Jen Mohler on roadtrips!

Hello again.
This is the last time I will hijack Stacy’s blog (at least for the time being.)
I have ONE more idea, and TWO great resources to share with you.

Perhaps you’ve realized this by now, but I like to organize EVERYTHING!
I especially like to organize when I travel by car. A long drive can quickly lead to unhappy passengers. Once the major travel plans are set, I begin gathering activities we can do en-route!

Of course there are DVD players (movies) to keep kids occupied, but not everyone wants to watch the same movie–at least not in my family–for this reason,  I create what I call a “Travel FUN Kit.”

Essentially, I fill a portable container with games, puzzles and activities for the road. I even throw in a couple of items that my husband and I enjoy as well.

It is important to put NEW, never-played-with-before items into your travel fun kit, otherwise it becomes an “I’ve done that before kit” which is not as effective with family members stuck in tight quarters for hours on end!
HINT: I keep the travel fun kit hidden until we are in the car and people start asking …

“Are we there yet?”

I have two online resources for FUN, attention keepers. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to browse. I guarantee … ideas will flow as you do!

Here’s a sampling of inexpensive games and activities available for purchase at

My kids and I also really enjoy the books and kits from Klutz.

Here’s to happy travelers as you head out to explore the world around you!

NOTE from Stacy:
I want to thank Jen for her generosity in sharing so many tips and ideas these past few weeks. If you’d like to get more of “Jen,” her class,
Saving Your Sanity: Summer Travel opened this past week and — it’s NOT too late to join in (click here!)


  1. Teresa S. says:

    I loved all the posts by Jen. I am now slightly addicted to the dollar store. I’ve made the nature kits and a flip flop kit and the outdoor fun bin and put together 4th of July bags. Tomorrow I will be back to the store for road trip kits. THANK YOU! This is the first time I have completed a project and enjoyed every minute of the process. Because of the posts here I signed up for Jen’s class at BPS. I am smiling and looking forward to summer!

  2. I’ve loved all these tips, and I’m slowly getting myself organised… I’m also taking the class, and looking forward to diving in deeper to holiday organisation!

  3. I used to make ‘road trip’ kits for my kids many years ago. I used an old lunch box for each kid and filled with all kinds of activities: crayons/colored pencils, drawing pad/coloring books, decks of cards, other card games, a journal for the trip, and there was room for their small hand held games so it was all in one place.

  4. Bec_Kilgore says:

    Wow, I had some of these when I was a little girl and that was a loooooong time ago. What fun to have my memory jogged.

  5. Marygail says:

    I love this idea! I’m leaving for a road trip a week from now and this will be great for my 3 kids! Thanks Jen for the idea :)

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