This apron …

… that I found at the Farm Chicks sale a few weeks back, makes me happy.

It was only $5 because the pocket was stained.
I remedied that with a handful of buttons!

This hook in my new office, where I hang my apron also makes me happy.

At Write. Click. Scrapbook. I’m talking about projects that freeze time.


  1. Isn’t it amazing the simple things that can make us happy if we only take the time to look?

  2. Cute apron. Hope we get to see pictures of your new office soon!

  3. Between you and Melissa, I’ve decided that I really NEED to get to that Farm Chicks show some day : ) Love that orange apron. Oh, how I love orange! and tulips! : )

  4. {vicki} says:

    clever idea with the buttons!

  5. Awhile back you had a darling beaded watch on your site…what was the link? Cannot seem to find it. Thanks!

  6. GENUIS! I’m loving the scattered button look, I may have to try and remedy some of my WARDROBE by doing that!

  7. Sweet apron and I love what you did with the buttons. Looks great! I’m also enjoying your week at W.C.S.

  8. Cute fix!

  9. I can’t decide what I like more, the hook or the apron. Can’t wait to see your new office. Just curious if you’ll miss your deck as my home has a similar layout.

  10. The apron is adorable. The flickering of my flameless tea lights and flameless candles make me happy (so do regular candles, but an active 3 yo dictates flameless.)

  11. Very cute apron! I am enjoying your videos on WCS this week too.

    I read this blog post and thought you might like it since you do talk about unplugging for family time.

  12. Cute apron – I love gingham – great idea with the buttons. It made me smile too!

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