scenes from a picnic

Did downtown Salt Lake City yesterday.

More soon.

Oh wait, check out the line at the Apple store.

very impressive.
Really, this is only a small portion of the line.

Today, we’re headed to the NEW Doodlebug warehouse (I know. Lucky us.)


  1. okay, I *So* want pictures of the Doodlebug warehouse!!

    So neat to see you having fun with your sis! Enjoy!

  2. Cool! I’ll be in SLC on Thursday, although it is only an intermediate stop on our way to my hometown in SW Wyoming. Salt Lake is the “big city”, and I always loved Temple Square at Christmastime.

  3. Jodi Berg says:

    Ditto! Want pictures of the new Doodlebug warehouse. Love Doodlebug. I wish you’d do something on BPS with Doodlebug. Happy Day !

  4. Kathleen O. Meyer says:

    LOve Doodlebug products! The bright, vibrant colors are so very cheery and uplifting! We also love to find out how things are made. My family watches several TV shows about how they make food and things. Extra good to share your tour with family and friends!

  5. What is Doodlebug? Sounds fun? Enlighten me!

  6. Great photos Stacy – it looks like everyone’s having a great time!
    Doodlebug….I L-O-V-E Doodlebug!!!! I hope you’re allowed to take pictures and share them here.

  7. Clearly, you’re all having a blessed time together. I always come home from visiting family exhausted, but in a good way, having poured out my energy on our time together in fun, memory making ways. A week from today we take our 6 hour drive home (on the way, we’re actually stopping at the dinky country festival we always watched fireworks from. It’s tradition! It’s also 5 hours into the drive,…uh hem.) All your fun pics are great, Stacy. I told my mom I only wanted one birthday gift this year, and that’s to borrow all her photos to make copies for myself (she never even put them into photo albums, let alone pass some of them on to us.) She was very agreeable. Woohoo!

  8. Okay, Stacy. This has nothing to do with your post. Well, maybe,…sort of. ;) I recently was introduced to a new blog. The mom, like you, is a very creative person. She also happens to be a photographer. I thought of you and your feet photos and thought this photo might be worth trying to duplicate. Notice the painted toes are being cradled by the FATHER’S hands. Precious!!!

  9. Laura P says:

    Love your picnic shots, but can’t help noticing all of the garbage it created! I know you can’t be all things to all people, but how about some reusable containers? :)

  10. Your picnic looks awesome and Addie and her cousin are so cute in matching dresses!

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