here’s a cute idea.

it’s mid July.
it’s safe to say that IF you are a mom there’s a good chance you’re officially sick and tired of loading 17 empty glasses into the dishwasher before noon.

here’s the plan…

1. login into your account at Shutterfly and order a set of photo coasters.
2. place them on your kitchen counter, island, table (whereever) and place a glass on top of each one.
3. gather children pictured on coasters around and inform them that the glass on top of their picture is their glass and only their glass.
4. add your “no uncertain terms” details

that’s it.
excess glasses under control!

NOTE: A blog reader recently wrote in explaining that she could not find my post about the summer coasters, and then she went on to explain the idea. She cannot find this post because it is NOT mine. However, I love it, so I immediately snatched it up the idea and have now implemented it. If you happen upon another source/blog for this idea, please do inform!

BTW: I ordered my coasters on Friday and they arrived Tuesday (sweet.)

Check out these COOL grab bags from my sponsor Scenic Route.
50 sheets of Scenic Route paper for $10.00
100 sheets of multi-brand pattern paper for $20.00


  1. What an excellent idea – thank you for sharing this Stacy! BTW the shots for your coasters are great!

  2. Great idea about the coasters! At your endorsement, I ran right over to Scenic Route to get some of the paper grab bags that you told us about and they are not $5 and $10, they are listed at $10 and $20. Oh well, I knew the deal sounded too good to be true! I’ll watch the site for future deals.

  3. LOVE IT!!! I’m also considering purchasing different colored glasses so that we’ll know who the guilty party is. “Not Me” frequents my house often!

  4. Erika Mendenhall says:

    LIGHTBULB! As a mother of 6 your post made me LOL! We’ve tried colored glasses, wide rubber bands around said glasses with their names on them, even using sharpies on disposable cups, but this idea is PERFECT! Thank you! <3

  5. What a creative idea!!! I’m so glad you passed it along. The constant confusion over glasses with my 3 kids drives me crazy! This is a great solution.

  6. ordering…

  7. That Scenic Route site had some awesome prices on products…especially for those of us with no LSS nearby. Thanks for the link!! I just spent, um, a bit of money over there. :D

  8. What a great idea! I wish I’d seen this before our family reunion. We had 20 + people for 4 days. Losing your glass was a constant issue. Next time I want to gather everyone’s photo & do this as a gift. Time for a new family tradition – bringing your photo coaster to every reunion!

  9. I LOVE this idea! From one mom to another~ that’s the way the best information is shared. Thank you!

  10. Susan R. says:

    Hi Stacy. I love your blog. It makes me happy. Thanks.

  11. When I was growing up (oldest kid of four) my mom wrote each of our names on a plastic glass. That was our glass and we were to use it during the day. It was always nice when as grown ups we were all home and Mom would pull out the plastic glasses. Nice memory. Thanks for bringing it up.

  12. That is VERY cute!

  13. Definitely a good idea. I’m sitting here thinking about how I could adapt this for homeschooling somehow. Hmm???

    Btw, I just finished uploading in the ALL ABOUT ME gallery. Goodness, I love that little tin and its contents. Thanks for walking us through it, Stacy.

  14. I had to LOL when I read this! This is my house! Thanks for sharing a great idea with us!

  15. karen young says:

    This made me laugh. I only have two kids and a husband and the amount of glasses we are going through is ridiculous! I was JUST complaining about it the other day. I’m going to try this.

  16. I fell out laughing when I read this…at last! Somebody who knows my pain. It is just my DS and me, yet somehow he manages to empty out the drinking class cabinet on a daily basis! Love the coaster idea!

  17. I ordered mine from my local photo shop as I was having some internet issues. And they gave me free shipping! I can’t wait to see our little flat selves all around the house. What a great idea – just in time for our dishwasher is fussing over cleaning the top rack. I bet someone will get some really special and funny family quotes/quips from these. thanks for sharing.

  18. Here is what I finally did….put a colored ribbon around their glass….my husband took it a step further and used a black sharpie marker and marked names. Another solution to all of the towels laying around….Each person has 2 towels in a specific color and they are responsible for it. I was tired of 3 loads of towels every other day….

  19. Update on the photo coasters: they are a HUGE hit at our house. My husband just said I should send the tip in to somewhere. I told him, no, that’s where I got the idea. My teenager tells me everyday how much he loves them and especially his. Thank you thank you for the great idea.


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