I have LOTS of ideas.

I wish I had LOTS of energy to match all of my ideas. I’m working on this.
In the meantime, I have LOTS of help from our great team at Big Picture Scrapbooking and we are implementing
some of my ideas this week on our Scrap BIG blog.

It’s OK with me if you skip this little video.
Once more, I’ve made a fool of myself–but then, I do that quite often and quite well.

In any case, I hope you’ll visit the BPS blog this week (every day even) and take part in the ideas we’re implementing.
We do know how to have FUN.

Happy Monday.
p.s. Kayce and I have meetings all day today and tomorrow, that will undoubtedly produce even more ideas to implement. Love that!

And … I forgot to post on Friday, our winner in the Abe’s Peanut giveaway.
It’s Kym, from Michigan, who posted this comment on May 28th, at 4:05 pm.

Oh wow….this is amazing. :) I love the illustrations Edward Gorey did for the John Bellairs books…they were favorites of mine when I was a kid. When reading Harry Potter I revisited them and fell in love all over again, with the stories, the pictures, everything.



  1. Oh Stacy!! Yoiu are just to cute and so fun!

    • Just after I posted, I read this and had to post it here.
      “Most people are much more unusual and complicated and eccentric and playful and creative than they have time to express.” ~Oliver Herring

  2. I hope you know that “YOU ROCK” You are the FUN-shine in my day. I LOVE your energy, scrapwise and otherwise. Thank you.

  3. Ok — you totally make me laugh — going now to BPS to check out your ideas — have not steered me wrong yet, I am looking forward to what I am going to find there!

  4. Stacy – you crack me up!! Great video…I check out the BPS blog along with yours every day…heading there now!

  5. BPS BLOG?????? How come I didn’t know about this BLOG? I’m on BPS all the stinkin’ time for my LOM classes and stuff!!!!!!! ACK!!!!!!!!!

    BTW…the video was HILARIOUS and OF COURSE I had to watch it!!!!!!
    (No more waiting…I’m off to see the OTHER video on BPS!!!)

  6. I just posted a layout. I love letter stickers too!

  7. When you find the secret to having enough energy to implement all your ideas, will you please share that?!?!
    I didn’t know BPS had a blog either! I am on the site all time taking lots of classes! I just subscribed!
    Looking forward to more ideas!

  8. You are cute. I had no clue BPS had a blog either! Thanks for sharing about it!

  9. Stacy, There must be a little photo of you next to the word FUN in the dictionary! Seriously, you even crack up my teenage daughter!
    P.S. I have thoroughly enjoyed your scrap by color videos!!! They have me itching to reorganize my scrap supplies. I am totally a scrap by color person, so your color drawers really inspire me!
    Thanks for sharing <3

  10. Laura J says:

    Ok, haven’t gone over to the BPS blog yet, because I just HAD to comment after watching the little video…Stacy, you made me SMILE! Thanks for spreading around some JOY!!!!

  11. Stacy – love you, love what you stand for! I do have a question about the color organization: what do you do with things like stickers, rub-ons, etc. that either are very multi-colored,or theme oriented (like school), etc. – things that are not one-color dominate? I organize my paper by color, my letters by color…now I need to do everything else!

    Thanks again for everything you do for scrapbooking!

  12. you are a nut! what a fun way to inspire! I love it…now off to make a fun letter sticker layout! :) I just bought some fun green ones yesterday too!

  13. thanks for the fun & inspiration – i made a page about adventures & band-aids :)

  14. You are adorable! Thanks for sharing the goofy :)

  15. You are so cute. You DO have lots of ideas – good ones!! I wanted to share with you what we are doing out of some of your ideas!

    I have two boys, 2 and 5 years old. I wanted some fun for my 5 year old – some on his own, some with me. I made a summer bingo card with all fun, independent (from me, not from his brother) activities – a lot is stuff he does all the time but forgets are options, some are a “gentle shove” in the right direction from Mom. Then I made a jar of painted popsicle sticks with activities that he needs me for. For his bingo “prize” he gets to pick a popsicle stick fun thing. We’ve just started using them but it’s fun!

    Here are pictures :)
    Summer Bingo: http://deannam.blogspot.com/2010/06/summer-bingo.html
    Popsicle Fun: http://deannam.blogspot.com/2010/06/popsicle-fun.html

    Thanks SO much for all the inspiration!

  16. Molly McCarthy says:

    Stacy – As always I ADORE your enthusiasm and ideas!! Miss you!

    Big Hugs!!

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