Sprinkle No. 37


Your *sprinkle* this week?


buy some. give some. draw with some. play hopscotch. play four square. decorate a neighbors driveway. make art. write words. send happy messages. anything.

photograph chalky hands and butts, and knees (if you see any!)

and of course, report back.



  1. I saw this post thirty minutes ago, so raced outside to move the car (so the driveway was clear), grabbed the chalk, camera, baby and two x 3 year olds… we’re back inside now… I played with them for twenty minutes, drawing up a hopscotch board and counting (they’re too little to hop, but got the counting right!)… then I decided to have a little tidy up of our entryway, and they started throwing gravel at the road… at least they stopped whining and fighting for twenty minutes, and I’ll add another fun thing to our day. Thank you.

  2. Lindsay N says:

    My kids and I always draw on the sidewalk. After watching Mary Poppins, we were outside and I was inspired by “Bert” and his drawings. I drew several different flowers WITH shading and the whole bit. My husband was so impressed that he had to take pictures that evening! Talk about a boost!

  3. heatherc says:

    We did it! We left Daddy a love note on the driveway for when he gets home late tonight.

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