Scrap by Color: RED & a question

It’s RED day. Here’s the next installment in my little bin-exploration series.
Hopefully, you’re not bored silly yet.
We’ve still got three colors to go and I’m unable to offend any of my colors by leaving them out!

I’m sending a cute little RED package to blog reader, Lynn who’s blog, Stamperosity is totally worth a visit!

Visit The Heart Felt Project to learn more about a very cool collective of South African women

And, thanks to Andrea for my adorable mini cooper that now lives in my RED bin.
I like the idea of hiding one or two special items in your color bins, so that you will stumble across them …
and smile.

and now, a question.

IF, I were to take a big chunk of my savings and purchase the rights to both of my books, The Big Picture and Photo Freedom, and IF I were to also acquire the last printed copies on earth, so that I could sell them, here on my website. PLEASE tell me if you would buy one. PLEASE don’t leave a comment and say YES, if you really wouldn’t make a purchase.

I’m going to be 100% honest with you. I would eventually like to create an “e” version of both books, but there are so many other things I could spend my hard-earned cash on right now that I need to know if there is enough demand for the printed copies to justify this expense. IF I could sell the last of the printed copies, I could pay back my investment and still be able to work towards future plans (finishing portions of, projects (more kits and future books) and goals (doing my part to sustain scrapbookers and scrapbooking.)

SO, if you have need of a copy of either book, please leave me a comment with the title of the book you would purchase. I will sell copies of Photo Freedom for $19.95 plus shipping and copies of The Big Picture for $15.00 plus shipping.

OK, thanks.
I really appreciate knowing this.
Help me spread the word too — so I can figure out if this is the right thing to do, right now.


  1. BOTH!!! I’ve been trying to get them for MONTHS and (obviously) have not been able to…I’ve even scoured some yard sales, used stores and regular swap locations…I want them BOTH!

  2. Stacy,

    I would *definitely* buy one, if not both, of the books. Just this week I’ve been looking on eBay, Amazon, etc. and feeling daunted by the $50 price tags. :-)


    • Didn’t tell you the title, sorry. My understanding is that Photo Freedom is the “Bible” for the Library of Memories system, so that’s the one I’d definitely buy, but would also be very likely to purchase the other.

  3. JennieB says:

    I would buy one copy of Photo Freedom and two copies of the Big Picture. Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. I would buy Photo Freedom. I have the Big Picture book already. :-)

  5. I would LOVE to get copies of both, however if you decide to only do an ebook I would wait for that. I am loving my LOM now that I’m finally getting everything set up. Thank you so much for teaching your system.

  6. Kimberly Goon says:

    I already have the big picture, but i would buy photo freedom.

  7. I have The Big Picture, but have been trying to get Photo freedom. Either e-book or regular would be great! Big Picture changed my approach to scrapbooking! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

  8. I would definitely buy Photo Freedom. I gave my copy to a dear friend of mine who was starting on her journey in scrapping. (You signed it for her at Finish Line in Anaheim–thank you!!!)

  9. Kathleen S. says:

    I have them both, and also gave copies as gifts to three family members. So, regretfully no, which I hope doesn’t deter you from the project. I can’t think of a better place to put your resources. The books complement each other, and fill in holes (e.g., School of Life). I still refer to them all the time, and I’ve been through LOM twice now. I am dead certain the market is out there. Go for it, Stacey!

  10. I would love to be able to purchase both right now!!!

  11. Rachel Smith says:

    I already have a copy of Photo Freedom, but I tried hard to find a copy of The Big Picture to purchase during your LOM class. YES, I would definitely buy a copy of it if it were available.

  12. Awesome!! I managed to buy a used copy of The Big Picture from Amazon a few weeks ago. Would love and would definitely buy Photo Freedom if you had it available. Especially at $19.95! Thanks Stacyfor all you do!!

  13. Hi Stacy! I actually own both books and recommend them all of the time and would definitely refer my friends to your site. I had to special order them through my local scrapbooking store to get them as they weren’t available at any of the books stores where I live. This would make things so much easier. Love Photo Freedom, one of my favourite books ever, I refer to it all of the time!!!

  14. Kristyn G says:

    I already own Photo Freedom, but would love to get my hands on The Big Picture!

  15. I would purchase both books and maybe even copies for some friends. I would love to get my hands on your books as these are the essential to anyone that scrapbooks. Have scoured the internet trying to find them. Please please please buy the rights.

  16. Melissa says:

    I would definately purchase at least one copy of Big Picture, I loaned mine to my sister and sadly she lost her homeand all contents to a house fire. So definately one for me, maybe one for her, I already have Photo Freedom, but think she would purchase that one too.

  17. I would at least purchase photo freedom because I have heard so much about that one! Thanks for another video. Love the mini cooper!

  18. Melissa says:

    Good Morning Stacy,

    I would buy both books!! Can I send you my money today?? (JJ!)

    I check Photo Freedom out at least one a quarter from my library. My library does not have the Big Picture :(

    I have been looking around and watching for them for several months now. Even if you don’t buy them back, I know that I will eventually track them down and buy them somehow.

  19. I don’t know why you even had to ask! I have Big Picture and am still kicking myself for not getting Photo Freedom! I would buy one today if I could find one. lol

  20. I would buy Photo Freedom. Probably BS too, but definitely PF.

  21. KariAnn says:

    I would definitely buy Big Picture – I used to have a copy but it got totally waterlogged and I miss it!!

  22. I have photo freedom which is freaking awesome (it is always sitting on my desk) and would buy the Big Picture in a heartbeat (tried to find it and the few copies I found that were being resold were just too expense for me). I was able to get a copy of Simple Scrapbooking which I love. I do hope you can re-publish!

  23. Oh and can you reserve me a copy of BP now so I don’t have to worry about being at the right place in the queue or miss out because the demand is so big?

  24. Ronnie Crowley says:

    Stacy – I already own both so I wouldn’t need another copy but would highly recommend the purchase of both to anyone. They have totally changed the way I scrapbook. I may not do the library thing (a little too organised for me) but I learned so much from reading the book.

  25. I would buy both books. Really appreciate the price i have been looking for Photo Freedom for awhile.

  26. Candace B. says:

    Firstly, your auction items, including your book went for over $70.00 and the Bellevue school auction netted 100K. You deserve a BIG hug. Secondly, I am really good at losing things but rarely can blame my teenagers. Concentrated prayer seems to be my only solution but it always works. My mind clears and I’ll have a new idea where to look. I think stress keeps me from finding things. I already own your book…and I love your ideas for the future! Keep up the good work!

  27. I have copies of both books!!! They are my favorites……I do recommend them to friends and fellow scrappers all the time~ So I guess I personally wouldn’t be buying them, but I tell other folks about them all the time!!

  28. I have been desperately looking for both books, so I would jump at the chance to buy them! I would also love to buy a few as gifts for friends. I hope this works out :)

  29. michelle says:

    I have big picture and would purchase photo freedom.

  30. Thank you so much for doing these liitle videos. After reading or hearing about your color bins, I decided that would work for me. It’s great to see how to fine tune them. I have some clear plastic rubbermaid containers that I used for sugar and they seem like a good alternative for the glass jars, since my bins are low enough that one of the boys could get at them.
    Thank you again for all you do for scrapbooking. I have both your books and have taken your LOM class 3 times and am in Darci’s class now. God’s blessings!

  31. I already have photo freedom, but would purchase the big picture.

  32. Valerie W says:

    I would buy Photo Freedom in a minute. I have been looking for it for a while now. I wasn’t aware of the other book, but I would probably buy it also.

  33. Jen Small says:

    I would buy both…they are impossible to find at any price!

  34. Jennifer Shortino says:

    I have both and love them. Photo Freedom was the first one I bought (and it is autographed by Ms. Julian!) and I was hooked on her style. I hope you make the right decision.

  35. I have recently purchased both books. I purchased The Big Picture at my local scrapbook store and was delighted when the owner pointed out that it was a signed copy! I purchased Photo Freedom off of Ebay, after an exhaustive search and not able to find it anywhere else. I paid $40 for it, and I would much rather have put the money in your pocket instead of into the pocket of the person that auctioned it on ebay.

  36. I already own PF and just ordered BPS from Scrap and Paper Corner. Hate it that you do not have the rights to your own books!

  37. I personally would not, I have them both already and love them. HOWEVER, I do know that there are frequent requests/inquiries on Two Peas for the books from folks looking for them, and I most definitely would respond and refer them to you here, Stacy. I don’t think you have to worry about it, the word would get around quick that they are back in stock. God bless you in your decision, I know this must be awfully difficult!

  38. carol in seattle :) says:

    Although I already own both books, I would love to buy a copy of both books for my sister. She stresses too much about “being caught up”.

  39. Would buy BP. Regarding PF, I would have to look threw it first. I have only heard good things about the book but I’m just one of those people who needs to see it before committing.

  40. I have wanted photo freedom for a while and couldn’t find it. I would buy this book.

  41. Stacey G says:

    I would buy a copy of BPS. I already own both, but I’d like a second copy for school and home.

  42. stephanie says:

    I’d buy the Big Picture, since I love and already own Photo Freedom. I’ll make sure to pass the info along.

  43. stamphappy2001 says:

    I have both books and love them both so I highly recommend anyone who doesn’t have them to buy them. They are timeless.

  44. Can you tell me what each book is about? Or what is the main difference between the books?

  45. Angie F says:

    I have both books and LOVE them! I would be tempted to buy them for friends…or at least recommend them to friends! Good luck with your decision!!

    • Angie F says:

      Thank you so much for continuing with your Scrap by Color videos!! LOVE them!! I am so glad you won’t leave any colors out!! :)

  46. Marta Valdes says:

    I have both of your books and I would definitely buy it for a friend.

  47. BOTH! These are impossible to find, and I just can’t justify spending $200 on eBay for them. I’m so excite at the prospect of getting my hands of them!
    P.S. Now, can you convince Ali to do the same thing? Please?

  48. Ashley Decker says:

    I would SO buy photo freedom if you were to have it reprinted or sale remaining copies. I have been keeping an eye on amazon trying to purchase this book, but haven’t been able to find it at a reasonable price.

  49. JAR SOLUTION: Actually suggested in that AWESOME book “Inspired and Organized Scrapbooker” … Jars from IKEA! They have they have suction cuppy lids with cute little handles that you can tie a ribbon or embellishment or a tag onto and they come in 3 sizes, perfect for ribbons (lg), buttons (md) and brads (sm). I have a rainbow row of them on my shelf!

    OH! And they are MEGA CHEAP:

  50. I have both books, I think I got them as soon as I could get my hands on them. I do have several friends that borrow mine and they love both of your books! If I did get a copy of either one I would give it to one of my friends :) Thanks Stacy!

  51. Leora Henkin says:

    I lvoe your color videos, and no I am not bored. Not at all. Thanks for sharing.

  52. I was fortunate to buy both when available–and got my Mom to buy them. However, I wonder if financially it might make sense to rewrite the books—maybe update them—you would have to change the names a bit but perhaps you could do this. I know that these were published awhile back–you have added and changed your workflow so I am certain that using the same philosopy and ideas but updating them–have them published-you own the rights.

    Just a thought.

  53. I already have both books. They are awesome! I’m loving your color bins. Still trying to decide if that would work for me.

  54. I have been searching high and low to find both of these books at a decent price. I would definitely buy both of them!

  55. Sarah Jimerson says:

    Love your videos you have so much energy and I hope your kids find the flip so we can see more of your scrap by color series!

  56. MY OPINION: No way would this be a waste of your resources! I can’t believe that you wouldn’t sell OUT of your copies given the vast number of people who take your course online each year.

    I personally have both copies but HOW OFTEN DO I RECOMMEND it others who come back and tell me they can’t find it anywhere for a reasonable price anymore?!?!??!!?

    If I knew it was available again, through you, I’d send people to your site to buy it from you directly, instead of Amazon!

    DO IT!!!!!!!!

  57. I have both books myself so wouldn’t need more.
    I would however highly recommend them to others.

  58. Hi Stacy! Your videos are so inspiring. I took this week off from work to do some spring cleaning and reorganizing…and I’ve spent a lot of time on scrapbook supplies. Your ideas and suggestions have definitely impacted my overall plan, and is making it easier as I go through my stuff (LOTS of it!) a bit at a time. I have got to seriously think about purging…any ideas on that, other than what you’ve already mentioned?

    As far as your books, I think you should go for it. I have an autographed copy of Big Picture Scrapbooking from when I took your class at Valley Forge CKC a few years ago, and I don’t recall whether I have the other one or not. If I don’t I would buy it. However, I would recommend both books to anyone who scrapbooks and asks me for some good references.

    Thanks again for all you do…believe me, you are a bright spot in my day! Keep up the good work!

    Take care,

  59. Oh, I would so totally buy them, but wait I already have them. Plus, I love them.

  60. I really like your color approach to organization, but do you think this way of organizing takes more or less space then what you were doing before? I’m losing my scrapbook room in a few weeks, so I’m trying to envison if I can organize my supplies this way.

    • Susan Sprowls Smith says:

      if i may insert my opinion here, i just recently finished reorganizing by color and find that it definitely takes LESS space. LOVE LOVE LOVE my new color bins! and i organized all my patterned paper (already had cardstock done) by color. the color approach just makes so much more sense! do it – you won’t regret it!!! i was able to purge quite a bit of supplies and now feel it has enabled the creativity to flow… :)

  61. Liz Lucas says:

    YES!!! I would buy both books if available. I have been searching for both since I was introduced to you and you LOM system. I borrowed my friend’s book Photo Freedom & implemented you system. Just recently took the LOM class online and tweaked my LOM system even more.

    My friend threatened me with my life that I had to return her book, hence I’ve been looking for the books to add to my library forever…..I just can’t afford them on ebay:-)

  62. leslie o. says:

    I would buy Big Picture! I’ve been wanting this for quite some time now ever since I purchased Photo Freedom :)

  63. I have both, however, I do know how frustrated I was when one was lost on an airplane and I was trying to replace it. I can’t even check it out of a library.

  64. {vicki} says:

    Still enjoying your videos—keep them coming…..

    I would like to purchase your books it’s just that the funds are not available at this time.

    (photo freedom has been on my wish list since it was published)

  65. I would love to purchase Big Picture Scrapbooking – I had my name at Amazon for it and they couldn’t come up with one for me! I already own Photo Freedom and totally love it!

  66. I own both of those books and love them. Big Picture scrapbooking is my all time favorite book ever!!! It changed the way I scrapbook and the way I look at scrapbooking. Your awesome Stacy!!

  67. I would definetly get a copy of Photo Freedom, I have been looking for it for a while now…It would be great to be able to purchase it directly from you ;)

    By the way Im loving your color bin videos, keep them comming!

  68. Where would you like for me to send a check? Of course – I’d buy both…right now – today!

    BTW…thanks for the blog shout out! How very sweet of you!

  69. susan sadler says:

    I love both and have both of these books . so unfortunately I do not have a reason to buy them . Would recommend them to anyone . Sue

  70. Heather Hillary says:


  71. Heather says:

    I own both and adore both books. They changed my life. The LOM took it a step further because of your personal touch as a teacher. I think if you could get them at a reasonable price, I think they would sell out. However, after this run or any extras you may acquire, I would switch to e-books and make sure that you own your own content. Heck I would even patent your LOM system. Then you could use this influx of cash to execute your vision for

    Plus you are so on to something with the whole color thing. I can see Stacy Julian branded organization systems, in color of course, at Target, and LSSes.

    So if you have an immediate opportunity, then take it and then in the words of Lewis Robinson from the kid’s movie “Meet the Robinsons” “Keep Moving Forward!”

    Love you and thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  72. Tammy B says:

    If I didn’t already have both books, I would definitely buy them. I love them both and Photo Freedom has been my go-to book for a while now. Still trying to organize my photos the LOM way and hope to have that done over the summer months. I can’t wait to see the rest of your videos, especially your paper organization one! Thanks Stacy!

  73. Jolene O says:

    I have Photo Freedom and love it. I am trying to get my photos organized into the LOM system over the summer. I would buy The Big Picture! I check it out from the library all the time!

  74. Stephanie B says:

    I would buy a copy of Photo Freedom.

  75. I *love* both books. I bought them recently and had to scour the internet to find used copies for reasonable prices. If I’d hadn’t just bought them, I would buy them from you. Sorry that’s not really helpful!! Oh! But I would probably buy at least one as a gift!

  76. I would buy both! I have heard many wonderful things about both of them that I think they would be a fabulous addition to my collection!

  77. YES! I have been looking for a copy of Photo Freedom and have been tempted to buy the only copy I can find on ebay for $44.00 and it is a used copy! I want one for my sister as well. I don’t know what Big Picture is but I would buy that one as well. Please, please, please do it.

  78. Susan Sprowls Smith says:

    i already own both books (love ‘em!) but i know of at least one friend who is looking for photo freedom… and i could probably scare up a couple more friends!

  79. Yes, I would most definitely buy BOTH books! I have been wanting to read them for so long! My local library doesn’t carry either title. Shame on them!!!

  80. Best scrapbooking books ever. By far. The entire scrapbooking world should own a copy of each. I already do (and they are signed by … YOU!!!!!!) but if I didn’t I would sooooo buy them.

  81. I would LOVE to buy both of them – but only if printed. Love your LOM system :-)
    Nad!ne from Germany.

  82. Brenda DellaVecchia says:

    I have them both. I would recommend them to anyone. They are without question the two most valuable scrapbooking books I own.

    As for e-book…don’t know. I enjoy having a hard copy so I can take it to a comfortable chair and read.

  83. I have photo freedom but would live to purchase Big Picture!

  84. I own both books, but I would buy at least one copy of Photo Freedom to give as a gift.

  85. I would tell everyone I have taught scrapbooking over the years to get your books. Your insight and advice makes me feel guilty over what I may have caused guilt over. So I have to work hard now to redeem any guilt damage I have caused :) I would also purchase an extra copy for self to give as a gift or lend out to friends.

  86. I have been looking for Photo Freedom and can’t find it.
    I would buy if from you in a heartbeat for sure!

  87. I would love to have both. But if I were to choose, I would buy Photo Freedom.

  88. I would love to purchase both books! I have been searching for a reasonably-priced copy of Photo Freedom for quite some time. I say “Go for it!”.

  89. I would be very happy and would purchase both books.
    Thank you for asking!

  90. I have Photo Freedom but would love to purchase Big Picture in hard copy. I not much for e-books as I love to sit down and hold my books.

    I am really enjoying to this video series. Thanks so much for doing it!

  91. I have Photo Freedom and it’s on my reading pile for this summer as I’ve been wanting to re-read it. Don’t have the other one but would probably purchase it if I could find it. I prefer a hard copy but would probably buy the e-version if I can’t find it.

  92. I own Photo Freedom and love it. I definite would buy Big Picture. Hope you are able to do it.

  93. OK, so I already commented about the books, but after having watched the video I just had to come back and tell you: Cell-o-phone. That was hilarious! But even more you need to know that I have become addicted to your color videos. I was actually craving one today and crossed my fingers and my toes when I opened my google reader hoping that your color video would be there. Hooray! And it’s not just so I can see someone else who has one eye bigger than the other. But because I love the glimpse into your scrapping style from the perspective of how you think creatively before you do your pages. Thanks for the happifier of your video today!!

  94. Thanks for the red video. I’m really enjoying watching these color videos. You always add in a few tips or comments here and there that are helpful too.
    As for the books, probably wouldn’t buy them as I am on a very strict spending diet.

  95. Loved the red video – this is the first one I’ve taken time to stop and watch, and I will be watching some of the others this evening. (I already own both books.)

  96. Marilyn S says:

    I HAVE Photo Freedom, but NEED Big Picture… (I could have sworn I had it!)… Would definitely buy one!

    Can anyone tell me how to access the previous Scrap by Color videos? I tried to go back to watch now that school is out, but can’t find them! Loved the RED one!

  97. Emphatically YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been trying to glean bits and pieces of your methodology from your websites, comments etc, have looked at Photo Freedom on AMAZON-starts @ $79-feel a little crazy about that. Then decided to take the Library of Memories Class, which would cost not much more than the book on AMAZON,and would have the additional support and community, but see there won’t be another session until Summer 2011. Then started emailing friends all over the country to see if any of them have both of these books I could buy from them. no one does. :(

    I would pre-order both if you go through with purchasing the rights. It would be the perfect Birthday or Christmas present from my husband. :)

  98. Kelly Driver says:

    I have Photo Freedom but would love The Big Picture.

  99. I have and love them both, so I wouldn’t buy them. But if anyone doesn’t have them, they NEED to say yes!

  100. Jill S. says:

    I have Photo Freedom…love love love it! I would absolutely buy Big Picture if it was available. I would much prefer to have it in a hard copy instead of an ebook.

  101. I have Big Picture, but would consider purchasing Photo Freedom

  102. Val Turner says:

    I have them both, but I would love to order a few of each as gifts for my friends. I would purchase 2 of each for sure, maybe 3 of each.

  103. I have Photo Freedom but I would buy The Big Picture.

  104. Laura B. says:

    Hi Stacy, I own both books and love them. Just this Tuesday I shared your books with my friend and she bought both of them as well. Wish you could of had the sale. Your books are all about you, your family and your system that you are sharing….you should definitely have the rights to them. Thanks for your scrapbooking energy and inspiration.

  105. I have both books and love them both. I will certainly pass the word on to others who would be interested :)

  106. Angela Ares says:

    I would love a copy of both. Seems I came late to the party and missed your books. As a side note, I truly enjoyed your key note speech at Inspired! I will keep an eye on the blog and order when available. Thank you!

  107. Brenda Wilson says:

    If there was some way to ship them from Canada so the shipping costs aren’t hopelessly expensive, I’d buy them both; maybe even buy them both as a gift for a friend who lives in another Canadian city. I’d be happy to support you if you go ahead with this undertaking – you are a great source of inspiration and are owed many thanks for your hardwork and contributions to my main hobby.

  108. Kimberly Ann says:

    I would purchase one copy of Photo Freedom. I just took LOM and would love the additional resource :)

  109. I would absolutely love to buy photo freedom! :)

  110. Ihave Asmile says:

    I would purchase one copy each of Photo Freedom and Big Picture.

  111. I have Big Picture, but I would definitely buy Photo Freedom.

  112. Photo Freedom is one of the best how-to books I have read. It is one of my favorites and I would recommend it highly to anyone considering it. I read it for a book club at my local scrap store. I would buy the Big Picture, based on what I have seen of your work and your style, especially now as I am feeling the need for inspiration and clarity in my scrapping work.

  113. Barbara says:

    Hi Stacy

    I already have both and wouldnt part with them. I also took the LOM class. A additional question to ask your bloggers might be who bought and who still has theirs. That would give you an idea if there are many floating in the used book section.

  114. I would LOVE LOVE LOVe to purchase Photo Freedom – managed to look through a copy of a friends last weekend and I soooooo want it and we were just talking about how sad; annoying; frustrating (you get the picture) it was that it was no longer available. IO would love to buy it and I am in NZ. (but visiting NY in July for 5 exciting days!)

    • Duckienz says:

      I am in New Zealand too. I would love to buy a copy of both books, perhaps one at a time due to shipping costs. I may like the e-books though if they weren’t too far away but my preference would be books.

  115. I already own both and they are awesome. I would not part with either (and I realize this doesn’t help with your decision but just wanted you to know how much I value them!)

    • I totally agree. I have both books and I am very protective of them. I recommend them to scrappy friends but tell them they should get their own. LOL! I don’t lend them out for fear they wont be returned. E books are not my thing for the same reason I don’t digi srap. I like tangible things that i can hold take notes on, etc. But if I didnt have them I would buy them from you. And when I recommend them I will refer them to get them from your website.

      Thank you again… I am eternally grateful for all the inspiration and light bulb moments you have brought into my life… not only in scrapbooking but in motherhood and a friendship.



  116. I would LOVE to buy photo freedom. I already have The Big Picture – which is fab by the way. Only issue would be postage costs as I live in Hong Kong as I imagine international shipping will be hideous.

  117. Stacy, I forgot to say in my comment that you mention you would like to get your hands on extra printed copies. I was at CKC Buffalo just a couple of weeks ago and was extremely surprised to find them selling copie of Photo Freedom. My friend bought one. I thought maybe you could contact CK to buy up the extra copies ….

  118. Debi G. says:

    I would so buy Photo Freedom! I look for it everywhere! I already have The Big Picture!

  119. Phyllis says:

    I have Photo Freedom, and would purchase Big Picture.

  120. I would buy both. I have wanted to for a long time, they are on my wishlist but like everyone else money is very tight and I am hoping when I can buy them they will still be avaible.

  121. I have both books and I LOVE them. I will purchase a copy of Photo Freedom for a friend who I think will benefit from LOM like I did.

  122. Stacy, this comment may or may not help you. It’s really directed to all of your readers who may peruse the comment section. If you do not have both of these books, I would strongly urge you to buy them … from Stacy! It would totally change the way you look at your scrapbooks and your stories. Even if you think you get, it doesn’t all come together until you sift and read and scrutinize and absorb what she says. Whenever I introduced a new friend to this craft, I point them in Stacy’s direction and show them the books. Just a little toot from a long & faithful subscriber. Happy Weekend!

  123. I would love to buy both of them!

  124. I’ve been looking for copies for both books for quite some time. I just don’t trust individual sellers on Amazon and I haven’t found a single copy in my area. So I would DEFINITELY BUY both print and e-book editions of both books!

  125. bea medwecky says:

    I have both books and love both. Because I have taken LOM at BPS however, I like the Big Picture book better.

  126. Hi….I have been looking online for the Photo Freedom book for the last little while but haven’t been able to find it, so yes, I would definitely be interested in purchasing that book. So excited that you might be selling them! :-)


  127. Christine says:

    I have Photo Freedom and love it. I would purchase Big Picture ….

  128. Stacy,

    I left a comment last week asking you how to find your Photo Freedom book, so YES I want to buy one.

  129. Of course I bought them the MOMENT they came out! But I will ask around to my scrapper friends and see if any of them would want to buy. Also, I will ask at two peas.

  130. Julie Lueck says:

    I had asked long ago where to buy your books. I wanted to give you the sale vs paying $40 -$70 to some random person. You posted to wait and not pay a million dollars. YES!!!! I have been dying to get my hands on “Photo Freedom” I believe my niece and my sister would each buy both books. Maybe one at a time though. Just tell me when and how.

  131. Paula Padget says:

    Hi Stacy

    I would totally purchase both books however I am in Australia so would probably benefit more from the e-versions rather then a hard book.. I would like the hard book better but with the postage costs it makes more sense for me to have them emailed but I would love, love, love, love to have them in my library. You are incredible and so inspiring. Have a lovely day!



  132. Susan Roy says:

    I would definately buy Photo Freedom….in fact I have been looking for a copy only to discover it is out of printing and selling used for $75 . And a new copy of The Big Picture was selling for $267!)

    Right now I am undecided about your book The Big Picture…I would like to see parts of it ie: table of contents and a few excerpts to get a feel for it.

    I would prefer hardcopies rather than ebook versions.

  133. Cello-phone, HAHAHA! Reminds me of a poem I loved from a childhood book.
    Once there was an elephant,
    Who tried to use the telephant -
    No! No! I mean an elephone
    Who tried to use the telephone –
    (Dear me! I am not certain quite
    That even now I’ve got it right.)

    Howe’er it was, he got his trunk
    Entangled in the telephunk;
    The more he tried to get it free,
    The louder buzzed the telephee -
    (I fear I’d better drop the song
    Of elephop and telephong!)

    — Laura E. Richards (1850-1943)

    Loving the color videos. A girlfriend saw a few of them and wondered if this would work for her. She was over last night and I showed her my color bin (just one bin) with my embellies separated by color in ziplocks. She’s definitely liking this idea of yours as much as I do. Can’t wait to see the paper organization as well.

    I have both books but Stacy, I really really really hope they do become available for others again. Mine are a treasure to me and I’m sad that others were unable to get copies for themselves.

  134. Hi Stacy,

    For me it’s a definite yes for Photo Freedom and a maybe for The Big Picture (I’m sure you could convince me pretty easily!). Hope that’s helpful. I’m loving your videos!

  135. These are my all time favorite scrapbooking books. I owned a LSS for 10 years , have been out of it for 2.5 ( I have a LOT of books) these are the 2 I would reccomend the most and still do. If I ever needed a gift for a scrapbooker, old or new, these would be top on the list. And am very much a fan of a real book. For those who do not have them, tell Stacy YES and start saving, you will not regret the investment.
    The project at the back of “Big Picture” is what got me hooked on mini albums.

  136. YES, YES, YES! I would buy both if you could ship them to Sweden. And I absolutely love the videos, Every day I hope that you have posted a new one :-)

  137. Francisca, from the Netherlands says:

    I already have both books, but my first choice would be ‘Photo Freedom’, because to me that explaines the whole LOM-system the best. However…, I still remember the happy feeling that I got when I received Big Picture Scrapbooking in the mail! So…, if I had not already had them I would buy them both!

  138. Tammy C. says:

    I would buy Photo Freedom… I have the other and love it! I was actually looking for photo freedom and amazon said they had a copy for 75$… a bit out of my price range. Thanks for everything!

  139. I would buy Photo Freedom as I didn’t get it when it was in stores, and now it’s impossible to find!

  140. Angel Koch says:

    I NEED NEED NEED these books! I have found Photo Freedom on ebay for $187 and I simply cannot afford this. If you are planning on e-versions of these books, I would be happy to buy those, but if we’re talking years of wait, then I think I must have the books. I will buy one copy of each book if the e-books will not be available before, say, 2012. Garanteed!

  141. I would definitely buy both of your books. I look once a week to see if I can find the books online, online – anywhere – even used. So count me in for both!

    Thank you sooo much! Angela

  142. Somehow I managed to get a copy of Photo Freedom a year ago from Amazon (and not for a zillion dollars either) but I have yet to stumble across a copy of The Big Picture so I would DEFINATELY be purchasing a copy from you Stacy.

  143. Jennifer Kolakowski says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I read your blog every day. I love it. I already have both your books and LOVE them!
    Jen Kolakowski

  144. Nancy M says:

    Hey Stacy, I already have both books and love them :) but I passed along the info to scrapping friends…

  145. I really, REALLY wish that these books would get re-issued. Especially “Photo Freedom”. Cannot find that book ANYWHERE! And I do not want to have to take out a mortgage to be able to afford to buy one on Amazon.:-P.

  146. I already own (and LOVE) both books so I probably wouldn’t purchase another. The good news is that I had already encouraged 3 of my friends to purchase their own copies as well- which they did (and LOVE).

    I just wasn’t willing to part with mine, even for a bit. :)

  147. I have photo freedom and love it. I need the Big Picture to be complete…..

  148. Stacy, I am sooooo not getting bored with the color videos! Keep em coming! Thanks also for answering the question about themed product today. So helpful!
    I have both of your books, but I would definitely buy another copy of Photo Freedom to give away…I have LOTS of scrapbooking friends who would benefit from it! :) Have a great weekend!

  149. Summer Mobley says:

    I JUST bought The Big Picture from Scrap and Paper Corner, but I would so get another to give away! I am looking for a copy of Photo Freedom, and I will definitely wait to order it from you!!

  150. I happily already own both – but they were very hard to find! You should be the one making profits on these books not the scavengers on ebay selling them for $75+. I would love to be able to tell my scrapping friends that they too can own both books, especially Photo Freedom. Just with your LOM students I’m sure that you’d have plenty of people to buy them. Of course, then we’d all tell two friends, and they’d tell two friends, etc. :-) You’ve definied “Photo Freedom” and you should own it. Would be great for all your international fans to be able to have e-books of one or both. I wish much luck in making your decision.

  151. Antoinette Naude says:

    Having a hard time finding “Photo Freedom” here in South Africa so I would definitely buy that book. For sure.
    Here’s hoping you will do what’s best for you :-)

  152. I already have a copy, but I have spread the word about Photo Freedom because I think it’s such an awesome book! I told 2 friends about it a while back and they tried to find a copy online to buy. They told me that some places were trying to sell it for as much as $100 – yes, that’s right, $100.00 – because apparently it’s hard to find now! (They did end up finding copies for $20-25 eventually.) Thought you might want to know. =)

  153. Hi Stacy! I happily own both books, I would love to find the Big Picture to give as presents to a few friends…

  154. Photo Freedom is on my wish list and I would totally buy it from you! The big picture has helped me so much!

    But honestly I don’t think that we can answer the question for you.

    Stacy because you are you, and because you are so good at spreading the word of the scrapbooking lifestyle by your example, people will buy your books. I get that you are doing your part to study it out in your mind but you probably already know the answer. Because you have felt the spirit guide you to what you should do. Lay aside whatever it is that is keeping you from doing that thing and just do it.
    Love you!

  155. Hi Stacy – I own Photo freedom and love it. I would purchase Big Picture. I see on amazon it is selling new for $976.98!!!!!!!!! I see yours would be a LOT more reasonable. : )

  156. haha,The Burden of your blog is very fit to me, I hope more alternate with you this Motive.

  157. Cindy Baker says:

    Hi Stacy…I would DEFINITLY buy Photo Freedom from you…been wanting it for a long time, and it’s hard to find and VERY expensive on Amazon! I already own Big Picture…and love it!
    Good luck with your decision…and I hope I can own a copy of Photo Freedom soon!

  158. Lindsay says:

    I own both books, but I’d buy another set to give to a friend!

  159. Brandie Boulter says:

    I need both books and would purchase both!!!

  160. Vanessa Lewis says:

    I wouldn’t buy them–but it’s only because I already have both. :)

  161. Kristen says:

    I have BOTH and I love them!!! I have gone totally digital – but still refer to them often for inspiration. Not selling mine :) Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

  162. I would love to own both but I suspect the shipping costs to Canada would be too high. I would love to purchase the “e” version of both books. Thanks!

  163. Whitney P. says:

    I would certainly buy The Big Picture. (A few months ago my mad search for Photo Freedom finally paid off and I was able to have one shipped to me from Archivers.) I really think this is an investment that would pay off for you! So many of us love your work and miss SS!.

  164. Barbara W. says:

    I have Photo Freedom and after reading it myself 2 or 3 times I read it out loud to my sister while we were on a 4 hour road trip. We discussed what we read and then had to have The Big Picture. After a lengthy search, I finally found to her it and am enjoying it. I guess sister and I need to make another trip so I can read it aloud and we can have our book club discussion. I have also purchased your e-book on creativity from Ella publishing. So if I didn’t have the books, yes, I would buy them. In fact, I would probably buy additional copies to give to my sister.
    Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas and inspiration.

  165. Rebekah says:

    STACY!I would love to buy The Big Picture from you. I’ve wanted a copy since I sat in Karen’s chair a few years ago and read it while she did my hair! But I couldn’t find it in any stores. Hope it works out for you.
    -Rebekah W.

  166. you want honesty… I already have them both and probably would not buy any more. but I see lots would. I would LOVE to buy anything new you made though. as I’m sure they would too.

  167. I would purchase them since I am new to scrapbooking and have heard nothing but good things from friends regarding both!

  168. TerrieF says:

    I have both books, purchased around the time they came out. In fact, I had (but lost in the shuffle of the years) that very first book you wrote – I’m talking years and years ago – and I would purchase a copy of that for old times sake if it was available! Can’t even remember the name of it, but when I first was exposed to scrapbooking it was the one book that showed me a style that I really liked and could make sense of.

    I definitely think there is a market for your books, and you are the best one to market them. You should have copies with you wherever you speak and offer them for sale. People would love the easy availability and you could provide the added perk of personalized signed copy. Really, with the supportive fans you have, some would even buy a second copy just to get the autograph!

  169. I do not have either book and would love to get them and would happily wait to order from you.

  170. I have “The Big Picture” which I LOVE. I probably wouldn’t buy “Photo Freedom” for myself only because I have taken your LOM three times now. I’ve pretty much got it down. I would certainly buy it as gifts for friends though.

  171. Thayer Bentley says:

    I would love to have a copy of BPS. I would buy the printed version if I could find it anywhere. The e-copy would be a second choice, but I would prob print it out at home and bind it or put it in a notebook.

  172. I NEED a copy of Photo Freedom!
    BTW…since I already have color bins set up for scrapping I went one step further and arranged my closet by color. It is a tremendous help for creating outfits and realizing what I actually need to purchase.

  173. Gail Connor says:

    I would buy a printed copy of both- I’d pay extra if you signed them too! I am not a fan of ebooks.
    People find it funny but we have terrible internet access still where I live. Good luck!

  174. I own Photo Freedom. I would be interested in purchasing The Big Picture though. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  175. Stacy, you probably could already guess that I own both (well, technically all of them . . . but both that you’re referring to here). I would however LOVE for you to own these rights and reprint. I have several friends that need their eyes opened and The Big Picture would be a fabulous start for them to see how scrapbooking could be – then I’d follow up with Photo Freedom so they could convert to a more usable and reliable system! :D Great big hugs! I hope it all works out for you. ~april

  176. haha,The Subject of your blog is very fit to me, I hope more alternate with you this Burden.

  177. I have both of these books and LOVE them!

    I would love to see Quick and Easy Photo Albums reprinted. That book can’t be found at any price and there is still lots of interest on various message boards.

    Please consider this book too!

  178. Tonya NC says:

    I have Photo Freedom but have never been able to get a copy of The Big Picture for some reason or another.

    Yes, I would buy one. ESPECIALLY if you autographed it!!!!!

  179. Michele M says:

    I already have The Big Picture. I love it and refer back to it all the time. I was recently looking to purchase Photo Freedom on Amazon and could not believe the price. Then I noticed one of the prices listed for The Big Picture and just had to laugh – it was so ridiculous. I am hoping it was a typo.

    So yes. Please offer your books directly. I will definitely buy Photo Freedom from you.

  180. I own Big Picture and would love to have Photo Freedom! Not keen on ebooks though.
    Thanks for asking for our thoughts! cj.

  181. I have Photo Freedom, but would love to have Big Picture. I would definitely buy it.

  182. Kathryn says:

    Stacy, I would buy them both!

  183. I would LOVE a copy of The Big Picture!!!! I would absolutely buy it. I have looked for it several times and haven’t been able to find it. I have Photo Freedom and LOVE IT!!!!

  184. Monique says:

    I think I am finally ready to embrace the photo freedom book..
    while I love your ideas when I read the book .. I wasn’t ready..

    and I have to say.. I love your color system.. i did it a few years ago and it is the BEST way for me to find stuff.. I love my boxes and binders of letter stickers.. knowing where to look makes me scrap faster and more meaningfully.
    thanks for all you do..

  185. Debi Putnam says:

    I already own Photo Freedom but I would buy The Big Picture in a heartbeat!!!!! So totally hoping you are able to make these available to us. Thanks for thinking of us!

    - Debi

  186. Yes, I would definitely buy both books! :-)

  187. I already own both books, but would recommend them to anyone who asks me about my LOM. If you sold them, I would know exactly where to send people to get their own copy – cause I am not giving them mine! ;-)

  188. I would love to own the photo freedom book.

  189. i would *love* to purchase your books, i have heard great things about them from the scrappy community. it would be an easy thing to ask my husband for as a gift. the prices sound reasonable, the only request i have is try to make the shipping to canada fair. i cannot justify spending $50 shipping for $35 worth of books…..

  190. I would definitely purchase Photo Freedom! I have read your BPS book cover to cover several times and recommend it to anyone who doesn’t know about it. Good luck with your decision making:)

  191. I have them both, and I recommend them, along with CZ’s two books and The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker, to my students when I teach EK Success’ beginning scrapbook class. I would love to be able to send them straight to you.

  192. Suzanne says:

    Hi Stacy! I already own both books and LOVE them. I have also given Photo Freedom as a gift. Hopefully you find the answer you are looking for! Thanks for sharing your scrap by color system – still loving the videos and can’t wait to see other aspects of your system. I am sending positive vibes your way to help with finding your flip camera.

  193. Elizabeth says:

    I have been looking all over the web for The Big Picture. Would definitely love a copy! Thank you so much Stacy!

  194. Stephanie says:

    I would love a copy of both! I have been looking for them everywhere but cant justify spending 80-100 dollars for each. This would be awesome.

  195. I would love to buy the Big Picture book. (Already own Photo Freedom). I would only buy a hardcopy, however. Not interested in an ebook. Thanks and good luck with your decision!

  196. i will, i will! truly can’t decide which & realized that had kept me from commenting….so you tell ME where to start & i’ll get that one! :)

  197. Tori A. says:

    Just a quick story I thought you would enjoy. As I am watching your Scrap By Color Red video, I have my 7 month old daughter in my lap. I’m thinking she thought you were talking to her because she would NOT take her eyes off the screen + kept making her funny “somebody is talking to me” scrunched up face, while gabbing right back at you. She even laughed a few times + kept banging on my keyboard to try + get closer to the screen. So I had to finish watching the video later when she wasn’t around so I could actually hear + concentrate on what you said….lol

  198. Debbie W in SoCal says:

    Don’t forget the multi-color bin! I’m dying to see that one!

  199. I’m loving this color series! can’t wait to see the multi color bin. And my answer to the question is yes, I would buy the big picture (because I already own the photo freedom) in hardcopy only (some books has to be hard copies.) and I would buy it from here if the p&p price is reasonable (you asked an honest answer, no?) Thank you and wish you the best. serious decisions are always difficult…

  200. I would very much like to own Photo Freedom and would love it if BPS book would become available so that I can tell my friends they can FINALLY buy one!

  201. Sharon Albright says:

    I would definitley buy copies of both books! I actually tried to back in the spring and was on a wait list at both Borders and Amazon and then they e-mailed me and said the books were no longer available. I just took your Library of Memories class online and even though I now have tons of info. and printed all the handouts – I still want the books too! :)

  202. Kari D. says:

    I would buy a copy of The Big Picture for certain! I already have several copies of Photo Freedom that I loan out to my friends who are beginning this wonderful journey of sharing their memories and are feeling that overwhelmed feeling that chronology brings. I have actually never read The Big Picture so I’d love, love, love a copy. Do it!!

  203. Veronica says:

    Love Love that you are sharing your colour boxes with us! I’m already a convert and have had my colour “drawers” for about 3 1/2 years and i just so love the system. I wanted to comment on the theme idea though, and like you i scrap mostly from my colour drawers but i decided to keep a few file boxes from IKEA for school, halloween, Christmas, birthday and travel. Those file boxes only have items that are specifically related to those themes. But i find that even when i am scrapbooking those themes i still pull out my colour drawers. As you always say we have to adapt systems to our own needs. I know that since i started this system it has evolved for me…like i found i wanted to have all my inks in one drawer and i have a jar full of all my coloured pencils on my table. Now if i could only get that purge thing down a bit better my life would be so much easier! Thanks Stacy for your continued inspiration!

  204. MaryAnn Thomas says:

    I have a confession, I’m a bit DESPERATE for a copy of Photo Freedom. I am an American now living in New Zealand and scrapbook desperation sometimes sets in when I can’t find certain products in Beautiful New Zealand. I’ve seen Photo Freedom on Amazon, but for an outrageous price that I can’t and won’t pay. I am very interested in buying a copy of Photo Freedom at a reasonable price. I already own The Big Picture.

  205. I am loving the color series too. A few years back I started color bins, but I think I need to change containers to accommodate larger items. I do love having them separated by color!

    I already own both books. They are both wonderful and I highly recommend them to everyone!!!

  206. I would LOVE to own both books -but I would especially like to have The Big Picture and would purchase it first.

  207. I would buy a copy of Photo Freedom-have been unable to find one and have looked for the past 6mos or more!

  208. I would buy The Big Picture. I already have Photo Freedom and love it. I was unable to afford your class this year, but I have started setting my system little by little. It has taken me a year. It is a process, but I love the idea and would love to read your first book for more insight.

  209. Great to hear the articleof how things actually developed topup to the launch of the station. It seems that there was a lot of luck involved.

  210. Heather says:

    Yes, I would buy!

  211. I already own both books, and love them!

  212. Kelly Jeppson says:

    I think that Big Picture changed a lot about how I thought of scrapbooking. I missed out on getting a copy of Photo Freedom – so I would definitely buy one. And hurray for the Organized Scrapbooker!

  213. ohhh… I would buy both! Would we buy them on your site?

  214. Lynn in FL says:

    Just want to encourage readers to buy both books….I own them, and adore them! I’ve had Big Picture for quite a while, but did not have Photo Freedom. After receiving a very kind response from Allison about how to acquire knowledge of the Library of Memories system, I was able to find a RARE copy of Photo Freedom on Amazon. I just received it, and am beyond excited to use the information in it to revamp my approach to scrapbooking, and my organizational system.


  215. Yes, yes, yes! I would definitely buy them both!!

  216. clpalmat says:

    I would definately purchase the photo freedom for that price! The other one looks interesting as well, but I think I would gain more from the photo freedom one.

  217. Karen F says:

    I would definitely buy Big Picture!!! I was lucky and found Photo Freedom at a store, and I’ve been wanting Big Picture for a while. Stacy, I love your approach to scrapping, and am now in the process of converting from chronological scrapping to the Library of Memories approach. Thanks for all that you do!

  218. willimena says:

    Have been desperate to find Photo Freedom. Would buy both books as long as the Aussie dollar holds up and doesn’t increase the price too significantly.

  219. I would love to be able to buy Photo Freedom. I’ve been looking for ages for a copy, but 1 copy I have seen is £50 (I’m from Northern Ireland). Oh please do get them re-printed asap! I’m getting desperate for some organisation in my photos.

  220. May you come into a good fortune!

  221. Yes! YES! I would buy Photo Freedom – I have been searching & searching for a copy, to no avail. I am desperate for help – drowning in pictures and I don’t know what to do.

  222. Yes I would purchase Photo Freedom. Perhaps even the Big Picture also.

  223. I would love to buy a copy of Photo Freedom if it was possible to get it shipped to Norway! I´m scrapbooking all these photos from my childhood, and I NEED a good way to organize them :-)

  224. Hey Stace :) I have both of those books, but if I didn’t I’d totally buy them from you :)

    I wanted to tell you about a clothing site, I’m not sure if you’ve seen them :)

    I bought a hoodie from them, and I absolutely adore it :) IT’s ORANGE :)

    check it out, I think you’ll love them!

  225. Julie Hickey says:

    YES! I would definitely purchase Photo Freedom. I too have been looking for a copy, but haven’t been able to get one!

  226. Michelle H says:

    I am happy and proud to say I own a well read copy of Big Picture Scrapbooking – autographed by you no less. It is one of my favourite “go to” books and it shall never be purged! I have had Photo Freedom on me wish list for some time now and would love to purchase directly from you. Actually I’d prefer it if I could do it that way. Isn’t that the way things should be? I’d definitely support you if you went ahead with your plan.

  227. I have just started a challenge where I’m making 150 lo’s before I can buy anything else than adhesive so I’m going for a ‘maybe some day’.
    ‘scrapbooking the big picture’ is on my Amazon UK wishlist and going for just over 49 pounds! So your price seems reasonable!

  228. Gab McCann says:

    I already own both books, but would certainly refer people to your site to buy them. The Big Picture seriously changed the whole way I look at scrapbooking. And I love Photo Freedom too

  229. Natasha W says:

    I have the Big Picture book however I have been after Photo Freedom for a while now, so yes, I would love to purchase a copy from you. I do live in Australia if that makes a difference.

  230. I have already bought both of your books, but I always recommend them to scrapping friends.
    And not to make you jealous or anything, but after months of debate, we finally ordered a Mini Cooper on Friday. It’s replacing my 2000 New Beetle, my other cute car that has served me well the last 10 years.

  231. I would definitely be interested in buying both books as I am interested in learning more about your system. The idea of them becoming e-books is also exciting. I live in Australia, not sure if this would be a complication.

  232. Anne T. says:

    Already own both books and LOVE them! Would encourage anyone who is unsure to GET THESE BOOKS!

  233. I would love to purchase both books as long as the finances allow (currently 16 months of unemployment) so hopefully by the time you have your rights I’ll have money to spend! Thanks for all your inspiration!!!!

  234. I would purchase Big Picture. I searched and Searched and searched for Photo Freedom when your last LOM class started but couldn’t find it. I finally found one thanks to a post on a board in my BPS class and it’s now in the mail to me. Would have been much easier to just get it from you.

  235. Miss Niki says:

    Yes to Photo Freedom. I already have the other one!

  236. I already have “the big picture” and love it. Would definitely buy “photo freedom”. Hoping you find a way to use that hard earned cash for this project!! :)

  237. I would buy photo freedom!

  238. dang, this is a quite good post. I read about something like this before, this is very great stuff.

  239. Photo Freedom. I am a LOM alum and never got to read it!

  240. I own both and HIGHLY recommend them.

  241. I am trying to get Photo Freedom from the library for about 7 month! It is so popular I can not even put it on hold! Yes! I would buy the book!

  242. Christie M says:

    Yes! I have been wanting a copy of Photo Freedom forever but can’t bring myself to pay $150 for it on ebay! I’ll buy them both, pinkie swear! :)

  243. I would love to buy them.

  244. bevelevy says:

    I love your Blog which I have just found through Scrapbook Update through your Colour series. Of course as a Scrapbooker I knew who you were but couldn’t find your Blog. Anyway I would also love to buy your Books but am also in AUSTRALIA. Maybe you could do a bulk post for us. I notice a few other Aussies want them too. All the Best with this.

  245. Laura D. says:

    would so buy Photo Freedom. It would be a big assest to my library. thanks

  246. Yes, I would buy Photo Freedom for sure, and possibly The Big Picture.

    And I love the color videos – it is fun to see what products you have and dream about how I would organize my supplies by color.

  247. Mary Huettl says:

    Would love copy of the Big Picture – can’t find it any place. I have the other one.

  248. rachel marquette says:

    yes please! I would love to buy big picture! i can’t find it anywhere – even amazon can’t keep it in stock. thank you! does that mean you will be signing the books also? (hint, hint!)

  249. Bammela says:

    Stay, I can’t say that I would buy a copy of either of those books because I own them both and they are on a tiny little list of “Do Not Lend” items in my personal library. What I have been doing, since I acquired and began using them is telling people they MUST own these books. I tell them “Do whatever it takes to find them and buy them.” If a newly-printed version of them were available, then I would be sending more and more customers your way. The other idea, which I’m sure you’ve had, is to certify some of us as Photo Freedom trainers and we could teach classes based on your books – earning you royalties on classes and the sale of subsequent books. Some of us are so enthusiastic about this that we are almost as bubbly as you on the subject!!!

  250. I hope I’m not too late! I would like both, but will take either one! I’m ready to send money today!

  251. I would love to purchase a printed copy of Photo Freedom! To be honest, I don’t know about Big Picture as I’m not really sure what this book is about. It would be great to get Photo Freedom at a reasonable price even thought I’ve been saving up my $ to purchase it used at a ridiculous price. I have to have it at some point and hope to take your BPS class that goes along with Photo Freedom.

  252. Susan Ringler says:

    Hmmm, sure, I am an addict and I would love a “working” copy. I am one of those who doesn’t like to get things “messed up”, you know! I have a copy of each but will gladly mail money for a 2nd copy of each. Would pay twice that just cause I love ya Stacy!!!!

  253. Stacy, I love your videos. they are the cutest!

    Sorry I can’t answer your book question affirmatively — I ALREADY OWN THEM! :-)

    If it was me…. I’d want to own my own copyright. if it’s my work and I am creating a brand of my own name then I should own and be able to share and distribute my own ideas as I choose. However, if the cost is astronomical, what can you do, right?

  254. Paula R. says:

    OMG!!! Stacy! It must be a sign! I have been searching for your book online for months now and most available ones have been Used and priced for $70+ so sadly I haven’t been able to purchase it. I have your BigPicture and just reread it because I have started scrapbooking again after the birth of my daughter. I now need help with the 1,000′s of pictures I’ve taken and even inherited from my parents and wanted to purchase PHOTO FREEDOM. I just posted a wanted ad at a scrapbooking message board and was told to stop by here!!! PLEASE, PLEASE sell me PHOTO FREEDOM if you still have any left! You can contact me at

    Thanks for your time and consideration!
    Paula R.

  255. GingerScraps says:

    I would definitely purchase Photo Freedom! In a heartbeat! I already have Big Picture, but I’d probably buy an extra one of those, too, to gift to a friend.

  256. Steph H. says:

    Well, if I didn’t already have both of them, I would definitely buy them both! As it is, I have protected them with my life! :) So, if anyone is thinking about buying one, but not sure if they would, I am here to tell you you need….NEED…these books!

  257. I would buy Photo Freedom and maybe consider Big Picture.

  258. wallpapers no?

  259. Melissa says:

    I would buy both. I have looked for copies for a while but not willing to spend what the going rate is!

  260. I found a nice listing of different scrapbook supplies if your looking for new ideas or unique items.

  261. Birute P says:

    Stacy, I am aching to get BOTH of these books. Please let us know how to order them!!

  262. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been looking for these books and would love to purchase one of each!

  263. I would purchase Big Picture. I already have the other one and I love it! I’ve always wanted to get Big Picture.


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