Sprinkle No. 36

The idea for this week’s *sprinkle* comes from an email I received (see below) and I LOVE it!
Look for an uplifting message on some kind of product packaging this week.
Now that I’m paying attention, I’m seeing these FUN positive messages everywhere.


When you find yours, save it or snap a photo!

[email from Heather C] You don’t know me but I’ve followed you trail of happiness for years.  You know my sister, Bettijo, as in ‘Bath by Bettijo’ shower gel.  Anyway, I had this experience this year and thought of you.  Thank you for helping me see the small, important moments as I experience young mommy-hood.  This year I’m on a quest to find joy in my journey. Soon after I began I had one of those wonderful spontaneous moments.  I opened my Daisy sour cream and staring up at me was the foil seal with beautiful pink flowers and the saying, “Jumping for joy is good exercise.” I just had to laugh!  I cleaned it and it’s been on my wall for months.

When I got Heather’s email. I went to my outside fridge and discovered that I actually had a container of Daisy brand sour cream. I pulled off the lid and read, “Little acts of kindness can add to a lifetime of happiness.”

It’s so true.
Thank you Heather!
I hope you’ll leave me a comment and tell me where you find your positive words.



  1. Brenda DellaVecchia says:

    So I read the sprinkle and felt dejected….my Daisy sour cream only comes with silver foil. Then I remembered I just bought and new container yesterday so I went to look and guess what, I got a message too!!

    “A kind word can be as refreshing as a spring shower”.

  2. Sue Campbell says:

    I love all your sprinkles. I have had the idea in my mind for the community service club that I advise to do next year. To put up inspirational quotes and sayings around the building. And as an adult staff member at a conference where we write warm fuzzies I will now include some of these on each one this summer.

    keep up your wonderful ideas

    • Sue — love this idea. My son loves being a part of the service club at his school. I’ll have to share this idea with him too.

  3. Oh no! the container I have is just about finished and no more foil! Next time I will have to keep my eye open for a message. Thanks for this “Sprinkle” it will keep me mindful of the small things around me.

  4. I have followed your blog on and off for about 4 years – and only just discovered sprinkles. In 2007/2008 a friend and I started ‘happytriggers’ to document what makes us happy while we were aprt. She lived in the states for a few months. The blog hibernated for a while – and we have just decided to revive it. So glad I’m not the only one!

  5. I love the little messages in Dove chocolate promises. Being a Canadian girl, we do not have easy access to it here. It is something I amost ALWAYS buy when I am in the US, simply because of the messages. Which I discovered for the first time at an HIA workshop years ago when the workshop host gave out the little treats part way through the session. They make me happy!

    • Di,
      Me too! Did you know that you can order Dove Promises with your own custom message inside. I did this for Christmas for my girlfriends a couple of years ago! The website is mydovechocolate.com — thanks for sharing!

  6. How weird is this. I’m leaving a comment on my own post. BUT … I just opened a pack of Extra gum and found this … How to LAST LONGER when stranded on a desert island:
    1. Build a hut
    2. Spell out “HELP” with rocks (lift with your legs)
    3. Learn to love seafood

    Seriously? How fun is it to find something quirky in a product you open. Love this trend.

  7. I opened a pack of Trident gum and on the inside flap it said “a Little Piece of Happy” and under the pp is a U to make it look like a smiley face :)

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