If you have ever …

felt unsure of yourself as a human being attempting creative expression of any kind,

watch this.
I’ve watched and/or listened to it about five times now.
Zack’s message makes me happy.

I’m so very grateful that Allison Tyler Jones told me about Zack Arias, so that I would Google him and find this.


  1. Thanks for posting the video! It made me really look at my life and think “will this matter 10 or 20 or even 1 year from now?” I have wasted too much time on stuff that doesn’t matter…….

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, Stacy! You have no idea how much I needed that today. I have been feeling sorry for myself lately, feel like the worst photographer ever. This has inspired me to just take pictures again!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this video!! This is what I needed right now in my life. I am on that road of transformation right now, and have been at a stand still for awhile. I have saved this so that I can go back and listen/watch whenever I want/need. Thanks again.

  4. WOW! What a message!

    I have been trying to redefine myself as a crafter for a couple of years now, unsuccessfully! Not so much trying to change what I do, but how I go about doing it. I have entered the world of Mommyhood, and that role/world is about to get bigger (or rather I’M getting bigger anyway!) and I keep thinking “HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS WITH TWO OF THEM???” ‘This’ being scarpbooking, stamping, quilting, whatever inspires me. I find that it’s all such a long, laborious and slow process now with no real sense of accomplishment. How to do it, get it done, find the energy, the time…AAAACK!

    And yet, I have this amazing new family. And I’m SO LUCKY to be at home with them watching them grow each day. So, maybe just taking the photos and socking them away for now is ok?! OH, but how to quell that crafter’s need to create that’s storming inside of me?????

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring video.

  5. This video is so amazingly powerful and beautiful. I first saw it last year…. And I tHank you so very much for reminding me to watch it again. I’m left refreshed and energized.

  6. Audrey V says:

    Wow! What an incredible message. Thank you so much for sharing, I totally needed to hear that!

  7. OK…I just had to come back and say this… Today I restarted the LOM class (No! I couldn’t wait for tomorrow’s LOM Community message to be sent!!!), trying to get myself BACK into a process that I never really got back into this 2010 session. And I relistened to “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. And OMG! It’s ALSO an AWESOME MESSAGE regarding the creative process and letting go. OK…specific to scrapbooking, but I don’t think I really HEARD it before.

    So, between today’s Zack Arias message and YOUR message…WOW!
    I’m ready to forgive myself and MOVE ON!!!! and JUST DO IT!!!!!
    It must have been “meant” for me to “hear” finally, to have this double-up experience!

    • Kasi,
      I love moments of synchronicity — I bet you needed to hear both messages today. So very glad you did!

  8. Kathy Jo Camacaho says:

    That was amazing! Thank you. What keeps spinning around in my head is, when I’m flat on my back at 80, have I said what I wanted to say. Will my books speak of my life. I’m hoping they do.

  9. Angie F says:

    Stacy – Thank you so much for posting this video! I love Zack Arias now!! I would like to suck less!! :) Heartfelt, funny, inspiring and reassuring! WOW!! :)

  10. I really really try to look at my life in a similar manner. In fact, my blog messages are based on it, glass half full in the seasons of my own life, being watchful so I don’t miss the daily blessings that are placed right before me. I like how he took his creative point (photography) and allowed it to serve as an analogy for our lives in general, reminding us that expectations, life in the fast lane, the ebb and flow of seasons, and even states of depression can potentially rob us of the joy that is ours to receive. Perspective is POWERFUL. I often wish I could help struggling loved ones to “wear” a different point of view (and I too can use that reminder occasionally). It certainly is worth challenging our own selves to try. Thanks for this, Stacy. I enjoyed watching.

  11. Catharine says:

    Perfect timing for me! Thanks Stacy for taking the time to share this link.

  12. Bec_Kilgore says:

    Wow. Thank you for turning us on to this.

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