I have the BEST ideas!

If you’ve visited the Big Picture Scrapbooking blog this week,
then you know that *I think* I have the BEST ideas.

Yesterday, I sent this stack of letter stickers to Jenifer Pease, for sharing her letter-sticker layout in our BPS gallery.
I’m certain she is now on board with my ideas!

Seriously, I’m having¬† a blast following the series of goofy videos Kayce and I made to introduce several new themes and projects at BPS. Here’s a recap:

Tuesday Tips.

If it makes life easier, we want to hear about it!
Women are notorious for coming up with ways to do things faster, cheaper and better. We are tip hounds and tip junkies. The best things about tips–beyond the solutions they provide is the potential they have to help others, so we’ve decided to reward our tip-sharing readers.

Email your tip to tips@bigpicturescrapbooking.com and if we select and post it, you’ll WIN a $10 gift certificate to use in purchasing your next class.

Student Stories

We want to know your story!
We want to hear stories about your efforts to tell stories. Clear as mud? Everyone has a story to tell–of course, the story your most qualified to tell is your own. Once you decide to embark on the journey we call scrapbooking, life begins to unfold in wonderfully insightful ways. We want the world to know the difference a scrapbooking mindset makes and so we’re now collecting your video stories. Visit our video submissions page to learn more. If we feature your story somehow, we will reward you with a $20 gift certificate to use in purchasing your next class.

First Day Fridays

The early bird, gets the cash!
BPS classes always open and are refreshed on Thursdays. I’m a Thursday child, so I’ve always loved Thursdays–but now, they are hands-down my favorite workday–but what’s so amazing about Thursdays is what they elicit from our very active BPS students: Sheer productivity! I’m utterly floored sometimes by the amount of creativity that is exercised and posted in our classroom galleries by Friday mornings, so I decided we should recognize this impressive effort by our students. Each Friday morning, we’ll scour the galleries of our classrooms and randomly select something to share on our blog. When we do, that student will receive a $20 gift certificate to spend on their next class!

On the home front, life continues to be extra challenging lately. There are so many people I love that are dealing with major stress and trials and sometimes the emotional weight of it all is crushing. This on top of what I think is stupid hormonal imbalances (more on this soon) is driving me nuts and creating crazy roller-coaster mood swings. I’ve been praying and listening to several podcasts and conference talks over and over — thankfully, this always put me back in a good place. One quote (from Julie Beck) that I play over and over again in my mind is this:

“Despite popular media messages to the contrary, no one is rich enough,
beautiful enough, or clever enough to avoid a mortal experience.”

It’s so true. We are all here on earth to be tested, so that we can hopefully choose to learn and progress personally and collectively. I was especially grateful this week when my blog reader, June left me a link to an NPR story on a movement to adopt a Gross National Happiness or GNH as a way to enhance or perhaps even replace current economic indicators wrapped up in the Gross Domestic Product. This audio clip is just over 3 minutes long and well worth your time.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I’ve been following your ‘great ideas’ series and what great ideas they are!!!
    I listened to the NPR story, very interesting.
    Here is an article that I found interesting and thought you might like it too.
    Happiness May Come With Age is the title of this one.

  2. Stacy
    Thanks so much for this post!! I will write that quote down and refer to it! :) We all need to be reminded sometimes that it’s not always going to be easy, sunshine & roses and it will still be OK. Looking forward to your last color bins!! I had containers ready to try out today…was just going to do 2 colors and they won’t hold 12×12 paper so I will use the containers for something else and try again! :) I guess you store your paper separately…maybe I’ll have to rethink the containers! Now I feel like I’m babbling…Oops! :) Hmmmm! Oh, well…back to rearranging my girls’ room so they can sleep in their beds tonight! I will think about my color bins while working!

  3. Very cool alpha giftie.

    I feel your pain on the homefront. I have to think harder than ever before I display a reaction to even the smallest of things. I just keep reminding myself that it’s part of being a woman, and I LOVE being a woman. Small price to pay for the coolest job on earth. Have a great weekend.

  4. I need to get myself a little notebook to start jotting things down for journaling later. Like my DD crying that a friend was moving and we need to get the GPS to find her. Little things that I will forget in the next busy day, but want to remember forever.

  5. Hang in there Stacy! You have an amazingly busy life and many challenges – just by virtue of having 5 children, not to mention all the work you do with BPS etc. I’ve been where you are on the mood swings/hormonal thing and it is tough. This time of life always seems to coincide with other major challenges and sometimes you think you are losing your mind. Exercise, yoga, and meditation definitely help – but sometimes you lose it. Then you have to regroup and keep on keeping on.

  6. Farrell’s!!! I didn’t know those were still around. We used to go there for birthdays and they would play the big bass drum as they would sing to you! Thanks for the happy memory.

    My favorite summer book would also involve swimming/water play. Just one more idea for you!

  7. Shannon says:

    I love the idea of storing supplies by color. That is just how I think! Now if I can find the time & space to do this myself…

    Also, just saw the post about your books – I’d LOVE copies of both! I just haven’t been able to justify the crazy prices I’ve come across online. PLEASE make them available!!!

    I just love reading your blog – it always puts me in a positive frame of mind – Thanks!

  8. Stacy…

    First and foremost… I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE just about everything you write, create and do. You are a total inspiration to myself and I know many others.
    That said…I just wanted to thank you today for writing this:
    “There are so many people I love that are dealing with major stress and trials and sometimes the emotional weight of it all is crushing.”
    I am dealing with very similar feelings and you put it to words perfectly.

  9. Hi Stacy …. When do we get to see the finished room addition????

    Love your blog :0)

  10. Don’t forget to include favorite place section in the book. When I’m very tense and having trouble sleeping because my mind won’t shut off I go back to that place and moment in time I loved when I was 15. I was at camp in a 4-person platform tent. I had the one on the northeast corner facing the lake. It’s mid-afternoon, very hot and muggy but there’s a cool breeze as if just before a rainstorm. I’m on my cot taking some “quiet time” before the helping to get ready for dinner (I was a camp aide at that point) in the camp kitchen. Pretty soon I’m out cold and well rested the next day.

    My mother used to walk through her house mentally and pull down the shades. When she was done locking the front door she was asleep.

    These types of memories need to be included somewhere as well. See if you can remember or get feedback from everyone on how they self comfort themselves into a place of peace. It will be quite enlightening.

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