Scrap by Color: BLACK

Today is all about BLACK.

In my video, I mentioned my class/podcast for Finish Line Scrapbooking and a few other products.
Here are the links:

Finish Line Scrapbooking podcast

Finish Line Scrapbooking post

Etsy shop: Every Jot and Tittle

Jenni Bowlin tickets

and, I’ll sign off by giving you permission to purchase invest in black embellishments anytime you wish.
You cannot have enough black!


  1. Michelle Evans says:

    I couldn’t agree more..never enough black (or brown, for that matter!) Love scrap by color!

  2. Another great video! Black goes with everything. I rarely purchase alphabet stickers in any other colors besides black and white because they go with everything and you get the most bang for your buck out of them. I am so enjoying all the tips and tidbits that you are sharing in your video series. Looking forward to the next one. I had a laugh out loud moment when you described outgrowing the little drawers…. that is where I am right now. :)

  3. Loving these color videos Stacy! I sort, think and scrap by color too and right now I have clear plastic shoeboxes for all my stuff…but I think I will outgrow them soon, and I like the bin idea because I could actually fit sheets of alphabets and stickers in there too.

    You mentioned how black is classic and always seems to finish a page, right? I totally agree, and just wanted to mention the scientific “why”. I learned this in my art/design school days – black “grounds” all other colors. That is – it provides visual weight so your other items have some reference point and don’t seem to “float”. It works in fine art, scrapbooking, fashion and interior design as well. Brown and dark gray work in a similar way, but black IS classic!

    Thanks for all your tips!

  4. Stacy,
    I love your color bins and I don’t have tons of stuff so I’m thinking, this could really work for me! Plus, how cute are your bins and it would be decorative too! I’m going to give this a try maybe this weekend! I love color!

  5. Melinda Wilson says:

    Thank you so much for the colors! I completed your Finish Line class at the Scrap Etc. event in B’ham and still have most of my black embellishments all together. I makes it so easy to see what you have.

  6. I love black and it goes with everything.

  7. I love black-your blog, too!

  8. Thanks for the colorful entertainment:)
    Can`t wait for the next video!

  9. Jo-Ellen says:

    I am enjoying these videos. It is nice to see that you keep the old stuff and use it any way. I am trying to resist the urge to go and buy coloured things just so I can have a full system like yours. I am wondering, as you have been going through these bins have they inspired you to make any LOs? Often a product gives me a colour scheme to work with or an embellishment idea. Also, are you now in your new studio? It would be great to get a full tour.

  10. You are just precious! I love how natural you are with your blog followers! Thank you for making us a real part of your life. These color videos are great, keep ‘em comin’

  11. …and now I must go and buy black. LOTS OF BLACK!

  12. I looooove black too. And I’m always drawn to the black patterned paper and ribbon and buy it pretty frequently. Soooo…..why don’t I USE it all that much? Not sure what that’s all about (goodness). I listened to the Finish Line Scrapbooking recently. Sounds like a really good way to make quick progress. I plan to use it to make a mini album for my adopted son’s birthsister for her birthday this summer.

  13. Shannon Lowe says:

    Such a great video! You can definitely never have enough black! Now I’m inspired! I’m going to go dig through my black goodies! Have a great weekend!

  14. Loving these posts! I was wondering if you could show the shelf where you keep these. I really want to go rearrange my stuff!

  15. mmmmm….granola! ;)

    I lately am on a black + white + another color kick. I can’t really explain why. I just LOVE IT. Even outside of scrapbooking, I cannot get enough of that approach. So I loved your black segment.

    Plus…72% of my closet is black. I seriously own 17 black shirts in various styles. Yay for black!

  16. bea medwecky says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love the videos. And, I love all your wonderful ideas. I have copied your color bin idea and it has been so inspiring. Instead of bins I use Elfa drawers. I love to just open a drawer and look at my pretty stuff.

    Anyway, I am so glad you have decided to make videos.

    Have a great week,

  17. Candace B. says:

    I really enjoyed the video! And I have heard that black should be an accent in every living area to help anchor and give weight to the other colors. My mother had black shades on her lamps. I have some black mixed in with the red color in our brick fireplace. But the brick goes up 20 feet so I decided that would be enough black. But I do have black in my bedspread which really gives the room some drama. Also, I love black velvet ribbon and black velvet brads on my pages. Sort of vintage I think. Thanks for such a great blog!

  18. It took me a while to figure out that I scrap by color. But once I did it made a lot more sense! I love these videos! Keep em comin!

  19. Chelsea says:

    A while back I organized all my paper by color and I loved it. It just made me happy and much more efficient (so when I needed blue I didn’t have to dig through piles of paper). So recently I bought some picture ledges from IKEA and some spice jars from their kitchen section and I organized my buttons by color and they sit in a pretty rainbow above my work area. I only have one question as you prepare your color videos could you be sure to address all those papers and embellishments that are multi colored. What to do with them??????

  20. Fun video! Thanks so much for sharing this info with us!

  21. Gail Alcorn says:

    Hi Stacy,

    I now know how to leave a comment on your blog so am resending this message.

    I just started checking your blog and if I’m correct, your birthday is May 6th? Well, that’s my birthday and I just wanted to share how lucky I was this year:

    Two of my closest friends gave me a “Gals Scrapbooking Weekend” at a lake house that one of them owns complete with “gourmet meals” and scrumptious snacks”! We are going over Memorial day and we can hardly wait!

    My husband and I met our son for dinner tonight as we couldn’t be with him to celebrate my birthday and Mother’s Day and he (and his sister’s) gift to me was that they signed me up for “52 Card Pick Up”!

    Life doesn’t get better than this!

    Hope you had a very happy birthday!

    Gail Alcorn

  22. Gail Alcorn says:

    Love your organization tips. My husband and I hope to retire next summer and I know that we will have to (and want to) downsize, so I am really paying attention to ways that people organize so that, even though I will probably have a smaller scrapbooking space, I will be able to organize it efficiently enough to hold my stash, tools, etc. while still having plenty of room to scrap.

  23. Nancy M says:

    Fun video, thanks :)

    I am going to try your “Finish Line Scrapbooking” idea for my daughters’ 14th birthday party pics.

  24. Fun video & commentary, Stacy. In my later middle age (aka, now) I’ve nearly gone goth with the mostly salt with a little pepper hair; I love it!! I have a black lab, a grey cockatiel (he’s got a little yellow and orange to keep from being too monotone in the house). I buy black luggage, lunch boxes, etc.

    I have to write as well that I love organizing by color. When I first converted (to organizing by color), it was hard, but NOW I love it!! I never had the little tiny 3 drawer units; started with the medium sized ones and now have graduated into shoe box drawers for each color. I’m hoping to keep my “stash” contained so as NOT to need large fabric bins. But we’ll see!!! Thanks so much for all your inspiration.

  25. I think I need to stock up on some black supplies! Love your videos. Thanks for sharing them!

  26. Tiffany H says:

    I LOVE this little video series you’re doing on color! I read about your color system in one of your books and have been intrigued ever since. As I scrapbook and craft more and more I think I need to switch my system to a color one like yours. I love the videos to see and hear how and why you do it this way. I can’t wait to hear about your ribbon jars and other storage systems.

  27. I’m loving your scrapbook-by-color series and the tours through your color bins. I’m with you regarding black and white — in scrapbooking and in life. My craft room is black and white (with lots of dots and stripes) with lime green walls and accents. It is THE happiest place

  28. Had so much fun watching. Can’t wait for the rest of the colors!

  29. Francisca, from the Netherlands says:

    Just want to let you know that I really enjoy watching these videos! Very inspiring. I will now start to organize all my digital scrapbooking supplies by color. Thank you for all the inspiration that you give!

  30. Angie F says:

    LOVE the black bin!! Thank you for doing the videos of your color bins!! Looking forward to more colors!! FUN!! Thanks for the link to Finishline Scrapbooking!! Looking forward to completing my first Finishline Scrapbook!! :)

  31. Black is always a great starting point for color!!

  32. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  33. Stacy, when you have embellishments that are black AND white, which bin do you put it in? I have color bins too, but mine are the 12 x 12 cases from IRIS that have the snap closed lids. They aren’t big enough to hold EVERYTHING, so my pencils, pens, ribbon, etc…is sorted elsewhere by color. I LOVE your system though.

  34. Eileen Van Dyke says:

    Did you ever create the Finish Line class at BPS? I was looking for it and can’t find it.

    • Eileen,
      My Finish Line class for BPS is next on my to-do list. I will totally let you know when it’s done!

  35. {vicki} says:

    Really enjoying your videos—Thanks for the tip about keeping a needle handy to sew on buttons—

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