Midweek weekend report.

I know that technically it’s midweek, but I’m still reliving the wonderful, LONG weekend that started last Thursday and ended Monday, with my Taft’s birthday. Here are some highlights …

Mom and Shirley drove over on Wednesday night, totally cleaned Chase’s room (scary) and helped me make beds, etc.
I picked Darci, Kristin and Hillary up at 1:00pm on Thursday and we headed to Coeur d’alene to eat at Hudson’s.

Hudson’s is a walk-in, sit-down and eat hamburger bar that is 103 years old. There are about 20 stools to sit on, which are almost always occupied. All you can get at Hudson’s are hamburgers and pie and pop (no fries and don’t ask for a straw either.) The hamburgers are made from fresh ground beef (no seasoning, just beef), you can get a plain burger or cheeseburger and options include tomato, pickles and onions. I’m pretty sure the pies are brought in (nothing special there.)  The best part about Hudson’s are the customers–note the tall cowboy with a yellow bandanna and an heirloom vest made of fur. He was quite the character–chatted up my mom for several minutes!

Look at my pretty, pretty sister and mom. Darci is having a baby on May 24th!

And me, Kristin and Hillary. I was super bummed that it had rained (hard) for 48 hours straight. We didn’t get to do my favorite hike and just had to eat instead (ok, I guess it wasn’t that bad!)

We explored an inside mall (found a couple really cute stores) and then headed to The Dockside for dessert. The Dockside is known for their desserts. Aunt Shirley got the personal-sized birthday cake “gooey”

Kristin and Hillary shared the regular (HUGE) peanut-butter cup gooey.

My tummy wasn’t up for super rich and chocolaty, so I opted for the coconut cake (it was divine.)

Darci got the cheesecake with totally delicious strawberries and somehow I forgot to photograph Mom’s creme brulee.

Our first evening ended with stunning sunset. We had a light dinner and headed to bed relatively early!

Friday morning, we walked in freezing cold wind for almost 3 miles, got dressed and ate breakfast at a leisurely pace and headed out to explore Spokane. We got a tour of Geoff’s new surgery center and enjoyed a quick stop by The Trellis (favorite boutique) on our way.

Spokane was preparing for the annual Bloomsday run and festivities that draws nearly 40,000 participants, so the city was bustling and happy. This series of bronze runner statues commemorates Bloomsday and each runner was wearing a Bloomsday T-shirt from past years. We took several silly pictures here — note Hillary keeping up with the pack!

Here we are at Riverfront Park, sitting just opposite the famous red wagon. As you can imagine, we stopped numerous people to take group photos over the course of two days!

One of the main purposes in our gathering to Spokane, was the Time Out for Women event. As the title suggests, this is a very fun, bucket-filling, spirit-building event put on by LDS book publisher, Desert Book.

Here’s a little video. It was fantastic. Here we are posting with our Time Out bags! Kayce and my friend Erin joined us for the event — even though I *think* I take too many photos, I always wish I had more.

We stayed up late on Saturday for our traditional sharing and girl-bonding activity–FUN!
Everyone left Sunday, we went to church and then mommy crashed.

Monday was Taft’s birthday. Somehow most everything got done and we celebrated this adorable 9 yr-old boy.

The best part for Taft–the Taft-friendly dinner of strawberry milk, yogurt and cheese quesadillas. There was roasted chicken and salad too, but they were optional for Taft on his special day. Taft was due for a date with mom and dad, but since his birthday fell on a Monday (traditionally family home evening) we decided to include the whole family and we all saw “How to Train Your Dragon” in 3D.

We came home to cake and ice cream and I fell into bed!

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  1. sounds like a GREAT weekend. :)

    ok, have to ask WHERE did you get your round table? I’ve looked high and low and can’t find a nice LARGE round table!

  2. Looks like a great girls weekend. Watched some Bloomsday coverage – we get the Spokane channels. I need to get a copy of the photo of my sister and I on the Big Red Wagon when we were little and pair it with a photo of my girls a couple of summers ago.

    We saw the Dragon movie over the weekend too. My oldest daughter turned 9 last month -time flies.

  3. Fun! Sounds like an awesome weekend with the girls – we all need that sometimes! I have quite a few of those Bloomsday t-shirts – from years ago. Thanks for sharing the pics. Love seeing my beloved hometown Spokane. I miss it!

  4. Thanks for sharing all your great pictures with us! I worked for the National Park Service while in college and I was stationed at Kettle Falls, about 2 hours north of Spokane. I got to visit the city several times that summer, and these photos bring back some happy memories of a good time in my life.

  5. What a fun girls weekend!!!!! My Best friend used to live in Coeur d’alene and I remember her telling me about Hudson’s:) Too fun about the Cowboy:)
    Happy belated B-day to Taft. I just over the weekend was looking up something in The big picture book, wow he has grown up:) Have a happy day!

  6. Madeline St Onge says:

    Looks like a busy and fun time. Stacey you look just like your mom and your sister has that baby glow on her face. TFS I love it

  7. MaryRuth says:

    oooh… I love Dockside and Riverfront Park!! And how did my Tafty get to be nine??? I remember when I was invited to his 3rd bday party. Love you guys!!

  8. I so wish there was a way I could do such a girls’ weekend. Guess I have to live vicariously through you. ;) I just got done reading The Big Picture this week (loved it!!!) and enjoyed reading about you girls getting together there as well. Btw, I read a quote yesterday that I loved and thought you might enjoy as well.
    I’ve decided that the stuff falling through the cracks is confetti and I’m having a party! ~Betsy Cañas Garmon


  9. Great photos Stacy – it looks like a wonderful weekend had by all!

  10. great post as usual!

  11. Stacy,
    I know you’re super busy, but I have a question for you. If you have time to answer I would be ever so grateful. We have similar tastes in decor and creative things, so I wondered…if you had one/two days in the coeur d’alene/spokane where would you shop, what would you do? I love boutiques and crafty little stores. My husband and I will be wrapping up a two week trip out west in Spokane. What are some can’t miss places that the locals know about, but might not be written up in a travel guide. I also love taking photos. Thanks so much! I’d really appreciate hearing from you when you have some time.
    angela m.

  12. Happy Birthday! I am a little late. Sorry! I love the pic of your happy family at the round table. Love it!


  13. oh my word that gooey whatever stuff looks like heaven in a glass!!!! hahaha I usually dont comment on your blog much but that just totally captivated me hahahahaha! I couldnt stop staring. (ok ok maybe I am a little hungry) The pb one looked divine and the bd cake one ::swooon:: did it taste as good as it looked? you just gotta tell me!!! it just looked teeth rotting 10 lb adding heavenly delicious!!!

  14. Happy Late Birthday Taft. Looks like a fun one.


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