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If you can find 8 minutes sometime during this holiday weekend, you might want to participate in a research study being conducted at the University of Connecticut. I personally love it when good research is done to further some aspect of life. In this case, the goal is to learn more about scrapbookers desired use of audio in preserving memories.

Here’s  a portion of the letter you’ll find on the survey page:

Dear Respondent:

Thank you for taking the time to read this email about a research project that is being conducted at the University of Connecticut. This research is being performed to understand the preferences and desires of people who participate in scrapbooking. Our research is intended to assess if scrapbook creators and users would value the ability to add audio content to traditional scrapbooks to enrich the scrapbooking experience.

This three-page survey should take less than 8 minutes to complete.  As with all academic research, your responses are confidential and will only be used in the aggregate.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of our research results, there is an optional question in the survey where you can supply your email.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our research and this process, you may contact Professor Luke Weinstein at luke.weinstein@business.uconn.edu or (860) 728-2170.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Click HERE to take the survey.

By the way … I’m hanging these reclaimed (and very rustic) letters in my new office today.
They make me happy!


  1. Francisca, from the Netherlands says:

    Hi Stacy,

    I just wanted the participate in the survey, but the link is not working for me. I love your letters!

    Francisca, in the Netherlands

  2. I too can’t get the link to work for me.

  3. Hi Stacy, I took the survey. Very interesting!

  4. I will take the survey AND I love the ‘sing’ for your new craft space/studio. It will look great!

  5. Hey Stacy, the link isn’t working for me either. Love your letters for your room! I can’t wait to see the finished masterpiece.

  6. The survey won’t work. Oh well……have a fun and safe Happy 4th of July!

  7. Whoops! Realized that the link in the letter doesn’t work, but the link Stacy posted before the letter does (up in her intro about the survey) . . . great survey, can’t wait to see the results! :) Hope that helps some others that want to participate.

  8. Shawnnita says:

    Done! Thanks! Hope we see this coming in the near future! :)

  9. LOVE your word! especially tonight, as I think about having to sing in church tomorrow!)

  10. Interesting…thanks for the link. Your SING letters are very cool!

  11. Thank you for this information! I completed the survey and posted the link at http://bit.ly/deKZSX. Have a happy Independence Day! :) Irene

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