Sprinkle No. 33

I’m a little late this week, but it’s Ok, because I’m sure you can make time.
This one is easy, rewarding and refreshing!


Your *sprinkle* is to find some water and sit by it for at least 15 minutes.

See? Easy.

You can visit a local park and sit by the pond or stroll along a river. You can drive to a scenic outlook with a view of the ocean or take your lunch break and sit by a fountain in the middle of a bustling city.  The kind of water and it’s location is not important. The important thing is you, taking a break to listen to the magical sound of water. Grab a notebook and pen or just chill–either way, let your mind wander and be happy.

I’d love to know where you go and what you experience, so feel free to report back with a comment!

By the way, this man made waterfall is a stop along our trail system, at a place called Mirabeau Park. We often see wild rabbits and turtles sunning themselves on rocks. We’ve also seen more than one wedding, with the bride and groom posed against the backdrop of that lovely falling water!



  1. Funny you give us this assignment b/c I was able to do this on Monday!
    1. The little water fountain in my massage therapist’s work room. So wonderful and serene to listen to the sound while she works on me!

    2. For FHE we took a family walk down a dirt road to a nearby park. I brought the camera with me and was snapping away when I realized that there was a bright reflection that wasn’t usually there. A local gravel/clay pit has just recently been filled in with water and is now a small lake! The frogs were croaking happily and ducks swimming along, the irrigation stream gurgling–a PERFECT evening. As I’m mostly landlocked here I really enjoy a bit of time spent near water. :)

  2. We are going to have to go there the next time we are in Spokane.

  3. Maureen says:

    Does my bathtub count?

    • Ha! You crack me up Maureen — yes, if you keep the water running I think your bathtub could definitely count!

  4. When I was young, my dad was stationed at Faiirchild, I am pretty sure we have been to this waterfall :) I remember many an early morning spent in the canoe dragging my hands through the water flowers at one lake or another :) Good memories :)

  5. Sitting by the water is one of my favorite things to do – I love watching water flow/fall/ripple… I haven’t done it in a while – will do so this week.

  6. Shortly after I got out of work today, the rain started to come down. I grabbed a camp chair out of the closet, set it out on the porch and watched / listened to the rain. Ahhh, relaxing.

  7. This was such a wonderful sprinkle for me… I had to share my photos!

  8. Heather says:

    Thank you for the great idea! There’s a beach/park near our new house that I’ve been wanting to explore. For date night I packed a picnic and we went. We were essentially the only ones there (it’s still pre-season) eating our homemade buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese and soda in fun glasses overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. (I even rolled our silverware in the napkins and tied orange curly ribbon on them to match the fun glasses). It was awesome! Then we went for a walk along the beach and out the pier. Ended the night by swinging on the swings and pushing my husband on the merry-go-round (it would have made me sick but he loved it!)

  9. Bammela says:

    We have a wilderness park just five minutes from home and I was surprised as I came around a corner the other day while walking the dogs to find the little river at the bottom of the sand cliffs just a gurggling along. I say surprised because so many things surprise me in the Spring – the grass growing back, the buds on the trees, the ducks returning – as if I had never experienced this before. I am always so grateful that al these things REMEMBER to do their jobs. So the high water level in what is not usually much more than a muddy creek in the summer makes this the ideal spot to sit, listen and contemplate life. It’s been raining buckets here this week, so I haven’t been able to go back yet, but I plan to return at the first sign of reasonable weather to enjoy the sounds, sights, and, let’s not forget, the warm smell of a forest re-awakening after a long winter.

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