Heads Up.

I think I mentioned that my website was being transferred to a new server over the weekend.
We always intend for these things to go well.
Mostly, we’re good, but there are some minor glitches to be worked out.

1. Both Allison and I have lost all emails sent to stacy@stacyjulian.com and allison@stacyjulian.com (even though we did what we were told to do!)
This means if you were a winner in the big MISA giveaway on Friday. I need you to email me again. Remember: Put MISA WINNER in the subject line and include your full name, address and email, so Ella Publishing can contact you if needed. This also means that if you have sent any questions to Stacy or Allison and we haven’t responded, please send them again.

2. There are several error messages across my site.
Ignore these, they will disappear as quickly as possible.

3. I cannot post images to my blogs.
Again, we are working on this and will hopefully find a solution soon.

The good news is Kayce is vacationing (she so deserves a break!) She, being the techie queen that she is, generally coordinates these things for me. I am not about to bother her, so I’m happy to just wait this one out. It’s summer after all and there a few other things I can do besides worry about my site and blogs.

In the meantime, read this very funny dream that one of my blog readers had and sent me.
I’m sure your mind can conjure up images perfectly suited to the story.
I may just have to scrapbook this one, after I snap a photo of myself with a stalk of celery!

Dear Stacy,
You have had such an influence on me that last night I dreamt about you! I was in Spokane and came to your home. You had a huge, beautiful, fun, relaxing, 2 story home with a huge back yard and many people there. The back of your downstairs/basement had a huge door (like a garage door, only better looking) that opened up to your back yard, that seemed to go forever. At one point you pulled some food out of a refrigerator in the garage and brought it upstairs to where I was. You had chocolate cake, meat, and a stalk of celery. You handed me the cake to eat (so generous…it was delicious by the way!) and joked that you only fed your kids vegetables of course (the celery?) and certainly not chocolate cake. Then you laughed the most joyful laugh as of it say “yeah, right!”. You were really funny and very fun to hang out with, even with the craziness of everyone around (extended family, grandma’s, friends, me and some of my family). Just about the time I was going to be able to see your new office / scrap room, I woke up from the dream!

Tell me … have you ever scrapbooked a dream before?

(imagine my little sign off image here!)


  1. No. Can’t say as I have scrapped a dream but this one was a doozy! Too funny. Isn’t it interesting how she woke up before she got to see your new scraproom. Too bad because I would’ve liked a ‘preview’ of it. LOL Sweet dreams all!

  2. I have – I have a tendency to sleep walk and do activity in my sleep. One night I thought my husband has spilled something in bed and I had gotten up, went to the kitchen, grabbed the roll of paper towel, threw a piece on him while he was sleeping, put the roll on the bathroom sink. The next morning when I saw the piece of papertowel on the floor and the roll of paper towel in the bathroom I realized that I really did this. I grabbed my camera and made a page. My husband calls it “the night at the museum.”

  3. Wow, that actually gives me a great idea. There are several dreams that have left an impression on me for one reason or another. I do believe I should scrap about one (or several of them). For example, when I was a little girl, I dreamed that a very tiny rain cloud floated down and stopped in front of me, just a foot or so out of reach. It was cartoonish in appearance (more like claymation). I sooo wanted to reach it so I climbed on the hood of my dad’s car and reached out and broke a piece off (yes, it was like peanut brittle in texture). Naturally, being peanut brittle in texture, I put it in my mouth and took a big bite. What did it taste like? I dunno. Why has it stayed with me all these years? Dunno that either. But I do recall it as a sweet and magical dream. One of my favorites. A dream layout. I like it.

  4. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who has had a dream about you! I’m either not weird, or part of a weird group. LOL

  5. carol in seattle :) says:

    I haven’t but I should! There are several dreams in my family that are a huge joke. Like the one about 11-12 years ago where my husband (a computer consultant) was on Britney Spears’ private jet and was doing all her computer work for her…Stuff like SharePoint and BizTalk – weird technologies that I’m sure Britney wouldn’t really need.

    Or maybe when my family was at Lake Powell on a houseboat (for reals – I was probably 14 or 15) and there was a huge monsoon-like storm in the middle of the night that woke everyone up. Except my dad. Who dreamed his partner at work had died in a terrible banana accident!

    I see scrapping in my future!!!

  6. No, I haven’t, but what a great idea! Best wishes working out your server glitches!

  7. Man, you must have been busy last week because you showed up in my dream last week too! I will have to see if I can remember the details because they are not coming to me at the moment.

  8. I can’t believe she woke up JUST BEFORE GOING IN TO YOUR NEW OFFICE!!!!! Having first glimps of what fun new organizing/decorating ideas you’ll be throwing our way to inspire our own creativity? WHAT A PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she was DENIED!!!!!!!!!!!

    You should send her some sneak peak photos…as a special reader prize for giving you a new scrappy idea!

  9. Hi Stacy, sorry you are having provider problems, for e-mail, here’s a suggestion, use a desktop software that downloads the e-mails from the server into your computer (like outlook) that way even if you completely switch provider your inormation will always be safe. Trust me, I’ve had this problem before and this is the best solution, also this kind of software allows you to manage diferent addresses from the same location, I have 7 diferent ones (personal, rss feeds, and 5 for each different clients) messages automatically download into their own folder and I can see them at my leasure even if the connection went down, or I’m at the carpool lane.

    Hope this helps!

    • I do. I use the Mac mail program and I manage multiple addresses — like you. For some reason, the server change just ate up 3 days of @stacyjulian emails. Even though they were already in my inbox. They disappeared. Weird, eh? Thanks for caring though!

  10. I have never scrapped a dream, but I once had a dream that I was at Cathy Zielske’s house and she fed me a delicious meal from her home, surrounded all about by her extensive family… What’s that Claudia was saying about being part of a weird group??? I’m so in it.

  11. Desiree says:

    My gosh I miss your updates.. I’ve checked about every five minutes just hoping for a new post from you. I’m so excited to see your new office AND to see some more of your color stash videos… can’t wait for the technical difficulties to get worked out… *sigh*

  12. This makes me smile. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. Hope everything is well, Stacy. I’m missing you and your updates as well. One of my very favorite stops in the net.

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