I’m wondering …

if I couldn’t just quit my life, move in with Darci and live happily ever after. I’m just kidding of course, but how completely refreshing is it to hang out with your sister, feel the unconditional love of family, and talk about important things while you empty the dishwasher and feed children cold cereal. I think part of the charm of it all is that I’m reliving a stage of life that for the most part I’ve moved past and I sense the wisdom that I’ve gained and I can remind Darci that it’s all worth it and that it really does fly by.

I took a few pictures of mama and baby. These are my favorites.

I also attempted (key word) to do the fun feet shot that you see so often. It is much harder than you might suspect!

But, even with a less than perfect outcome, you do capture the cuteness of children’s feet.

Yesterday, we shopped (for as long as you can shop with five little ones under seven.) We did Target and Old Navy and DownEast Basics

This is my FUN new stack of shirts and sweaters.

We then ate lunch at a most delicious place, called Paradise Bakery. Just look at this gorgeous salad …

Mmmm. I have got to figure out how to get one of these in Liberty Lake!

More fun today …


  1. Jeanne Ann says:

    That salad looks surprising like the Strawberry Poppyseed salad from Panera Bread. If you have one of those in WA then you are in luck! They are awesome!

  2. Heather says:

    Oh my that salda looks wonderful. Sounds like you are having a mmarvelous time with family — I am spending family time too this week — just back from picking black raspberries — yumm!!!

  3. I love Paradise Bakery too. Enjoy your time here in Utah. The weather has been gorgeous.

  4. bea medwecky says:

    That is the most adorable baby. You are so right. Life with little ones goes by in a flash.

  5. Talking about important things while you empty the dishwasher and feed children cold cereal sounds like my kind of life. I can see the temptation to quit your own ; )

  6. When I eat wonderful food I write down what was in it and experiment at home untill i get it how I want. I´m sure you could do that with this salat :-)


  7. Where did Darci get her necklace?

  8. Karen Schmidt says:

    Its amazing how fast little ones grow. I’m going to have to do the feet thing now that I seen yours. The baby is sooooo cute. Don’t forget about taking baby parts pictures at about 5 weeks old.

    continue having a great summer vacation with family, they are the best.

  9. Yum! You get one to LL, and I’ll meet you there for lunch. :)

  10. I am glad you are having fun here in Ut. I LOVE Paradise bakery. If you could get one by you, you would be so stinkin famous!!

  11. Pictures are simply gorgeous!!!! Love that feeling of being with family!!! Enjoy this time!

  12. I am feeling a bit baby jealous right now. I keep thinking I need another tiny newborn to snuggle, but my 13 month old is still sweet enough to snuggle…. for a minute :)

    Babies, food and shopping – What a perfect day!

  13. that salad looks delicious and the pics of Darci and her sweet little baby are just gorgeous. Love the feet pic too

  14. Wonderful pics!! Babies are so dang cute, aren’t they?? My little one is growing so fast….almost 2 now :( The salad does look a lot like Panera Bread…….I love that place :)
    Also….I think I need to take a funny feet pic of my kids…..too cute!

  15. Yum! Yes, the salad looks great, but the sandwich and cookie doesn’t look too shabby either! Glad you’re enjoying your time in Utah. Keep taking lots of pictures.

  16. {vicki} says:

    How was the salad? Looks absolutely YUMMY!
    and so did those wittle footsies!

  17. That salad looks really good. Mmmmmmmm! cute stack of shirts/sweaters.
    Loving the photos from your trip.

  18. Aren’t sisters wonderful??? I love hanging out with mine, too. (This is also why I continue to be sad that I only had one girl…I can’t imagine going through life without a sister. Sniff.)

    Darci’s baby looks so sweet!

  19. I feel ya girl. Sister’s are amazing, eh?! I still wish I could be back in Utah with mine. Had so much joy and peace in her home for two weeks! I think Utah is just magical. Babies are amazing. Those feet…awwhhh! I just LOVE little feet. Too too cute. Don’t ya just want to kiss on em?! I do! XOXO

  20. Precious photos and that baby is just beautiful. Thanks for the info on Down East Basics. I’ve never heard of it, but after looking online I think I’ll be ordering!

  21. Babies do make us all feel wonderful!

  22. I am so jealous … Paradise Bakery and I have a long time love affair. They have…hands down… THE Worlds best sugar cookie. I mean it’s like crack!! lol not that I’d know what that’s like…lol… but theyre so good. Have just one and youre hooked. There arent any around me anymore but I did find their recipe online and make them from time to time

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