Friday FIVE + 10 Prizes!

The Most Influential Scrapbooker Award blog tour wraps up today.
In celebration, I’m sharing this Friday FIVE of things I’m excited about right now …


This Time to Scrapbook! eBook.
And here’s why.
I’m just really proud of Angie (and Wendy) for having the guts to gather together a group of extremely creative women and create an award, not based on a contest you enter, but on influence they as scrapbookers themselves, have felt. We all have different motivations for working in this industry, but I think it’s safe to say that each of the girls you’ve met this week are surprised and delighted to see their efforts called out. Our industry (like our world) is in the midst of change. The way we do business, the way we exchange ideas, the way we interact and support one another is being redefined. We need people, who are willing to look beyond their own product or service and remind us that we are not alone in growing and sustaining interest and energy around scrapbooking.

I love the vision of Ella and the idea that we learn best when we learn together.


This FREE classroom at Big Picture Scrapbooking.
And here’s why.
From the very beginning of BPS, I wanted August to be free. I wanted to give our students a chance to relax and enjoy the final weeks of summer without the pull of new classes and the pressure of doing an assignment because “I paid for this.”

This year, our “Take Summer Off” celebration is called The Big Idea Festival and features 13 teachers and 39 projects (detailed in full color handouts) and plenty of prize giveaways provided by our 13 sponsors. You really don’t want to miss this!

You can register and print a supply list HERE.


This NEW pack of cardstock from Core’dinations.
And here’s why.
It’s mine. Hello? Happy colors embossed with the emotions they evoke. How cool is that?

My cardstock debuts at summer CHA.
I won’t be in Chicago, but I’ll be sharing much more about this in coming weeks!

p.s. Did you know that Core’dinations sponsors my I Love Color page. Every week I post a new color combination (except for when I don’t) and every week you have the chance to win Core’dinations cardstock by scrapbooking with the weekly combination and posting your work in our Flickr gallery.


My fellow Friday “Influential”
And here’s why.
It’s been a thrill to be nominated for the Most Influential Scrapbooker award and to be paired with Shimelle makes it that much better. I have adored (seriously, how adorable is she?) Shimelle since the day we published (what I think) was her first layout in Simple Scrapbooks. It was  page about her apartment and I remember thinking, how cool is this hobby that brings people (even across oceans) together and gives us a peak into each others’ lives.

Wait, there’s more (I love using phrases like that!)
You have a chance to win a pass to Shimelle’s latest online class and other COOL prizes, by clicking on the banner above and visiting her blog today!


This giveaway.
And here’s why.
It’s HUGE. Whether you’ve followed the MISA blog tour or not, you still have 20 chances to win one of these prizes.

1. A $20 gift certificate from Ella Publishing Co.
2. Two digital-scrapbooking template packs (20 templates) from Cathy Zielske
3. A six-month Paperclipping membership from Noell Hyman
4. A “Play Date” product pack from Jenni Bowlin
5. A place in either a beginner photo-editing class or a beginner digital-scrapbooking class from Jessica Sprague
6. A spot in the “Beginner/Intermediate Online Photography Workshop” from Maggie Holmes
7. “Paper Girl” and “On Holiday” product packs from Margie Romney-Aslett
8. A $50 gift certificate toward any class on from Renee Pearson
9. A place for you and a friend in both “Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages” and “Journal Your Christmas” from Shimelle Laine
10. A place in either Elizabeth Dillow’s “Inspiration Defined” or Karen Grunberg’s “Book of Stories” from me!

All you have to do is read this excerpt from a column by Garrison Keillor (titled Not too Smart? No problem–just be nice!)
Angie sent this to me when I expressed a reluctance to accept this MISA award. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled, but … there are so many who are influential and I’m never sure how to gracefully accept these kinds of things without feeling uncomfortable.

Anyway, read it and then leave me a comment answering this question:
If you were to receive an award, what would it be for?
In other words, how do you want to be influential?

“Someone in Massahoosetts wrote to me saying they want to give me an award for something and I wrote back, saying that I am unworthy, etcetera, which, as you know, is true. Awards should go to those who have suffered for their art and not to one who has had a whale of a good time. But then I thought, “What if they don’t insist? What if they say, ‘OK, you are right, we made a mistake there. Sorry.’” I might never receive an award again.

So I tore up the declining letter and said Thank You instead.

Awards are notoriously unfair and some of the best people go unrecognized and some of the deadliest and dopiest get one Lucite trophy after another, but awards are major jujus in the world you and I live in. In the writing trade, if you win a Pullet Surprise, this is the Heisman Trophy, Get Out Of Jail Free card and Magic Twanger all rolled into one, and though it’s awarded by a roomful of large enchiladas at Columbia University in New York, and The Upper West Side Prize would be a more accurate brand name, nonetheless it has juju power all across the land. People bow low and tug on their forelocks when a Surprise winner walks into the room. Dogs are silenced. Fresh flowers are strewn. Maidens offer themselves.

This is how the world works. The lonely striver with bad hair and serious overbite who is scratching out her thoughts in the Omaha Public Library is facing a wall of sheer granite a thousand feet high and luckily for her she doesn’t know it now but someday she will and my heart goes out to her.

This Massahoosetts award should go to her, I guess, but it’s not mine to give, only to receive, and it is blessed to receive an award though my upbringing tells me that probably the day after the award ceremony I will be struck by a speeding bike and get a broken leg that will need replacement, knee and hip, with titanium joints and I will never polka so gallantly as I do now, but if fate dictates, who am I to protest?”

By the way, you can read the full column by clicking HERE.

NOTE: My website is being transferred to a new, larger server this weekend, so I cannot add anything to it for a few days.
I think the best thing to do then is select and announce the 10 WINNERS tonight at 5:00pm (pacific time)
I can’t wait to read your comments!


  1. I know it sounds terribly pompous, but I would win an award for saving lives. Through the work I do, I have the priviledge of saving lives, thousands.

  2. The award I would WANT to win is for love. I want to be known for truly loving my family & friends!

  3. Amanda M. says:

    I would love to be influential for being a good wife, friend, and family member. Truly. I don’t want professional awards. I want personal ones. Little tiny ones that are given because they meant something to my family. “Best chocolate chip cookie maker”, Amanda. “Best card giver” Amanda. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. I would love to win an award for being a great wife and mother. If I can get these two roles right, my life will be complete!

  5. Well, since my scrapbooking is my biggest passion/obsession, I would like to win an award for using my scrapbooking to positively influence people! Congrats to you for doing that exact thing!

  6. Love, love, love that article . . . .
    “nonetheless it has juju power all across the land.” So true . . .
    I guess I’d want my award to be “The most passionate and can’t shut up about adoption and orphan care” award, cause it’s true . . . I am passionate and I just can’t stop talking about it!

  7. I want to be influential for leaving a Kingdom legacy. I want people to remember that I love Jesus and that He shined through in me, even when I wasn’t shining. There are a whole lot of people these days that might think that I’m crazy, deceived, lacking in intelligence, or just down right crazy for wanting this to be my point of influence. But I want people to look at me and say, “I didn’t realize Christians were like THAT. How wonderful. Can I be one too?” I have a long way to go..but the desire is there!

  8. Erika M says:

    I want to be influential by teaching children to love science which is why I became a teacher.

  9. Bernadette says:

    If I were to win an award right now, it would have to be for enabling those in ministry to do their work without having to worry about the financial end as I have taken care of all that for them.

    How I would like to influence people, though, is different. I want to become more involved in helping families deal with the challenges of aging & sick relatives.

    Congratulations on your award.

  10. Kristyn G says:

    I’d want to be recognized for being a great mom and wife. I sometimes fail, but that is what I strive for every day.

  11. wow-I would like to recieve the ‘Connie makes me feel good’ award. People are so burdened with worries these days. I would like to be known as someone who lightens the load a little and makes them feel a little better about themselves or ciscumstances.

  12. Kari D. says:

    My kids gave me a “World’s Greatest Mom” award on mother’s day this year. I’m just trying to live up to deserving that!

  13. Barbara says:

    I’ve been reading “The Power of Story” and the author recommends that the reader form a mission statement of sorts for life–how do you want to be remembered? What would you like on your tombstone? What IS the driving force behind you?
    I’ve been thinking hard about this over the last few days, and the question today fits right in.
    I think I’d like to get an award for having my actions be true to my words; that I did indeed believe what I said and lived accordingly.

  14. I would like to win an award for being the best mom to my son and the best friend to my husband and friends!

  15. Karilyn A. says:

    I would like to win an award for using the gifts that God has given me to the best of my abilities. I think all to often in life we try to be someone or something we are not. We need to just keep trying to do our best, in our own little lives, and just know that by doing that, that we are making a difference.

  16. Not an award exactly, but what I’d want to have on my headstone (not necessarily morbid!!)

    “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Timothy 4:7)

    If that can truly be said of me at the end of my life, I will have lived a good life and achieved something. Being a good wife, a good mother, a good friend, a good teacher and generally a good influence is all wrapped up in that. And it’s what I aim for, even though I often fall short….

    Oh, and many congratulations on your recognition, Stacy :-) I love your work, and ran a blog hop based on one of your classes/projects recently – many thanks for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment! xx

  17. Antonia S-H says:

    Congratulations! I would like to win an award for being kind because that seems to me to be the most important thing. Perhaps by being kind I could influence others to be kind too.

  18. I would love to get an award for being a good mom to my boys and wife to my husband.

  19. Wow, Stacy, this is a tough one. I want to be the best in all facets of my life- wife, mother, teacher, scrapbooker/scrapbook teacher, etc., etc., etc. The greatest award to me would be to know that I made a difference in other people’s lives, that I was a positive influence on them and helped them in some way.

  20. While it’s not an official “award” I’m pretty sure any teacher will tell you that hearing about former students as they are successful after they leave your room is a pretty great award! I could have an amazingly bad day at work, and just a quick “Hey Mrs A, look what I’m up to now!” e-mail and I remember why I have this career. My first class of 5th graders just graduated college (gasp, I can’t be THAT old, I have a three year old! LOL) and knowing that I had some impact in shaping those amazing minds is wonderful recognition for teaching.

  21. Lauren S. says:

    Haha, “I will never polka as gallantly as i do now…”. Love it! Great article, thanks for sharing!

    So I think I’d like the “Doing Better Than Anyone Thought I’d Do” award. Been through a lot, taken on a lot of responsibility all at one, but I’ve handled it, and handled it well. If all those naysayers decided to recognize that, I think that would be the ultimate. But until then, I just quietly congratulate myself.

    =) Thanks for the chance, and have a relaxing time finally being back home!

  22. Wow, Stacy, this is a hard one! My passion has always been to convey information, to educate, to share what I have learned and know. Scrapbooking was the perfect follow-up to being a reporter, photographer, and graphic designer. While I don’t need an award, I like to think someone out there benefits from or enjoys something I’ve said, photographed, or written that they probably would not have gleaned elsewhere.

    And I have to add: Stacy, your philosophy about scrapbooking set me on the road to this incredible journey! I wish your first your book were still in print. I’ve loaned mine so many times it’s falling apart. I have learned SO MUCH from you. Your approach, your attitude toward life in general, your creativity…all have been my guiding light. CONGRATULATIONS!

  23. A pondering question that is for sure…..if I was to win an award it would be giving the gift of reading and the love of books to my children. There’s nothing more special than snuggling up with them and reading their favourites – actually there is when they snuggle up together (by choice) and read to one another.

  24. I would love to get an award for raising two boys that are honest, courteous, and work to make a difference in their world.

  25. I’d like to win an award for contentment. I have learned that making the best of whatever circumstances I am in (whether great or not so great) is the secret to finding true joy in the life God has blessed me with. So if an award could make me an expert at something, I would like it to be in contentment.

    Congrats on your award, Stacy! You are deserving! My life certainly wouldn’t be as fun without BPS being a part of it!

  26. If I could be influential and win an award, I would want it to be for increasing justice and peace in this world of ours.

  27. cindy peterson says:

    LOVE Garrison Keillor. I would like to be remembered for being an extraordinary grandmother (the mom part is past and I wasn’t so smart then as I am now. I too often lost my focus and thought that what other people thought was WAAAY to important). One who loved lavishly and had lots of time and made lots of fun, and who oozed Jesus from all her pores in ways that are true and lovely. I want to be influential in each of those precious lives, letting them know they are loved unconditionally, prayed for daily, and that as long as I live they have someone in their corner.

  28. Congratulations, Stacy!!! You really deserve this award!

    As for me, I want an “award” for being the best mother and wife ever. I don’t need official recognition. I just need to know that my family appreciates me and maybe even brags to everyone else what I do for them and how they feel my love. That’s what every mom wants, isn’t it?

    If you want something more concrete, I would want an award for being the best teacher. I’m sure I’m not the best now, but I’m working at it and hopefully one of these days… :)

  29. Nancy Hyland says:

    I would want an award for living a good life. A life that makes me a good wife, a good mom and a good friend. A life in which I have a home in which to share good times with family and friends, that allows me to enjoy my everyday experiences, and to cherish the time I have here on this earth.

    Oh wait, I already have this award! I don’t need “Lucite trophy” after all.


  30. Susanne S says:

    If I were to win an award, I would hope that it would be for simply offering to people that reassurance that they, in themselves, already have everything they need to accomplish what they set out to do and that we all deserve to be recognized for something – even if it’s just in the mirror every morning. Congratulations Stacey – you HAVE influenced many, many people of which I am only one.

  31. Clmk523 says:

    I would love to win an award for influencing children and teens – both my own and those who come through my classroom.

  32. hmmm…not making this giveaway easy for us by just commenting, huh, stacy? If I were to win an award it would be for being a great wife, mom, relative and friend. I am not there yet, but everyday I get closer than the day before.

  33. Francisca, from the Netherlands says:

    It feels a bit weird to write about myself, but it would be an award for being able to keep a good, open relationship and communications with my sons, despite the hardship, troubles and difficulties of the last 2 years. I am very proud of both of them and of the way they have grown and learned. Just yesterday I realized that I can be proud on them, and that I can be proud of myself as a mother, because I see the results of the things that I’ve tried to teach them, and that feels good! And that feeling is already an award in itself :).

  34. Congratualtions!!! Ooh this is a hard one, I’d like to win as award for being a fun person, someone you can always rely on to make you smile and for being someone who makes friends and family feel at home and relaxed. I’d like my home to be a safe heven for all my friends and family, a place where they know they are loved and that they are going to have a good time :0) xx

  35. karen cummins says:

    My husband and I have a special ministry, caring for foster children. We were unable to have children of our own. Via foster parenting we have met some really neat families and children in need of temporary care and hopefully inspired some lives of our (now adopted children’s) birth families. We have adopted 5 children from unfortunate situations. All of our children have contact with their birth families. Many say we are crazy. But, birth connections however questionable or sordid are very important to children. To having healthy children. We have fostered many more. Most recently we have been mentoring and modeling parenting for a single dad of a one year old. Dad has made itt through the system to have his son and live independently with a FT job. He is currently trying to earn a car. This is rewarding. We are very proud!

  36. I’d like to get an award that was engraved: “She lived until she died.” In other words, I’d like to be known for carrying on in spite of, for enjoying the moment, for keeping on keeping on, for just living my life the best I know how.

  37. I am writing this for my daughter who has just become a new mom for the first time last week. She should win an award for calming her husband and family after the birth of her daughter Scottlyn Rose. Her husband is in the military and she has shouldered the burden that their child would be facing surgery immediately after birth. She has shown a deep faith and trust in God that surpassed and makes me proud. She has believed all along through this pregnancy that God chose her to be Scottlyn’s mom and she is the best person to be her mom. God has rewarded her with a beautiful baby girl who will ultimately be fine. As she said, every child has issues, I am blessed to know what some of them are from the beginning. A very proud mother of Kristin

  38. Susan Spiers says:

    “IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE” This is what I try to live by, & hope that I would be recognized in this life that I was a good person & did my best to help others when possible. I would hope that this quality would give just one other person that I have met in this life to also strive to become a better person & do their best to live by this creed.

  39. Shelley says:

    I think my award would be for being a positive influence in my community. I am lucky enough to be pretty involved in the schools and the general community, and I think I am known to be caring and willing to find solutions.

  40. Leora Henkin says:

    Stacy, Congrats on the award. You definitely deserve it. I am not good at receivng awards either. The timing is funny. Just yesterday I was laughing with my 13 year old. I told him I love him and then after that we laughed. I told him that when I say that, I am pretty sure he is thinking, “Duh, Mom, I already know that!” That makes me happy. So, I think I would like the award for bringing two boys into (and hopefully through) the teen years as their friend. Sigh….

  41. Melanie K. says:

    I admit … one day I want to get an award for being a great artist. I don’t know which art form YET … I do everything (which might be the problem … lol).
    But Stacy, you SO deserve this. I met you at Inspired (I was the one carrying my sewing machine strapped to a suitcase to all my classes) … and your keynote speech? Well. Left me speechless and crying. So thanks for being you!
    I do have to admit, when you came up and said, “Hi, I’m Stacy Julian and I had to meet the woman lugging that sewing machine around.” I like to have DIED! I mean, you acted like I wouldn’t know who you were!!! LOL! I just think that is funny.

  42. Tammy M. says:

    Wow…tough question. I guess if I were to win an award I would like it to be for being a “good and faithful servant” and living life to the fullest. Still working on both, thus the reason I haven’t won the award yet ;-)

  43. I want to be remembered as someone who is there when it counts. Whether it is through volunteering or work or just with my family. Love your happy cardstock-can’t wait until that comes out!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  44. jennifer h says:

    I would win an award for simply Being the Best Me I Can Be. Congratulations on being awarded a MISA! You truly deserve it!!!

  45. I would love to win an award for being just me! For loving who I am and loving those around me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. Christy Miller says:

    I want to win an award for best smile. Not because I would have the whitest teeth or the biggest grin but because I was happy and shared that happiness. Best smile because of optimism and laughter and a simple happy life shared with others.

  47. Lara Carson says:

    Congratulations to you for your award! I think if I would be granted an award, I would want it for being a “great mother, wife, and nurse”…as those are the things that I strive to do better at every day…and all of my direction, actions, and thoughts are put into making me better in all 3 of those roles!

  48. Wow, what a deep question and very difficult to answer. I’d have to say I’d probably get an award for my dedication to my profession. Right now I’m working part-time so I’m able to manage family life, but I have a passion for my work in the health care field!

  49. Ruth Tacoma says:

    I would love to be Most Influential Homemaker. To me that means wife, mother and also implies that ‘home’ is very important…safe, happy, creative & so much more. And I think the term is kind of old fashioned, but I love it. I’ve had lots of ‘jobs’ but nothing that I hope defines me like creating an environment of love, respect & joy.

  50. Melissa says:

    Hmmm…the award that would mean the most to me would be The Best Mom Award given to me from my daughters. But kids are so ungrateful and they’ll never appreciate all my efforts and sacrifices for them. I mean just the hours of labor alone! Not to mention all the costumes sewn, snotty noses wiped, nails bitten off while I waited up for hours past curfew wondering if they were in a ditch somewhere! I guess I’ll settle for the Most Sarcastic Mom Award. ;)

  51. I heart Garrison Keillor. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Lately, I feel like I want to make it through, to win an award for never giving up. I think it’s the first step to the other “awards” I want to get – writing books that inspire, being a great wife & mom & sister & daughter. But first – never giving up.

  52. Congrats Stacy! I think you deserve the award so just accept it graciously and enjoy it! If I were to ever receive an award, I hope it would be for my mothering of my two daughters. I know most mothers probably say this, but for me it’s the only job I have that really matters to me. I’ve been a U.S. postal worker for 25 years and it means nothing to me compared to being a mother for almost 31 years. I will retire in 5 years from my postal job, but I will continue mothering until God takes me home. I truly enjoy the time I spend with my daughters. I hope the fact that they want to visit me and bring their children to visit me means that I’ve done something right. We truly enjoy each others company. I really don’t need an award for mothering. Time with my daughters and my grandchildren are the only reward I need.

  53. Whew…this is a tough one! I’d like to win an award for being there when someone needed me. Whether it’s being there to listen, to bring a dinner, to getting projects done at work and of course, being there for my husband and kids.

  54. I would like to be remembered as being a friend who cared. One who was there no matter what and listened and helped and was strong when my friends needed it.

  55. SheilaM. says:

    The only award I would want to get is for being a good mother. I realize that only relationships matter in this world — not money, not fame. Unless we are in relationship with others, then our life is pretty pointless.

  56. Deb Taub says:

    Teaching and mentorship — that’s what I’d love my award to be for. It’s the way that istrive to make a difference in the world, the way I strive to make a difference in people’s lives, the way I strive to use my gifts.

  57. This is a tough one. I think that I would want to win an award for being a great wife/mother/daughter/friend. this is what I think is most important in life!

  58. I think if I were to get an award today it would be for most patient potty-trainer, I’m working with my 2 1/2 year old daughter on using the potty and to my credit I have been really patient with her (in a way that I am not always in my everyday life).

  59. Jenny McGee says:

    I would receive an award for being a good listener, I do not judge. I am a good mother and friend too. Always supportive. Thanks.

  60. Jessica R says:

    As an underpaid and unappreciated (aren’t we all? I truly am!) Juvenile Probation Officer, I believe I along with all other JPO’s should receive a “simple” appreciation award. We deal with so many people on a daily basis and undergo many stressful situations. Not to mention, we have to deal with the juveniles’ parents – I won’t even get started with them. ;)

  61. Congratulations, Stacy…I agree wholeheartedly with your nomination.
    The award I would like to recieve (although, like you, it is difficult to have attention drawn to yourself) is an award for service excellance in my field. A recognition for going above and beyond for patients, families and staff. For volunteering and taking on extra projects, committees, and duties for the good of others. I want to be remembered for doing for others. No one does things for “the award”…we do for others, and this ultimately makes our own lives rich.

  62. Miss Niki says:

    Stacy you so deserve this award….you have encouraged me to think about scrapbooking and not just go through the process without know why. You offer great things! Thanks! I guess my award would have to be for my service to preschool aged children. I’d like to be remember for making a positive impact in their early lives by giving them my time and sharing my talents with each of them and their families.

  63. DanelleB says:

    I think I would like to win an award for someone who can always be counted on. My kids know I am there to give them 110% of my support in anything I do. My husband knows the same. If any friend needs anything, all they have to do is ask. I am there for you!!!

  64. Maybe an award for a committed, organized mother. Right or wrong, every decision I make or thing I do is based on how it’ll affect my family.

  65. tammy b says:

    hmmm, since i’m not good with awards this is tough; but i’d have to say i’d be ok with influencing others to be good stewards to the earth.

  66. I LOVE Garrison Keillor, grew up listening to him. Going to see him live for the third time in about a month. Gosh do I love those enchanting evening.

    My award? For being 60 pounds overweight but making the effort to train, go out in public and complete a 5k race without stopping. I did just that last weekend!!!

    My next award? Will come after I figure out how to have a healthy relationship with food again!

    (Great challenging question!!)

  67. The only ‘award’ I want is at the end of my life to hear ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant’ from my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  68. Katie T says:

    Congrats! I would like to win an award for always being there for someone. I want to have people feel like they can come to me with anything, and I will be non-judgmental and helpful.

  69. I’d like to be influential in my daughters’ lives. I’ve been thinking about being a better role model to them in terms of my spiritual walk, but I also want to be a better role model in little ways, like showing them how to have patience in all situations (something I need to work on). When my girls are adults, I want to look back on how I raised them and see that I had a positive influence.

  70. Alison L says:

    I think I would like to win an award for being kind. One of my favorite quotes is from John Huntsman, “The most beautiful person in the world is the person who is kind.”

  71. Since I’ve let go of the dream of winning a Stanley Cup, if I was to win an award, I would want it to be for making a positive difference. Whether that be in someone’s life, in my community, or in a field of some sort.

  72. love that passage you shared!

    i think the greatest award would be to hear “well done, my good and faithful servant.” to have known that on earth, i persevered in faith…as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend…to have pointed others to Christ through my life.

  73. Congrats. Winning an award, not big on awards. Honored if I receive them, for example teacher of the year and the recognition was a good feeling, one I didn’t expect. It’s hard because there are so many people who deserve awards…for day to day things…maybe thats when we need to show appreciation more.

  74. The best award I would ever want to receive is from my family telling me that they loved me and I made a positive difference in their live. Stacy, I can totally relate to where you are coming from these days. I have eight children and the are GREAT!!! BUT I think having older children (my oldest is 20) is harder than I ever thought especially when you mis it in with younger children. There have been a few periods latley where I feel I am on the brink of just wanting to run away (just brief thoughts) and that nothing is fair. Lately, I am trying to be better about giving each day to GOD and enjoying whatever comes by way and just letting go of all I know I have to do because all that I can really control is what I am doing at the present time. ANYWAY—Congratulations Stacy–Your are a HUGE inspiration to me and so many others!

  75. Therese says:

    I would love to win an award for being the best mother I can be. I read all the parenting books, listened to lectures, followed my family’s advice. But the most significant “mothering” came from my heart. I know that I am the only mommy my kids will ever have and I base every decision and interaction on my love for them. I have great kids and most days they are happy that I am their mother – the other days, well I am glad that I am there to teach them right from wrong.

    So simply I would like to get the “Best Mommy I Can Be” award! Thanks for the inspiration and congratulations on your nomination – your blog is where I go when I need a smile or some serious color!!!

  76. susie l. says:

    I would love to get an award for mentoring. I have 22 staff people under me that I value as friends as well as employees. We work in a demanding medical field where we treat our specimens as “patients” and not diseases so stress is so often noticed. I try to remain calm and levelheaded while steering my guys to calmer waters. We all love what we do so everyone needs to work together as a cohesive unit. I also take this approach with my daughter. I’m always open to discussion whether it pertains to performance reviews or the latest fashions.

  77. Somone once told my husband when he was in high school that if he did not get a college degree he would be a “ditch digger” the rest of his life. Well since he is an owner and runs a very successful Excavating business with only one year of college (diesel mechanic) – I guess he proved them wrong – Anyways, if I could win an award it would be for being organized and keeping the “ship sailing” in the right direction. I don’t like to get credit because everyone who takes part makes me look better and with their help we get the project done.

  78. I love the idea that my daughter awards me the good mom award. At the age of 18 she has had plenty reason to follow my older daughter in the ‘You aren’t good enough’ trophy giving. I want all four of my children to say someday “Job well done”

  79. What a funny column – thanks for sharing. Also, I can’t wait for the Big Idea Festival to start…thank you for doing that :) If I were to win an award…I would hope for it to simply be an award for always being a cheerleader type person that help others pursue their dreams and live happy lives. I think sometimes we try to be this and that – forgetting that ultimately we just have to be happy and live good lives…what else really matters?!

  80. Stacey you do deserve this award! The things you have done ie: Simple Scrapbook Mag, your books,Big Picture Scrapbooking have helped me andso many women simplify and be motivated to keep their memories without feeling all the pressure! Thank you!! You have influenced the industry with all of the above in a great way also. :) I would want to be noticed for the way I have worked hard to be a good mother (and now Nana) by trying to be an example to my kids of hard work, honesty, and being dependable and available.

  81. Love Garrison Keillor; Pullett Surprise, so funny! But Stacy, you shouldn’t be surprised either. From the first issue of SS, I’ve been inspired and validated by your vision. It’s always nice to know that no matter how many people think it’s weird that I take so many pictures (what are you going to do with all of them?), I can always come to your blog to remind me that I’m NOT so different. So thank you. My award? The award for being different and loving it. Viva la difference!

  82. Briana N. says:

    If I were to win an award, it would probably be an award in being able to see other people’s perspectives. It’s easy to try to get your own way but seeing what is best for everyone might be different.

  83. Christine says:

    You so deserve this award, Stacy! Accept it with your head held high!

    My award would be small – for making the best banana muffins ever. YUM :-)

  84. Congrats on your award. I too feel that I don’t deserve it sometimes but I guess sometimes we don’t see the influences we make. If I got an influential award, I would like it to be for helping people to understand their dogs and how to train them.

  85. Teresa M says:

    I think I would win an award for the best procrastinor. I can come up with a million of other little important things to do instead of the one big ugly thing that I should be doing.

    Like right now, writing this comment while at work instead of working on the spreadsheets like I should be :)

  86. Oh Stacy . . . you’ve been such an inspiration to me for such a long time! You definitely deserve this award! Congratulations and ((hugs))!

    At this point in my life, the award that I would most cherish is the award for being the best mom to my children. When they get a little older, I would like to be the example they follow and the inspiration they need to dream big dreams, and make them come true!

  87. peg risley says:

    If I were to win an award, it would be for making a difference with children. It doesn’t have to be a huge award, maybe just a thanks for all you did this year! (I teach 2nd grade)

  88. I would want to win an award for always being there for everyone

    Oh, and of course I would want to win a giveaway ;)

  89. Stacy P says:

    I would like to win an award for being the best mom of 3 & wife that I could be. That is the award that would mean the most to me. To be recognized for getting the right cereal at the grocery store, for being the best soccer & lacrosse mom that I could for the kids & the biggest supporter of my husband that I can & for sharing my love of life with my family & friends & help them see that that is what ‘IT’ is all about. — thank u!

  90. Alison M. says:

    When I was in high school, I won the senior award for “Rowdiest Person.” I’d love to win something like that now in my adulthood, to prove to my kids that I AM a fun person!!

  91. Dorothy says:

    Stacy the award for you is GREAT HUMILITY!

    An award I would feel lucky to get would be “Religious Tolerance Teacher”

    There is so much “hate” in our world, both here and and abroad which is tied to what God you worship and how you worship them, or lack of worship all together. It’s everywhere and so sad, and just like in our world and US history, people still are dying today over this.

    It is so important to me to teach my kids respect and love for others, NO MATTER their lack of worship or difference in worship.

  92. Peggy Pilgrim says:

    Well good on ya for winning the award (which IS deserved, I’m sure) and thanks so much for the link to the free scrapbooking class at BigIdeas AND for the marvelous bit of GK’s wit & wisdom on this fine moring. “Pullet Surprise” indeed, :-).

    If I were to win an award, I hope it would be for being a friend to dogs. In fact, the only award/reward that I need is a smiling poochy face & a wagging tail/butt. I’ve been a dog person since childhood & it’s about all I’ve ever been consistently good at or committed to (there might be a connection there ;-).

  93. Tasia Minnaert says:

    I could see myself winning and award from my daughter for best snuggles.

  94. If I would get an award I would hope it would be for setting a good example – i.e., helpful when called upon and going the extra step to help when not called upon; socially conscience – recycle, reuse, reduce; an ear to listen and a voice when called upon. So many times it’s the small, little considerate things that mean the most – even to a stranger. I strive every day to leave it better than it started – reach out to someone who needs the extra hand – let others know that no matter the time, etc they can call on me if in need – and I won’t judge, lecture, etc.

  95. L. Barker says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved. On any given day my award is earned when I believe I have done my best, when I’ve helped another person be their best, made life a little more comfortable, pleasant, easier or happier for those around me, expressed myself in a bright, enouraging way (usually telling family stories through my scrapbooking) and in accomplishing the tasks set before me. That award is, at the end of the day, a long sigh of contentment.

  96. Sarah Wiehe says:

    I would love to receive an award for loving God a little more today than I did yesterday. No matter what the circumstances are I desire to positively affect those around me.

  97. Congratulations on your award, Stacy! You deserve it!! I love your humility, your honesty, your fun, bright attitude, your goofiness, and your real-ness.

    I used to have a hard time accepting any praise or compliments or awards, but I realized that when I offered someone praise or compliments, I was genuinely offering it. I didn’t want the receiver to not believe my sincerity. So I try to believe others’ sincerity, too, and respond as I would like for others to respond. As for awards, I am a little competitive, so I enjoy receiving awards I have strived to attain. But if I lose, I have come to realize that I am still better for trying than to not have competed at all. You see, I’m very enlightened! ;) LOL

    If I were to win an award, it would be for having the cutest children, according to my 7-year old. And I would gladly accept that award as I am proud to proclaim that I do indeed have the cutest kids!!

  98. Stacy…you have had a profound influence on scrapping and specifically on me. I have been published twice and both were due to you. The LOM has changed the way I scrap. I remember meeting you at Scattered Pictures in Portland, Oregon. I believe each person has a purpose in life and you have certainly found your calling. It’s easy for us women to give and give and give and yet, when it’s time to receive, we have such a difficult time. Receive this award with grace and know that it’s because there are so many women whose lives you have touched. Have a fabulous weekend and congrats on the new line of paper. Love it! Kathryn Benfiet

  99. Congratulations to you!
    I would like my 2 boys to always remember that (nearly) everything was possible with mum. that they enjoy the long summerholidays with friends over for dinner, lunch, sleepover or just chillin and swimming. So an award from my boys to me would be enough for me!

  100. I think I’d win an award for being a good wife. I’d love to win an award for being a good mother, but I know I am a good wife. We’ve had some challenges in our 22 year marriage and I know that the way I chose to react to them has made our marriage stronger and our family happier.

    I also firmly believe that one of the best things you can give your child is a good marriage between his/her parents. It’s the foundation for their growth and security in all areas.

    Thank you, Stacy. I really enjoy your blog.

  101. What a wonderful column. Very witty and honest. I really never thought about awards that way before. You can add me to the category of Fabulous Mom award seekers. I am doing my best to see that my kids are happy and explore their dreams. :D

  102. The reward I want is when life comes full circle and my 18 year old son is 25, 35, or whatever and thanks me and my husband for being good role models for him. That reward will show up in how he treats his future wife and kids, respects God, manages his work, how he goes about taking care of his business. He is already loyal and willing to help and be there for friends and family in need. What more can a person ask for?

  103. I’d like an award for being a positive person (I’m a glass half full kind of girl). But I am a realist and pragmatic and I do try to believe that everything happens for a reason and it would be worse so what I think is more realistic is Award for the Being Real

    Congrats Stacy on your award – you deserve it so much.

  104. I would love to be awarded the best mommy award from my kids. Ten years ago, I never saw kids as part of my future and now with a 1.5 year old and an almost 3 year old, i can’t imagine my life without them. I struggle with the fear of not being good enough and just hope and pray that I do them well.

    Thanks for sharing your stories too. You’re an inspiration in more ways than you know!

  105. Great quote! Congrats on this award, Stacy. You are probably the scrapbooker that has been most influential in my life, so I am excited they chose you! The first thought I had with the award was, as others said, wife/mother… But I don’t think that is what I would get an award for. I know there are a lot of ways I can do better. I’m working on it. The one that I could maybe get would be for being selfless. I try to serve when asked. I’m not great at seeing a need, but I try to always be willing to give of my time.

  106. My award would be small and elitist, hopefully nominated and given by just two men, who are currently just two small boys. I hope that I am setting the best example of being the best human being I can possibly be.

  107. The only award I would want is for Best Mum to my two girls. I hope to be hugely influential in their lifes and often feel like I’m getting it all wrong so to know that I was doing the absolute best would mean the world to me!

  108. Missy K says:

    Congratulations, and well-deserved!

    I would love an award for loving my family well– for them always knowing they are first with me.

  109. I want the award for “Bestest Mommy Ever”! Thanks for the chance!

  110. Janette Childs says:

    I am not an award person by any means- I just would want people to remember me for being a good wife, mother, friend, church member, and that I took time to record my story =).

  111. Candy W says:

    That was a very interesting and enlightening article. While I know that most of my actions will never win me any awards and I’m by no means the greatest mom or wife; but IF I had to pick one “reason” to win an award it would be for being the “queen of juggling”. I have 4 girls, I work every weekend outside of the home, and I still manage to get to all of my girls’ activities, I volunteer, I coach soccer, etc. Somedays I wonder how I even do it and I get comments all the time from others that I just graciously say “thanks”.

  112. Addie-Addie says:

    Congrats Stacy!! You are well deserving of this award. I would never expect to receive an award for being a good mother but it would be the one award I would love to be recognize for. It is a challenge everyday but I wouldn’t change a thing.

  113. Michelle H says:

    I would love to receive an award for “Best Balancing Act” for balancing motherhood and creative pursuits like scrapbooking and writing! Some days it seems impossible!

  114. Melanie says:

    I’m not a mom yet, but would love to be up for best mom in the future :) Also, would love to one day win a teacher of the year award – I’m still just starting out, but have high hopes that I will be a really great teacher AND a really great mom :D

  115. Jo-Ellen says:

    First and foremost I would like to influence generations through the things I do as a mother. With 5 kids, I am potentially looking at influencing hundreds of people in a short amount of time. If I can be the kind of mother that teaches my children about Christ and can show His love through my actions then I believe that my influence will be felt in the families of my children and so on throughout the generations.

  116. I love what Sherri says. My sons are currently 23 and 31 and I can’t think of a better award than that they become compassionate and loving men of integrity, whether they ever acknowledge my role or not.

  117. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I might win an award for being a great cook or a welcoming hostess or a trivia champ (I WAS on Jeopardy!) or for being able to tell a funny story, but the award I most long for is the “Well done, good & faithful servant..” that will show that I was a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  118. KristiGilbert says:

    I would want to win an award from my husband and kids for making a positive difference in their lives. Not for being the best Mom in the world…that’s too lofty to attain and pretty unrealistic considering I’m on my laptop on the couch instead of playing on the floor with my daughter. Just the best I could be, and as good an influence on them as possible, while teaching my kids to be independent and happy and helping my husband know that no matter what work throws at him, he will always have a happy, though not perfect, family to come home to.

  119. Stacy, Influence is subjective. You will never fully know the extent of your influence with regards to scrapbooking. This is true for most of us – we are blissfully and sometimes ignorantly unaware of our influence.

    Both of your books arrived to me yesterday and although after family commitments I was not home until after 8:30 and even then had a friend over – eventually our conversation moved from Scouting (both of our eldest sons are heading to the Boy Scout National Jamboree tomorrow!) to scrapbooking – another shared love. I shared with her your scrapbooking philosophy and before we knew it we were both crying – in a joyful way – her because in those few minutes she had the lightbulb moment of why she really wanted to be scrapbooking and how the “old” way had become a burden and me because of remembering that same feeling in myself and the joy of now sharing it with a good friend. We talked about it into the wee hours of the morning.

    Your influence is far reaching and you deserve this award!

    As for me – the awards I would like to EARN would be best mom to Lauren, Ryan, Matthew, Theodore, and Madilyn and best wife to Patrick – but only if they were the ones awarding them.

    P.S. Check out the going price for The Big Picture on Amazon – $1,640 to $2,125 for new. How’s that for a vote of confidence!

  120. I’d like to receive an award because I made a difference in people’s lives, mainly my son and my husband.

  121. Firstly, I am so thrilled that you were nominated. I think your intelligence and thoughfulness really shines through in the Paperclipping Roundtable and since hearing you I have been following your blog and Big Picture Scrapbooking. I am extremely impressed with everything you do! As to an award, I would like to receive an award from my harshest critic–myself–that says “You Are the Best You”. The jury is still out. :-)

  122. Patricia says:

    What a great article! Congratulations on your award- it is very well deserved! I never really thought about receiving an award before for anything I do. I guess if I would win one I’d like to for being a great caretaker to my family. I support them to the fullest and am the biggest fan they will ever have.

  123. “A terrific smile will take you a long way in this world.”
    That’s what I get, a kindness award. i want to be remember for being thoughtful and caring. A good mother, wife, daughter, sister, niece – and I want those people to nominate me for that award. I want my daughters to learn to above all be nice. Share your smile. Take the time to be kind to others.

  124. Krista connolly says:

    I have alrady reseved the best reward a person can get.The children I was a nanny for are now teenagers and are doing great. both of my kids did exceptional in school, do to hard work. they also won awords for being the most congenial. As there nanny I know I played a big part in that and that makes me so proud.

  125. I am from MN and agree with Garrison Keillor although I personally think I have charm : ) – I can’t imagine winning an award and would probably be right with him writing the “Thanks but No I don’t really deserve it” letter.

    But, if it means I could win some fabulous scrapbooking prize, I’ll think of something ……: )

    My award would be: “fun friend” – someone who rallys the troops 25 years after we left high school. Thanks for the chance! dori

  126. Michelle C says:

    The reward I would like to receive would be 2 well-rounded, happy adult children – although right now they are 9 and 1 1/2. When I can say that, I will know that all the craziness of right now was worth every second.

  127. I’d love an award that says “you enjoyed!” I kinda dislike the old “endure to the end” so I’d rather have an “enjoy to the end” kind of life.

  128. Peggy Pilgrim says:

    Well good on ya for winning the award (which IS deserved, I’m sure) and thanks so much for the link to the free scrapbooking class at BigIdeas AND for the marvelous bit of GK’s wit & wisdom on this fine morning. “Pullet Surprise” indeed, :-).

    If I were to win an award, I hope it would be for being a friend to dogs. In fact, the only award/reward that I need is a smiling poochy face & a wagging tail/butt. I’ve been a dog person since childhood & it’s about all I’ve ever been consistently good at or committed to (there might be a connection there ;-).

  129. Michele says:

    Congratulations Stacy, you are more than deserving of the award. I’ve gotten a few awards in my life, which at the time seemed like a very big deal and made me feel 10 feet tall and bursting with joy. As I approach 50 (yikes!) and have a longer perspective on this life, I wish to be remembered for being a good wife, mom and friend. It isn’t an easy thing to be consistently positive and encouraging, especially with two kiddos at the cusp of teenager land. ;) There are days I certainly stumble and fall, but I love my family with all my heart and know that God will guide me if I let Him. Again, congrats, you ROCK the scrapbooking world in my book.

  130. Stacy you absolutely deserved this award for motivating others to create simple but meaningful pages and to tell their stories. The award I’m most likely to receive is for having the guts to try something new, whether it be moving thousands of miles away for my husband’s job or for taking on new employment that I don’t know that I am qualified to do.

  131. Cynthia says:

    I want to influence my son to be a better person than I am. That’s a LOT!

  132. If I received an award, I would want it to be for being a great wife and mother. I always feel like I fall short in this area, but I do my best. I think about how my son sees me quite often as I’m the biggest influence in his life right now. He’s almost 4 and I’m a stay at home mom. Some days I think to myself “you did a good job today” and others I think “can we just start over and erase this day”. It’s hard to be on your best behavior 24/7 even when you are a mom!

  133. I’m a teacher – high school biology. I work SO hard at what I do and I love every minute of it. I would like to think that I would win an award for innovative teaching methods. At least – I hope that’s how others see me too!

  134. Ceci O Hurtado says:

    Great idea! I would like to recieve an award for being a positive influence for my family and my friends. For setting the example of enjoy life and share this love to all around. (At least I try to do this each day!) Mostly I would like to be nominate by them. Congrats on your nomination!

  135. Debbie Servantez says:

    I would like to influence the kids around me to try things with their hands, their bodies, their time and enjoy the learning process…and have fun!

    Congrats Stacy! Well deserved!

  136. Congratulations! You are the most influential scrapper in my world.
    I would like to receive an award for always having a smile on my face and for being nice to everyone. Cheesy, eh?

  137. I actually did win an award – for outstanding staff member. And I cried because it was a total surprise and was announced before I was ever told. But what made it so special was that I was nominated and selected by the very people that I spend my working days serving – graduate students. But the best thing about it was that it made me realize that even though I don’t feel like I have any influence or power or juju or whatever you want to call it, I make a difference in my world – the world – every day. Because I am in a position to help others achieve their goals – and change the world. But the award I really think I would like to win? Most Fabulous ME! Because it has taken me 47 years to be able to say I am enough.

    And, Stacy, you are the best and so very deserving of this award. The list would not have been complete without you.

  138. Deb Jankowicz says:

    Gosh – an award. As my oldest turns 18 this month (YIKES), my award consists of watching him gain confidence and skill in planning his future.

  139. I loved that article. My new favorite quote is from the end “And it wouldn’t hurt you to smile more. Just do it. Thank you.”

    I am the happiest when I am helping others and they are so grateful. Whether it be through labor help, donations or just teaching someone something. The sincere appreciation makes it all worth it. If I had to receive an award, it would be in hopes that it would inspire others to do the same.

  140. Jennifer says:

    I think if I were to receive an award, it would be the “Changing the Patterns in Your Family History For the Better.” I have worked hard to do that, and it has certainly come at a price. I feel that changing these negative patterns will have an effect on all my posterity and my award will be when I see my children raising their children in a healthy, normal way.

  141. Stacy, had you declined the recognition and your name not appeared in this list, I would have thought it a big sham and would have ignored the whole thing! You have completely revolutionized my way of thinking about scrapbooking, and to say that you’re influential is an understatement. I am continually inspired by you in so many ways (I have described you as one of the happiest people I (don’t) know).

    Like others, if I won an award, I would want it to be for being a great wife and mom. I keep saying that parenting is one thing we do that we don’t know how good a job we’ve done until it’s over (if it is ever really over). We just do the best we can and pray a lot!

  142. Cathy S says:

    Stacy, in my world you are THE most influential scrapbooker I follow and I am thrilled you were nominated and accepted this award. I also agree with you Friday Five as things to really be excited about, especially your own cardstock! My own award will be that I did everything I wanted to in this life before leaving it. So far, right on track.

  143. Mary Mitchell says:

    I would like to receive an award for not raising helpless children. My 20 something children can do their own laundry, clean, cook basic meals, research and attempt to fix their own things, speak their minds in a respectful way, grow and forage for food, and seek out employment to support their other needs. Sadly, I know so many older and younger adults that struggle with these basic life skills.

  144. Monica B. says:

    I’d like an award for planning fun family activities! I love to plan things for my kids to do that include their cousins, aunts and uncles. We never vacation with just our family, we always have extended family come along. I want my kids to see that friends can sometimes come and go but family will always be there. As they grow older, it’s great to see them have so much fun with their cousins. Their cousins truly are their best friends.

  145. Jennifer says:

    I want the “Well done thy good and faithful servant” award : )
    Matthew 25:21
    His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  146. If you were to receive an award, what would it be for? In other words, how do you want to be influential?

    This really seems to be inline with what I’ve been thinking about lately- how to be a better steward of the things I’ve been given and to help others.

    Award- I guess, for now, I’d like it to be that I shared the things I’ve learned freely.

    (I say for now because I’ve got some things in mind that if life goes the way it’s looking, I’d like to do and help out with. . . but it’s too soon to tell there.)

  147. The award I would win would be for always trying to set a good example and teach my kids and those I work with that Character Counts. :-)
    thanks for the opportunity!

  148. Karen de castro says:

    I would like to win the award for woman with the most organized life. I would do everything I needed to do and had to do and still have time to do what the kids wanted to do and still have time to do what I want to do.

  149. Viki Powell says:

    Congratulations on this award…you have definitely influenced my life mostly with your high energy and bright color…YES, you deserve this award and Thank you:)

    If i was to receive an award today, I would have to say it would be the “generousity award”I have recently been told of how generous I am and that I should be spending more time on myself! I agree, I should spend more time on myself, but it’s just not my nature:)

    I agree, when put in the spotlight it is very difficult for to accept a compliment.

  150. Ronnie Crowley says:

    I would like to do enough in my life that I’m given an award for making a difference in my community. Do I think I deserve yet – NO. But I’m working on it.

  151. Madeline St Onge says:

    I think I would love to win an award for all my hard work in my garden and my beautiful roses

    Congratulations Stacey

  152. Jena Baker says:

    In the future I would love to receive an award from my children for the best Mom/Friend award. That would tell me that I’m someone who they consider to be influential in their live and that is where I would like to be when they are adults. This is becuase I really regard my Mother in this capacity.

  153. Karen Schmidt says:

    I like the article. I would like to win an award for being a role model for my kids. I try to eat well, exercise, and document our/there lives so they can remember when I’m not around everything we went though in life good and bad.

    you are the best Stacy, keep your head up and keep reaching for the stars…

  154. Jenny B says:

    Congratulations Stacy-thank you for sharing your heart and your skills with all of us! I think that if I was to receive an award, I would want it to be an award for helping/supporting the people around me to grow and learn to their highest potential; I feel this especially as a parent and as a special education teacher.

  155. Karen H. says:

    I am a Girl Scout Leader and area manager. I would like to hope that I have influenced at least a few girls to be the best they can be, to girls with courage, confidence and character…I guess I’ll never know but I hope in 20 years to read about a woman in the paper(or online!) and she’ll say,”Everything I know I learned in Girl Scouts” or something like that. That would be a lovely award!

  156. I would like to win “the Best Friend” award. That would be the most meaningful to me because you can be a friend to anyone — your kids, your spouse, parents, family members, siblings, neighbor, etc. And to me this would mean that I was always there for them and always available to offer my support, provide comfort, and show love to all who mean so much to me.

    Congratulations of the recognition! You do deserve it and I love your humbleness in not immediately accepting it. I can’t wait for the Big Idea Festival to start. Thank you for giving back to us!!!

  157. First – congrats. You & Cathy Z have both influenced by scrapping style, story-telling, and approach. Second – winning an influential award – you’re kidding, right? Ugh … okay, um, in my dream of dreams, it would be something to do with baking/cooking – either new ways of getting kids involved in cooking, showing that non-cooking folks can cook/bake, or something like that.

  158. Terri Torrez says:

    I would want to be recognized for my writing.


  159. Is there an award for procrastination? Because I’d be a shoo-in for that because I spend most of my brain power researching new ideas and projects instead of what I should be doing next. I think it would be pretty swell to be recognized for my fabulous ideas and creative problem solving.

  160. Congrats on your award, and thanks for the chance to win. I would love to win an award from my son for being a great mommy! Having him think I am a great mom would so much to me! :)

  161. Bernice says:

    I would like to win an award for being the best Mother-in-Law. I certainly have the very best daughter-in-law, not only beautiful on the outside but beautiful inside – a truly gracious lady.

  162. Donna Tullis says:

    hummm…i would like to receive an award for impacting someone in a positive and uplifting way….to be someone that has lightened the load and made someone smile and laugh out loud. i have loved you stacy and your magazine since it first hit the newstand and i was so very sad when it was to be no more. but you have impacted this industry like no one else, with your push for us to really scrap from the heart and not get so tied up in all the stuff, i am thankful for you and your contagious joy!

  163. amyellen says:

    congrats to you on your award! i think i would most like an award to recognize my support for all of the people i love; my husband, my kids, my family, my church family, my friends. the “i support you” award! nothing says i love you more than saying “i believe in you”!

  164. Again, congratulations on your MISA, you ARE very deserving of it!
    And, oh my word, your own Core’dinations Impressions…can’t wait to get my hands on that! Very exciting!

    My ultimate reward that I strive for is entering the Heavenly Kingdom at the end of my life, and being reunited with all of my loved ones gone before me.

    Blessings on your site transfer!

  165. Shelley Johnson says:

    If I was to win an award I would like it to be for inspirational teaching. I teach at Okanagan College in the Faculty of Business. I teach income tax, financial planning and accounting, none of which most people consider inspiring. But I consider those topics to be tools to help people get their lives and their businesses where THEY want them to be. I would like to know that I could inspire my students to be part of the ” helping profession” of accounting and financial planning. I love to use humor and stories in my classes and I would like to be remember as a teacher who could make a complex idea understandable and interesting and sometimes, funny.

  166. JennieB says:

    I would love to win an award for always being kind to others. Congratulations on your MISA; well deserved!

  167. I would want to be awarded for being a humble, Christian wife and mother who sought out for the good of all

  168. I would want to be awarded for being a humble, Christian wife and mother who sought out for the good of all.

  169. Well, as someone who has taken several classes at BPS and currently taking Claudine’s class…yahoooo to you that you have received this award because what you have created in the scrapping world has been amazingly awesome! So, congrats to you!!!

    As for what I would want an award for…it would be for consistently offering creative opportunities for expression and healing to the clients I work with as an Expressive Arts Therapist and Addiction Specialist. I work with women who are pregnant and/or mothers who are suffering with addiction issues, as well as coming from some of the most heart breaking backgrounds one can imagine exists in our sometimes twisted society. Yup, that’s what my influence is on a daily basis…helping them find their voices and recovery through the rediscovery of their creative souls.

  170. wrights13 says:

    I would want to be recognized for the fact that the world is a better place because I am in it.

    Congrats Stacey and thank you for making the world of scrapbooking a better place. :)

  171. Congrats on your MISA, Stacy! I would hope to win a parenting award, because I hope that I am being a good mother and raising my kids to be happy, successful adults.

  172. I was NOT at all surprised to see your name on this list. I have always loved your work since I “discovered” you at Simple Scrapbooks! I have taken several classes at BPS and they have been nothing short of spectacular! You rock!

    I would LOVE to win an award for being selfless and kind to others…as much as I try, I fall very short every day, but keep working toward being my best self!

  173. Congratulations on receiving this honor, Stacy! You deserve it! I am so excited for your new Core’dination line!

    One “award” that I have been honored to receive was being listed as a “professor who rocks” in my college’s yearbook. I love that the students recognized me in that way, because some days it’s hard to know if I’m making an impact on them. This was a nice reminder that I am having an influence.

  174. Lynn Herrick says:

    First, thanks for sharing the good and the bad about life. I think it is easy to share the good stuff, but it takes real courage to share the difficult stuff.

    Second, my award would be the “She always took care of the details award.” It would be given to me by my husband and children and it would be for all the stuff that I do that I don’t think they notice.

  175. Stacy, I think Ella has chosen wisely. You are a very inspirational person. Congratulations on your nomination. I hope to one day receive an “I got your back” award :) I’m a giver and take care of others often too much that I forget about myself but that’s ok. I always say, there will be time for me later. Right now, it’s about my family, my children and husband, my friends. I enjoy doing for them, that makes me happy.

  176. The award I want to win is one given to me from my children as the world’s best mom. And the absolutely best thing is that I’ve already received already a number of times. I love that. :)

  177. Nancy L says:

    If I were to win an award it would be for parenting…

  178. Congratulations Stacy! You are truly inspirational.

    I would more than anything like to win an award for raising two remarkable young women (on my own, I might add). I’d also like to win an award for being a good business woman and building a successful business (LolliDreams cake truffles) started on a shoestring, single-mom budget.

  179. Congratulations Stacey :)

    I would love to win a “mom who tried her best” award. I could never be the best but I’d love to be known as one who tried :)

  180. If I were to win an award (or at least be nominated for one) I would love to think it would be on sharing my faith with children so they can continue on this walk by my side – and for advocating for children who are differently abled.

    congrats on MISA – well deserved!

  181. Melissa Aguiar says:

    Congrats Stacy! YOU are my inspiration, truly! I have watched and read and followed you for years and for you to share your God given talents to all of us is such an honor!!!

    You are one unique and Cre8tive lady! TY for all that you do! You deserve it!

    The only award I have really wanted in my life is knowing that I did a good job raising my child everything else will come second to that.


  182. congratulations stacey (:

    well, I guess I’d like to win an award for being the mvp in a sport that I love–canoe polo ^^

  183. heidi y says:

    Neat question! I’d say a Loving Wife + Mom to 2 beautiful daughters Award… Congrats to you for your MISA!!!!

  184. bea medwecky says:

    Congratulations Stacy! Very well deserved award.

    I would like to receive an award for raising happy, well adjusted young men, even though their dad died when they were 12 and 8. My proudest accomplishment is that I raised these boys without having a chip on their shoulder.

  185. Keianna says:

    I would love to receive one from my daughter years from now for being a good mom. It is the hardest job I have ever had and I would love for her to tell me that I did my absolute best :-)

    Congrats on the award Stacy. You are a pioneer in the industry and I LOVE your positive attitude toward life.

  186. I think, humbly!, that my award might be for “Caring for Family and Friends”. That column was a great read – saved it in my file of things to go back and read on a regular basis.

    And you, my dear, are so deserving of each and every award that is bestowed on you. I count meeting you in Edmonton as one of my most special events ever!! So congrats and thanks for being an inspiring and amazing woman!!

  187. I would love to receive an award from my children- for inspiring them to be better people, for teaching them to be happy in all circumstances, for showing them how to be patient and kind and loving.

  188. Tammy Eberhard says:

    Congratulations on your MIS Award for 2010. A well deserved honour.

    If I were to win an award I would like it to be for determination. Determination to improve daily. :)

  189. beulahmom says:

    Congratulations Stacy!

    I think the best award I could receive would be for contributing to the upbringing of my marvelous children. To have these wonderful children grow up to be responsible adults with children of their own now and have them do such a great job setting fine examples for their own kids is just the best thing in all of the world. I’m assuming (oh-oh) it is all because I must have done something right when my kids were growing up!! :o)

  190. Lorianne says:

    If I were to be nominated for an award, it would certainly be (with all modesty and humbleness) for generosity. I love throwing parties and giving hand-made things to close family members and friends. Not only do they get to be the guinea-pig for my projects, but they also get to keep the goodies!

  191. I would love to hear from some of the pupils who I have taught over 34 years and who have been succesful in their lives or who have overcome great difficulties to succeed. This would be a reward enough for me!
    Congratulations, Stacey!

  192. If you were to receive an award, what would it be for? My over-organizational color coded dry-erase board with the kids’ schedules LOL
    In other words, how do you want to be influential? hmmm….I don’t know if it’s influential, but my kids are almost always (okay sometimes) on time to all their activities ;)

  193. Michele C. says:

    I would like to win an award for starting an organization that brings crafts to patient care facialities. it would be “Crafting to heal” or something more clever.

  194. If I were to win an award it would have to be for being a Stupendous Mom ! I try to be the best mom possible and influence them in the best way, so they can carry that with them and pass it on to all the people in there lives !!

  195. Congratulations to you and thank you for inspiring us all in many ways. LOM got me thinking in a whole new direction, even in how I take pictures.

    If I would win an award, it would be for tenacity in seeking out information and sharing it with others to make their lives better. I love researching anything and believe I do so well to help others make good decisions. This has come in handy helping my children choose colleges, making vacation plans, running our household, advising friends on ministry work, etc.

  196. Heather Robertson says:

    If I were to win an award I’d love it to be for just being there for someone when they needed me

  197. tchrtiff says:

    Congratulations on the recognition from Ella! Oh you’ve asked us a tough question! I want to be known for being a great wife (loving and supporting my husband in all ways) and mother (teaching what they need to know to be happy and productive members of society). Thanks for the chance to win fabulous prizes!

  198. Kelly T. says:

    If I were to win an award it would be for “the most loving nurse!”. I love my job, the babies, and their families. Congrats Stacy.

  199. sharolyn says:

    Congratulations on your award! I’m so glad I found your blog. If I was to win an award I would want it to be for being the best version of myself. For truely being the person that God created me to be…something I struggle with everyday…wish me luck!

  200. SueinMtVernon says:

    I would like to win an award for being a peacemaker. It really bothers me when people close to me are upset; even when I’m not directly involved. It doesn’t matter if it’s a family member, a co-worker, or a close friend – I want everyone to be happy. Unrealistic? Maybe. But, until those around me are content, I can’t be content so I strive to iron out the concerns and talk with those involved hoping for a happy ending. At my grandmother’s funeral, my cousin was saying a few words and he remembered asking my grandmother one time what was the secret to being married for so many years to my grandfather. She said, “Never go to bed angry.” I’ve never forgotten it and try to live by her wise words everyday.

    Stacy – You are absolutely deserving of this award – Congratulations!

  201. Jennifer O. says:

    Congratulations! As a mom of teens and tweens, I would like to win an award for producing caring, productive and happy adults. Some days I wonder if we’ll get there.

  202. i would want my award to be for helping others/teaching…i do what i can each day to help people achieve and be more…

  203. Congrats Stacy! You most certainly deserve this award!

    If I were to win an award, I hope it would be a Super Caregiver Award for being a great wife, mom to four and good friend, daughter, and sister! What a thrill it would be to be recognized for my love and energy I put into all of these roles!

  204. I would love to win an award from my grandchildren for being the “best grandma ever!”

  205. Kristin O. says:

    Yahoo for you!! I have loved you for so long – I still remember the a-ha moment I had while reading your first Simple Scrapbooks book, and then again while reading The Big Picture.
    If I win the award for Best Body for a 37 year old, right now as I am, does that mean I can eat more chocolate cake? :)

  206. Andrea Frieubs says:

    I’d love to win an EGOT (you know–Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) because that would mean I’m seriously multi-talented…..yes, I’ve been watching way too much 30 Rock ;)

  207. karen young says:

    Congratulations Stacey! You DO deserve this award. You’ve influenced sooo many.

    It’s cliche, but I would like an award for being the best mom to my kids. I try so hard. Every day. I know I make mistakes. And I know everything I do, good and bad, influences them. I would like to know that my efforts are/have paid off. It means so much to me.

    Btw, very cool paper! Can’t wait to try some!

  208. Veronica says:

    Stacy – you *should* embrace with joy each award you receive. You are inspirational…and an award is just one tangible way of showing that you’ve touched someone’s life…and in this case, lots of lives. I’ve so appreciated your words on many different levels! I’m plodding through a longish stretch where I don’t feel like I’m very good at anything….but I love to throw a great party, so I want to win the PARTY QUEEN award. :-) That would be fun, eh? vb

  209. goldnuggt says:

    I would want to win an award for being the best mom I can be. I can’t come close the being the world’s best mom, I just want to be the mom God designed me to be.

  210. Cathy K. says:

    Congrats to you! I think if I were to be nominated for an award, I want it to be for my positive outlook, be it at work, home or out in the world I really try to be positive in any situation – not that it always works, but if you have a positive attitude, the results that follow usually are too!

  211. Congrat’s Stacy! You definitely are an influential scrapbooker, all my albums are organised based on your LOM book/class and I’m sure I would have lost my sanity by now if I hadn’t switched up the way I store my memories. And the cardstock? HOW AWESOME!

    If I were to win an award I’d like it to be for Best Listener. I’d like to think that any of my friends or family could come to me about anything and that I would listen, no judgement.

  212. Jodi Mitchell says:

    I’m a Mom of four, and recently started my “second” career of teaching preschoolers. I knew it would be fun, but I never imagined how much I would “invest” in these 21 little souls ( and their families!). Getting their heartfelt thanks and hugs at the end of the school year was the best award I could ever receive. Now, if I can do that EVERY year until I retire, that would be the best!

  213. Congratulations on your recognition! It’s certainly well deserved.

    If I were to receive an award I’d like for it to be for raising my two daughters with ambition, hunger to learn, self confidence and a zest for life. If I can do that, I’ve done my job.

  214. AdrianaG. says:

    I would like to win an award as the best woman and mom in the world. Recognition always makes you feel good! Congratulations on your nomination! You deserve it as well as the others.

  215. Michelle910 says:

    I went to college at night for 17 years to get my Bachelor’s degree. During that time, I got married, had two children, raised 3 dogs, owned 3 houses and had a full-time career in IT. I would get the award for perseverence.

  216. I love my husband and kids and want to be recognized for the (hopefully) positive impact I’ve had on there lives, but I would like to be given The Healthy Eater Award–is there such a thing??? Been striving to eat green and clean and feeling better because of it.

  217. I would win an award for Faithfulness. I had a baby last year with a complex heart defect. She passed away after she blessed me with 50 days. I could have cried “why me, why us, why her” but instead I remained faithful that God gave me Jayden for a reason. That He blessed me with this little miracle. That He chose her just for me.

  218. First of all Congrats on your nomination and the new cardstock is GORGEOUS and very happy indeed.
    I think I would like to win an award for being a compassionate and caring friend.

  219. I absolutely love what you do and how you do it, Stacy. I scour the Internet for your interviews because I love to be inspired by your philosophies (for scrapbooking and for life). You absolutely brighten my day.

    I want to win the Tries Her Best award. I may not always do everything perfectly (or sometimes even well), but my intentions are always good, and my effort is always 110%.

  220. Paula Perk says:

    The award I would win is the “Life is better with a positive attitude” award. I have worked hard for the last couple of years at being a more positive person. I think I am much nicer to be around because of it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  221. I’d like to win an award for being a stay at home mom in this working mom world. Not always easy – but I feel strongly that I’m doing the right thing.

  222. Sue Carter says:

    I would want it to be for making a difference in someone’s life. For over 15 years I have been a Cub/Boy Scout leader. Over these years I hope that I have helped my Scouts be self confident individuals who also make a difference. I have worked with young men with disabilities earn their Eagle Scout award. I have watched the excitement in a Scouts eye when he first learns to start his own fire, pitch his tent and make his own dinner on a camp stove. I had a Boy Scout who was adopted from Russia. He was afraid of water. When learning how to swim – he was so frighted. I was right there in the water with him and his father. I said “Scout – you need to face your fear” and eventually – he did it! He was so proud of himself! What a sense of accomplishment. Later on that day, he brought over a snake to me. I almost had a heart attack because I am scared of snakes. He said – come on Mrs. Carter – hold the snake. I said NO way – I’m afraid. He then repeated those same words that I had said to him earlier that day – Mrs. Carter – face your fear! Well, I couldn’t argue with that. Especially with all the Scouts around watching this take place. I held it and felt so proud of myself. What a valuable lesson he had taught me!

  223. I would say eventually an award for having a thankful heart, for good and bad things that happen. One day!

  224. I would just love to get my work published somewhere. That would be just as good as any award for me right now.

  225. Congrats on the award Stacy! It is TRULY well-deserved. As for the award I’d like to win, it would have to be Mom of the Year. I try so hard to not only meet my kids daily “needs” but also to enrich their lives, add happiness and fun, spend quality time with them and teach them how to be fulfilled happy people. I may not succeed everyday but I REALLY try.

  226. An award for treating people the same way that I would like to be treated, or the same way I would want you to treat the person(s) nearest and dearest to my heart.

  227. Congratulations Stacy! You’ve had a huge influence on my scrapping life, especially though the years of Simple Scrapbooking and your Big Picture class. You truly deserve this award.

    If a received an award, I would like to think it would be for BEING MYSELF. In this day it’s so easy to get caught up in copying others rather than making your own path.

  228. As I am just finishing my degree in Education, I would love to one day receive an award stating that I had touched the life of ONE child. I hope to work with developmentally challenged children, and love the idea that I can help a child!

  229. Congrats Stacy! You were my first influential scrapbooker back in the days of Simple Scrapbooks, my only subscription. Very bummed it is no longer. I still refer to your books and have adapted your philosophy about not scrapping in chronological order using your library. Love it. Thank you. If I were to win an award, I would hope it would be for raising my two girls to always strive to do what you love to do, to listen to yourself as you experience life and not be afraid of it, but embrace it for what it teaches you. That it willl guide you and nurture you your entire life. It will be wonderful to watch.

  230. you truly do deserve this award. You opened the door to so many other on line scrapbookers for me and in that way are a true influence.

    My award would just be for striving to leave my corner of the world a little better than when i came to it.

  231. I can’t resist answering your question, Stacy, even if I am not eligible to win any of the prizes. If I were to receive an award for anything, I’d want it to be for the volunteer work I’ve done at the boys’ school. I love the role I’ve taken on (stumbled into?) there, and I know it’s appreciated by the students, parents and teachers alike, but still, to receive an award would be the icing on the cake. No matter… I love the thank-yous I receive, and I can honestly say that is enough. :)

    Congratulations on your MISA! You and the other eight nominees are all amazing women who’ve given so much to the scrapbooking community. Thank you for all you do. <3

  232. Hmmm. The Plugging Along Award.

    On my 42nd birthday I started back to school to get licensed to teach high school math. I’ll have to re-take all the math classes I took in college to do this. It’ll take me a while. I have 4 kids a mostly full time job, I’m divorced, but this will make my life better, so I will plug along until I finish. I’m not saying that every once in a while I won’t complain or get stressed out, but I’ll continue, because my eye is on the prize.

    Stacy, congratulations. From taking classes with you at CKU, to doing a couple layouts here and there for SS, to listening to you on Paperclipping Roundtable, you really are truly influential and inspiring.

  233. My award would be for being my kids’ mother and my husband’s wife. I truly believe these are the most important things I do! Congratulations Stacy – you continue to inspire me all the time!

  234. I think that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis said it best: “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.” So I would want to win an award for being an amazing mom. And if I may get cheesy for a moment, right now my sweet little baby girl’s kisses are all the award I need! =)

  235. Cheryl Allen says:

    First, Congratulations on a well deserved award!
    If I were to be given an award it would be for “Best Grandma Award” I drive 57 miles one way every day to babysit my grandson. He is almost six years old. I play with him and teach him school work and how to live life happily with good manners. Plus, I get to have a great time doing it!

  236. I would say for overcoming shyness and going from someone who didnt say anything to someone who did presentations in front of large crowds. I have come a long way!
    Lori R

  237. I would like to win an award recognizing my efforts as an innovative teacher of linguistics. That would hopefully bring me enough juju power to be able to continue teaching it as long as I want!

    And that excerpt from Garrison Keillor cracked me up. As someone from a similar background, I too fear the titanium rod karma that would befall me should I ever become too boastful.

  238. Congrats Stacy! You SO deserve it! The award I would receive would probably be “Always on Time Award”. It drive my kids crazy sometimes but I like to be there early. I like to check things out and let people know that all their hardwork for whatever event it is we are going to is worth it. Someone is here and now relax! We are here for you.

  239. You certainly are influential..and have been for a very long time. It is nice to see you be recognized for that. I think I am most influential for just being me. I am, who I am, and live, how I live, because of deep rooted values that I hold dear.

  240. I would hope to be awarded the “Most Loving Wife and Mother.”

    Congratulations on a well deserved award!!

  241. carol in seattle :) says:

    Wow Stacy…you do have a knack for making me cry. So often I think I’m “less than”…and then I remember that Heavenly Father doesn’t think I’m “less than”, that’s a prison of my own making. And I try harder to try harder.

    I would like to win an award for “doing it anyway”. I have faced a bunch of obstacles in my life and yet I keep on “doing it anyway”. I’m almost forty and I’m going to school anyway. I get frustrated that my husband works out of town so often, but I support him anyway. My body struggles but I take care of it anyway. So much of my life is hidden from the world but I live it anyway.

    Thanks Stacy for being such an inspiration to me. Not just in scrapbooking, but in life. You deserve MANY awards!!!!

  242. Congratulations to you Stacy! You really are an inspiration to so many of us out here.

    I would want an award for love, for loving and caring for my children and my husband, as well as those that I can show love to on a daily basis. I’m also a teacher, and I truly do love my students. Not all of them are shown love at home, and I want them to know that they are loved.

  243. Congrats Stacy. You truly do deserve this recognition-you have inspired many, many people. If I were to win an award, I’m not sure what specifically it would be for but I would want it to be for pointing people to our Lord Jesus Christ and modeling His character.

  244. Stephanie says:

    That was a very nice article, thanks for sharing it.
    I would hope to get an award for being a great mom, but I think more realistically I would get an award for having a good attitude about what comes my way. While I can get agitated at certain things, anything I don’t have control over… well why bother worry about it. Things will work out good or bad.

  245. Candace B. says:

    I would want to win an award for saving someone’s life…because this would mean that I had saved someone’s life. My whole life in the science field has been about saving lives. What a great way to wake up every day! Awards are problematic. I saw this at High School graduation. One boy won two awards, both from the principal…it was embarrassing…teacher’s pet everyone thought at the same time..long story. I felt sorry for the boy. And at work, I was not given an award, on purpose, politics…another long story. So, can awards do more harm than good? In some circumstances. I totally understand turning down an award…it puts a spotlight on the person. But if you earn an award through hard work, and you can donate the money/gift…how cool is that?

  246. Well done on the award! If I were to win an award, I would like to be recognised as a loyal and honest friend. :)

  247. Robin W. says:

    I would like to win an award from my children for being a good mom. Congratulations on MISA and being a good mom too!

  248. I would love to receive a reward for being the most caring person in my roles as wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and mother to my kitty.

  249. I would love to receive an award for being a GREAT MOM!

  250. Congratulations and so happy that you accepted the award! If I were to win an award I would want it for simply being a good person! There are so many good people in the world, who do what is seemingly natural {but obviously not} which is to treat others with respect and dignity, be courteous and polite and so forth! There are so many “little” people in the world that do small things that make a big difference but alas not many recognize those people.

  251. Ven Elano says:

    Congrats Stacy! Very much deserving.
    I would to like to win as many Best Friend awards…most especially if the awards come from my kids.

    • Christine H. says:

      My award would be for giving other NICU moms support and encouragement to feed their babies God’s intense food (breastmilk) despite the obstacles in their way.

  252. Congrats! If I were to win an award it could be for making hard decisions that benefit the person on the other side. It’s not easy to be unselfish and sacrifice for the bigger picture. I have been challenged a lot in my life and I still face them and I am proud of myself for doing what is best for all. Thanks for the chance!

  253. If I won an award I would like to be for my attempt at always being there when someone needed me.

  254. Congratulations on the award – definitely well-deserved!! If I were to win an award, I would proudly accept any award for being a good mother & wife. I pride myself on doing everything possible to make my girls and husband as happy as they can be. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  255. If I won an award I would want it to be for always loving life and handling everything that comes with it with grace. Sometimes I struggle with that, but would love to be GREAT at it!

  256. I would like to be remembered for living by the “Golden Rule” something I learned in kindergarder. Congratulations on the MISA award

  257. Alison Carlson says:

    I would hope that my award would be for always reacting calmly to any situation. Never raising my voice and always thinking about my reply before making it.

  258. Congratulations, Stacy! I’ve been a student at BPS since the beginning and know how deserving you are of this award. If I were to win an award, I would want it to be for promoting the teaching of Shakespeare through performance and showing students (and teachers) around the world that Shakespeare’s works are meaningful and fun!

  259. Congratulations on a well deserved award!!!!!!
    If I were to win an award this year it would be for gaining new members into our AAUW group in our county. Besides scrapbooking this is one of the most fun things and rewarding things that I love to do.

  260. I think I could win an award for being honest. Sometimes, I struggle to be a “glass half full” person in the midst of a “glass half empty” world, but I’ve found the best thing to do is acknowledge how I feeling about what’s going on in my life and then move on. God’s Grace is enough to get me through the day, and He will provide all I need. If I’m honest about life, then I think in turn, I seem more “real” to people, and most of the time, I think that’s a decent way to be a mom and friend.

  261. Realistically, my award would be for my cooking. Ideally, I’d love to be the kind of person who’d win an award for never suppressing a generous thought. Easier said than done, but I’m working on it.

    Congrats again, you are so deserving. I can’t tell you how much you have inspired me! Thank you, and best of luck with all your current projects!

  262. Congratulations to one of my very favorite scrapbooking mentors!

    I hope that my award would be for making a difference in people’s lives – as an elementary school teacher, that is my hope daily. I hope that I can make a positive impact on my family, my students, their families, and our community.

  263. digiSara says:

    Congrats Stacy! I would want to win an award for using my creative thinking skills to have solved a difficult problem – sometimes the skill of thinking can go so unrecognised.

  264. Congratulations on the award Stacy, well deserved.
    If I was to win an award I would love it to be from my kids for being a great mum. I hope that when they are all grown-up they are able to look back on their childhood and think what a great time they had and that I played a part in that.

  265. Tracy Dayett says:

    In an ideal world I would hope the award I would be given would be for being a good mom…not just in the sense of feeding, clothing, providing but more for the molding of two good people who believe in their Heavenly Father and strive to be better than yesterday everyday. I know realistically I have a long way to go but for me at the end they and my hubby are what matter the most to me. Thank you for asking and Congratulations on your award… I personally think it was well deserved.

  266. Florence M. says:

    Congratulation for your award! You truly deserve it. I just finish a page in my journal. The exercice “I will walk a more creative path” was fun to do. (in: UR2 CRE8TIVE).

    I have a home base daycare ( for 14 years) and I’ve also been caring for handicap children. If I would get a award, I would like to win it for my job. It demande a lot of work, patience and time plus some extra loving care but it’s worth it. I think taking care of childreen is the most wonderful job in the world.

  267. Congrats, Stacy!!! LOVE love love your blog and you are such an inspiration!!! :-) Hmmm…I think being a WIFE and a MOM are the best, so I would love to win an award for those…Mom who Tries Hard, Wife Who Supports Her Husband…who love to be influential as a mother or a wife. I am a working mom, too, but nothing is more important than my family. :-)
    Amy in CA

  268. Bec_Kilgore says:

    If I were to win an award, I secretly would love it to be for being a fabulous writer or something in that vein. More than likely it would be for all the years I have stood by people as an RN in many different capacities. From preemies to the very elderly, I have worked my hardest to heal them and let them know they are precious to me and to God. My real award is what I have received in return.

  269. rebecca (mamabee) says:

    Congrats on your win! If I were up for an award, I want to be for being a great mama.

  270. I’m a private music teacher, and I would want my award to be for loving and inspiring children with the joy of music.

    Congrats on the award -you have definitely been one of my biggest inspirations!

  271. I’d want an award for being the teacher who made students think, read, and write better.

  272. sandra m. says:

    I love GK! I read his column in the sunday paper every week and I remember this one! If I were to win an award, it would be very awkward and embarrassing for me as I am shy and like to blend in the background. I suppose my award could be for being a good listener, but i surely would not want to give a thank you speech!

  273. Tricia Shelton says:

    I would like to receive recognition as an advocate for children who can’t fight for themselves.

  274. Congratulations on the award! You deserve it! I would like to win an award for being a good mum. I feel my shortcomings daily, but I would hope that my boys will see that I only try to do the best for them.

  275. I would get an award for the best mom that I can be…not the best in the world but the best one that I can be…which is pretty darn good…ha, ha!

  276. I think if I were to receive an award it would be for making someone smile at any random moment. I believe in being nice and decent to every person, making eye contact and making each person realize they matter. The easiest was to do that is to smile at someone, which I do often. It’s simple and I like that.
    Great post! Happy Weekend!

  277. I would like to win an award for being a kind, faithful, loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc. I want to direct as much of my energies as I can toward that goal and let the unimportant stuff fall by the wayside.

  278. Congratulating! You most certainly earned this award. How many CKUs under your belt? Anyway, If were to receive an award I would hope it was for making people laugh. Not just a giggle but an all out belly, eyes-watering laugh.

  279. The award that I most desire is to hear the words, “Well done, my good and faithful friend. Come on in!” from Jesus when my life on this earth is over. Maybe that sounds corny, but I feel like I get pretty caught up in my own stuff most days that I’m not really paying attention to the things that are most important to God. My desire is to serve God with my life and doing that requires me to pay attention to what would be important to Him. If I can figure that out and make Him proud of me on some level, that would give meaning to this journey.

  280. Jean Schmuker says:

    I would hope to get an award for being a good wife, mother and daughter. I work on this daily.

  281. Jerri Silman says:

    Congratulation! You deserve this award. You have changed the way so many people scrapbook (including me). Thanks!

  282. Tonya NC says:

    Okay, honestly? I want an award for being the best media coordinator in the state. Yep. Said it. Out loud. Well, I wrote it. Same thing. :) Thanks.

  283. point well taken and he is hilarious as usual. Stacy, you do deserve this award and I’m so glad you chose to accept it. I would want to receive an award for making the changes in my life that will benefit my children and their children.

  284. Geez, I’d probably get an award for multitasking, althoug I’m not sure that’s what I would choose to be remembered for if I had a choice.

  285. MelissaC says:

    If I won an award, I’d hope it’d be just for being a good person, for being a loyal friend and a decent human being. No pressure there! (It would probably be, however, for being the latest to something the most times in a row!)

  286. I would like to receive an award for being a good friend and person.

  287. If I were to receive an award I would want it to be for working tirelessly for a cause I believe in. Helping others who cannot help themselves.

  288. Although I don’t see any grand awards in my future, I can’t think of a greater reward in life than to live it by simply Being Kind.

  289. Congrats, Stacy! Best wishes with everything going on in your life right now. If I won an award, I would want it for being kind to others.

  290. Melinda M. says:

    My award would probably be for teaching, and I’m very proud of my skills. But I’d also really like to be remembered as a good mom–my children are my proudest “works.” Congratulations Stacy–you inpire me!

  291. Congratulations! If I were to win an award this year I would want it to be for making a difference in the lives of the people I love (I want to help them a bit “to live their best life”).

  292. Congrats Stacy! Well deserved!
    If I would win an award it would be for the best aunty in the world ;-)

  293. Hi, Stacy, and thanks for sharing that column, first of all. Thanks also for the chance to win so many cool prizes. Congratulations to you for being selected for this meaningful award.

    Your question is awesome, very thought-provoking. I’d like to be influential in inspiring people to live authentically, but I don’t think there’s an award for that. : )

  294. If I won an award, I would want it to be for being the best mom in the world to my girls. I struggle some days with the “crankies” and get frustrated with them and would want an award to some how acknowledge I was successful as a mother that is known to be kind, generous, loving, etc and someone they want to be like. Secretly, it would be super fun to win a scrapbooking award as well! :) Congrats on the honor!

  295. I’m SO excited for you! Congratulations – you really deserve this Stacy! You’re such an influential person to so many people =) If I could win an award – I hope it would be for being the best Mommy!

  296. As a freelance editor, I would like to win some sort of Grammar Police award, preferably in the category of Making the World More Beautiful, One Word at a Time. But that is not how I would like to be remembered. I would like to be remembered as a good mom and wife, a good friend, and a person who loved to sing. Is it weird that I have difficulty finding the connection between what kind of award I would like and how I would like to be remembered?

    LOVE you, your blog, the forthcoming cardstock (happy, happy, happy), and the entertaining dose of Garrison. I’ve been giving you MISAs in my head for years now.

  297. Dallas Girl at Heart says:

    It’s something I should be proud of in odd sort of way. Almost a year ago, after spenging 90 hours at work each week for the entire summer, I was told this is not the right job for you. It was awful, but I still had a job. I cared, I continued to do my job and do it well until they replaced me. I trained my replacement. I did whatever they wanted me to do next. I faced being unemployed, but I kept moving forward. I finally have a new position same place. Someone I really respect told me it was my attidtude, always positive, willingly to do whatever they put in front of me that kept there. AND, now I have time in my life to scrapbook and enjoy my children.

  298. Congratulations Stacy! As a long time follower and class taker, you deserve it!

    My in-laws and I are Garrsion K fans. If I were to win an award I would want it to be A Great or The Best Mother Award. I’m a runner, photo enthusiast, scrapbooker, blogger, psychologist and while I love and enjoy all of these things tremendously, being a good mom is the single most important thing I will ever do.

  299. I think if I were to receive a reward I would want it to be for being a good woman. For most of my life, I have had thoughts about being great, being known, etc. When my grandma passed away at the beginning of the year, my desire changed. Her life changed my life. She never won any award, no one really knew her outside of her community..but when I saw the amount of people her life touched by her kindness and acts of goodness, I wanted to be like her.
    Thanks for the chance to ponder and congrats, Stacy!

  300. Congratulations on being selected. You rock!

    I would love the ‘My Children Are Awesome Award.’ They really are!

  301. Congrats!!! I would like to win an award for being a thoughtful person. One who remembers birthdays and anniversarys, one who sends thank you cards – not emails, one who makes food and takes it over to someone in need, etc.

  302. If I was to win an award I would love it to be for coming first in a marathon but that will never happen so I think the award could be for being kind and compassionate!
    Congrats on your award, you truely inspire people every day!!!

  303. Taking a compliment gracefully is a skill that needs to be learned! It’s hard to learn to say thank you instead of talking them out of it. :) you have touched so many lives. You deserve the recognition. So thank YOU! :)

  304. Congratulations Stacy. You so deserve this recognition for being one of the most influential scrappers. I would like to receive an award for making good choices. Lately I have not been making good choices and I can see that my choices clearly have an impact on those around me.

  305. barbara ruby says:

    Congratulations on your award! I think an award I would like to win is being the greatest grandmother. I have three grandsons that are my LIFE and I love being a part of theirs.

  306. congrats stacy!!!

    what award would i want to win for? it would be to make a difference to kids. whether it is to stop child hunger or to leave them a cleaner planet after i’m long gone. if i could, i’ll do everything and not even need an award for it.

  307. I think my award would be for knowing how to tap into survival mode to the benefit of my family. A week after we signed papers for our first house (based on my full time salary, not my dh’s part time salary), I got laid off. We were legally obligated to the sale. I was determined not to lose the house. We didn’t. When my dh’s job was eliminated in Cleveland, his only option was to move to Chicago (and be dropped back to part time), and commute home to us in Ohio. We had 3½ acres to mow, 1000 feet to weed whack, and 3 children (ages 5, 2, and 1) to care for. I did all this alone until we were all reunited 14 months later. When I realized homeschooling would be the very best option for our children’s special needs, I signed on. We’re in our 7th year. If I did win the “survival mode” award, though, I’d pass it on in honor of my immigrant, coal mining, depression era grandparents, who taught me what true survival is all about (especially as they lost their daughter, whom I’m named after, the week after she delivered her first child.)

  308. Congrad!!! You are now in my favorites!!! I hope I would win a award for being a fun MOM..I love spending time with my kids.

  309. I know how hard it is to accept an award without feeling unworthy, so good for you for making the uncomfortable choice.

    If I were to win an award I would want it to be for having integrity in all that I do. My oldest son once defined integrity as “doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”. I do try to live my life this way but know that I can improve. The only other things is that all my family and friends would always know how much I love them. I think they do but sometimes when we have to make the hard choices it is hard to know.

    Thanks for creating such an awesome place to learn and inspire. I love visiting and always go away with new and intriguing ideas.

  310. Audrey V says:

    For having the perseverance to follow my simple dreams and goals.

  311. Btw, I’m such a big dork. I saw the Core-dinations papers and you’re “they’re mine” comment and thought, “Hahaha! Stacy’s so funny. Those sentiments really DO match each color just like Stacy would like them to. No wonder she likes them.” And then I saw your name on the pad and went, “Oh,….ooOOOh! She WAS serious.” Duh, Toni. ;)

  312. If I was given an award I think it will be for the most hobbies started and never pursued before I found the best hobby of all Scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is definitely the hobby I have stuck to and the one that I love to continue learning about. I think about scrapbooking everyday (even when I should be working), and I know for sure, this hobby is for life.

  313. I love that article. Especially because I come from small town Wisconsin and have had many a discussion w/fellow up-northians about how we were raised compared to how it seems many other were raised. If I were to win an award, I would want it to be the smile on my face award. Because I try to be positive and laugh and have a smile on my face , even in the toughest situations. But it seems like I’d get noticed more if I just complained and whined until I got my way. Stinks, really…

  314. Congrats on the award! :)

    Honestly, I’m sure my answer has been said in some form or fashion, but I would hope my award would be for being a wonderful wife and mother. To me, right now, that is what matters the most. I know I am far from perfect, but I love my dh and my dd more than anything in the world.

  315. Congrats, Stacy! I’d like to win an award for discovering something new about language.

  316. Lynnette says:

    Congrats on your award Stacy! You sooo deserve it!

    I would want to be awarded for helping others, reaching out and just being there for other people.

  317. Congrats!!! You have influenced me – YOU are influential and very deserving of this award!! If I were to win 1 award for something I think I would want it to be for living the life I am supposed to live – being a good Christian, good mother, good wife, good employee, good sister, good friend, but honestly it’s hard to be all things to all people so I just want to do my best and always strive to be the best that “I” can be.

  318. I cannot ever win this award because a truly humble person would never accept the award for being a disciple of Christ. I want to be known as a good wife, mother, and grandmother, plus a true friend. And not just a friend to people who are already friends, but a friend to people who are truly needing a friend in time of need. I want to be a giver of time, energy, and deed. The list goes on and on. This type of person makes such a big impact on the world because she changes lives and leads out rather than follows the crowd. This woman is strong in heart and so true to her principles. She is also wise and happy.

  319. COngratulations Stacy — when the winners were being guessed last week, you were first on my list. You have made a huge influence on me and my philosophy of scrapping and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only coming up with your marvelous ideas, but for sharing them. Award — I would like to be awarded for being a teacher. I was a school teacher form many years, but over they years I have taught others to stamp, scrap, knit and sew. I have helped my children learn to read and write and hopefully most of all how to be good people — kind, giving patient, etc.

  320. Congratulations on your nomination – what an honor!

    You know, I’d be pretty happy if my kids voted me as the most influential person in their lives and they grow up to be happy adults. That would just be the top of the top.

    But, I’d take a nomination for any category, pretty much. :)

  321. Hey, my first comment got lost! Cyperspace ate it! I can’t get this award because it is self effacing. This award goes to someone who follows Jesus in act and deed. This person loves being a wife, mother, grandmother, neighbor, and friend. She loves life and is so very thankful for each breath of air and each heartbeat. She is trying hard to be aware of each blessing in her very rich life, a life not rich in terms of economics, but rich in blessings. She wants to reach out to others and serve them well because she recognizes that all of us are children of our Heavenly Father. Hence, we are all brothers and sisters. All of us have great worth, no matter what our station in life currently is. This person is not judgmental and forgives easily. She is one of the very happiest people on the earth today, dancing through life, no matter what hardships fall her way.

  322. Antoinette Naude says:

    What fun – your own range of core-dination cardstocks -woohoo! Congrats! and BTW you SOOOOO deserve this award! I think the most obvious award I would receive would be for never shutting up! ahahaaaaa, I’m often told that my bubbly chattering is missed when I’m not around to make a noise – wooot wooot! Such fun!

  323. congrats on this honor! you definitely deserve it :) you’ve inspired so many ~ in fact, i just sorted my layouts into my 4 library of memories albums this week!!! :)

    if i were to win an award, other than for being the greatest mom and wife in the world, of course, it would be for going out of my way for other people.

  324. If I was going to win an award it would be for always being creative no matter what I am doing. I am creative if I am writing, scrapbooking, parenting, teaching, cooking, sewing, or whatever I am doing. I have to be or I feel like I am going through the motions.

  325. Stacy you so deserve this award!
    if I were to win one award right now, it would be “Procratinator of the Year” LOL I should be packing cause we are moving in 7 days! but instead I am surfing the web, writing comments to hopefully win prizes :) have a wonderful weekend!

  326. Chris R. says:

    I would want to win an award for being a good role model to my children. That they would grow to be strong, faith-filled, compassionate people.

  327. ari macias says:

    i think i will be winning the “iamsurviving7weeksinsummerwithacastonmylegandhavingtostayimmobializedwithoutgoingcrazy” award.
    wiining something. ANYTHING. would seriously rock my world this summer:)

  328. Dianne L says:

    Love the exerpt from the column. And have to say that I think you are totally deserving of the recognition. I took a class you did at CKC Buffalo a couple of years ago and your philosophy has changed the way I look at Scrapbooking. No longer do I stress over doing layouts in Chronological order, I tell the stories that are most meaningful to me at the time.
    If I was to be given an award I would want it to be for being the best Mother. That is the job that has been the most difficult in my life, but also the most rewarding as I watch the youngest of my daughters get ready to leave for University and know my girls have grown into terrific young women.

  329. Renee T. (italgal on BPS) says:

    First of all, congratulations, Stacy…you HAVE been one of the most influential scrappers in my life! You have opened a whole new world for me, with regard to this hobby that I have enjoyed for 15 years now. If I were to win an award, it would probably be for being helpful/useful to others in need. I can’t say, however, that this is an award that I would like to receive…it has just worked out that I always seem to be rendering some sort of assistance to all the people that make up my world. If I were to select how I WANTED to be influential in this life, I guess that I would like to receive an award for encouraging people to understand that THEY, through God, have all the power they need to accomplish whatever they truly set their mind to.

  330. Hmmnnn…you know, there are things I do, just because I feel led to do them, not because I want recognition. I have no desire to get an award here on Earth.
    I hope that someday when I get to Heaven, I hear “Well done my good and faithful servant.” That will be the coolest award ever.
    But if I did get an award here on Earth, it would probably be for the “person who starts the most home improvement projects but never quite finishes them”. :)

  331. Samantha L says:

    Congratulations on the nomination! If I won an award….maybe for honesty and loyalty.

  332. Christine says:

    Congrats, Stacy! You’re an inspriration!
    I’d like an award for being the best mom and advocate for my kids.

  333. Congrats on a well-deserved award!! If I won any award, it would be for being a mom that let her kids have fun and still managed to raise them to be Godly, well-behaved, fun adults. Striking the balance can be hard sometimes, can’t it? Again, congrats and thank you for sharing all you do & inspiring so many. :)

  334. Nancy M says:

    Congratulations Stacy on your very much deserved nomination! I cannot imagine what I would win an award for… I am nice one day and crabby the next; I am a good listener and helper and then I clam up and want to be left alone; I am full of energy then asleep at 7:15pm. I would like my award to be “She’s an all around great woman” but in reality I think my award is “She does the best she can”. Thanks for the opportunity and have a great weekend :)

  335. Angie U says:

    I could win an award for helping reluctant third grade readers find a book they enjoy!

  336. If I were to win an award, I’d like to think I would win it for the way I’m bringing up my son, in a loving environment with space for him to develop his independence.
    Congratulations on the award

  337. Carrie K says:

    wow…tough question!

    I would like to be awarded for writing a book. no, i havent started yet…but someday i hope that i will write something that enough people will love :)

  338. Congratulations on being recognized for all of the wonderful things you do!

    If I were to win an award, I would want it to be for helping people identify and develop their strengths and passions to improve their lives and the lives of people around them. I think it would be so amazing to help people be successful and happy in their lives. That would be reward enough – no award needed!

  339. Kathy Durr says:

    Congrats. An award for balancing life..that would be nice.

  340. Interesting . . . I just asked my kids what I could win an award for and they decided “motivational speaking!” Hmmm . . . homeschooling five children and keeping everyone productively occupied . . . maybe it does require a bit of motivational speaking!!


  341. Congrats and well deserved nomination! I am always inspired by you!!

    I think if I were to win an award, I would want to be recognized as someone who throws the most epic parties. I love playing hostess and making sure everyone feels welcomed and is having a good time. Lots of good food… the works! I would love it people were to say… “Have you been to a Melissa party?? They are so fun!!” Someday…..

  342. Hmmm – I want to be really good at being well-rounded – making time for work, family, crafts, play, etc… and maybe just for being happy!

  343. Congrats Stacy!!!
    I think if I was to receive an award I would hope it would be for being a loving mom. I’m not always the easiest going mom but my boys always know how much I love them. That would be a wonderful award to win.

  344. I would love to receive an award for being the helper/backbone/inspirer/wind-beneath-my-wings wife for my husband. Congratulations Stacy–you are TRULY and inspiration to me.

  345. Donna C says:

    Congrats on your award! You DO deserve it – you have truly inspired so many to just go ahead and scrap what is important, not to mention rethinking what and how we scrapbook. Thanks.

    Your posts has also really made me think… this is hard – but I think the award I would like would be for ‘Loving Mom Who Wasn’t Perfect But Tried Her Best’.

  346. Andrea MacDonald says:

    That’s a tough one. I guess for being helpful and caring. I always like to think I’m kind and caring.

  347. Lindsay says:

    Congrats on your award! If I were to win an award, I would HOPE it would be a mommy of the year award. I am a single mom to a 4 year old and I love it. I live my life each day for her. I have put my life on the backburner to take care of her and do everything in my power to give her a good life. I would hope to be recognized for that. :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  348. If I were to win an award today I would like it to be for being a loving and forgiving daughter. I recently lost my father and while I’m still hearbroken over the loss, I will forever be grateful that I was able to tell him how much I loved him and that I had forgiven him right before he died.

  349. Laura D says:

    Congrats on getting your award. If I were to get an award I would like it to be that I raised my kids to be good, compassionate, thoughtful adults filled with faith.

  350. I would like to win the award for”finder-of-all-things”. This seems to be something that I am so good at, that all of those that live in this house with me, are constantly asking me to utilize my skills. Though, like Garrison Keller, winning such an award might cause me to get hit by a speeding bus the following day. Thus resulting in no more found objects in my house. Congrats on being a MIS!

  351. Congrats, Stacy! I adore your blog and work. I hope to be remembered for being a good person who tries to help those around me. Hope you have a great weekend!

  352. Heather says:

    I know this sounds odd, but what I’m most proud of is that my SIL considered me to be an awesome “hospital sitter” when she was battling cancer. I remember well from a couple lengthy hospital stays how bad it is to spend all that time stuck in a bed and try to be as available as I can to just be there – to talk, play cards, run get drinks, distract during chemotherapy treatments, orjust sit there while they are sleeping. So I’d be honored to have a “hospital sitter” award.

  353. If I were ever to get an award I would love it to be: Most Improved Shy Person. I am pretty (painfully) shy but over the years I’ve grown into some you can now tolerate parties (and sometimes even enjoy them), can force myself to make small talk with a smile, and wave hi to the neighbors every now and then. I still hate being the center of attention, but if I won this award I would definitely accept! Of course, I still have a ways to go before earning it, but it would be so rewarding if I did win it!

  354. I’m not a teacher (yet!), but am hoping to be one someday. I would hope to be remembered as a teacher who really made a difference. Gave kids opportunities that made them better people. Took a nobody and make them into a SOMEBODY!!!

  355. Congrats to you! I’d like to win the award of being a good wife–not to be cliche, but really loving someone else, warts and all, through the ups and downs of life. One of the hardest, but highest, goals I have for myself.

  356. Melinda Wilson says:

    Stacy, wow! What a well deserved honor for you and what a wonderful article! It really made me sit back and think, especially with school starting in a few weeks.
    I drive a school bus in an area that is shall we say, not very blessed. Many single parent homes and even many children that live with grandparents or aunts and uncles. Many of these children do not have someone to get them up in the morning or greet them in the afternoon when they get home from school. My heart goes out to all these children, even the ones that know how to “get on my last nerve” – LOL! I try my best to be a good example in front of them, explain my expectations and also know to apologize if I have flown off the handle. I want them to know that I am there to talk to and will listen. . . so my award would be that I made an impact on their lives during those years and seek the best that they can be.

  357. Congrats on your award!
    Oh, you sure have had influence on me (even in hairstyles *giggle*) and I find you VERY deserving of this award.
    If I were to win an award, I would HOPE it would be the “best mom you could wish fo”r award. I gave up my 80hour per week high-stress-high-travel management job in exchange for having kids and a family. Now I am a stay at home mom to a 4 and a 2 year old, with a hubby who pulls long and stressful hours, and there are many facets to that situation….

  358. Margaret S. says:

    Thank you for sharing your creativity and life with others and congratulations on your well deserved award. If I ever won an award, it would probably be for being a creative problem solver. Thanks for a chance to win such great prizes.

  359. Dena ZS says:

    I would like to be honored as a good person, kind and helpful, happy and encouraging. I would also like to be known for my artistic talents. My daughters have already blessed me many times by their thoughtfulness. My husband has too. The other day he told me that I was so pretty! We will celebrate our marriage of 45 years next October. My grandchildren think I am okay too.

  360. Susan M says:

    I’m taking a little help from a comment a lady made at church a few weeks ago. Awarded for setting an example of how to persevere in faith. Let’s just say it’s been a long 3 years health wise and now my husband is looking for a new job since his position at the church has been eliminated.

  361. Congrats, Stacy, and I certainly agree that you deserve it! You are making us think today, huh? :)

    OK, I’d love to have an award from my daughters when they’re grown (they’re 10 and 3 now) for being an inspiration to them to be both creative and giving.

  362. I’m very reluctant about awards too. If one was given to me, I would hope it would be for being hard-working and good at what I do (whether it is editing newsletters or family movies) with a special component for thoughtfulness, as the first two mean nothing without the last one.

  363. Corinne L says:

    I guess I would like to be recognised as one who takes the time to listen to others. That in some cases just hearing is more important than being able to offer a possible solution.

  364. I would want to win an award for good teaching. It doesn’t even have to be for great teaching, just good. I teach high schoolers, and I’m always worried tht someone else could be doing my job better- so some reassurnce would help! :)

  365. Bernice J says:

    I would like to get an award for “Best Worker in the Background” award. I am one of those detail people that are in the background making things happen, and making the head honcho look good. I don’t want to get kudos for what I do, I know God sees what I do and why I do it.

  366. susan inouye says:

    Congrats….I signed up for the first time the BPS class with C.Hellmuth on multimedia collage ideas. It has been a fun 4 weeks….and also decided to go for the Big Idea event.

    I am working on a custom collage of engagement pics for a Guest Book for my nieces wedding. I am incorporating the collage ideas into the project.

    Thanks for helping Ms. Influential.

  367. Marianne says:

    As silly as it sounds, I would receive an award for getting the biggest kick out of the smallest things in life! And to be honest, I see this as quite a blessing. The big things don’t come along very often. To be able to experience so much joy, excitement and contentment in the little things……well, this is truly a gift.

  368. I want to show God’s love to everyone I meet, teach people to love to study the Word of God, and to help others grow close to God.

  369. Catherine Christina says:

    If I were to get an award I hope it would be for perseverance. It took me 7 yrs. to complete my bachelor degree. I hope my struggles and ultimately triumph is influential for my younger sister and niece that regardless of what happens, if you keep on, you will get there. Don’t ever give up.
    Congrats on the honor. Completely understand the hesitation to receive it- but you are an inspiration to so many!

  370. I was a single parent of three small children and struggled to be a stay at home mom. We made due with hand me downs and yard sales. Motherhood was more important than a career. I always thought I would be able to do for my grandkids what I couldn’t do for my kids. Now I have grandkids and work in retail and still can’t help as much as I would like. I would pick the “You Made The Right Choice” award because we may not have things but we have a good relationship.

  371. Congrats Stacy on your well deserved honor! If I were to win an award, I would want it to be for helping others less fortunate than myself.

  372. You DO deserve this award as you have had a huge impact on the scrapbook industry with your ‘simple scrapbook’ ideas.

    An award for me? I’m just an ordinary person and am pretty sure I will never receive any kid of award for anything. IF I were to get an award, I would want to get it because I work hard and give 110% at all times. Of course, that is no different than many, many other people but I respect people who work hard and give it their all, no matter what line of work they do.

  373. If I were to receive an award it would be for influencing people to be positive. I always look on the bright side and try to help other people to see that too.

  374. Christine H says:

    You have to consider the giver too… is a group of your peers recognizing you. How dare you question their judgement? (just kidding, but really, you do deserve this) I’d want to get an award for being an example of living your life as God intended (which no one can do perfectly, but I think I am getting better at it with age)…..which seems vague, but the more time I spend in the Bible, the more crystal clear it becomes. One final word, you don’t just impact scrapbooking, you share your whole life, the good/bad/great/ugly….you’re a great example to women. Thanks!

  375. Wow I love it! One of my girlfriends in high school taught me “just smile and say thank you”! Because every time she complimented me I would protest. Sometimes it is still uncomfortable to smile and say thanks but it works!

    I would smile and say thanks if I got an award for doing a good job at work!

  376. Susan R. says:

    Dear Stacy,

    I’m not a parent and I have a small family, but I am an 8th grade teacher, and I strive to be an influential one each and every day. More important than the content I teach are the daily reminders I give about being a good, kind, generous person. That is how I want to be influential and am honored for each and every June at graduation.

  377. Linda B. says:

    Congratulations on the well deserved nomination for MISA, Stacey! I guess the award I’d appreciate receiving is, when someone needed training ,I was the person they came to, when someone was being made fun of, I was the person to stand by them, and when someone needed cheering up, I was the one there with a smile. Maybe it would be called the “You Can Count On Me” award. My husbands friend told me over the 4th of July,”You always have a smile on your face”…that made me smile even more.

  378. If I would win an award, I would hope it would be for “best stay at home mommy.” Sometimes all of us SAHMs just need a little award to reinforce our decisions and sacrifices of love!! :0 Thanks for the chance to win (wouldn’t that brighten ALL of our days) and all of YOUR hard work! I can’t wait for August!! ;)

  379. Awards are hard to accept but you do deserve it. I have followed you from the very beginning of spotlights in CK and when SS came out, I was in heaven. Now through the internet I receive my daily dose of Stacy and it lightens my heart. You make me people happy, happy to scrapbook, happy to connect, happy to share and THAT is no small accomplishment!
    I do not feel as if I have any special talent but I do care about people and try to help others in whatever form or fashion is needed. So, I would wish to be recognized for having a caring heart.

  380. Rhonda Z says:

    I would like to be remembered as a good friend. I love my friends and enjoy all of my time with them.

  381. Juliana says:

    I want to be influential for my faith, and share with others what I’ve learned along the way. I’d rather not win an award for it, though!

  382. My award would be for the best Walt Disney World vacation planner. I have planned trips for our family and friends and everyone loves my suggestions. I plan everything: where to eat, what rides to do, what shows are best for the kds, which parks to see on which days. I would proudly wear my ears should this award ever be made real :)

    Congrats on winning!!!

  383. Kirsten J says:

    I think….I’d like to get a “Best Mom” award….my daughter always tells me I am the best mom anyone ever had, and I guess after reading Mr. Keillor’s words, I need to be humble and accept the praise.

  384. If I were to be given an award I would like it to be for crazy Mama that did what needed to be done…no matter how insane it may seem at the time. I overextend and do all kinds of crazy things; all for the love of my daughters….volunteer way to much at school…drive them to way too many events, host crazy backyard bubble bouncy things, and even get up and dance like a fool at the picnic in the park concert just because my six year old asked me to (yes, this was just last night). Living in the moment with my family, no matter how crazy the moment is is a wonderful thing…so an award to honor it would be great!

  385. I’d love to be influential in the area of helping people become better people!
    If someone said “you make me a better person” that would make my day!!!


  386. Congratulations Stacy – well deserved nomination!!!
    I am not particularly special or talented, quite like being unnoticed in the background but I hope my award would be for “being there”, being supportive and giving people my time and sharing any knowledge that I could with them, from listening through to teaching my niece to knit :)
    Thankyou for the chance to win.

  387. MandyKay says:

    I would like to be deserving of an award that was because I put a smile in people’s hearts. This is my aim.

  388. Cynthia B. says:

    Hi Stacy,
    To answer your question…I’d like to be remembered for my children. I think it’s a quote by Maya Angelou – goes something like, “If I have a monument, it is my son/daughter”. Well…I’d like to be remembered by the kind of influence I had on my children. Hopefully, my influence will make them good people who make good choices, and help others to make good choices as well. I think that’s the best impact a person could make on future generations.

    Thanks, Stacy. For everything.
    Btw – I love the Coredinations cardstock pack – happy colors. :)

  389. congrats on your award! It is well deserved.

    Your question is HARD! I guess I’d want to win an award for being a godly wife and mom.

  390. Congrats! I love all your work – you’ve been so inspiring to my own scrapbooking philosophy and style.

    If I could get an award, I would like to be known for treating others the way I would like to be treated (most of the time – I’m not perfect.) I believe in smiling at strangers and that “please” and “thank you” are always appropriate.

  391. Congratulations, Stacy!

    It’s most deserved, you change lives with what you do.

    I hope my daughters will think of me as a good mom. That’s what matters most to me.

  392. If I were to receive an award, it would have to be for being a great stay at home mom. It’s a much harder job than I ever imagined, and I would love to know that all of my hard work has been noticed! Thanks for the chance to win!

  393. LauraNsek says:

    If I were to win an award I would like for it to be because I have been helpful to others.

    Congratulations on your award!

  394. My award would be “The Coolest Teacher, Ever!” award. It is a running joke in my classroom that I am the coolest teacher ever. It starts in play at the beginning of each school year and my kids end up telling all of the students whom I do not teach that they missed out because I am “The Coolest Teacher Ever!”

  395. Leauriy says:

    I would be awarded for my generosity. Every summer we have house guests, but this summer has been “The Summer of the Continuous House Guests” one after another sometimes several at a time sometimes repeat visitors. My house has be continuously messy. But no one seems to mind and we have all had a wondiferous time together. It has been my pleasure. Who else wants to come visit at our home this summer??

  396. Karen S. says:

    I would hope I’ve been nice and respectful of others around me.

  397. I’d like to win an award for being a mentor to other women. I feel strongly that we need to equip our next generation (daughters, etc) to be strong, loving, compassionate women. Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on your award!

  398. My award would be “One who never holds grudges” sounds cheesy, but I can’t stay mad and I think it definitely helps with a spouse and kids. Family and Friends also. I can get mad, but I get over it quickly. I think the biggest problem is I forget I am supposed to be hurt or mad. Short term memory:)

  399. Kelly Adams says:

    Congratulations, Stacy! I’d hope to be remembered for my ability to be a good “wingman,” as my dad calls it. Someone who helps out when needed and knows how to do a lot of things.

  400. Julie, momto7 says:

    Congrats on the award! I hope to be remembered as a faithful wife and loving mom to my seven children. <3

  401. I’d like to win an award for the caring manner in which I treat all the patients I come across through my work

  402. I’d hope to be remembered as a kind and helpful person.

  403. I would LIKE to win an award for living a life full of God’s grace. Hey you know what? I will :)

  404. Congrats on the award, you inspire me over and over.
    I hope to be remembered for loving my family and friends, even though we don’t always agree, I love them enough to make the person/relationship matter, not the situation.
    Have a fun weekend!

  405. I think I would win an award for being a giving person. Congratulations on your award

  406. Lynn Hamm says:

    I want to be remembered for always thinking about others.
    Congratulations on your award.

  407. Amy Stackhouse says:

    I would win the award for best packer. I can pack a car, a suitcase, a box like no other. No empty spaces here and everything makes it in.

  408. I would like to be remembered for being a great mom and always there for my daughter. Awesome prizes! Thanks for a chance.

  409. Melissa Rhodes says:

    I would win the award for best scrapbOoker while holding A SQUIRMING 19 MONTH OLD!

  410. I guess if I was to win an award, the one that would mean the most to me would be…”A Mother Who Listened to Her Children Award.” Yes, a little strange…but I wasn’t allowed to express myself to my parents as a child and I always want my children to be able to tell me ANYTHING, even if it is hurtful…of course the delivery must be done in a very respectful way. So, that would mean a lot to me.

    Thanks for the chance to win these great prizes! I will be checking by at 5pm to see if I was lucky enought to win! :)

  411. Valerie Bishop says:

    I’d want to be awarded for raising kind and caring children who are happy in their lives!! :) Congratulations on the nomination – it so is well-deserved! You have been such an inspiration to me!

  412. Traci Severson says:

    I would hope that I would be remembered as the strong mother that I am helping my children through a nasty divorce and subsequent termination of their biological father’s rights of custody by his own hand. Yes, you read that correctly – he voluntarily terminated his rights so he didn’t have to pay child support. I kept everything as normal and stable as possible keeping them in the same house/neighborhood/schools and not uprooting them and also making sure they knew none of it was their fault and that we would get through it together. I feel that based on where my kids are today (son a senior and daughter a freshman this fall) I have succeeded and have the most well adjusted kids I could ever ask for, as well as them being the most wonderful kids I have ever come across. They are so strong and I hope that I have given them enough wing span to teach them how to fly. I truly am so very blessed. Congrats on your award Stacy….you truly deserve it. BTW….loved your keynote speech at inspired this year! You rocked it!

  413. Congrats on your award & you really do deserve to be recognized for your contribution to scrapbooking.

    I would hope to be nominated for being a tolerant and caring person. My family makes me feel like I’m a winner so that is all that matters right?

  414. I want to win an award for being a positive influence in the lives of my children and grandchildren.

  415. Nicole Gray says:

    Congrats Stacy, you are a great inspiration.

  416. Judith Aitken says:

    We’re not very good at blowing our own trumpets over here but here goes. It would have to be a Granny award. I love being a mum but being a Granny is even better. I try to be the best granny I can be and be there to spend time with my grankids and help out their parents when I can.

  417. Debbie C says:

    Well, if I were going to get an award, it would probably be for the best laugher!!! I love to laugh, and I do it a lot, and apparantly I have a very distinctive laugh which many people have told me they love. I don’t know that that is very influential, but it is what it is. And congrats, and you DO deserve this award. Myself and THOUSANDS of other LOM’ers can testify to that!

  418. Hmmm…I’d win an award for the best banana bread maker! I love my banana bread recipe.

  419. I’d like to be remembered for being brave enough to be authentic and true to myself always- let my personal light shine regardless of how goofy I may appear to be to others. I have learned (mostly from you, Stacy) that life should have more fun in it. I love raising my daughters with this happier outlook!

    Thanks for the chance to win Stacy, and please never doubt the huge influence that you have on others. BPS (and especially LOM) have changed the face of scrapbooking for those of us who needed it.

  420. i’d love to win an award for raising my kids successfully – they don’t have to be successful in everything they do, but just enjoy the process.. hard to put in words, but something along that path.. it may sound corny and generic, but it’s one of my biggest wishes..

  421. Congratulations on the award, most certainly well deserved :) The book looks great, as does the new Core’dinations!

    I’d like to be given an empathy award, for always trying to understand how other people are feeling and doing my best to be considerate towards that.

  422. Tammy W says:

    I would like to be remembered as a passionate teacher. I am a first grade teacher, a Sunday School teacher and a teacher to my own children. I hope to share my passion of learning with children as our learning adventure of life continues far after learning in the classroom continues.
    Congratulations on your cardstock…LOVE IT!

  423. Tammy W. says:

    At first, I thought I would like to be remembered (or awarded) for being a intentional parent but the more I think of it is for being an intentional person. In most cases, I think about what I say and do with my kids, husband, friends, parents, students, etc. . . with the understanding of how I influence and react to them and different situations. When I experience this feeling back from other people I feel validated as a person and that my thoughts and actions count, regardless of my age, gender, occupation, etc . . .

  424. Congrats Stacy! I have been a longtime fan!
    It is a common theme I see, but I would want an award for being a great mom.. I hope my kids will remember all the fun things and the love we have shared and not the day to day things that get in the way like cleaning, cooking, driving, etc… You know, that I was really THERE for them whenever they needed me.

  425. I would like an award for taking over the financial books from a man who just gave up, and I brought them back to good order and kept them that way for years. Also for being my church treasurer for more than 27 years.

  426. I would like to win an award for “being there”…being there for my children when they were growing up and raising responsible, independent, caring adults.

  427. Maryellen says:

    I’d like to be remembered for a life of integrity. For me, that means being true to myself, my beliefs/values and and in my relationships with others. I strive for that and if I can reach and maintain that lofty goal I have to believe that at least some of it can fub off on the people I come into contact with and most of all my children..

  428. This makes me think.

    Some thoughts involve children, cooking, being a friend, being frugal, to name a few. My daughter says Mother of the Year but she may be looking for some cash or new school clothes.

    Awards are what you get when being recognized by others. You never fully know what others think of you, unless you overhear a conversation or get an email not intended for you. You want to think you are a treasured person but really you may be an average Joette. (Why do we seek that 15 minutes of fame? See, … thinking.)

    So, since I do so many things, am not athletic, or in school and I probably won’t get that Mother of the Year award (despite my daughter’s needs), I self nominate myself to receive Jack of Many Trades, Master of None.

    I’m trying.

    BTW – congrats on your high honor. Obviously you are a Master!

  429. Michelle M. says:

    Iwould like to be awarded for being a good person, but moat especially a good mom and wife.

  430. My award recognition would be for the service I provided to both my students and their parents at my school site.

  431. Michelle M. says:

    An award for being an a good mom wife, an overall good person.

  432. Rhadonda says:

    I am sure this is an answer that will not help me win but i am going to be honest like Garrison! (great article). I would want to influence others about the most important thing ever and that is to introduce them to Jesus Christ. Because by commiting your life to follow him is the best thing you could ever do and lasts for an eternity! Thanks and congrats!

  433. Cathy Doerr says:

    Congratualtions Stacy. I love the new Coredinations cardstock. Can’t wait to get my hands on some. I don’t know if there’s anything outstanding I’ve done that I deserve an award for, but I would like to be remembered for making awesome greeting cards.

  434. Michelle S says:

    I’d hoped to be remembered as a kind and caring person that was so well liked.

  435. Yikes! I’m just going to make the deadline! I think it would be great to win an award for being a nice and caring person – since I’m not going to be winning any Academy Awards (which was my teenage dream!)

    Congrats Stacy for winning an MIS honor. I know that you have influenced my scrapbooking and inspired me in many ways over the years.

  436. Kristi B says:

    I would win the award for oldest person to enjoy coloring. I have always loved to color. My kids (ages 10 & 4) color almost every night before bed. I love coloring books, school supplies & new markers. It isn’t a perfect picture though. Sometimes we color out of the lines – it is just the time to sit & be at peace & fill the blank space while hanging out with my kids.

  437. Don’t know if I made it at deadline or not, but I would hope that I could receive an award for being a kind, caring person.

  438. I would like to win an award for being a great mom and grandma. And being an all round nice person.

  439. Hope I’m not too late! I would love to win the award for being the most encouraging person. Everyone needs a little (sometimes a lot) of encouragement now and again. I sure do appreciate it when I get it! Congrats on the recognition, Stacy. You truly are my ABSOLUTE favorite in the SB industry! You rock!

  440. I would win an award for being a compassionate friend! Yea me. Congratulations on yours!

  441. The women that work in my office occasionally say that I deserve sainthood- surely a great exaggeration!. They don’t say this all the time, mind you! When I open the office on the weekend to see someone who is sick, don’t charge a patient who would have a hard time paying, or do a procedure to help a patient that they think is fairly disgusting then I hear about the awards for sainthood! I am just doing what I think is right. So if I won an award, I would hope it could be for having a kind heart.

  442. I’d like to be nominated for being friendly and always wearing a smile.

  443. Cindy E. says:

    Most likely for being a good listener.

  444. If I were to win an award it would definitely be for parenting. My style is not necessarily soft and cuddly but I have taught my children to be strong and independent and self-reliable.

  445. Rachelle says:

    I would love to win an award for being there for my kids. I love being a part of their lives in every way I can. Volunteering is so rewarding and I do it for my kids activities all the time. It is what fills my bucket.

  446. Jessica C says:

    I’m staying at home right now with our 7-month-old twins. So I’m already the most influential person in those previous lives. But in the midst of diapers & spit up & teething, I have to say that a tiny little acknowledgment would be awfully nice. :)

  447. Sandy H. says:

    I would like to be remembered for my caring nature. I truely love giving service to others.

  448. Sara-Jane Bunting says:

    I would hope to be recognised for giving my best whenever I can, congratulations on your award.

  449. Barb in AK says:

    I could easily win an award for WANTING to keep a tidy house! As much as I try, the laundry still piles up, trash overflows, beds are unmade, carpets aren’t swept, dust accumulates over every inch of anything that stands still, and dishes await some hot sudsy water. But nonetheless, anyone is welcome to come in and visit :-)

  450. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    I’d love to win an award for living out the values of Christ.

  451. I would like to win an award for being the kind of teacher who never, ever, gives up on students. That and for sticking with my man as long as I have. (heh heh)

  452. I like to live my life day by day, praying that what my daughter learns from watching me will guide her to live her life in a helpful and loving manner, as well. I would love to be a good influence in my daughter’s life and to win an award for that would be fantastic! :-) Thank you for an oppty to win!

  453. Susan Lussier says:

    I think I am at my best when I am needed…by my husband and children first and foremost. In times of crisis, such as January when my Dad had a major heart attack and quadruple bypass and I drove over an hour a day to be with him, for ten days straight. When a call went out for the tv show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” came out for volunteers and I wound up spending eight long, but rewarding, days as a volunteer. And again today, when I attended the funeral of the father of one of my best friend’s. I would love to be remembered as the person who was there for someone when they needed me the most. That brings me great fulfillment.

  454. Award for being a good friend. Friendship has always been important to me, and I have several friends I have stayed close to even moving across the country from Ohio to Washington state when I was 13 years old.

  455. My award would be for the messy scrapper lol. I misplace things…. Often. :)

  456. Carrie P says:

    I would love to win the award for being influential in kids lives, making them see the potential in themselves.

  457. Susan Hanna says:

    I would love to win an award for the “happiest son, daughter and daughter-in-law”!! LOVE the cardstock, Stacy… love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!

  458. Karlene says:

    I would receive an award for being dependable. If I have taken on a project at work or home you can depend on me it will be done.

  459. DeniseNoe says:

    I would really wish it would be “Wonderful Mommy” because that’s how I want to influence.

  460. If I was to get an award I think it would be for the most scrap-obsessed LOL! All my emails are scrappy related, my friends are scrappy pages, my favorite show I always record is Scrapbook Memories, and I’m out trolling the scrappy stores, websites and blogs daily. :)

  461. I would like to win an award for the being a good friend as I am always trying to get them to scrapbook!

  462. Jen Cox says:

    I would like to win an award for being a good mom and wife. At the end of the day, that is what matters, not how much I accomplished at work or how great the layout I just finished is in my mind, it’s about family. :) Thanks for the great post and the chance to win these incredible prizes!

  463. Congrats on your award and of course you should accept it. If I got an award I would hope it would be for my mentoring and role modeling in academia. :)

  464. I always feel good when I am able to do for others…unfortunately after family obligations there isn’t alot of me to go around to be able to do that…I would love to influence people to just be kinder to each other…really! The small acts of kindness to strangers does more than we know!

  465. ana smith says:

    My award would be for patience or at least my friends tell that I have alot of patience, where it’s teaching a co-worker or a friend. I don’t see it, it’s just what I do. ps, I loved your Finishline class at CHA-Anaheim so much I’ve made 4 albums using the your system!

  466. I have always wanted to be the koolaid mom…and even though we don’t have kiddos yet, when we do I hope we have a home where all kids want to come. Where they feel safe and loved…a place they can go to call home, especially when they can’t call their own house a home.

  467. Congratulations!
    As for my award? Humble it may be but well, if I can raise my children right and honour my husband as I promised in our vows, then an award to recognise my achievement would be fabulous! A long and happy life with my family would, however, be reward enough…

  468. Lisa O. says:

    Congrats on your award and you definitely deserve it. You were (and are) absolutely on the cutting edge of digital scrapbooking fromt the beginning! I would honored to get an award for fostering communication and understanding between groups, to make their lives better and the world a more peaceful place.

  469. LindaRu says:

    Congrats Stacy!! I would have to say my award of choice would be for reading. I love to read and believe everyone should, regardless of what it may be. Its an activity that keeps the mind active & thinking constantly. And when your brain is hungry you should feed it knowledge. I’m always bugging my youngest son and my husband to just find a subject that interests them & just read already. My oldest son likes to read, so theres no problem there :D

  470. Hey congratulations on your own award. Truly well-deserved, Stacy. If I were ever to be given an award, I’d pray it would be from my kids. The Best Mommy Ever award. I’d like to know that I am raising them well and that they appreciate and love me as much as I do them. Nothing could be more important. Thank you.

  471. Kristin T says:

    I would most like a Great Mother award. It matters the most to me :)

  472. Josie Lake says:

    Congrats Stacy!!!!! You have greatly influenced my scrapbooking style. Thank you.
    I would love to win an award for being a healthcare professional who truly cares, listens and is compassionate.

  473. Heather says:

    If I won an award, I would it to be for laughing everyday – finding some joy in even the toughest days.


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