So ready for summer!

I’m in that CRAZY busy last week of school–two and half more days. Today is PLAY DAY and I’m volunteering in the afternoon. It’s really the only consistent volunteering I’ve done every single year (I love play day, or field day as some schools call it.) Anyway … running out the door this morning to a doctor’s appointment and lots of errands, but I wanted to show you that I’m making progress on My Favorite Summer.

I’ve got my Close To My Heart board books covered and I’m planning the order/flow of pages inside. We decided our first weekly topic will be favorite movies. I’m taking Trey, Taft and Addie to Utah to visit Darci (leaving Saturday) and Geoff and big boys will be home. So, we won’t be all together, but we’ll watch favorite movies in the van and with Darci and the big boys will watch here at home. Geoff promises he’ll take photos for me.

We watched Geoff’s MOST favorite movie, The Sting not too long ago (February?), so we are going to kick things off on Thursday night with Swiss Family Robinson (and yes, I’m making Clark and Chase stick around!) I haven’t seen that movie in 25 years!

I’m using my THINGS app to help me capture ideas, words, daily activities, etc. for each person. My intention to create a list on one page of each book (more on this soon.) I’ve set up word documents for each person. These list  pages will be each person’s favorite color.

I got some really good additional ideas from comments you all left–so thank you.

Speaking of iPhone, I tried to pre-order my new 4G yesterday, but the white one is NOT yet available. I was bummed, but figured I’ve waited this long, I’ll just hold out for what I really want (I mean, look how pretty it is?!)

Ok, gotta run — have a GREAT day!


  1. bea medwecky says:

    Hi Stacy,
    God bless you for loving field days. As a teacher, it is one of my least favorite days. Of course, I work in a poor school, so we have very, very few parent volunteers. It is therefore my responsibility to watch my students. I can’t just sit back and enjoy them.

    Have fun on you visit with Darci. I’ll be curious to see if you still like Swiss Family Robinson.

  2. Yes, I would have agree with Bea on that one as well. I also worked at a school for several years and loathed field day. Our school was by no means poor financially, but poor in parental involvement. Some kids were so eager for school to be out that they forgot all about the rules. It always caused an excess amount of chaos, poor decision making, and definitely more work for their teacher. God bless you for being one of those parents. You know the ones that we teachers adore? Enjoy your vacation!

    Amy :)

  3. Good parent volunteers are always welcome, especially on the ‘dreaded’ field day.

    Love your idea of a summer family activity album.

  4. How funny, we just watched Swiss Family Robinson as a family about a month ago! My daughter loved it, we’ve watched it many times since then! Enjoy!!

  5. peg risley says:

    Hey Stacy! 5 days and counting here in Roch. NY! I am really not looking forward to field day – as I LOVVEE my class and I don’t want to see the school year end! Teachers do really appreciate volunteers – especially those that aren’t afraid to make kids behave and follow rules!

    Sooo lookiing forward to your summer project – am tackling daily summer myself!

    CTMH – great products : )

  6. Do you have any scrapbook things that you do with your kids class?

  7. I homeschool and belong to a fairly large homeschool group (130 families or more). We have field day as well and I love love love it. Since it’s oraganized and run by the parents, we don’t have a choice in volunteering (we’re assigned, basically) so no volunteer gaps, but I really don’t mind.

    Swiss Family Robinson. Love it. My kids love older films, classic films and literature, etc. The original Flicka, The Wilderness Family, original Herbie, Dickens, etc., are well loved. Right now, I’m reading them SNOW TREASURE, a book set in WWII that I loved as a child and now they are loving too.

    Have a most wonderful time with Darci making memories. Isn’t summer wonderful?!

    • Hi Toni, I homeschool too. I worked as a teacher for several years before having kids. I think this partially influenced my need and desire to homeschool. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m secretly a control freak. I love one of the layouts that Noell Hyman did from called “I am THAT mom!” I too am THAT mom.

      We also have a nice homeschool group in our town with age ranges from birth – 18. It’s so nice seeing the kids interact with all age groups. We rarely, if ever, have problems with disrespect or fighting. If we do, it’s usually among the toddler crowd, and easily controlled by the parent.

      All the parents participate in all of our homeschool outings, which is such a change from the public school I taught at. I’m not bashing public schools, because they are a necessary means of education for many children. I am just speaking of the difference in atmosphere. When my children are grown, I plan to go back to teaching. For now, I feel so very blessed to be at home with them.


      • That’s so neat that you are able to take your passion and skills and bring them home to your own children, Amy. I spent 2 years pursuing education as a major before changing majors, enventually working as a cardiac registered nurse. Ironically, science is NOT my favorite subject to teach. ;)
        I do enjoy homeschooling so a the teacher desire in me is still there. And yes, experiencing my children’s comfort level with people of all ages is beautiful. When my oldest attended VBS as a 7yo, she enjoyed her little friends. But she equally looked forward to sitting with the elderly woman who voluteered as a group leader. I saw how that blessed them both. Enjoy your summer. School will begin again before we know it.

  8. Hey there girl…… Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the scrap by color videos.
    Love em. Enjoy all of your info but especially the scrap by color.

  9. Ohhhh….I’m holding out for the white one too! It’s so pretty!!

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