I was fine with my age then and am fine with my age now. At 30 I was not! And looking back I know it was because I was not at all happy with where I was in my life. I had planned to be married and have my kids by the time I was 30! I got married at 32 and had my kids at 34 & 36, so turning 40 and for all other birthdays, I have been where I want to be in my life.
    I love your list, funny, sweet, honest and that totally describes you too.

  68. Happy Birthday!
    (and thank you for #47. I’ve been feeling that way for a couple of months. I guess it just made feel like I’m not “alone”.)

  69. 45, not old try 49 almost half a century (just 10 more months)! I was reading your list and was on # 18 and had to reach for a tissue to sneeze and then almost fell off my chair when I read # 19 – oh ya it was loud! Hope your B-day was great. LianeZ

  70. Dear, dear Stacy.
    Happy Birthday! I must say that you look and sound much younger than your 45 years. You are so positive and faithful, you are an inspiration. I myself am feeling old at 32, and I identified with many of the things on your list. Especially #47. Sometimes I feel so selfish, living in my own little world, trying to make things better for my own little family, feeling very busy like it will never end. But I, like you, am blessed to have a few close friends whom I can count on to be constant, though we may not speak for many months at a time. I still feel like I could be more to them though.
    Anyway, thank you so very much for your list. Happy birthday.

  71. Karen Greenfield says:

    Dear Stacy–check at your local Scout store for Badge Bond. It’s a silicone-ish glue that adheres the dang badges to the uniforms without sewing and I think looks okay if you wipe off the extra. You can also pull said badge off the uniform when it it time to put the badge in the scrapbook. After using the ‘bondo’ and removing the badges, the uniform is not really reuseable……but not having 4 boys, I didn’t care. xxKaren

  72. Hey There! Belated Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a wonderful day! I did a similar list for my 50th birthday last summer [and used the Teresa Collins book from CKU to record my life in that moment - so fun!] Now I want to compare our lists! On my 45th I thought that I’d surely hit middle age and have to say that since I’m an empty-nester now I think 50 feels like I’m in my 30s – but without the kid responsibility – does that even make sense? I know you do – but want to encourage everyone to enjoy THE MOMENT – the stage you’re in NOW – whatever it might be [speeding tickets and all...]

    • Oh , and I’ve been meaning to share [I think you posted something a while back about spending money for kids] when we started giving our kids allowance [they did their chores] it made our shopping trips so much better – no more whining about pleeeeeze get me this or that – they had to think about how they wanted to budget their money to save for bigger things at times- I think it helped them be prepared for college away from home and budgeting their monthly allowance then as well!

  73. She has your smile!!

  74. happy happy birthday my friend!

  75. Happy Belated Birthday. Thank you, I am 45 and will be 46 in August, this has inspired me to do my own birthday scrapbook page. I am going to start my list right now.
    1.) I love that I have found a creatative outlet that I am good at. Scrapbooking has helped me show people how much I really do love them.

    Have a great Mother’s day weekend. Yipee, no laundry duty for me!

  76. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  77. Tammy B says:

    Happy be-lated birthday to you! I hope you had a very nice birthday yesterday! Age is only a number. I will be 40 next year. Many days I feel 60 and some days I act 25! It’s all relative! And I love your list. I think that maybe I’ll do a list like this soon!

  78. Katie scott says:

    I’m almost 40 & am going to make a list like this :)

  79. You’re a very young 45, Stacy! Happy b-day, I wish you great happiness and joy!

  80. Angie F says:

    Happy Happy Birthday yesterday!! :) LOVE reading all that you write! Thanks for all you share!!

  81. Nice!

  82. Cold sore in the corner of your mouth. Are you talking about the little sores with a split that gets irritated, red and swollen. I used to get them all the time until I had one when I went to the dentist. He told me I wasn’t rinsing my toothpaste out of my mouth well enough and it was causing them. Now I rinse really well and have only had a couple since, who knew.

    Welcome to the 45 club. I’ll be leaving it in a few months. Great list.

  83. Happy birthday, Stacy! I’m graduating from LOM this month and have loved it. I’m also your exact (almost) age…I can relate to your list in many ways! I teach third grade and teach rounding numbers so once I reached 45, I thought, ouch, that rounds to 50! Thanks for continuing to be real and vulnerable–you are an inspiration.


  84. Such a wonderful post, Stacy! I still can’t believe I was blessed enough to spend a few hours with you in February :) I will take you at your word that if I read to the end of your post I am your friend. I am totally planning on our paths crossing again at some point. Thanks for being a light in the world, friend!

  85. Angie Ares says:

    Happy Birthday! I am almost 50 (will be 47 on 6-4) too! I am super-excited that you will be speaking at Donna’s Inspired event. I am blessed to be local and able to attend this event and you were one of the main draws this year for me! Cannot wait. Hope to meet you there!

    Angie Ares

  86. Happy Birthday Stacy! Sorry I am a little late. I turned 50 this year–not so bad. I celebrated (eased the transition) by throwing myself into Cathy Z’s MeTAV class at BPS. I wanted to let you know that I am extremely grateful to both you and her for that.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday season and a fabulous year ahead.

    With love,

  87. I made it to the end and enjoyed every one of your observations. I am honored to be your friend! By the way, you are not 45. You have just been 40 for five years now.

  88. Melanie says:

    Is it strange that I JUST saw those Keen shoes at a store in Gatlinburg (on Monday) … and thought of you?

  89. Monique says:

    Happy Birthday.. and I really appreciate your candid 50 things..
    of all of them.. I really enjoyed this one..

    48. I am not the person I want to be, but I am not afraid to die.

    it truly made me stop and think (something I might not do often enough) and made me want to go journal myself. I am a little afraid to die.. not for myself, but my children.. they are not done yet.. I have more I need to teach them about the person I want to be and hope that they can one day be themselve.

    THanks again for the inspiration.. and hope you had a very happy birthday.. filled with jelly beans, Jack Johnson and other things that make you happiest..
    :) Monique

  90. Rhonda H says:

    Wonderful wishes to you, Stacy! May I add some things to your list?

    * I have inspired thousands of people to record their life memories which pays forward for generations.

    *I have given people the tools to laugh, smile, and work through their s(tuff).

    *I’m pretty good at “keepin’ it real.”

    *I am passionate. That can get sticky, but it is still good.

    Have a great birthday, Stacy!
    ANd a fun time at INSPIRE!

    Rhonda H. in Arkansas (mom2h) 2009 LOM Alum

  91. Oh how I wish you lived close….I have so much rasberry jam left in the freezor! I made WAY too much!

  92. Carmel says:

    45 is not nearly 50!

  93. Happy Belated birthday!

    I just turned 43 (but my DH is a 1965 baby) but have stopped worrying about my age since I considered the alternative to getting older..

    My own 3 year old girlie is from China and is also adorable :) I also have no energy these days!! Toddlers in your forties certainly take some stamina…

  94. Girl…such a sweet cute list! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Wow. So, I found the needing to stop spending vs the wanting to save for a car a bit funny. Love that. Also, the belch part cracked me up. I am the only human (also one dog) female in our home (outnumbered 6 to 2), so I understand that one! So so so cute. Thanks again for sharing!!

  95. Happy Happy Birthday!! I love your list!!! Love you!! :-)

    Check out our early customer specials!

  96. Love the entry. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

  97. erin white says:

    number 37 doesnt come in your green! WTHeck!

  98. Stacy – about cold sores….try taking vitamin C tablets as soon as you feel the sore coming on. For me, I chew chewables and miracles happen. The cold sore doesn’t hurt as much or last as long. I take vitamin C (low dose) regularly now and I don’t get as many. Just thoughts for you…give it a try and see if it helps. Great blog…loved the video.


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