Jen Mohler hijacked my blog …

In the spirit of all that is summer and fun, I thought it would be the perfect time to travel on over and hijack Stacy’s blog!
Over the next six weeks (on Tuesdays) I will be sharing six simple ideas to add more fun to any summer outing you have scheduled!
So, as you get ready to travel near or far this summer you will be ready to hit the road and create some fun family memories.

Calling all nature lovers!

Planning should be FUN and being prepared will save your sanity!
One way of knowing you are prepared is the simple bliss you feel when you are able to hop in the car and head towards the great outdoors with a game plan for fun and adventure.

I created a nature lovers kit for everyone in my house, but I could have easily made one big kit instead of smaller individual ones. This kit contains everything that one would need for a quick hike or adventure in the beautiful outdoors. I put all of the items needed for this kit into a simple zippered lunch tote that I picked up at the dollar store. I personalized each tote with some fabric and a cute tag.

In this kit I have created a small box of necessities: lip balm, band aids, antiseptic spray, sun screen, bug repellant, and hand sanitizer. Anything that anyone in my family might need when we are out in nature I have placed into this small container.

I also included a water bottle that I personalized, so that when we get home I can wash them and put them back into each nature kit. Having a place to keep everything is a huge key to saving my sanity!

Snacks are important to have on hand when out in nature. I placed a bag of trail mix in each nature kit. Not having to worry about packing snacks as I am racing out the door on an adventure takes a huge load off of my mind before hoping into the car!

The last items I put in each tote is a nature scavenger hunt list, a pencil, and a camera. This is where my kids keep their cameras, so now they know where to find it when they need it. J My youngest doesn’t have a camera yet, so I picked up a disposable one for her to use.

My kids LOVE to pick up all sorts of things from rocks to leaves when we are exploring nature. My husband is not so fond of everyone bringing their fantastic nature finds back home. This summer I have designed a way to make both my husband and kids happy. A scavenger hunt is so much fun, especially out in nature. The only problem with it is that you end up with items that you don’t really need! That is why I decided to put a creative twist on the scavenger hunt, by making it a photo scavenger hunt! Everyone in my family is a winner with this idea. The kids get to capture a picture of everything they might want to bring home. My husband gets to let our kids have fun without having to deal with the trinkets once we get home. I get to have a whole new perspective of photos to create albums and pages with! It doesn’t get much better than this.

Just imagine all of the fun you can have with these pictures when you get home. I am looking forward to creating a mini album of our nature scavenger hunts, and highlighting the unique finds each person recorded. I can also envision fun pages highlighting each individual and what caught their eye on a specific day in nature. There are so many options for recording memories with this super fun summer travel activity!

Now each time we plan a quick hike or trip to the mountains, everyone simply grabs their nature kit, fills their water bottle, and we head out the door towards a simple summer day filled with family, fun, adventure and photos!

ABOUT JEN: Jen Mohler loves simple things like homemade ice cream, freshly squeezed lemonade, and anything hand crafted. She has worked in the scrapbooking industry for seven years as a consultant, manufacturer, designer, and teacher.

Four years ago life and scrapbooking changed for Jen as her little family of four grew. This unexpected, beautiful bonus baby, caused a major shift in Jen’s perspective as an artist and scrapbooking enthusiast. Simplifying life became a major focus. Making time to be creative became a major focus. Scrapbooking meaningful stories became a major focus. Not losing her sanity became a major focus. Jen shares her thoughts on these topics of her life and art on her blog Dream Big.

Jen is currently teaching a Saving Your Sanity series of workshops at Big Picture Scrapbooking. If you would like to ask Jen a question about this series, or simply say hello, you can email her at If you enjoyed Jen’s nature lover summer hijacking tip you can get more tips, techniques and ideas like these this June in her Saving Your Sanity: Summer Travel workshop. readers can enjoy $5.00 off the Saving Your Sanity: Summer Travel workshop at! At checkout use the code: summertravel to redeem your discount.

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  1. Fun hijack! Love all of the green! Love the picture of that little cutie with the sand dollar!

  2. What a cute idea…might have to borrow it for when the nieces and nephew come this summer!!

  3. What a fun, adorable idea! Since I don’t have kids I might be forced to make those for my friends!

  4. Cindy d says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a photo scavenger hunt. I’ve done nature scavenger hunts before, but like your husband, I’m not a big fan of packing home the pinecones and assorted weeds. And, of course, after my son has proudly collected them, there’s no way he’s going to just leave them behind. A photo is the perfect solution.

  5. Thanks you guys!
    Cindy, I am going out this weekend with kits in hand. My husband is stoked that we will not be bringing home bags and buckets of nature goodies. I am super excited about the photos!

  6. Great idea. Love that it’s ready to walk out the door at any given moment. And all the Green made it even cuter. (at least to me)

  7. Oops. Almost forgot my manors. Thank you for the coupon code.

  8. TracyBzz says:

    This is a great idea! Love the photo idea or even just a checklist with a few photos. Instead of the bags of stuff sprinkled out all over the house. Plus you can preserve nature this way!

  9. Theresa E says:

    ok I LOVE this idea!!! How do we get a copy of that photo scavenger hunt list? I might just have to join your class (although I am taking 4 online classes already!)

  10. Viki Powell says:

    Almost thought it was going to be another GREEN day!!!! This is a wonderful idea, my kids are grown now:( but this is a definite keeper for the grandkids i will have someday!!

  11. Heather Engstrom says:

    Hi Jen
    Great idea, I am already in the class-go figure and really looking forward to it. I really enjoyed the first class-Celebrations. Cannot wait for class to start.

  12. I’m going to make one of these for our granddaughter’s birthday. It will be perfect as she loves hiking, even if it’s just around their property! Thanks for sharing!!

    • This will make a great birthday gift! My brain hadn’t even gone to the gift route yet! Totally single focused at the moment! I have a birthday party to go to so I may put one more together!

  13. I love this idea! My girls would never go out in nature, but maybe I could change it a bit for a trip to the mall!

  14. This is an awesome idea! I can’t wait to set some kits up for the kids, and I’m looking forward to class starting next month! (I’m hoping to keep up this time ~lol~)

  15. Cheryl Anderson says:

    I love this. Thanks.

  16. This is such a fun idea! I love the grab and go idea behind the nature kits! It is a great expantion on some things we already do in our family and I couldn’t be more excited to utilize some of your tips! Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. really neat idea, thanks for sharing it :)

  18. This is such a great idea! I love how you take photos instead of bringing everything home. Can’t wait to try this the next time we head out on a weekend getaway.

  19. Thanks for the cute and practical tips! I’ve made picture nature hunts for my kids before and have nature fundanas that have nature activities on them. It’s great to have everything in one place and ready to go on a beautiful day. We’ve had a lot of rain, so am happy it’s sunny and will be drying out more so we can go hiking more easily.

  20. Carol Casavant says:

    An absolutely ‘great idea’!!! Thanks for sharing…

  21. Nice post…Thank you for sharing some good things.

  22. I saw this really great post today!


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