Good Morning Utah.

We made it.

We enjoyed a relaxing Sunday/Father’s Day with Darci and Kevin, and drove over to visit with Theron and Kristin last evening too. The crazy thing (I realized this morning) is I haven’t taken any photos of family (?) So far, just food. Seriously, I photographed the blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs that we made for Kevin’s Father’s Day breakfast and I took this photo of our dessert last night. Weird.

Good thing I’ll be here for a week!

This not only looks good, but tastes good too.
It’s called Banana Split cake and Darci got the recipe from this segment from the morning show, Good Things Utah.

The sun is shining and cousins are already outside playing. I’m taking Trey and Taft over to Cougar and Hillary’s house this morning (so they can spend a couple of days with Payton and Julian.)

I’m meeting Wendy and Angie today for lunch. Fun.


  1. Banana split cake! That looks delicious.

  2. Waving a friendly Utah hello! ;)

  3. Welcome to Utah! (I’m waving hi to you from Jordan Commons in Sandy where I work). Weather is great right now for your visit. P.S. Happy First day of Summer and National Skateboard Day (as my 9-yr-old son would say).

  4. Jen Collins says:

    I went to check out the recipe for banana split cake… the one you have pictured looks WAAAAY better than the one on the Good Things Utah page! lol

  5. Hugs to Darci and squeezes to that precious little {fresh} new babe of hers! You had me at Banana Split Cake- sounds like a perfect summertime dessert!

  6. Karen Schmidt says:

    I’m all in on the dessert. would you want to share the recipe? Make sure you take body parts pictures of the baby. example hands, feet, ears, nose,etc… I did this with my three kids and is just love them. I can go back and say look how little you were. have a great time.

  7. wow – so glad you are having fantastic family time – but try to make time to take family shots with new Tatum! my ds is already 10 weeks old and i regret not taking a few more along the way – shes already well past the newborn stage , enjoy your travels :>

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